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Roxanne Fox

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a character in “The Black City”, as played by ChristyLovesYou



Roxanne Fox

Roxy, Rox



Roxy is about 5'7" and weighs only 118lbs. She claims to never weigh herself, and generally avoids mirrors other than the morning and makeup fixes. She has naturally blonde hair, and faded grey-blue eyes. She generally wears provocative clothing, and always seems to be talking to a new man. Generally she's found with a fruity alcoholic drink in her hand, which serves more of an accsessory purpose than anything. Other than that she's often found with her pimp nearby or watching her.

She has a bellybutton piercing, and a few random scars. She has a very small one on her lip that she has to bite on her lip for it to be seen, that she got from falling when she was a child and biting through it. Another is on her hip, from getting too close to a fight with someone who had a knife. And last she had on across her left palm, which was part of an initiation into a group she used to be a part of.

Worker girl


She is untouchable, uncontrollable, and unidentifiable. She's an electron, hurriedly bouncing around the nucleus of the city. You can't put a definitive finger on who she is. Or rather, who she is at one moment. See, Roxanne is not one singular being. She's an urchin, a trust fund baby, a muse, a scared girl, a deranged drug-addict, a school girl. And, almost anyone who's met her will describe her with a different word.
The beautiful girl is not only witty and clever, but intelligent as well. Though by looking at her you may assume she's an average "whore" even, she's very observant, and is probably watching your every move. Being very attentive, she tries to always be aware of what's going on, and she analyzes situations carefully. One wrong move and you may have a fireball coming at you. She has quick reflexes, and isn't afraid of any consequences hurting you will get her into. Her goal is never to hurt someone though. Usually she toys around, and has her fun scaring others, but knows when to quit.
She's a rebel, she's a saint, she's salt of the earth, and she's dangerous. Her controversial attitude can confuse people, she's unwritten. Bold, she doesn't care what others think of her. Would she put herself above others? Not necessarily. She doesn't really involve to many others in her life. Roxanne is more of a rebel and doesn't really care what others think of her. She's independent, but isn't very strong alone. She's friendly on top of that, but she's not fake with you. If she doesn't like you, she'll either say it, or not talk to you in general. She can be kind and polite if she tries to be, but she likes who she is and isn't afraid of being herself.. Being a bit full of herself, she'll probably act tough like she could beat you up, even though she has trouble carrying her amp. She can be a bit of a flirt, but it's also because she's usually smiling, and she's a touchy person. She isn't very shy, and will probably come up and sit on your lap if she didn't want to sit on a chair.
She's seductive and easily manipulating. She's an actor, and will except nothing less. Lying if is an art, then almost everything she says is a masterpiece. Yes, she has her moments of truth, but most never get intimate in that way with her. She plays with the mind, likes to keep people hanging on a word. She holds you captive in the palm of her hand.

-Loud music
-The beach
-Expensive things

-Boring people
-Too quiet places
-Sober parties
-Seemingly flawless people/things
-Spending nights alone
-Being left out

History:Roxanne grew up alright at first, with a single mom. Or at least she thought she did. Her mother was bipolar, and had many mood swings. One day she'd be happy, and tell Knedra they were going to disney land. Pull her out of school, and go to a motel in Orlando. Then suddenly, her mom would be crying on her bed, and not want to go. For awhile Roxy didn't understand this, but it was life and she went with it as a child. She was often left at or outside of stores, wondering where her mom had gone. As she got older, she started taking care of her mom, who had gotten into some bad stuff like drugs and drinking. Rox was always there, helping with hangovers or overdoses. When she finally thought things were getting better, her mom got a boyfriend who moved in with them. Before she;d have a few male bed partners, but nothing serious. Jim moved in when she was 16, and life became hell. Jim and her mother would get in fights often, and her mother would lock her door and cry. That would leave Jim with Roxanne, which would always end badly. Sometimes he'd just hit her, and she'd manage to run away. Only once was he able to rape her, and that was when Kendra picked up and left. She was tired of them and everything that was happening. She left and never looked back.

So begins...

Roxanne Fox's Story


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Roxanne Fox

Roxanne sat in the passenger seat of her coeworker as well as her friends truck. The radio blasted some sort of alternative rock band, a song she didn't know the words to but sounded familiar enough. Her fingers were wrapped around a lit cigarette, some of the ashes dropping on the car floor from the bumps of the road. She lifted the cigarette to her painted lips and took a long drag as she tried to listen to her best friend over the radio's sounds. Roxy's eyes rolled over to her friend's direction, a small smile tugged on her red lips as she blew out the cloud of smoke into the atmosphere of the truck. She reached over, lowering the volume, and glanced back to her friend. Her friend turned her head towards her as they stopped at a red light. "Hey," she said in a stern voice, and a frown upon her face. "Smoking is really bad for you. You should quit." Roxanne looked at her friend, raising an eyebrow. Her friend's lips then spread into a smile, and she let out a laugh as the truck lurched forward, rolling into motion again. Rox let out a giggle, and took another drag. This time she let the smoke fill up some of the car.
The night was young, well at least in her eyes. Her hours were odd to the average person, but in her world all seemed to be the same. Worked the nights, slept the days away. She liked her life, or at least couldn't complain. This was most definetly not her first night, and she'd been in this area of work since she turned 22. She was a "worker girl" or whore in other words. Sold her body for money. She had a pimp, and the glories that came with the glamourous life. She'd been with her current one for a little under a year, and he hadn't gotten bored yet.
Generally her and her coeworkers hung around the Occheto's places, or wherever they were ordered to. Mostly the were requested and sent to clients, and basically did as they were told. Tonight was basic, just go to the Buca bar and meet. Usually there they were given orders and free drinks.
Roxy was wearing average club attire, maybe a little more provocative. She pulled her fishnet tights up a little more, and kicked her heel into her boot. She pulled down the mirror flap in the car, and checked her hair and makeup. Perfect. she thought.
Her friend parked in the back, in a reserved parking spot. Family friends were allowed there, and this included them because they had good connections. Stepping out, they still made they way around the the front of the restuarant. They both casually entered, and gave a little smile to Maria. They were regulars after all. Their pimp was in the private room just off the side of the bar, smoking a few cigars with the big daddy himself. Sometimes, if the girls were lucky enough, big daddy would request one of them for a night. Roxanne had only had this happen to her twice, but his requests were occasional. They strode in, wherever she seemed to go she seemed to make walking look like modeling. Guess that was the ob though.
The two girls entered the back room, the room was hazy with smoke, and filled with laughter and deep voices. They sauntered over to their boss, and casually stood behind him.


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With attentive eyes, Maria observed the clientele and workers spilling through the front doors as soon as they were opened by the nimble-footed Aurora. Roxanne strolled in, right on time, her blond hair glistening. Nodding to her politely with a glossy smile, Maria winked. Located just inside the indoor terrace was a VIP room for the call girls, draped with silk curtains for privacy. There was a doorway and, if need be, that door would be shut. After all, curtains weren't sound proof.

From the floor above, Mr. Occheto siphoned the life out of a Cuban cigar, the end of it burning furiously. When he exhaled, he grinned this malevolent, unnerving smirk at his daughter. She had always resented him, but she dealt with him. Perhaps her resentment was intuitive. She figured he'd be lost without her. The lighting on the terrace was dimmer than the actual dining room, casting odd mysterious shadows over Big Daddy, the men who handled business with him, and the occasional sugar baby that curled up in his lap.

"I'm just glad I found someone who knows how to dress," Maria mused as she began pulling out bottles, looking over at Hayden with a twinkle, "You wouldn't believe the applicants I got." Rolling her eyes, she laughed a little and catered to a particularly round, bald man who sat at the end of the bar directly under a hanging light. His voice was deep, thick with Sicilian descent, just like her father, "Mmm, fresh meat." Mockingly, Maria smacked his hand and ventured, "You want to eat up my new hire?" The man simply chuckled, asking for a vodka.

The pencil skirt accented Maria's womanly curves, the one thing she adored about herself. To say that her height or lackthereof crippled her was a vast understatement. There was a reason she was adorned in platform designer heels every night. Being 5'4" was obnoxious, especially when she was dealing with all these new, lean and long young girls she hired. She shook the thought, she hated to seem like one of those envious, self conscious young women. Turning her attention to Hayden again, she sighed, "Care to get this ol' guy a shot of vodka?" She gestured to the round man again with a playful grin.

Soon another bartender would arrive, or at least, he was scheduled to.


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When Aurora had opened the doors, she watched the blonde woman and her friend walk in. "Hello and welcome!" she told them happily as she watched both go. Aurora tilted her head to the side and watched as they went to the back, never really having been back there herself before.
With a shrug Aurora looked to Skye and was thinking of where they could stash her helmet so it wouldn't get in the way. Smiling she lightly took the other girls hand. "I have the perfect place, we usually store coats here, but I am sure you're helmet will be perfectly fine!" Aurora told her cheerfully. "And don't worry so much about being late, Maria and I are usually running a bit late ourselves." she told her kindly. "Just don't make it like...four hours late or something, a couple of minutes is fine." She had got back to the back, and opened the door where the her own coat was hanging along with Maria's "This is the place for it!" she told her happily.
"Don't worry about messing up too much." she told her gently. "Just have fun, I will be there to help you and I know you will try your best." she told her smiling another smile that was just full of happiness. There was always a bit of innocents around Aurora no matter where she was at. It just seemed to follow her and air around her where ever she walked, and when ever she talked. "But you just put that up and meet me back up front, and I will help you learn everything possible." she said happily before skipping back to the front of the store, humming softly to herself as she did so.


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Skye felt Aurora's hand take hers and lead her out back, she listened to the girl talk and silently followed the other waitress as she took everything in. "Usually im only a few minutes late, never over ten minutes usually" she said as they reached the place where Aurora said she could store her helmet. She figured Maria was the other woman that worked the bar. When Aurora said to meet her back upfront she nodded "alrighty ill be right there".

She put her small bag into her helmet and then put used the strap to hang it up by the coats, she closed the door then turned around and walked back to where Aurora was. She took a glance at the room where the hott blonde went into and wondered what that room was but decided that she will ask that later one.

Once she got to where Aurora was she noticed the other waitress seemed to be in a very cheery mood which she found quite pleasent. "So whats next on the things I need to learn" she asked with a soft upbeat tone, she had a few pieces of black hair that has fallen in front of her face but she seemed not to notice. "What kind of people usually come here?" she asked, curious of what type of people she would be dealing with while she worked.


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A glassy-eyed Cole stumbled through the doors, laughing a bit as he straightened his plain black tie, slid off his coat and took in the atmosphere of his father's restaurant. Behind him, two or three men came in. He probably pre-gamed too much with some of his dad's 'hard hands', as he called them. Keeping the company of men who broke jaws for a living had its perks. He thought they were some of the funniest bastards he ever met in his damned life.

Still incredibly appealing and winsome despite his buzz, he strode up the open stairwell. His father beckoned to his oldest child with a grim simper. Cole yawned, shook his wrist to hear the jiggling noise of his Rolex, and slumped in a chair. Extending one leg, he leaned back and retrieved his cigarettes from his jacket pocket. "You are drunk, il suo." Mr. Occheto grunted.
"Spare me the Italian BS today, pops, I'm not drunk." He stuck a Marlboro menthol between his lips.
"Very well," the man chuckled, lighting another cigar, "How did the shipment go?"
"There's possibly one dude swimming with some fishes." Cole riposted, flicking his lighter.

Below, Cole spotted Aurora and some new girls running around and buzzing. Roxanne was already there, whom had caught Cole's eye more than once. He wasn't the type to mess with the working girls, but he still offered them the service of his charm. Maria scolded him for having eyes for other women. To him, it was no big deal. Speaking of his sister, he saw her at the bar, laughing a bit and lecturing Angelo. For once, the old bastard wasn't staring down her shirt. Instead, he was looking over the new bartender.

Hmm, who's this one? Cole pondered it for a moment, raking over her with his eyes.


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#, as written by Adig01
The smoke hung heavily in the air as Dominic turned the flop, his eyes dancing over the three newly exposed cards. Ace of clubs, two of clubs, six of clubs. To his left sat Big Daddy, the man who gave the orders and owned it all. In front of him was the only other person left in the game, Tony, who was apparently a good friend of the boss. Tony wore a stern and concentated look on his face as he analysed his cards, his eyes scanning them through the thick wall of smoke. "A hundred." With that Tony placed a small wad of notes on the table. Dominic stayed quite still, his facial expression not changing in the slightest as the money was placed of the solid surface before him. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed some women join the group, standing behind the local pimp who Dominic didn't really know. He did however notice Roxy, who he had also never really spoken to, but did have a few small chats with now and again.

Without a word, Dominic through in the hundred he needed to call, and then proceeded to flip the turn card. Now the ace of diamonds rested on the table alongside the other three cards, the red dimmed by age and smoke damage from years of use. "Three Fifty." Tony placed a much larger wad of notes on the table, his eyes examining all the exposed cards once more. Dominic's eyes shot up as he heard more footsteps coming into focus, and gave a respectful nod as Cole Occheto came into view and took a seat. Again, Dominic equaled the money that Tony had bet, and flipped over the final card. The river was the jack of clubs, and it wasn't hard to see a badly stifled reaction on Tony's face as the surrounding spectators chuckled and commented on the game. "One thousand dollars." The last wad of cash came, and was placed on the table, and most that were sat around went quiet after a few deep ooo's. Dominic looked at his cards, then back up at Tony, then back at his cards, and finally back at Tony before he sighed deeply. Dominic wasn't sure why this man would have expected an Enforcer to just carry around nearly fifteen hundren dollars, and a few laughs errupted as he pulled out his cheque-book.

After writing a cheque for one thousand dollars made out to Tony, he placed it on the table and finally spoke. "Alright Tony, let me see your hand." A large grin spread on the mans face as he placed down the king of clubs and eight of diamonds. "Flush, read 'em and weep!" He reached for the money when Dominic placed his hand on the pile, "I think you'll find this beats your hand." With that, he placed down the ace of Hearts and the six of spades on the table and was instantly met with suprised laughed and comments from the other members of the crowd. "Well shit... Full House." Tony let his hand fall and Dominic raked up the winnings, placing wads of notes in his pockets and grinning lightly as he did. "You see what I mean Tony?! That's why I don't play cards with this guy!" Big Daddy chuckled loudly and patted Dominic on the back. Slowly, Dominic stood and headed for the stairs. "If anyone needs me I'll be spending my winnings at the bar."

Now, Dominic sat at the end of the bar, and looked up at Maria. Damn was she a sight, though he never explicitly displayed his attraction for her he somehow got the feeling she new. "Hey Maria, can I get a whisky please?" he placed a note on the table as he spoke, and smiled when he noticed he had her attention. "On the rocks."


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Roxanne Fox
Roxy hung back a bit from her boss and friend. She observed the game of cards being played before her, and as always everyone kept an excellent poker face when it came down to it. Cards flew, chips as well, making a clinking or clacking noise as the pile filled the center of the table. The smoke in the room never vanished, only hung in the air in sheets, like fog. The light hit the cloudy air giving the atmosphere its own hazy look, which was not unfamiliar to any of the people present in the room. She herself stayed poised, her lips full and painted a soft pink stayed in a bit of a pout, her whole facade always seemed took be seductive and tempting. She delicately brushed her hair away from her neck, pressing on her collarbone as her fingertips swept past. She always liked the feel of collarbones, on herself as well as others.

She glanced at the men playing. Dominic stuck out in particularly, she didn't know him well, but she heard enough about him. He liked to play games, and not just the card kind. He was on the same level as Roxanne when it came to manipulation, though their tactics and motives were a bit different. While she's playing her seductive tricks, he's got something more clever in mind.

Soon, another face caught her attention. His eyes were piercing and bright as always, sometimes a glance in her direction from him could make even her get little chills. His smile was perfectly white and shining, surprising for the amount of times you found a cigarette in his hand. He was dressed to impress as always, for he was Big Daddy's eldest son. Yes, Cole Occheto.

Roxanne had always had a little spot for him in her mind, much less her heart. Hey, she wasn't much of a romantic. Anyway, Cole had always intrigued her since the day she met him. Sadly, he was claimed by Aurora already. But, that hadn't stopped Roxy from flirting before. All's fair in love and war right? Harmless.

Dominic then won the hand, took his large amount of winnings, and left to the bar. Her boss made a motion with her fingers, beckoning her over to him. She leaned over, putting her face beside his so he could whisper in her ear.
"Rox, I'm going to stay with Effy for tonight.. Why don't you buy yourself a drink, maybe attract a few clients.. Making connections.. What you do best right sweety?"
Her lips spread into a amused smile, and she arched on of her eyebrows as he pulled out a small wad of cash. She accepted the offer, kissing him on the cheek and thanking him.

She sauntered over to the bar, stopping beside Maria and her brother, Cole. She rested her hand on his shoulder, leaning slightly towards him.
"Evening, you two." she said to Maria and Cole. "Sorry I couldn't talk earlier Maria, you know.. Duty calls."
with her free hand she flirtatiously twirled her hair. She batted her eyelashes twice, then leaned over to the bar, motioning to John.
"John be a dear and fetch me my usual." She ordered, and smiled coquettishly.
She glanced at Maria for a moment. She knew Maria would rather her brother keep his eyes to only Aurora, but who could blame him really. Roxy and Maria go back far enough that they pick their battles, and Cole was not one they really fought over. Roxanne's job entitled her to keep away from most men, and Cole was taken anyway. There wasn't much they could do, but Roxy absolutely loved to push buttons.

John returned to her with a fruity looking alcoholic beverage, the color was a tropical pinky red. It was just a pomegranate margarita, one of her favorites. She took a sip of it, the liquids taste was refreshing and familiar. Her lips parted into a smile, and she looked back to Cole.
"I haven't seen you around recently.." she mentioned to him, "..Must've been looking in the wrong places." she said seductively, biting her lip gently.


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Cole had spent the majority of his night lazily sunken into a chair beside his Armani-decorated father. A few times here and there, he'd wander to the bar. He felt as though he was attracting too much attention from Roxy, and he had to protect himself… And Aurora. Once or twice he'd receive figurative and sign language jabs from Jackson or other friends. He'd hazily smile, sipping on a drink, too lethargic to reel up his middle finger in reply.

From where he sat now, licking his lips and messing with a house of cards he'd built, he could still watch the dining room below. Occasionally Cole and Big Daddy would exchange whispers, chuckles traveling on the smoke that exhaled through their lips. The smoke would seemingly linger due to the dim lighting. It would cloak the terrace in a prolonged cloud of secrets. Big Daddy stroked his chin, watching as the employees gathered below for their praise and follow-up with Mae. He rose to his feet, grabbing his hat and slipping it on before adding, "Buonanotte, mio figlio." Cole packed his new carton of cigarettes, shaking his head and replying, "Yeah yeah, go get some rest you old bastard."

His father stopped just short of the first step down, holding his arms out. "Don't forget to tell the girls I need them in the city tonight. We didn't have enough business tonight to let them off the hook." A curvy fox followed him to the stairs, coat in hand. She draped it over him and smoothed the back of it before kissing him on the cheek, careful not to leave a trace of lipstick. Cole yawned, and dully commented, "You know it's raining, right?"

"Stronzate!" Big Daddy yelled gruffly, chopping his hand through the air in an irritated way. Not a single soul in the restaurant had to take Italian lessons to know that he was swearing. They could tell by his rough tone of voice. He quickly stuck a cigar in his mouth as the entire bistro fell silent in his wake. At 6'3" he wasn't exactly the easiest to approach or talk to. Employees stared upward, fear stricken. Sucking on the gar fervently, he stepped towards his son, leaning in close and pointing his fingers that held the blunt. With three ferocious pokes to Cole's chest he said, "Put those fucking girls outside." He cleared his throat then, adjusting his coat and heading out the door. "Thanks for ashing on me, dick." Cole barked as his father opened the door. Put those girls outside. Like they were bad dogs, or something. Cole hated that, really. But he never spoke on it too much. Sympathy didn't pay.

Big Daddy simply shook his head at his son, smirked, nodding to Jackson and Dominic. Then dismissed himself for the night. All 6'1" of Cole stood, brushing the ashes from his father's cigar from his white button-up polo shirt. He tugged at his tie hotly, then ran a hand across his mouth as he looked at Roxanne. He wished she would stop with that fucking pouting, causing desire to wrench in his stomach. He shot her a look of sympathy about the whole 'going outside' affair. With a mock, open-mouthed grin, he peered down at the employees, his little sister, Aurora, and Maya, "Carry on." His sister just rolled her eyes.

He took his time getting down the stairs, his jacket draped over his arm. When he reached the bar, he leaned against it and shot Mae a look, "Apparently it wasn't a good enough night, if we're sending our girls out into the goddamn rain." Maria silenced her brother, and widened her eyes at him as if saying, "Shut the fuck up you idiot." Again, he did that comical grin as if he were laughing without making any sound. He looked like a theater mask. Turning his attention to Aurora shortly after, he flirtily growled, "Where you from? You come here often?"

He finally took a seat near Dom and Jackson, grinning and slapping Jackson on the back, "Where the hell you been, you sneaky bitch? How was vacation?"


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With alert senses, Maria paid close attention the the sounds outside without looking much to the window anymore. Stealing glances at her sensual, suggestive friend Maya, she rolled her neck a bit and groaned, "And damn, I'm feelin' it,"
"Feeling something, that's for sure," one of the employees cracked about her bodily posture, her neck arching.
"Shut up!" Maria snapped, followed up with a laugh.
This eased the tension of some of the new hires, who found it sanctioned to laugh and talk only when others did. Most of them were painfully shy. That mold would be broken soon enough. Maria nodded to Jackson and Dom as she continued with her duties.

Maria duly noted that Skye was going above and beyond her tasks, washing down tables before she even announced they were closing up. The girl could take a hint. Maria liked that. She wiggled her toes a bit which were aching, looking around the room at her staff. Beauty truly was pain.

When the girl approached her, seeming anxious, Maria returned, "I know who you are, Skye." With that, she began counting up her drawer, her eyes never leaving the money as her manicured fingers stroked the bills with ease. "It's nice to see someone actually busting their ass on the first day and not hiding behind a food rack." She wrapped a stack of twenties in a rubber band and tucked them into the drawer, sighing and flipping her hair a bit before looking at the dark-haired young woman, "I don't believe we have."

Maria more or less completely disregarded Roxanne's crass admission. She got on well enough with the woman, but sometimes she just was not in the mood. Her eyes followed John as he fetched the femme a drink, her lips pouted for persuasion in any man's direction. To pair up, almost, Maya jumped up and down and jokingly jabbed at Cole, her chest bouncing all over the place. Maria gawked at her friend, smiling subtly, "You're useful for drawing attention with your chest," she burst into laughter. "No, M, you're great. I'd be lost without you." She admitted sincerely.

Before Maria could say much more, the vixen was off cleaning tables. She called out, "You better let me borrow those shoes sometime!" with her eyes focused on the studded heels. Lord knew she could afford it herself, but Lord also knew she'd be far too exhausted to go shopping any time soon. She did have enough money, she could just hire someone to tote her around on their shoulders while she picked out new manias and clothes. The thought made her laugh.

She nudged Aurora, suggesting, "Do we trust our new employees enough to invite them to a little shindig back at the house?"


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Skye Keaton

Skye nervously bit her lip as Maria said she already knew who she was "of course you would yeah well this is my first job and I just want to do it right". She stepped back a bit as she was unsure of what to do, she took a look around at the small crowd and had a feeling she was the youngest one there. She usually was upbeat and social but something about this crowd madebher feel like she was two feet tall.

She noticed the blonde who she saw earlier come to the bar and start flirting with the guy Aurora called Coloe. Everyone seemed to know one another and she just felt a little bit unsure of herself at the moment. She then noticed a woman speaking to her, telling her she was doing great "uh thanks I guess...whats your name, my names Skye".

Just then a woman with streaked blonde and black hair walked in and made herself comfortable ontop of the counter of the bar. Skye took a few steps back and looked to Aurora who was speaking to Cole. "Um isnthere anything else that needs to be done for the night?" she asked in a low voice that might have been hard to hear.


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Roxanne Foxx

The night had been a usual one for Roxanne. Though it was cold and rainy, she still had to wait on the dreaded corner. Occasionally she tried to make herself look like an average person walking, casually in the red light district, but nevertheless business always seemed to happen pretty fast regardless of the weather. Tonight was nothing in particular than any other, a man about in his mid 40s picked her up after about fifteen minutes of waiting. He drove a nice silver audi, and he had a nice smile. He had a little bit of scruff for facial hair, but he was averagely attractive. She generally liked men with a little danger and edge, but work was work.

That morning she'd woken up in a motel that wasn't unfamiliar, beside the man she'd just met last night. What was his name? George.. Henry.. Steve? Not like it really mattered. She glanced over at whatshisname, and seeing that he was indeed still sleeping, she headed into the washroom. Stripping of the little clothing she had on, throwing the undergarments aside, she stepped into the shower after the hot water had come on. After washing, she stepped out into the still steamy bathroom, and rubbed away the fog from the mirror. She reached for a towel off of the rack, and wrapped it around her body, yes she still had dignity to protect. Drying off herself, she then wrapped the towel on her hair. Putting her underwear back on, she walked back out into the room.

He was now up as well, fixing his suit's collar in the mirror. She quietly slipped her dress back over her lingerie, and fixed her hair a bit in the dingy looking mirror beside him. Honestly the motel wasn't that bad if they just dusted once and awhile. He smiled at her, wrinkles around his eyes gave away his age. "Here, let me pay you." he said, pulling his wallet out of his jacket pocket. She watched him take out his wallet, and as he opened it, she could see a few pictures he kept in it.

A picture of a woman around his age, and a few kids. Something about that made her stomach turn. The idea of a married father doing this was a bit sickening, but they could be divorced or have some sort of problem, she didn't know. He took out five, hundred dollar bills, and handed them to her. He must've had about a grand in there, but she gratefully took the cash with a smile. He said goodbye to her, and left the room.


It was maybe an hour or so before the upcoming party. Everyone who was anyone connected to the Occheto family would be there, and that included Roxy. After spending awhile perfecting her hair as always, its shimmery blonde look was at its best, and though it was held in place, it still had a soft natural appearance. The dress she had picked out was defiantly a bit provocative, but that was what she was all about. The dress hugged her curves in a perfect way, and the dress's color was eye catching. She picked out nice silver stilettos to match, and did her make up to mostly accent her eyes. Applying a bit of lip gloss added a nice touch to her shiny glamorous look. She raised her eyebrow at her reflection in the mirror, and look at herself with a smirk. Hopefully, tonight would be fun.

Roxy was again picked up by her friend, Effy. Effy's dress was also a bit sexy, but the job was a lifestyle, as well as an occupation. Roxanne didn't like to use the word career for this, because career would imply that she plans to work there for awhile. She does have hopes, even dreams, and to be a hooker forever, even as a cougar, was not one of them. She bit her lower lip gently, not to mess up the fresh coat of vanilla flavored gloss. She sauntered over the the truck's passenger seat, and sent her friend a sly smile as she stepped in and took a seat.

Effy looked Roxanne over once, "Dang, Rox. Dressing up for someone special?" she asked with a wink.
"Not particularly." She answered, "I should ask you the same question."
"Hmm." she started, "Just trying to look nice for the boss I guess."

The two continued chatting about men and their job as they drove, giggling every now and then, and both took a smoke at one point. About 15 minutes after they'd left, they arrived at the gentlemen's club. It looked to be gathering people already, but no one Roxanne really knew she saw. She debated suggesting to wait in the truck for a bit or not.

Effy started to get out, and Roxanne decided she might as well. Their boss always seemed to come early, scouting out business. She always wondered if Effy had an actually liking of their boss, because Effy always looked hurt when he chose any other girl for the night. Nevertheless he seemed to favor the brunette, and Roxanne liked roaming freely around the club rather than staying by his side. One day she'd be fine with being a trophy girl, but not for someone she worked for. Occasionally she got escorting jobs, where she hung on someone's arm for a night, to be shown off like a prize, which she didn't actually mind.

The girls entered the club and headed straight up to the VIP area, but Roxanne glanced at the man sitting at the bar. She couldn't tell if she'd seen him before or not, but then again, she generally saw a lot of different men.
In the VIP area a few guests were already there, it was about 7:10, and most people arrived "fashionably" late anyway. Effy immediately scurried off to the boss, but instead Roxy headed over to pick up a drink, and wait for others to show.


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Vlad observed as an older woman broke off from a group that was heading for the VIP section. He grinned in delight, she might be his way in unnoticed. The woman walked over to the bar and took a gentle seat next to him. She ordered a drink from the bar tender and Vlad immediatly pulled a wad of cash from his pocket and paid for her before she could object. Vlad smiled at the woman with a sexy smirk "hi there my name is Vladimir."

(Sorry its short, on my phone now)


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John's night had gone smoothly enough, though ever chance he seemed to get he'd glance at Hayden. He hadn't even talked to her that much but he was intrigued. He wondered if she was going to be at the party big Daddy was throwing tonight at the gentlemen's club.

For guys it was a bit easier, dresses seemed to be confusing with all their colors, but the girls always seemed to look stunning. You couldn't really go wrong with a black suit, and that's what John ended up doing. The suit was his nicest, calvin klein, that he'd bought a few months into working at the bar for these very occasions. He was indeed excited for tonight, mostly happy that he didn't have to work and he had time to relax and converse with others. Particularly a certain new bartender.

He stood in front of his bedroom mirror, and ran his hands threw his hair a few times, fixing it. he was cleanly shaven, and his hair was in its normal messy-neat curls. He sprayed himself with a little cologne, and straightened the collar of his suit. Picking up his tie off of the dresser, he casually tied it, making a pretty perfect knot.

Exiting his apartment, he headed to where he always parked his motorcycle, and hopped on. He put on his helmet, and started by revving the engine. Letting go of the clutch, he zoomed forward and headed out towards the club. He parked the bike, and kicked the kick stand out, propping the Harley up. He took off his helmet and placed it securely on the bike, and pulled his jacket into place. He then strode into the club, and made his way up the stairs to the VIP section.

At first he saw Roxanne, her familiar clothing choice and curvy figure stuck out to him, especially in the shiny dress. As he walked over to her, he glanced around the room and saw Hayden off in the corner. He smiled a bit, and decided to get her a drink.
At the bar area he saw Roxy, but found that she was talking to a man who seemed to have just handed her a large sum of cash. He didn't question it, only ordered two champagnes and left to go to Hayden.

He took a seat next to her against the wall, and lightly tapped her arm. She seemed to be doodling something in a sketchbook.
"Even your hair can't hid your pretty face." He said charmingly, "Here, I got you a drink." he offered, holding the glass over to her.


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Roxanne Fox

Roxanne had just sat down and ordered her drink when the man next to her abruptly pulled out a sum of cash she couldn't count just by looking. She raised an eyebrow at him, amused. He introduced himself, "Hi there my name is Vladimir." and gave her a sly smile. He looked about late 20s early 30s, and was generally attractive. She smiled back at him curiously, and though he seemed to have somewhat of a poker face, she had a few guesses to what his motives were.

First, he could be lonely or something and somehow knew she was a hooker, but that seemed somewhat unlikely. Second, he could be looking to just have some fun, and he knew her job, but that also didn't seem to fit. Or third, he saw her other friends go up to the VIP area, and he knew she would be going there as well. The third guess seemed to be the most logical.

She looked at him straight in the eyes, knowing that he was probably observant like herself. Looking someone in the eyes showed confidence, and assertiveness.
"Well, I hadn't planned on working tonight.." she started, still intrigued by the event, "but if you're trying to get into the VIP area I guess can help you.."

At this point John had walked in, and went over to buy a drink or two. She quieted for a second, and sent him a friendly smile. He returned the favor, and headed up to the party. She then turned back to Vlad.

She smiled mischievously at him, "I'm guessing you're looking for something other than me.. So we'll walk in together, and if anyone asks you can say you're a friend of "big Mike's", that's my boss. I'll let him know that you're with me."
She stood then, picking up her drink and taking a step away from the stools.
"Consider it a favor," she said, handing his money back to him. "Oh, and my name's Roxanne."
She stood and waited for him to join her, and she placed her hand around his arm. Together they walked up the stairs and entered the party, which seemed to just be getting started.

Effy stood behind Big Mike as always, and Roxy couldn't help but roll her eyes a bit. She brought Vlad over to him, and leaned over to whisper into her boss's ear.
"This is Vlad, if anyone asks, he's with us, okay?" she said, and big Mike nodded.
Roxanne could feel Effy's jealousy as big Mike seemed to be staring at Rox's chest. With that, Roxanne lead Vlad away again.

"Now you're free to do as you need to.." she smiled coyly. "But don't be afraid to say hi again.."
With that, she sauntered over to talk to one of her old clients.


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Maria knew how men were, they liked to pay for things. Especially if they had perfectly functional jobs that lined their pockets with steady checks and cash. Chances were, Chantal would have given that suit and hat to Jackson but he wouldn't allow it. But that was just a guestimate on Maria's part. Chantal was an eager and generous woman of sorts who treated her Occheto clientele like family. That included discounts and plenty of freebies. It wasn't like the boutique struggled in any way, she was paying off her debt quite swiftly to Big Daddy, apparently.

Maria bade her friend and fashion assistant farewell as she wandered out the door shortly after Jackson, unlocking her car from a few yards away. With her dress in hand, she looked over her shoulder longingly at the gown and then opened the driver's side door. Sinking in with a plop, she set the dress in the back seat. "You know what I was thinking?" She asked rhetorically as she started the engine, her eyes on the wheel, "I should go get some of those little fruit arrangements for the party tonight; that would go well with the fruity drinks and stuff." Turning her green gaze on him, she smiled.

He had an extra box. That wasn't the one that Madame had given him with his outfit. It was elegantly adorned in a red bow. For a moment, she lifted a brow and narrowed her eyes. "What the fuck is that?" She said mockingly as she put the car into drive and pulled out. Her tone was playful, as if perhaps she wasn't really concerned. He seemed rather stern, holding it in his grip. She put her hands up in capitulation and headed for the bistro.

When the car pulled into the parking lot in the back, she eased on the brakes and the Ford slowed. She threw it into park with a smirk, "Now go on and handle your man business. I have some shopping to do." Winking at him as if to say 'see ya later, handsome', she unlocked the doors. Her father warned her about the use of her charm and allure, her presence and force of personality. Many men would take it and run with it. She wasn't concerned, especially with the likes of them.

After she let him out, she galvanized the car and screeched out of the parking lot. She had a lead foot, as she was told. The sun darted through her windows at every opportunity, peaking out in the spaces between sky scrapers and small shops. It was a rusty, large orb now, its warmth felt as it descended. She made no funny business of basically sprinting into the Louboutin store and snatching a pair of 160 mm Asteroid platforms with the swipe of her card. When she was back into town, she stopped at a rather small farm-like shop that sold organic produce. Luckily for Maria, she knew the farmer's wife, Polly. She was an expert in floral and fruit arrangements, and Maria would offer to help if need be for faster assembly.

Hastily, Maria tootled into the quaint store, waving at Ron, the farmer himself. He nodded, calling into the back for his wife. From behind a plastic-flapped open doorway, a soft voice was heard before whom it belonged to presented herself. Tying an apron, hardly looking up, she said, "Can't seem to find another box of the Swiss milk chocolate… I wanted to dip some kiwi toda ---" then looked to the Italian girl on the other side of the counter. She was a short, slightly plump little woman with a soothing twang in her voice, "Well hello there Miss Occheto! How can I help you today?"

"Hey Polly, I have a last-minute, super big favor," she said with a sweet, white smile.
"Fire away." Polly said, stepping towards the counter, resting her elbows on it.
"We're having a party tonight, I need about ten arrangements give or take,"
"Huh… hmm…" A slight look of panic filled Polly's thoughtful expression.
"Fruit skewers would work, if you have some." Maria continued.
"Oh!" Polly was put to ease, disappearing for a moment.

Maria looked curiously at Ron, who shrugged and poked out his lip with wide eyes, "Don't ask me!" Laughing a bit, the two shared some brief conversation until Polly returned, her strawberry blond hair falling from her wiry bun a bit. In her arms she held a box which she quickly set on the counter and popped open, "Funny you should ask, I actually filled an order today that no one ever came in for… You'll have to arrange them yourself though, if that's alright." Inside of the box were nine skewers squeezed on each tray, six trays in the box. A colorful variety of grapes, strawberries, kiwi, melon and more were penetrated by thin bamboo sticks. "Just what the doctor ordered," Maria said, peering into the box hungrily. Polly snapped it shut with a grin, "Tut tut. For your party!"

Nodding, Maria reached into a Coach wallet to fetch her card, sure it would not be the last time. Polly punched in a few codes on the ancient register, promptly stating, "27.89." The young woman handed over the card to the strawberry blond who ran it and returned it quickly. Polly taped the box shut and handed it to Maria who grabbed it eagerly, "I don't need a receipt, thanks Pol!" Maria exclaimed, halfway out the door before the woman could even say goodbye. Polly exchanged glances with her husband Ron, both chuckling a bit as they watched the girl disappear.

By the time Maria was back to the condo, it was almost 6PM and the wind was whipping her hair so violently it got painfully tangled with her oversized earrings. When she spilled through the door clutching her box full of fruit, bagged dress and shoe box, she nearly fell. Her eyes met her brother's rather glassy ones from where he sat at the table, adorned in a perfect black wool Givenchy suit. She smiled, "I see you actually found a suit this time; where are Aurora and Maya? It's getting late."

"Hell Mae, they're probably still shopping or getting their hair done or something." He poured himself another shot.
"Enough with the pregaming, Cole. There will be plenty to drink tonight." She snatched the shot and the bottle, returning the liquid to its original home. Then she set her items down, climbing up the counter now bare-footed.
"Uh?" Cole ventured, watching his little sister monkey around.

From the very top cabinet, she hoped to retrieve some of the marble vases she bought a while ago, used for flower arrangements. She must have left them at the bistro or something, finding only an empty, dusty bureau. With a sigh, she hopped down and put the box in the fridge. With the box of shoes under harm and the hanger of her dress in her clutch, slightly over her shoulder, she rushed up the stairs to shower.

When she had vigorously cleaned herself of all grime, cleaning products, guts and glory, she quickly turned her attention to her hair. The blow dryer was heard blaring all throughout the home for a good twenty minutes until she was done. She popped some rollers into her hair and coated them with hold spray as she lotioned her legs with her free hand. When she slithered into the dress again, she wasn't any less in love than before. Though she wasn't too skinny, her bone structure was beautifully displayed from the open back. Her tan skin, glistening with peach lotion, appeared much longer due to the Asteroids on her feet. She plucked the rollers out of her hair with ease, strumming her fingers through the large barrel curls to relax them.

When she passed her mirror in an attempt to find a clutch, she looked at herself and gasped, "Shit, mascara." Ransacking her make up box, she retrieved a black tube of Lancome and darkened her naturally long lashes, adding a line of cat-like mascara on the top lid. She painted her lips red as per usual, adding some light foundation around the bruising on her eye. To top herself off, she sprayed herself in 'Viva La Juicy', pinned simple pearls in her ears and wove an ambrosial rose into her hair. Her eyes raked across her room as she did a 360 spin, making sure she hadn't forgotten anything. The clock read "6:37PM".

"Shit shit shit!" She grabbed her clutch and nearly busted her ass galloping down the stairs, almost hitting the wall when she reached the landing. Cole had already gone, leaving the kitchen vacant and serene. She went to the fridge, opening it with her right hand while her left hand looted a kitchen drawer savagely. Maria left her house like a bat out of hell, shoving a gun into her lacy lingerie with the skirt of her dress jacked up, the box of fruit clutched and her wallet in her other hand.

When she reached her car, she yanked at the bottom seam of her dress to readjust herself before slopping into her car, hoping not to be late. She gunned it all the way there and considered herself damn lucky, not getting pulled over. Upon pulling into a parking space, she saw that the place was already incredibly jam packed. Some of the vehicles she recognized, some she did not. Under the dark, unbounded Chicago empyrean, the neon lights flashed with vanity. She strode to the entrance, holding her box of goodies and smiling at the guard whose eyes locked onto her thighs, swathed snugly in the beautiful black dress.

Entrance music.
He let her in, desperately fighting urges to simply caress her back as she passed. The bass shook the entire building, blaring some hard-hitting beat Maria shook her ass to a little. Under the black lights, the pearls that lined the neck of her dress radiated an ivory, effeminate glow. The dress embroidered her curves. Her father saw her from the second floor, coincidental that he was leaning over the rail a bit, smoking a cigar with Roxanne by his side. He whispered something in her ear, leaving her for a moment to glide down the stairs and meet his daughter.

"How you've grown," he warbled, offering his large yet seemingly poised hand.
"Don't you look so fancy in your Armani, as always." She rejoined with a smirk, taking his hand which nearly entirely engulfed hers.
"What's in the box?" He asked in her ear a bit gruffly as they sauntered up the stairs.
"Fruit arrangements from Polly, for the VIP tables." Maria replied with excitement.

He seemed impressed by his daughter's event planning, sweeping his mind of the irritation he felt by her somewhat late appearance. The way he escorted her, her slight hand daintily placed in his as if she were a little ballerina, was fit for pictures to be put in the paper. One might even think they actually had a normal, functional relationship. He loomed over her, cutting her loose when they reached the second floor. Her hips swiveled as she made her way to bar, requesting a few tall glasses in which she could put the skewers. She made quick work of the arrangements, putting six skewers in nine separate glasses before she distributed them to the VIP tables. Maria knew Maya would be sucking on fruit and alcohol all night, simply thrilled.

When she made her way towards the tables, her father rejoining his blond, sultry temptress and Effy, she did a quick once over of who was there. Hayden was there, clad in a black, tight dress and oddly enough, accompanied by John. It was simple, but Maria thought she looked ravishing. Cole sat off to the side with Brent, smoking a cigarette and pointing to a few of the dancers on stage below. Maya sat at the bar, beautiful as ever. To the side as well, Skye was picturesque in a pretty little green party dress. There was perhaps too much smoke for Maria to discern much more.

The atmosphere was well warm enough for the short, tight dress. Her back was met with no cold chills, much to her pleasure. She slung herself near the railing, watching the dancers take off their clothes and wind to the music, sliding up and down poles. Maria was painted perfectly, fit for some artwork hanging on a wall in a modern home, the way she extended her legs with one crossed over the other. The dress adhered to her skin, the shoes sparkled in the neon, flashing lights.

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Cole sat in a corner booth, pretty bare and hidden away a bit. His sister graced the table with a vase full of wedges of fruit shoved on a stick. Looking at them with a hint of disinterest, he shrugged. Brent was bantering on with him, lighting a cigarette he rolled himself, looking all too young to be at the party garbed in a thin black jacket and tie with matching slacks and murdered out Vans, just like the ones Cole wore casually.

"Look at that one," Brent said with a grin, pointing his cigarette at a girl spinning on a pole.
"The Asian?" Cole asked over the music, looking back at his younger friend.
"Yeah! She's damn good!" He laughed a little, putting the cigarette between his lips again.

With a shot in hand, his eyes just happening to be over the brim, he caught sight of Aurora as she made her way to the second floor. He smiled and shook his head at her, getting to his feet and abandoning the urge to drink the shot. She was in a purple party dress, fit for a dance. Her wonderful, long hair that he adored was in loose curls. He loved that about her, she wasn't like the other women. When Maria polished her up, she was a sight to see. But he liked her just the way she was, in her own fashions and tastes.

With his drink still in hand, he walked away from Brent who was well occupied watching the Asian girl climb the pole below. Approaching his little ingenue, he took her hand into his own and gave it a polite kiss, "You look delicious," he said with a wink. He took her into his arms, kissing down her neck shamelessly before releasing her, "I see you put that money to good use." Laughing a little, he threw back the shot and leading Aurora to the bar, toting the cute thing on his arm like a prized possession.

He returned the glass, asking for a pair to replace it. He was going to have her take shots with him one way or the other. When he looked over his shoulder, he saw Roxanne. For a moment they caught each other's eyes, to which he hastily looked away. When the bartender brought back the drinks, Cole nodded to Aurora with a smirk on his lips, "Let's toast."

Brent, taking initiative, rose to his feet as well after a while. A look of anxiety crossed his face as he bit his lip, locking his eyes on the exposed back of Maria and smoothing his suit jacket rashly. Sure, he wasn't sure how to approach her, but he'd give it a try. When he was a few feet away, he caught sight of the shoes. "Holy shit," he said when finally approaching her, "Those things are uh, dangerous."

He wore a handsome, youthful grin as she leaned against the rail with her, cocking his head to side, "What do you say, you take them off and let me suck on your toes?" He really had no shame. Sometimes he was foul, but sometimes it was enjoyable. It depended on the mood of the person in question.


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Maya pranced over, bouncing, bubbly and sexy as expected. Trying to hide a smile, Maria fought off her grin and calmly said, "You really like them?" Then, she laughed a little, her red lips spreading into a grin as she spun about for her friend. "But I mean, look at you!" Maria's fingers traced an invisible hour glass in the air as she exclaimed, "Girl you are on point tonight, you're gonna' have to beat people off with a goddamn stick."

When Aurora came in, dressed slightly as Maria had expected her to, she waved gently and smiled at the girl. It made Maria feel better to know the girl was probably in better spirits that day. The club environment had much more ecstasy and rapture to offer than the night before at the bistro. Her eyes scanned over John and Hayden, who seemed to be hitting it off. All in all, the night seemed to be going unusually well so far

Maria spun around to rest her back against the rail, to face the folks on the second floor instead of draping herself over the ledge to look at the dancers and was met with a brute comment from Brent. Rolling her eyes, she then licked her lips, giving him a serious look, "You want to suck on my toes baby boy?" She leaned in a little, nibbling on her lower lip so that her mouth was next to his ear, "I'll shove my foot so far up your ass, you'll be sucking them into next week." Though she wasn't being mean, just playful, much in that cat-and-yarn sort of way, Brent was taken aback. He couldn't figure out whether he should fan himself or run in the other direction. The young man's face was streaked with excitement and surprise.

At the bar sat Suri, Cole and Aurora. Maria often wondered what it was like to socialize with a buzz on, but she wasn't particularly gunning to find out. So she hung away from the crowd a bit, observing as she always did under the flashing lights. Brent had retreated to his corner, lighting up a cigarette to ease the gut wrenching excitement in his stomach. Maria's eyes caught sight of Chloe, instantly envious of her dress and the way it so perfectly elaborated her figure. But who was that man, the bald one? It wasn't her father. A short distance away, Big Daddy stood by the railing, watching his children and wearing a girl on each arm.

Up the stairway, she could see Daniel coming. A look of apprehension was on his face. Gee, she certainly did not see that coming. She strode to the top of the stairs, a hand on her hip as she waited for him to reach the second floor as a new song began to play, slower in tune. When he got to the second floor, she said over the music, "Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes; I see Chantal took care of you just fine." She took his arm, looking up to him for approval, not wanting to intrude upon his personal space.
Song 2.

[edited this post a bit to include Daniel and a new song. P.S, LOVE the way you played Chantal, thrillernight.]


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Suri Desmond
When Demi came walking out to the kitchen Suri let out a wolf whistle "damnnn baby your smoking" she smirked going over to the other girl she trailed kisses along her jaw line. As Demi asked for a cutie Suri poked the girls nose and laughed "Sugar you have a cutie right in front of you" smirking she shook her head "but unfortunately I have none of the fruit, stopped buying them when ya left because I don't eat them. We can stop at the store and I will pick you up some but we gotta leave and go pay a visit to Jimmy before its too late".

She grabbed a cup of coffee to go then headed out the door with Demi right behind her, they got in her car and Suri peeled out of the driveway and sped down the road "Demi when we get there I need you to stay to the side, whatever happens let me deal with it. Your just there to observe" she said with a firm voice, that held a tone that no one would want to argue with.

She took out her phone, dialing Jimmys cell number, the phone rang a couple times before it was sent to voicemail. She hung up the call, placing her phone on her lap. Jimmy has always been good about paying up but he owed toobmuch for her to let it go. She thought of Rosa, wondered how the brunette was doing. She knew she was harsh last night, holding back her emotions, she tried to get Rosa to understand. Thsn the kiss, why did she do it? She asn't exactly sure, shaking her head. She just knew that Julian was not right for Rosa or any girl, just how his actions were last night she knew what kind of man Julian was but Rosa probably wouldn't listen to her. It wasn't her problem anyways.

As she made it to Jimmy's street she parked the car on the other side of the road. She checked her gun, then out her sunglasses on and stepped out of the car. Jimmy's vehicle was in the driveway so she had a good feeling the man was home, she knew he had children so she would have to be careful, make sure they wren't watching.

Crossing the street, Demi was right behind her but said nothing as she walked up the couple of steps to the doorway. She rung the buzzer twice then waited for a few minutes. She heard footsteps, then the door opening to reveal Jimmy standing thwre with a shock on his face. He was about to shut the door but Suri put her foot up just in time to shut it.

"Uh uh uh Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy, is that really how you treat your visitors?" She clucked her tongue and moved herself inside the house. "Now Jimmy, is there somewhere we could talk privately, Id hate for your family to be involved" she whispered in his ear, hearing the voices of a couple children and a woman in another room.

"S...suri this isn't a good time. Please" Jimmy whispered looking a little frantic, "Everything alright Jim?" a womans voice called out "Everythings fine Maggie, just a co-workee". Jimmy didn't take any more time before ushering Suri and Demi into a room that looked like an office. Suri went and sat on the desk, crossing her legs, nodding her head to Demi who then stepped in front of the door so Jimmy couldn't escape.

"Now Jimmy, no time seems to be good for you anymore. I mean I came down to the bar last night for you to leave right when I arrived" she took a blade from her boot, running it across her hand. Jimmy looked like he was going to say something but Suri heald up her hand, jumping doen from the desk she walked over to Jimmy who backed himself against a wall ."Now wheres the money Jimmy" she asked as she brought the blade up to Jimmy's face, running it slowly against the guys cheek "I..uh..I..." the guy stuttered not able to form a response "going to ask you once more. Where. Is. My. Money."[/b] she pressed the blade harder against Jimmy's face causing it to cut into the skin, blood started to seep out of the small cut.

Jimmy whimpered, closing his eyes "I don't have it!" he was able to get out right before Suri sliced down the guys cheek then walked back to the desk and leaned against it. "Not the answer I wanted to hear. Twenty-four hours, thats how long you have to get the money. Ill meet you at your bars parking lot at five pm. Better have it Jimmy and don't even think about skipping town". The guy just stared at her, holding his hands against his face as Suri walked out of the room then out of the house with Demi following her.

She said nothing as she got in the car, pulling out a cigarette from a carton in a srink holder she lit it up, offering one to Demi then pulled onto the road. She had only a couple hours to get ready and be at Windy City for the meeting. She stopped at the store for Demi, handing her some money to go get some food she wanted. When Demi went into the store Suri pulled out her phone and called one of her contacts "Bo, hey I need your help with something...yeah business as know Jimmy, the guy that lives on Maple street...yeah him..was wondering if your could keep an eye on him until tomorrow evening, make sure he doesn't skip town.....yeah fucking bloke didn't pay up, gave him twenty four hours....really, thanks man. Ill be in contact". She hung up the phone just as Demi got back in the car "ready doll?"

Suri drove home, headed into the house and went right straight to her room. She put her gun and knives on the bed then peeled out of her clothes then headed for the shower, she scrubbed herself clean, letting the water relax her a bit. Her mind started to wander and wondered what the meeting tonight was going to be about. Hopefully she could have Maria take a look at her arm, looking down at the wound she grimaced. It was red, puffy and bruised. Julian didn't help when he grabbed her arm roughly last night.

Thirty minutes later she stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around herself she headed back into her room and started sorting through her clothes. She knew she had to look presentable so she had to pick just the right outfit. Who knows what could go down. After fifteen minutes od going through her whole closet she found the perfect outfit. She wiggled herself into the skin tight pants, putting on a black spagetti strap tank then the black jacket that she zipped up. After blow drying her hair she decided to leave it down, putting out a touch of makeup she was almost ready. Next came the black heeled boots thatwere a bitch to get on with the pants but she managed. She tuck both of her blades in the top of her pants and tucked the gun in the back.

Leaving her room, she gave Demi a kiss before grabbing her black bag and her sunglasses "don't know when ill be home so don't wait up sugar". Fifteen minutes after leaving her house she was pulling her car into the parking lot of the club. She stepped out of her car and walked straight to the door, the bouncer made sure too look up and down before waving her in. Shes been here enough times to be known by the employees of the club. As she walked in she saw heads turn in her direction but she paid them no attention, going right to the bar she ordered a drink.

Her eyes scanned the crowd, her eyes landed on Cole who was heading up the stairs to the more private part of the club. The bartender gave her the drink, Suri laid down money on the bar then headed for the stairs. Once she made it to the top she grinned when she saw Romeo and Cole "ah the man that seemed to disappear is back" she took a sip of her drink then walked up to Cole's side "seems like I made it just in time".

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