Julia Hayes


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Name: Julia Ashley Hayes
Nickname: Jules
Age: 17
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Role: The Wild one


Traveling (at least the idea of it.)
The beach
Her friends
The summer

The general public
Boring people
Quiet people
Feeling trapped
Being told what to do
Seemingly perfect things/people
Feeling bored
Her parents sometimes
Cherry flavor
Being cold
Wearing the color pink

Not living. She's not afraid to die, but she's afraid of not living to the idea of her fullest.

Being too lonely.

Making the wrong choice with Brody.


Personality: Julia is rational yet romantic.
She's far from a material girl, and doesn't care about social class or other's standards. There's an essence of carelessness around Julia, which some find relaxing and others find frustrating. She doesn't conform to society's ideas of who you're supposed to be, and she doesn't go out of her way to rebel against them. She really ignores it, and decides she has better things to worry about.
She finds drama overrated, along with many things her classmates find valuable. She doesn't believe much in 'popularity', and is far from judging anyone because she doesn't believe anyone has a place to make assumptions. Well, too many that is. She's only human.
She doesn't agree with things like 'perfect' or 'forever' because she finds it impossible. You'll rarely hear her say words like 'never' or 'always' because she's flexible in change, and doesn't believe things are constant like that. Religion and politics bore her, and she feels most of it is a waste of time.
She can be somewhat selfish in her ways, in the sense that she doesn't care about who you say you are. She's not quick to trust anyone, but it's not because she's afraid. She simply doesn't put trust in others because she doesn't think she needs help from anyone. Extremely independent and strong headed in her own way. Easily she's stubborn in opinions, but as for everything else she seems to go as the current takes her. She doesn't like to think about the far future, or past in general. She lives solely in the present.
The romantic side of her comes out in that aspect. No, by romantic I don't mean lovey-dovey gushy romance, I mean the romantic literature type. The adventurous, daring, artist, creative, and exploring side of her is easily found when you meet her. She has a strong personality, with a subtle first impression. With everything she does it makes her a bit more unique. The fact that she doesn't care what people think makes her seem comfortable in most situations.
You could say she seems to reside in her own world, always too far from you to really make sense of. Just by looking at her you can tell she has a lot on her mind, and probably somewhere else to be. That other place being much more exciting than wherever she is currently.
She's a dreamer, but always keeps her feet on the ground when her heads in the clouds. She's a free and wild spirit, and likes to social. She's got a mysterious smile, and a voice that's a bit too soft, making everyone who talks to her lean in a bit to hear her. She's not necessarily graceful, she's too strong to be called delicate. She's vivacious, to be perfectly described.
She likes playing games, and isn't much of one to be serious. People come to her for a good time, not a boring one. She's easily a flirt, and many men find her interesting. Like anyone would, she enjoys the attention she gets from boys and girls. Though in the end it's for her own entertainment at the moment.
All in all she is herself, and proud. Her confidence gives her a sexy edge many high school girls wish they had, but struggle with. She befriends almost anyone she meets, but she rarely goes out of her way to meet anyone. She seems to attract people of all kinds to her, randomly.
When it comes to parties she's social butterfly. She walks around the room and many start conversations with her. You'd never call her the 'it girl' or the most popular, but she's well known. Some may call her weird, crazy, or odd, but she doesn't have time for people like them.
Drinking, drugs, and sex all fall with the same answer: when and where? She isn't ashamed of her choices, and no one could ever make her feel bad about her decisions. Living without regrets is her only way to go. Drinking is a casualty, and smoking marijuana is as well. Though her sex life has died down a lot due to recent problems with her boyfriend of years.
Even though she doesn't believe in forever, she does believe in love. A very long time at that. Realistically she doesn't mind the idea of being with someone for her whole life until she dies, but having one true love is bull shit. She likes the idea of having options in case things don't work out. As for her boyfriend, she does love him, but lately she's wondered if she in love with him. She's bored with the relationship, and hasn't gotten butterflies from seeing him in months. She wishes he'd do something different, but it seems her lack of affection is causing him to doubt himself, wondering if she even likes him at all. She isn't aware of this, but continues trying to help him out of his rut.


History: You could say Julia is in the middle of the middle class. Her family isn't poor, but they aren't close to rich. Her parents both work all day, boring themselves in cubicles.
Jane and Peter Hayes met at a small college in North Carolina, and both had already fallen in love with their surroundings. Jane had originally come from the North, Massachusetts. Peter came from Colorado. They both applied to schools that would take them far away, and as it seemed they didn't come back. Together they dated for a few years, and began living together after they graduated. Though their families both encouraged them to move back, they resisted and found a nice house to start a family in. It was a basic brick colonial, with space for a couple children and a nice living area. It was a pretty neighborhood, safe enough.
They had their first daughter just as the 70s were ending, in the early 80s. Her parents had been partiers so to speak, but let go of all of that when they had Julia. Julia was an interesting child, she was a bit odd. She never conformed to the normal way of doing things. Other children would have phases and styles they all followed, dressing the same, having the same toys, and doing things similar to the others. Other children didn't like to be the weird one out. Most wanted to do whatever was popular. Alice was different. She wore, played with, and did whatever she wanted really. She didn't care for others, though many seemed to follow her. At a distance. She wasn't very approachable by her looks, and only a few could go and be around her. The older they grew, the more they edged away, and observed her with curiosity. It wasn't that she was socially awkward, she just wasn't one to like to put up with the pretending most children did.
She liked being alone most of the time, it gave her space to think and create. She did stick out, yes, but she wasn't considered weird or very strange, many children began to follow her.

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