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Johnny Okimura

"Why can't we just get along, huh? I'm sure you'll fall for me in a sec, sweeties ~"

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a character in “The Blame Game”, originally authored by chrian., as played by RolePlayGateway




"I'm one of the most attractive boys of this school, and that's an undeniable fact ~"

Johnny Okimura

Johnny || Casual
Mura-kun || Affectionate


February 14th


❊|School Year|❊
Grade 11

65% Japanese
25% British
10% German

Biromantic Bisexual

The Popular


130 Ibs

❊|Hair Color|❊

❊|Eye Color|❊


❊|General Description|❊
Johnny is a tall teenage boy. He has a slender build and is quite muscular and athletic. He has a fair complexion. His hair is of crimson red color in several unevenly cut bangs and his eyes also has a scarlet color that match his hair. He has his ears pierced and wears a red stud on each of his ears. In total, his appearance is described by the other to be well-looking and it is what has helped him won the heart of many students in school, regardless of genders. When at school, Johnny usually wears T-shirt inside and his shirt outside to conceal it with long trousers, giving him a cool outlook.


Flamboyant | Flirty | Aloof | Kind
Normally, Johnny usually putting up himself as a flamboyant, flirty boy and somewhat confident in himself. He acts like a prince charming most of the time and attracts the attention of many girls, and is admired by the males as well. Thanks for that, every now and then he'd usually receives love letters from both genders. However, in reality, he has a timid personality.

While outwardly Johnny flirts with girls (and sometimes even with some boys) shamelessly and confidently, afterwards, he cringes and becomes embarrassed beyond words at his own actions. In fact, though he puts up a charming appearance outside when he was surrounded with his fans, Johnny is actually feeling insanely flustered on the inside and will needed his friends' help to get out of those situations. Or, to make it short, Johnny is what people would called as a tsundere.

But nonetheless, Johnny is a kind and caring person, who'll always look out for his friends and will help them whenever he can. Despite being one of The Popular clique and is equally as vein as the others who are like him, deep down inside he always treated everyone equally and will help them whenever he could. He's hiding the fact that he's quite lonely in his heart and always craves that there will be a person who loves him for who he is, not just by his appearance.


  • Hair Twirling || Johnny usually twirls some strands of his hair whenever he's focusing in doing homework. This habit of his were often remarked by the others as 'not very manly', but Johnny didn't really care though.
  • Finger Biting || Whenever he's nervous, Johnny usually bite the fingertip of his thumb. That might not be very good habit but as they say, ol' habits don't die so easily. It's a great way to keep calm.
  • Dozing Off || There's a lot of moments when Johnny is bored, like in History periods or something like that, so he usually dozing off a lot and couldn't concentrate if someone keeping on blabbering to no end next to him.
  • Sunset Gazing || Watching as the sun setting into the horizon is truly a relaxing and peaceful thing, so Johnny usually find a hill tall enough to sit down and watch the brilliant scenery as it set into motion.
  • Cycling || Though he's not the one to exercise a whole lot, Johnny enjoys cycling everyday. He also cycles to school everyday, in contrast to most of the other Popular cliques who travels by fancy cars.
  • Reading || Even if he doesn't seem like it, there's nothing better than a gripping book. He can reads any times whenever he feels like it and his favorite genres vary in different types.
  • Music || Johnny can listen to it almost anytime, anywhere possible. Whether it is listening to his own MP3 player or someone playing an instrument at the music room, they're all just so addictive to him.
  • Manga and Anime || Johnny has quite a collection of manga and weekly magazines as he has a whole shelf to store them all. Laying on the bed and watching anime all day on his laptop is also a great way to kill time should he doesn't have anything to do.
  • Cupcake || Johnny loves sweet more than anything in this world, but he likes to take a nimble on a cupcake the most. His favorite cupcakes of all time are Karen's homemade ones.
  • Wandering || Sometimes, wandering around the streets in the evening or afternoon and feeling the breeze against your face is quite relaxing, isn't it? Johnny usually wander alone by himself, but he doesn't mind having company.
  • Bullies || As a throwback to his Junior High years, Johnny's usually the victims of bullying himself. So of course, he hold a grudge against all of the bullies around the school who didn't have anything better to do than picking up on the helpless students.
  • Crowds || Though Johnny usually going around and flirts with the other students, it made him felt insanely uneasy surrounded by too many presences. Again, a throwback to his abduction back then.
  • Bugs || Johnny has never got on well with bugs of any types. He'd jumped out in complete surprise if he felt some kinds of insect were crawling under his feet. Just thinking about them send creeps through his back.
  • Seafood || He was allergic to seafood of any kinds, which is why he tries his best not to touch them. And even if he isn't allergic to them, he doesn't like their taste either.
  • History || Please, are you really expecting him to go through a whole History's period without falling asleep right on his desk. The World Wars or something like that might interest someone else, but definitely not him.
  • Drawing || Being the President of the drawing club, Johnny is a real artist at heart and his drawings are considered to be the most beautiful in their club. It's one of many things that he usually brag about. But he has the rights to do so, isn't he?
  • Cooking || While he may not look like it, Johnny has always had a knack for cooking. Despite that there are servants and cooks for his family in his estate, he prefers to cook for himself and his family more.
  • Giving Advice || He's capable of giving good advice for the others, whether if it's about drawing or love problems or anything within his capabilities. But just as he's good at giving advice, he's terrible at taking them.
  • Literature || Yeah, Johnny reads a lot of novels after all, so you can say that his skills in literature is one of his strong points.
  • Easily Flustered || As mentioned above, due to Johnny's tsundere characteristic, he has a tendency to get embarrassed very quickly after a cheesy flirt with his target. And even more so if anyone shows their love and admiration to him like a fangirl.
  • Cute Things || Adorable things like fluffy animals or flush toys are a weakness in Johnny's heart. He almost late for class once just because he happened to come across with a cute puppy on the street and was too busy petting it that he just forgot his surroundings.
  • Musophobia || Beside bugs, rats and mice are the worst abomination in existence. Johnny and them just don't get along with each other at all. Even a hamster is enough to make him jump already so it is best not using them to play pranks on him or he'll really faint for sure.
  • Too Honest || Ever since Johnny is a kid, he's never been able to lie to anyone without being so obvious.


Father // Jason Heathercliff // 48 // Alive
Mother // Kihara Okimura // 38 // Deceased
Older Sister // Azumi Heathercliff // 22 // Alive
Younger Sister // Karen Okimura // 14 // Alive
Best Friend // Ryan Aldenhart // 16 // Alive

Many people would consider Johnny's life as a lucky one. His family owns a prestigious company and his father, Jason, is a successful and intelligent businessman while his older sister, Azumi, is one of the top model in the country with the highest income. They are rich and their fortune is something that people will always dream of.

Since their mother passed away when they were still small and their father is always busy with his work, Azumi acts as a motherly figure towards her younger siblings despite also being a very busy woman herself. Living under the care of their sister, Johnny and Karen grew up without a care in the world, until one day when Johnny is 13.

He was abducted when he was making his way home all by himself, since the driver who usually stopped by at school to pick him up doesn't come and it was getting late. Those people who kidnapped him claimed to be members of an opposing company of his family's and they were planning to use him as a ransom to force their company given up a project that could decided the fate of the whole company.

Johnny was scared as he endured all the insults and threatening from the ones who kidnapped him. But fortunately, someone saw them abducted Arata by chances and the police soon arrive and saved Arata. This was brought to public and after this matter had been brought to court, all who involves in the kidnap were arrested and the opposing company of his family were bankrupted.

After the incident, Johnny became scared of the world around him and was cautious with almost everyone, even with his sisters. He doesn't wanted to go through anything like that again. At school, because he secluded himself from his class and didn't interact much with anyone, he's usually bullied and all he can do is crying helplessly. And he'll just be a weak-willed person like that, if he didn't meet his best friend.

Ryan moved to Johnny's class and approached him. Although he constantly pushing him away at first, he soon warmed up to the energetic boy and they got along well together. Ryan encouraged Johnny that he has so many potentials and he shouldn't waste them. Slowly moving out of his shell, he's finally able to get over with the incident that has haunted him for quite some while and eventually become the person who he is today.

When Johnny entered high school at Moreton, he immediately gained his fame due to his family's wealth and handsome appearance and soon become those who is acknowledged by the others to be the Popular clique. While being genuinely kind and caring towards most of the students, the bullies from the Outcast are the ones whom he despises the most, as they reminded him of those who used to pick on him back in Junior High and he'll stay away from them and their tendencies to cause ruckus around the campus as far as he could.

Now, after the infamous incident, it seems that a real serious conflict is going on between the cliques in Moreton. But Johnny didn't really care about all of it. His only goal right now is just to charm his ways with the girls (and some of the boys) around the school, like he always did.

❊|Face Claim|❊
Mikoto Mikoshiba | Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

❊|Hex Codes|❊
Dialogue Color || #D33D3D
Thought Color || #ffa3a3

So begins...

Johnny Okimura's Story


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T E S S__O ' C A L L A G H A N

It had been seven days since the funeral. Fourteen days since the incident. Another page ripped from the tear-away calendar indicated this.

Despite the fact that he lived on school property, Tess had neglected to attend classes for the duration of that entire fortnight period. The school weren't as persistent as they should've been, with his loss having a major affect on his concentration and overall health. They were content to just leave him to it, until Sunday morning, when a notice was posted through his door. It stated that if he didn't attend his classes soon, he risked lowering his attendance below the requirements for free accommodation. Tess - in his current state - would've given anything not to have to move back in with his family, who held little love for himself or his brother. Most of them had refused to attend the funeral, others probably weren't even aware of what happened. The thought in itself made him sick, whenever his mind wandered to such things.

As he pulled the tie tighter around his neck, Tess gave an exasperated sigh, almost as if he would have given anything in that moment to just... deflate. His eyes, hollow as they were, settled on the pair staring back at them, before shifting downwards to allow him to check his uniform. It was perfectly dishevelled, as per usual, and strangely comforting. It was almost like a sense of familiarity had washed over him, and - despite everything - he found himself smiling. It faded as quickly as it had appeared, and soon enough he was walking towards the door.

He hadn't bothered to tell anyone that he'd be returning that day. In fact, it would be the first time he'd seen anybody since the day he found out. He had instinctively shut himself away in his apartment, and over the course of two weeks, he'd refused any and all visitors. Part of him was looking forward to seeing everyone again, namely his two closest friends, but another decidedly overwhelming part was worried half to death that he'd lost the respect of his clique. He was their leader, yet he had opted to abandon them in their time of loss. It had affected him the most, there was no doubt about it, but Theo was close to everyone, and everyone had lost him. As Tess thought about this, he began absentmindedly cracking his knuckles, his eyes focused more on the path ahead. He was not the only one leaving the accommodations so early, and he'd prefer not to bump into anyone and everyone ahead of him.

The building for housing was directly beside the school, so much so that you could see in people's bedrooms from the classrooms, but there was a long path up from the gate to the doors, and so it took him a fair few minutes to make it all the way there. He stalled for a moment outside of the building, silently debating whether to wait there for one of his own or to head straight to the second floor, where his classroom was. He opted for the latter, considering he didn't trust himself not to lunge at the nearest clique leader, of which there were few. So he continued walking, keeping his head down. A few of his own Outcasts had approached him, but Tess kept the conversation brief and - strangely enough - polite, before moving on. It took him a total of twenty minutes to reach the classroom door, where he was the first to have arrived.

Running his hand through his hair, Tess gave a huff and leaned against the opposite wall.


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#, as written by chrian.

Night has quickly passed away as dawn fast approaches. Like any other days, today is a really nice and beautiful day in England. The sun was shining, the bird was chirping innocently, the flowers are blooming all over the garden. It has been a fortnight since that shocking incident happened. Some has already forgotten and just get on with their lives, telling themselves that what's happened isn't of their business and that they shouldn't dwell into, but some don't and they're still holding a grudge even til now. Well, for Johnny, he was pretty much in the first group, which was not very surprising.

After rising from his sleep since 30 minutes ago, he's spent the whole half an hour inside his spacious bathroom cleaning every pinch of dust off himself while fixing up his appearance. It took Johnny only 15 minutes to do so but what do you know, his own reflection was captivating enough to held him in front of the mirror for the remaining 15 minutes. Even I would fall for myself if I were someone else... He thought to himself while doing all sorts of poses before finally getting his feet out of the bathroom. And pretty much everyday was the same so there's nothing very surprising though.

Johnny grabbed his schoolbag before headed downstairs to the big dining room, where his beautiful older sister, Azumi, was having her usual morning cup of espresso while reading a magazine with her picture in the front page. His father would have already gone for works by now so they usually didn't meet him in the morning at this time. But it was a little weird that his younger sister, Karen, hasn't turned up. She usually the one to get up the earliest.

"Good morning, Azumi-neesan." Johnny greeted his sister before sitting himself down at the chair on the opposite of Azumi. Seeing that, the butler quickly ordered a maid to bring breakfast for him.

"Morning, Mura-kun." Azumi greeted back while still focusing in the magazine.

"Karen hasn't woken up yet?" He asked.

"No, she went to school earlier, said she has something to do with her friends." The young woman answered calmly, exerting an elegant aura.

"I see." Johnny nodded as the meal then was served in front of him. He began to eat away his food. The two siblings didn't exchange much words with each other, as it's still in the morning and nobody wanted to talk too much, would they?

"Say, I suppose you know the guy named Jack Smith, don't you?" Azumi asked her brother as he looked up from his dish to his sister.

"Yeah, he was someone I'm supposed to acknowledge as 'leader' at school. A really hot gal, and a rather famous model. But he's cocky as hell." Johnny said with a shrug, "But what's of him?"

"Nothing much, I'm going to have a photoshoot with him tonight and you can say that I'm rather curious of my working partner. Since this is my first time working with him after all." She said while taking a sip from her cup, "So, you were saying that he was one of those popular kid in your school, huh? Does he has a habit of flirting around like you too?" Azumi teased lightly.

"D-Don't tease me, neesan." Johnny's face reddened a bit then finished up his breakfast, "Well, he's pretty much putting up himself as a gallant gal but in fact he detest almost anything I could think of, I guess."

"I see. What an interesting boy." Azumi chuckled.

"It's been a while since I last saw you really interested in someone." Johnny shrugged as he stood up from the table, "I'm going to school. Nice day, neesan." He said before making his way to the garage and took his bike out to the gate and rode to Moreton. Seeing him like this one could never have thought he's from a prestigious family, but he just preferred it that way.

Moreton School | 8:00 AM

As soon as he put his bike in the parking lot and making his way through the entrance, some girls were already standing there, calling out to him. Feeling himself a bit too much, Johnny brushed his hand through his hair and do a flip, which caused all them to fangirling even harder. He then walked over to a girl, holding her chin with his hand. He looked into her eye with a rather princely look. And that is enough to make her face as red as a tomato right now.

"You were really beautiful today, sweetheart, just like the shining light of the dawn ~" Johnny said in a very flirtatious way. The girl was shaking while looking as if she's just flew to cloud nine. Letting her girl go, Johnny waved to them one last time as they called his name again, before hastily made his way to his classroom, his face visibly reddened from what he's just done. If he continued like that then one could only guess how flustered he could get.

Finally able to sit himself down at his chair, Johnny let out a sigh of relief. While waiting for the classes to begin, he took out his sketch and began to paint a drawing he hasn't finished yet.