The Blackbird's Cry

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Board "The Blackbird's Cry", the most advanced starship ever constructed, and join its captain in exploring the unknown.

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Character Portrait: Tyson Monnaie Doctor or Pervert? Who knows? Who cares...
Character Portrait: Astraeus Economos The second in command of the Blackbird's Cry, friendly and sincere.
Character Portrait: Matias Kingsbury The quiet but sturdy ex-police officer, head of security for the Blackbird's Cry.
Character Portrait: Lilian Rhorer Ex-Head Researcher of Lunatic Research Laboratories
Character Portrait: Robert Langley "Life needs excitement and adventure, but... It also needs some purpose."
Character Portrait: Mark (Mark-IX Albatross Earth Ver.) The latest model of Albatross, a state of the line asistance and maitenance robot
Character Portrait: Nierra Ezran "Preparedness is all."