Luna Harrison

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a character in “The Big Apple”, as played by xSilentButterflyx



Name: Luna Rose Harrison
Nickname: Moon Rose, Rose, Moon, Lu
Age: 18
Grade: 12. Graduating this year.
Hair: Short black hair with choppy bangs and length on one side. She straightens it because it's naturally wavy.


Eyes: Sky Blue, almost grey
Height: 5'6
Weight: 82
Grades: A and Bs
Stereotypes: Gothic Hippie, Grungy sometimes, bookworm, artist, outcast
The Good: Luna is a very adaptable person. She adapts quickly to new environments and that can be very useful in an ever-changing city like New York. She's adventurous at times and you can find her wandering in places she probably shouldn't be and getting herself into trouble. She looks like a calm person. She's quiet and sometimes shy but it's mostly because she's thinking or day dreaming. She's very caring for her younger twin and for anyone she befriends. She has the strong need to protect and comfort them. She's a very clever girl, somehow always wiggling her way out of messes or situations. She's creative in ways of art. She loves painting and drawing and photography but she also enjoys singing and playing the piano. She's slowly learning how to play guitar. She's a very curious girl about the world and people and she tries to understand things. She's a freethinker, but absentminded. Determined but earthy and quiet. She's a hard cookie to crack, but when you do see inside her and who she really is you'll learn to love her and her ways.


And The Bad: Luna is an anxious person. She doesn't like being cornered or stuck and will sometimes freak out or fight in those situations. She's pretty bizarre, saying weird things and doing weird things most people don't understand. She can be blunt by saying what she thinks or saying how things are. She's childish and crafty and that's what tends to get her in trouble a lot. She's destructive... a part of her deep down is dark and it tries to resurface and when it does bad things happen. She doesn't like to follow many rules and come be very erratic. She's an impatient and impulsive person and sometimes messy... She's secretive and odd... but hey... Every Angel has a few Demons...
Likes: Rain, Thunderstorms, Fall, Night, moon, old folklore, old Celtic or Gypsy like clothing, Crescent Moons, Astronomy, Spiders, Black Kittens, Purple, Blue, Black, Grunge, Rock, Slow Techno, Old Gaelic Hyms, Celtic Music, Bonfires, Stevie Nicks, Lace, wicca history, fruit, gummy sweets, the smell of herbs, herbal remedies and the making of herbal remedies, bubble baths, candles, running, dancing, singing, art, photography, Moon Roses, and nature.

Dislikes: Pure darkness, buttered bread, super pop music, religious nut jobs, pink, plain milk, unoriginal people, and later to be discovered.
Family: Lives on her own in a loft near the high school. Her father travels a lot and her mother lives in a smaller town outside of New York. She lives alone because she just found a part time job as a photographer for a photography company that does wedding photos or other things like that.

Friends: She doesn't make friends easily and tries to keep to herself.
Enemies: No one yet

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