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The Black Diamond Rebellion

The Black Diamond Rebellion


A High Fantasy Roleplay set in an original world.

500 readers have visited The Black Diamond Rebellion since PaperCoversRockB*tch created it.


Two hundred years ago, the Land of Carthe was ruled by an old and powerful Sorcerer named, Magnus. Said to be blessed with the blood of the Gods, Magnus ruled over a peaceful and prosperous Empire that stretched to both ends of the continent. Wedded to Emperor Magnus was Lady Hera, a strong and beautiful woman who was said to be one of the few women in the whole world with the will to bear Magnus' child. The two gave birth to a child, a girl believed to be destined to bring balance to the world. However, not long after the birth of this child, chaos was brought to the land of Caarthe in what is know known as The Black Diamond Rebellion. Using Lost Magic from the World Before, a Sorcerer by the name of Kalus brought war to the land of Carthe, using his vast army to destroy its cities and pillage its towns. Kalus gave Magnus an ultimatum; Forfeit power, or watch his land burn. In Magnus' kindness, Kalus found his weakness. Magnus agreed to the deal, but was betrayed by Kalus who attempted to kill Magnus, but was unsuccessful. Retreating to his Tower, Magnus performed a spell as the sound of war horns blared outside his door. Kalus and his troops busted in to find Magnus and Hera standing before him, a blinding bright portal closing behind them. Magnus fought to his last breath, but the numbers of Kalus and his army were too much for even the strongest man to overcome. Kalus propped Magnus' body on the top of the tower, leaving it there for the crows. He offered Hera leniency if she would tell him where the baby was sent, but Hera stayed her tongue even when faced with the Executioner. She was publicly executed in the city square, but did not beg for her life nor ask for pity, Kalus had his troops scour the land, investigating any recently born girls, but finding no results to speak of. Kalus believed Magnus had made a mistake in his creation of the portal, likely due to the hasty nature in which it was made. So, he dropped the matter, believing his victory complete, and the land his.

Two hundred years have past since the rebellion. Due to the Lost Magic he wields, Kalus still rules over the land, appearing not a day order than when he seized control. It took time, but Carthe is once again seeing prosperity. However, not in the way it was before. Freedom has been replaced by control, and strict taxes hinder the progress of many within the land. This is made worse by an increase in the number raiders and barbarians roaming the countryside. Kalus believes his rule complete and his word absolute, however things could very well be changing. In the North, a Lone Warrior currently travels with a young girl. His duty is to protect her from any harm, and it is a duty he has carried out for the past two hundred years. His name is Isaac Reigns, formerly the sworn protector of Magnus and his family. Through Magnus' final spell, Isaac and the girl were sent forward in time, though how far they would end up, Magnus did not account for. One hundred and eighty years ago, Isaac stepped out of the portal and into a Carthe that seemed familiar, yet different. Carrying a young child, Isaac has walked for these past twenty years, doing what he could for money and using his once legendary skills to herald the young girl on whatever path she chose to take. Whether it be as a warrior, a mage, a rogue, or even a mixture, Isaac fostered and developed her natural talent, making her a force to be reckoned with despite her young age.

However, even with the talent she currently possesses, her true talent still lies dormant. Draped around her neck is a keepsake, a small black stone that glimmers brightly in direct sunlight. Isaac knows little of the stone, save for that Magnus gave it to the child right before they left through the portal. Isaac believes it to be the key to awakening her true power. So, he currently ventures with her North, to the city of Lawrence. In the city is the largest College in Carthe, and likely someone who can explain the stones significance to the weary knight. However, Isaac knows even less than he realizes. The stone holds many secrets, its power drawing others to Lawrence as well. Others who do not yet realize their significance in the trials ahead.

Glossary- (I'll keep this short for now. will add to it as we advance in the roleplay)

Carthe: A magic land with ancient history and significant sway in world politics. Currently ruled by Kalus, the land holds five major cities and numerous towns and villages. The Major cities are The Capital, Lawrence, Dia, Kras, and Verrik. Image

Magic: Magic in Carthe consists of numerous schools and teachings. The most basic fact of magic is that there are two different types of spells; ones that require an incantation and ones that don't. In its simplest form, a book can be moved with ones mind. It its most advanced, one can create portals in space and time.

World Before: Remnants of the Old World can be found throughout the land in relics and ruins. Within the Old World is Lost Magic, which is Magic that behaves differently from more modern magic. I want to keep what Old World magic can do a secret for now. Just know there are two known practitioners of Lost Magic in the world; Kalus and the Queen of Qardesh, a land across the sea.

Lawrence: A city in the cold North, Lawrence is mostly known for holding the College, a place devoted to the study of all forms of magic and the lore surrounding it. The college was founded long ago, Magnus and Kalus being notable graduates.

Kalus' Tower: While it once belonged to Magnus, Kalus has converted it to his personal study. The tallest building in Carthe, its shadow stretched far over the Capital. It is said that the pole used to hold up Magnus still remains on the roof.

Races- (I have created three generic races for simplicity, but know that a healthy imagination can go a long way. As long as its logical and well-thought out, I will accept most races created by the roleplayer. Be aware that humans and elves are the only races native to Carthe, but feel free to make up the nation or land of origin for your created race if that's the route you go.)

Human: Average Life span is roughly 80 years.

Elves: Average Life span is roughly 500 years.

Dwarves: Average Lifespan is roughly 300 years.

Character Sheet

Race: (If its an original race, add to the bottom sections)
Appearance: No real life pictures. Sorry, I find it weird.
History: (Optional)
Race Origin:
Unique Features of Race:
Writing Sample: (More to check for correct punctuation. It can be just a paragraph as I can usually tell from that if people can handle it or not)

1. If you're going to join, then post. I won't say how many times I want you to post a week. If the roelplay is going fast, please try to contribute that way you're not holding anything back.
2. No auto-hits, Mary Sues, God Mode, etc.
3. Don't be an ass for no reason.
4. I keep an open, uh, computer policy.
5. Enjoy yourself and don;t tryo to ruin the enjoyment of others.

Finally, you can have up to two characters, but spots for actual roleplayers are limited.

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The Black Diamond Rebellion

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