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Isabella Properpilski

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

0 · 669 views · located in Moreton

a character in “The Blame Game”, as played by JackalopeLove


Isabella Properpilski



The Heroine-Unwoman
Everything Else-Next to Normal
Family calls her Bella
Very few friends have ever called her Izzy




School Year
Year 10


The Gifted



Light brown

Light brown. It is either up in a pony tail or down natural just above her shoulders



105 lbs

Cloths in school
She is very formal and follows the dress code completely there is no exception!
Cloths out of school
Out of school Isabella dresses very casual with an assortment of T-shirts and Jeans.


Isabella, the queen of the music department, rocking almost any instrument in front of her. Though she does exceed in music, she falls flat in almost any other subject, it is difficult to pay attention to something when music keeps playing through you head! She often falls asleep in her less important classes suck as. Math, History and Science. Slacker is not a good term to describe Isabella, she is more of a selective intellectual, she is actually a very intelligent young woman, she just has a difficulty applying herself. Isabella has an extremely difficult time expressing herself to others, she very rarely communicates with people at all, and she has very few friends and still does not talk much to them. But she feels very comfortable with people who are as skilled as her; she feels that she fits in with them and that they understand her better than any normal classmate. For Isabella is a kind person when you are on her good side, but when you annoy her she can seem like a judgmental stuck up jerk. She despises most of the outcasts, because of their lack of skills, they mostly just sit around doing stupid high jinx while Isabella has to practice for her upcoming shows every night, it is just not fair to her! Though, she does end up getting a lot of the same grades or lower as the outcasts because of her lack of effort in other classes, she still feels like she is better than them. But, while she is cold to the outcasts she is almost a fan girl of her fellow gifted, she loves to cheer for her friends as they succeed beyond comparison of the other competitors.

-Fan girl
-Great friend
-Difficulty applying herself academically
-Musically oriented
-People watcher

-Other gifted students

-Unskilled people
-Water(cannot swim)
-Being embarrassed
-Math/Science/History... ect

-Dozing off in class
-Tapping beats on her desk
-Playing songs in her head
-People watching

-Practicing music
-Watching her friends perform
-Writing sheet music


-Superiority ideals



As a child, Isabella was a straight A student, the smartest in her class, and one of the most liked. She played with the other kids, and there was nothing interesting about her besides, her intellect, she was a normal child. Then she discovered music, it started out as her playing the piano, but she mastered before she was 8. She continued to study music for the years to come, and as she became more interested in music she slowly lost interest in all the subjects at school.

She comes from a very basic household, two working parents and no siblings, for Isabella that means very little distractions from practicing music after school. Her parents gave her anything she could want, purchasing multiple instruments and the lessons to go along until she was able to start teaching herself new instruments. But as she grew and her grades dropped her parents pressured her to do better in school and focus less on her talent, she needed to be good at it all. Though her parents did not mean to give her the impression that she was not good enough for them, that is exactly how she felt.

In Isabella's mind, her parents were trying to hold her back from following her dreams, so in a reaction she decided it was no longer the best choice to practice in her home, so she left and now lives in the school appointed living. She now stays very late at school in the music room, playing till nightfall then going home to sleep and arise and do it again, with very little social interaction. It is now almost like a daily ritual for her, she just daydreams throughout school thinking of the music she is going to play after. She dropped out of all music classes at the school, because they were too basic for her skills, yet she still performs solo at every single concert, and has her own showcases all about her multiple talents.

For Isabella making friends came very difficult, she dropped out of the music classes at the school, mainly because of the simplicity of the music department. She would make acquaintances that would stay after school hours to listen to her play, but she never was that interested in getting to know them, they just appreciated her talent like everyone else would eventually. Then nearing the end of her first year, she found out about the Gifted Clique, though they are not music oriented, they have very similar ideals to her, and can relate on some level. Soon she realized that she found another interest, and that was her new friends, they might take away from her practice time but at least she is finally socializing with others!


So begins...

Isabella Properpilski's Story