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Momochi 'Kuroro' de la lout

The black angel

0 · 176 views · located in Leaf village

a character in “The Black Angel:The start”, as played by CandylicousBelli


Kuroro is a five foot five female with long black and white hair and piercing cat like yellow eyes. she even has cat like fangs, Shes busty and curvy but her small size is what makes her agile. she has lip piercings and a wing like tattoo on her back [based off of momochi by nercobrush she is not my own all credit goes to her]



feisty and strong willed, she has a sharp tongued but can be oddly sweet caring and loving. Just like everyone else she has her good side an her bad side hopefully you end up on neither, since her moods change quickly and with out notice as a joke people call her 'miss bipolar'. but she loves animals hurt an animal you can bet you won't live to see the following day


A thorned whip
Several kunai's
Poisoned tipped arrows
Smoke bombs
Several types of healing herbs
Her clothes of course!
and her Bands


Born and raised in the sand village but not accepted out casted for she held the Tweleve tailed dragon within her[a bijuu], her own parents feared her and at the age of 16 they left her to fend for herself. this easily sunk the child into a deep depression, she fled from the sand village only to bump into an akatsuki member she wanted to flee thinking she'd be hurt but they quickly took her in trained her and cared for her. there she met her 'love' she fell head over heels for this crush his name deidara he was "artsy" as she would say and he treated her like a little sister. But she was hell bent on revenge and swore she will be the down fall of the sand village and any other villages that came to its aid.


So begins...

Momochi 'Kuroro' de la lout's Story