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Toma Takoyuma

My family was killed, like Sasuke's. My cousin is still out there. Terengetti, I will get you.

0 · 194 views · located in Leaf village

a character in “The Black Angel:The start”, as played by dudedude889


Standing at six feet, Toma's strong, like really strong. But do to his look, he intimidates people easily. He has scars all over his body, and grey eyes. His clan, Takoyuma, symbol is on the back of his clothes. His clan symbol is a fox head. ... 1248574067


Toma is a nice guy, but he usually keeps to himself. He is enthusiastic when it comes to fighting. He barely ever loses. He rarely gets angry, but when he does, he'll use one of his Five Star jutsu. He's also a caring, trustworthy, big-hearted, and strong guy. Strong as in he never cries even when someone he cares about dies. But he is still sad, even though he doesn't cry.


The weapon he has in pic-I forget the name of it
Paper Bombs


Toma was born in the Village Hidden in the Leaves/Konohamaru. When he was ten his cousin, Terengetti, killed his clan. She did it in cold-blood. She hated everyone, accept Toma, in his clan. He was about thirteen when he finished his test to become a full ninja. With Shikamaru, Toma passed the Chunin exams. When he turned fourteen, and Naruto was gone, he became a Jonin. He became a Jonin because he showed extreme duribility, and stuff like that. Now pretty much, he's 17, and has faded out of the story. But when he did something bad, killed a very important person, he became a Rouge Ninja. He saw Sasuke a couple times, and fought. Toma was a little stronger, but not by much, in every fight with him and Sasuke. But he still lost, not because he was weak because he forfeit. And now he is trying to find the person who's destroying the villages around the world, to gain status
of Jonin in Konohamaru again.

So begins...

Toma Takoyuma's Story