Neria (gluttony)

"It's not just a taste of life.... It's Ecstasy."

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a character in “The Bitter Brigade”, as played by Spootilious



Tamorian (Shape-shifter) (They only have two forms Their original and an alternative one though some have been known to develop more They typically are born with these two fixed forms) (Neria's forms are her human form and a slightly over weight black cat)

Age: 20

Skills: Gathering, spying, strategies, Archery, and cooking/eating

Neria is a mature woman and very capable in typical situations though her mind is almost always on foods, weather it be a dish she has devoured in the past of a new idea that she wishes to try. Though she is usually sound in her logic she falls pray to her urges and becomes immature when the subject involves new or erotic foods.

Neria stands tall looking almost bored. Her thick figure almost human like figure was constricted by her the white bands that wrapped around her body forming her clothes. Her pale skin was bare at her stomach and thighs. Her arms were covered in the same cloth forming gloves that began at her knuckles,leaving her fingers bare, and continued up to the middle of her upper arms leaving her shoulders bare.

So begins...

Neria (gluttony)'s Story