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Leon Andros River

"I don't do what's right but I do what is necessary."

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a character in “The Blackout”, as played by Deallo


Full Name: Leon Andros River Image

Nickname: Lee – “A shortening of my name people use in order to feign friendliness. I don’t need a pathetic, similar name, for the lazy to use in order to spare themselves to sound out two more letters.

Boss – “An appropriate term. I am the boss.”

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Role: Channing Tatum

Appearance: Leon stands 6’3 and has the muscular build of a Militia soldier. Quite often, he cuts his dark brown hair short, short enough that it remains impossible to grab. His eyes are what people refer to as “snake eyes” and seem to be such a shade of brown they’re almost black. His clothes are, quite often, varying, day-to-day. On some days, he’ll wear a black suit, while on others, he’ll wear his Militia officer uniform. Sometimes he’ll wear his grand-father’s army jacket, while sometimes; he’ll wear nothing but a simple wife beater and a pair of jeans.

He has only two pairs of shoes, his combat boots, and his running shoes. Sometimes, unbeknownst to himself, he’d unknowingly mix certain clothes together. It’s evidence to see how monotonous clothes are to him and how he generally doesn’t give a shit.

One look at Leon and you can tell he’s tired. One look at his snake eyes and anyone can tell that they’re soulless. He never smiles and never shows his emotions willy-nilly. On some days; it looks like he has the weight of the world upon his shoulders.




• lacking affection or warmth of feeling; unemotional
• not affected by emotion; objective
• depressing or dispiriting; not suggestive of warmth:

In his younger days, Leon would have been driven with ambition, and pride. The days before he became a Militia Officer and the days before he participated in The Purge.

Now, he’s different. Leon seems to have a constant weariness about him throughout the day. Yet through this weariness lies his cold emotionless self and where he draws his power. He has no heartstrings to tug at. No feelings to manipulate. No prejudices. If he does; he does a very good job at hiding them. The leader is quite passive in comparison to her sister on first sight. Lest it shock you; he does have emotions but does quite a remarkable job at hiding them. Lest it shock you even more; Leon believes in the Militia. He trusts that without the Militia, the citizens would have gone at each other like wild animals, and chaos would ensue. Order needs to be kept.

Though be not fooled just because he does not have a wild temper like his sister, he is just as, arguably even more, dangerous.

If Leon believes you are a threat to the Militia, the general public, or the Order the Militia upholds, hell shall not save you. He can use the cruelest of methods and punishments in order to squeeze every little last drop of life or information that you can provide or merely finish your life without a second thought. He’s been known for his punishing of civilians. The man who steals bread gets his hand cut off. The woman who murders her husband gets her heart stabbed and is left to die. The man who’s been accused of rape, well, you can guess what’s cut off. Leon is not above doing this to just civilians either, regrettably at times, he has to discipline his own men and those at the Militia.

He exudes an air of intimidation wherever he is and tends to unnerve people.

This Militia leader looks and watches out for the guards. He doesn’t understand those who work at the offices like his and how they can toil away at paperwork. Leon empathizes with those out on the field, his “brothers-at-arms”, his comrades. For Leon, these people are what demands respect and servitude, these people will be the closest to understanding him, these people will be the closest thing to a friend. His emotions lie with them. Leon can’t even understand her own sister…and has secretly harbored a dislike for her.

He also has a worrying mental state as well. Leon, like all of the Militia members who took part in The Purge as well as those with lots of years behind their backs, suffers from PTSD, which resulted in his emotional numbing. At times, he’ll be detached from reality. The Purge flashes before his eyes when he sleeps, causing a chronic case of insomnia, which he managed to conquer through hour-long naps spread throughout the day rather than the traditional 6-hour sleep. He’s startled very easily by loud noises and is extremely hyper-vigilant. In the presence of others; he gets irritated for no apparent reason.

Leon secretly suffers from “Survivor’s guilt” from what he’s done in The Purge; thus resulting in his need to continually justify his actions. From this, he always makes sure to have a reason for what he does, to satisfy himself, to lie to himself that he’s still a good person. If you do know him; he mostly comes off as friendly and formal.

Role: Leader


Orders being followed
Logical reasoning
Reading Literature


Murder of the Militia
At times, Scarlet
Offices & Office-type people
Being left clueless
The rumor of Utopia
Single-minded people who view the militia through black & white shades.
Anyone who’ll endanger the Militia

Weapon of choice: “Anything shall suffice.” Leon has been training throughout all his life. Any weapon is a deadly weapon in his hands, be it a pen, a spoon, or a knife. Not that he needs it though, skilled in vicious hand-to-hand combat coupled with his strength and size, he could easily take down another human being. He possesses an extremely sharp switchblade and double-action semi-automatic pistol. Not that he needs either but he wouldn’t be caught dead without them.

History: The history of Leon Andros River isn’t all that different from the history of Scarlet River. After all, they grew up with the same parents, had the same tutor, and basically went through the same life, albeit at different times. Leon went to Militia school, was trained by his parents, and had very little time to himself. However, it didn’t make him cruel like his sister, but rather ambitious and confident.

Lee was a different person then and that all changed when he turned eighteen; becoming an officer of the Milita. It is tradition to serve in the Militia before becoming leader. Leon made actual friends, flesh and bone friends, and felt like he became part of something but he learnt that there were terrible things he had to do to ensure the greater good, people under his command that trusted him, and the public he was entrusted to defend from themselves. He had to make choices, choices in which no two ways could be right, but was just. He had to dole out punishments in order to uphold the law, had to kill in order to soothe a riot, and had to interrogate innocents in order to catch the murderers.

Then there was the Purge. He was 23 when he had to do the things he did. Those were the hardest moments in his life, almost committing suicide if it wasn’t for one of his own, sinking into a deep depression. The incident was contained between the two and it never reached anyone’s ears; except his own parents. They were disappointed in him to say the least and in their eyes he was the failure they wanted no-one to find out. It left Scarlet, at twelve years-old, to be their sole hope in a competent leader. Perhaps, maybe, it was why they trained her even harder then, assuming that was even possible in the first place.

His depression subsided after a week, leaving his case of PTSD as a permanent replacement, creating the man that you see today. When his parents died, he was 29, and had little interest in ruling over his parents spot. At the same time; he couldn’t comprehend Scarlet doing the job either. At that time, he thought it’d just be difficult for her, with her being so young. It showed how little he truly knew her. At first he said she should serve among the Milita but that was quickly ignored. So he opted for both of them to become leaders and Scarlet agreed.

Theme Song(s): The Truth

So begins...

Leon Andros River's Story