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Wyatt Janz

A rough and tumble kind of guy.

0 · 249 views · located in North America, Post Apocalypse

a character in “The Bitter End”, as played by El_Gringo


Wyatt & Bill

Name: Wyatt Janz

Age: 48

Height/Weight: 5'10/200 lbs

Family: The only known surviving family that Wyatt has is his brother Bill. Many relatives were never heard from again when the pandemic struck. With society wiped out, who knows if the living Janzes will ever meet again.

Birthplace: Odessa, Texas

Survival Story: At age 38 when the infection began, Wyatt had been married four times . . . and divorced two times. The first wife had died in an automobile wreck; Wyatt at the wheel. His fourth wife died when a group of infected stormed the BBQ restaurant they were eating at. He lost his taste for ribs that day. The cause of the splits? Kids were an unwanted chore for him.

Eating inside Pat's Pig BBQ with his brother and a few friends in the Odessa area, they waged a war inside that restaurant. The whole place was turned upside down by the time they were done, several of his friends being bitten. The police responded and the injured were rushed to the hospital. Wyatt never heard from them again.

As the days and weeks went by and the situation became an international powder keg, he and Bill escaped to the family farm where their parents lived, retired. Some relative peace was found here, the infected didn't stray too far into the wilderness. Both parents died of natural causes. The Janz brothers soon grew tired of each other as company, as set off to the East.

The selfish reality of what humans had turned to was not unexpected to them. Hunters that robbed, killed, and raped. Friends that left other friends stranded, even if only for one or two days worth of food. Falling in with a group, they set out toward Atlanta. Rough times followed . . . and many deaths. Eventually they found a home outside of Atlanta, choosing to avoid the military types. While the military didn't kill on sight as hunters did more often than not, they were far too authoritarian. It was like big brother turned to reality; wanting to control your every step.

A nice, little town of sorts sprung up where they stayed. If the military came through, the whole town would successfully hide, trying to avoid detection. Being out of a "quarantine zone" was a danger with multiple infected roaming around, which is why the whole town was walled off as much as possible to keep the threat out.

What are you packing?
  • 2 Molotovs
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Smith & Wesson Survival Knife
  • Shiv
  • Shorty
  • Items: Bindingx2, Explosivesx1, Ragsx3, Alcoholx2, brick, car antenna

  • Strength: Wyatt is a very strong man, with thick muscle corded through his body. This also allows him to endure the elements and diversity more than others.
  • Brawler: Along with his strength, he knows how to make his shots count in a melee fight.
  • Stealth: His police and security background have provided practical training and plenty of real experience enacting sneakiness.

  • Hothead: He is very quick to anger and takes a while to cool down.
  • A Rock: Possibly seen as a good quality, Wyatt has been the "rock" all his life for people. Whether this is his younger brother, his parents, or any of his multiple wives. Helping others out and hiding his inner feelings. Even at age 48 he could learn to express himself better.
  • Stubborn: His way is the best way. If your way fails, you will hear about it for sure.

Disposition: A Doer: Wyatt shoots it straight to people, no bullshit or posturing. Planning out jobs and events is fine, but he wants it done quick so action can be enacted. Politicians and their wavering/fawning has curdled his blood for years. Actually, he's happy most of the politicians are gone now. Good things can be found in the apocalypse!

So begins...

Wyatt Janz's Story

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Lithia Springs, Georgia

Wyatt woke up with a migraine, empty bottle of bourbon next to his hammock. He had slept out in the open, in the backyard of the 'abandoned' home he and his brother had taken over. The town was about 17 miles outside of Atlanta. The selling point of the town was its natural lithia water springs, hence the name. It was one of the best kept secrets left in the world, as prying eyes did not adventure for the spring too often these days. Wyatt threw the sheet off his body, feeling the cool morning air prickly on his massive chest. Staying in shape was one activity from the old world he still held close.

"Bill, where the fuck is my gun?" Only in his boxer shorts, he dropped to his knees to look around on the ground. He moved too quickly, and the world around him spun. His sawn-off shotgun was the one weapon he always kept close. "Bill!?" The backdoor of the house opened up, his skinny brother stepping outside. Scrambled eggs and bacon wafted through the air toward him. Over the years, scrambled eggs were easily one of his favorite hangover foods.

Bill sauntered over toward him, looking down at him with a tilted smile. "Try looking in your room, you drunk bastard." As the b word came out, Wyatt looked up sharply at his brother. Not a second later his fist was colliding into Bill's stomach, knocking him to his knees. Wyatt got to his feet, but Bill swept his legs out from under him with a quick kick. The two men were a tangled mess of elbows and fists, raising bruises and welts.

Johny stepped outside, enjoying the show as he nibbled at a piece of bacon. "You boys are something else! The longer that fight goes on there, the more bacon for me I suppose." In the frenzy, Bill had ended up on top. He stood up, offering his hand to Wyatt, who accepted. Wyatt then socked him in the stomach again.

"You never know when to quit, Wy." Bill said, smiling despite a bloody lip.

"I know when to quit, once I get the last shot in." The brothers joined Johny in the kitchen, sitting down for some grub. Halfway through the meal, Wyatt muttered a half-hearted thanks to Bill for cooking breakfast. The three of them shot the shit, talking through the town rumors. Lithia Springs had stayed off the radar of hunters and military men alike, but the Fireflies knew about them. An unfortunate fact if Johny had his say.

"I'm thinking of getting away from Lithia for a while boys." The chewing stopped, the Janz brothers waiting for one of Johny's drawn out explanations. "I don't think this little paradise will last. We're too close to the city, a patrol is bound to see it isn't unmanned. Plus, it won't take an idiot to figure out one day that Lithia Springs might actually mean some fucking water." They all had a chuckle at that.

"Come on Johny, out with it." Wyatt spoke through a mouthful of egg.

Johny raised his eyebrows.

"It is the Fireflies fault, right? Isn't everything?" Johny's face reddened.

"Now come on Wy-," Bill cut Johny off.

"Don't you worry about Wyatt's mouth here, he's just trying to rile you up. We all know about your rough deal with the Fireflies." Johny had once been a Firefly. The way he told it, the military busted a firearms deal, and the rest of the FF crew left Johny to rot. He lost his faith in them that day, thinking them no better than the military dogs that were their opposition.

A frantic knock sounded at the door. "Bill! Bill, I need your help."

"Is that Freddy I hear?" Wyatt got out of his chair, and went to the door. Freddy Graham, the self-proclaimed bartender of the town, stood there wringing his hangs. "What is it Fred?"

"I've got an injured traveler, Bill is the best medical person we have around here." Wyatt let the man in, offering him some eggs. Freddy turned them down, focused on the reason he came to work.

Bill was already out of his chair, throwing his cowboy hat on. Johny resumed eating his food after the interruption.

"Everyone watch out, poor old Bill here will be walking with a boner at the fact that someone actually needs his help today." Wyatt couldn't help but grin at his own comment, while Johny coughed into his plate, suppressing laughter. Bill glared back, snatching his medical kit from the kitchen cupboard. Wyatt sat down at Bill's plate, eating the food he was leaving behind.

Before Bill left, the two brothers shared a look. Wyatt could be difficult at times, but he had done all the things that Bill couldn't to keep them alive on the road. For that, he had earned a life-time of slack. After the bartender and the medic left, the other two men ate in a long stretch of silence.

Until Johny spoke up. "Man, you are always an asshole in the morning."

"What can I say, I'm not a morning kind of guy. Afternoons and evenings is when I put my charm on." Wyatt belched, a few speckles of egg shooting out of his mouth onto the table.