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The Blacke Series: Sinister Seduction-Book 1

The Blacke Series: Sinister Seduction-Book 1


Requiem Lethera has always been aware that vampire might exist, especially after her mother vanished. But little does she know that she's apart of a plan that leads a royal vampire to her town; searching for her. [1x1 Roleplay]

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The Blacke Series: Sinister Seduction

Book 1

This roleplay is the idea of Wonderland and all credit goes to her. Please no stealing of this plot and the title of this roleplay. This is the making of a book and is only for AlienKhan and Wonderland. We might except 1 or 2 more people for minor parts.Thank you.)

Requiem Lethera has always known that vampires might exist; especially after her mother went insane, and vanished with the characteristics of a vampire just turned. Classified as dead, she's grown up alone with her father and little sister, trying to survive with the knowledge that the supernatural might exist. But... it's unlikely.... isn't it?

But little does she know that her family has been the matching bloodline to a royal vampire family known was the Blacke Family, a group of powerful and ancient vampires with a charming and powerful reputation. Her mother was supposed to be the next in line to be mated with the eldest son of this family; but after he let her escape, Requiem was next in line. And her blood is needed for a very sinister plan that may enslave the entire human race.

Damien Blacke; the second eldest son of the Blacke family has come to Requiem's town [Redwood, Maine.], searching for her. His job is to seduce her; and bring her back to their large family castle in Romania where she will become his mate, and be turned into one of the supernatural. And with the Lethera Bloodline intertwined with the Blacke bloodline once again, the power of the Blacke family will be doubled. And then Kyros Blacke, the leader and father, will finally release his masterminded plan to turn the vampires into the dominant species.


This is a book I'm writing; and a friend has offered to help me roleplay out some events. It's a small roleplay; and really we only need a few characters, and he and I are planning on playing some of them so. I'm not expecting anyone to join in the roleplay. It's just easier to use the neatness of rpg for it and if anyone does actually want to join and play as some of the characters, I'll be happy to let you.

I tried to do this rp a while ago but people werent posting and it eventually just got shut down so... I'm really just doing it with a friend again to help with ideas and events for the story since I'm going to have time to start writing again. But like I said; it would be okay if we had just a few people join to help out with characters but it isn't needed.

This is my idea; and it belongs to me. I am making this into a series; so please no stealing. I've been making this series since I was about 12 years old.


Character Descriptions:

Requiem Lethera: A girl who is the first born child of David Lethera and Regina Brooks; her parents. Her mother was turned into a vampire but escaped so the bloodline was not intertwined with the Blacke. Now Requiem is next in line to be seduced by the second eldest royal vampire; Damien Blacke. She only knows a little of vampires and only has a faint idea that they exist, and doesn't know anything about her family's past with vampire.s

Damien Blacke: The second eldest royal vampire of the Blacke family. Charming and intelligent, his job is to seduce Requiem and get her to trust him, and take her back to the family castle in Romania where he will turn her into a vampire and intertwine the bloodlines together so the Blacke Family is doubled in power. He's not as caring or giving as Demetrius was; and no one knows if he is capable of love.

Keisha Mehkoff: Requiem Brook's best friend, and also a witch. Requiem doesn't know Keisha is a witch and Keisha is aware of vampires, and was actually sent by her family to look over Requiem and her family after her mother was turned into a vampire. When Damien returns; she knows that the vampires have come back and she must explain to Requiem what's going on and get her to safety.

Corey Stiller: Requiem's crush and crusher. A casual boy who is in a band and has been friends with Requiem since first grade, he cares for her alot and he knows nothing of the supernatural world. He looks upon Requiem with respect and love. He is always willing to stand up for her and has been there for her through thick and thin. He's her best friend. And her crush.

Kieren Soloman: Corey's older cousin, who is also a werewolf and apart of the local pack around the cold forest of Redwood. He knows of the Blacke bloodline, since his own bloodline is mortal enemies. His brother failed to save Requiem;s mother and was brutally killed when trying to save her and now its Kieren's job to watch Requiem and make sure that no more vampires come after the Brooks Bloodline.

Demetrius Blacke: A caring vampire; the eldest of the Blacke Bloodline. He has been ashamed since he let Requiem's mother escape as a vampire. He doesn't know if she is dead or not but he fell in love with her and couldn't bare to force her to live with him and his family, and let her go. He still doesn't think it's totally right to be taking innocent mortals and using them for world domination, but he can only stand by and watch as his brother is sent to do the job he was supposed to do long ago.

David Lethera: Requiem's father; who had been grieving ever since Regina went "insane" and was announced dead, he has gone slightly insane and is as a professor at a University about 2 hours away from Redwood and earning a decent pay but is has to sleep at the college sometimes and when he is; he's sleeping or working on papers and grading assignments. He loves his children very much but he has never been able to fully accept that his wife is dead.

Laura Lethera: Requiem's 11 year old little sister; who looks up to Requiem alot and looks at her as almost like a mother figure. Requiem always has to take care of Laura; and she's very important to her and couldn't live without her. It's hard for Requiem to have a job, homework, friends, and take care of her little sister but she somehow manages to do it. She would do anything for her little sister.


Characters [Open and available]:

Main Characters:

Requiem Lethera: -Reserved-

Damien Blacke: -Reserved-

2nd-Main Characters:

Keisha Mehkoff: Open

Corey Stiller: Open

Kieren Soloman: Open

Demetrius Blacke: Open

Small Characters:

David Lethera: Open

Laura Lethera: Open

There are other small characters that won't be needed to be played by other people.

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Requiem Lethera

"NO! LET ME GO! HE'S COMING FOR ME! LET GO! NO!" the insane screams filled Requiem's pale ears as she felt her grip tighten on her little sister's shoulders, her father pushing her back slightly as they stared ahead of them. Police were there; medics all around the room, trying to get the situation under control. And ever minute that passed made Requiem's heart break more and more. She couldn't stand to watch this any longer....

When they finally held down Regina Lethera, sitting on top of her and putting her in large tight handcuffs, Requiem knew that her mother might not come back. She had blood all over herself; staining her clothes and her bed was stained as well. Hand prints were on the walls; furniture knocked over, writing that couldn't be read scribbled in blood and ink on the floor and the paintings that lined the large bedroom. The screaming didn't stop though; as they hoisted her up and started carrying her outside.

Requiem stared off as her mother was screaming and thrashing in the arms of the strong tall men in their uniforms. And her eyes were red; a dark black red color and tears streamed down her bloody cheeks. "I MUST PROTECT HER! REQUIEM, RUN! THEY WILL COME FOR YOU! RUN! SAVE ME!" she called out. Requiem felt her father's arm around her, leading her away from the scene slowly as Regina vanished from sight but her screams could still be heard clearly.

Requiem looked up at her father; watching his eyes.... they had tears. He simply stood staring at their family portrait in the hallway, and she saw the tears slowly stream down his pale cheeks as he took a deep breath in. "Requiem... take Laura and get her ready for bed. She's been up too late." he said in a quiet and stern voice. Requiem nodded, taking her little sister by the hand and leading her away from the bloody room that the police were investigating.

How could this have happened? What had happened to Regina Lethera?


Requiem shot up from her bed, breathing heavily as cold sweat stuck to her body and her sheets clung to her legs and stomach and arms. She had had that dream again; the memories of her mother.... it haunted her every few days, but was always on her mind. She slowly took in a deep breath, struggling to relax as she slowly climbed out of her bed.

She instantly walked over to her desk in the right hand corner of her room near the left wall where a window was. She looked above the desk, seeing the old newspaper clippings from many years ago. The title read:


Requiem stared at the article. Her mother had tore the door open to her room and she had killed a worker, drinking his blood and then escaping. She had been missing for two weeks, and no trace of her was ever found so she was pronounced dead. Requiem's pale and slender fingers traced over the glass that protected the clipping.... and then she rested her forehead on the wall.

"Requiem?" Requiem turned to see Laura standing there, holding her teddy bear in her arms as she was in her over sized nightgown. Requiem had been on the verge of tears; but she managed to wipe them away and maintain a smile on her pale face.

"What is it, Laura? Are you alright? It's only 6:30... you can go back to sleep, you know." Requiem said, smiling encouragingly at her.

"You were screaming... again. Are you okay?" Requiem sighed at her little sister's comment. Requiem often screamed and cried during her nightmares; and she could only smile again, but it was clearly a fake.

"I'm fine, Laura. Go back to sleep. I need to get ready for school... go on, now." She watched as her little sister stared at her before turning and walking out the door. Requiem hated her sister being so skeptical and concerned; she was the mother figure now. She had to be strong for her sister, and she couldn't let memories flaw her future. She walked over to her closet, pulling out some clothes.

She put on a t-shirt that was white and had purple and black stripes; with the band name "Black Veiled Brides" printed out on it, and a pair of black loose fitting skinny jeans that had a chain on the side and her converse sneakers slipped on easily. She put on a black and gray checkered hoodie and zipped it up halfway before walking to the bathroom.

She combed her hair; and put on her makeup. Eyeliner, Black eyeshadow, and the foundation. Same old makeup, same old morning. Her hair was a dark red auburn color; straight ish but it had a bit of a wave to it. She made sure it was decent before making her way to her room and grabbing her school messenger bag.

When she walked downstairs; her father was already grabbing his car keys. "Dad?" He stopped, turning to look at her and smiling softly. But the same sadness still laid in those gray blue eyes he gave her.

"Goodmorning, Requiem. I'm sorry I have to run; I have so many papers to catch up on before my students come in today. I have to get to the office and do that. You know it's hard for me to work here." he said, before walking out the door without a hug. She sighed... he always had to run off to work. Requiem grabbed an apple, and leaned on the counter as she took out her phone, surfing the web. She didn't have to leave yet.

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Character Portrait: Requiem Lethera


Character Portrait: Requiem Lethera
Requiem Lethera

"We all have two sides. A dove... and a raven."


Character Portrait: Requiem Lethera
Requiem Lethera

"We all have two sides. A dove... and a raven."

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Character Portrait: Requiem Lethera
Requiem Lethera

"We all have two sides. A dove... and a raven."

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