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Season of Giving 2020

At the end of perhaps our craziest year yet, we choose to celebrate our writing family with that extra touch of gratitude. Tip your fellow authors for a chance to win 10,000 INK, with leaderboards updated daily.

Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅


Miriam Radke

"We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out."

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a character in “The Blame Game”, as played by Bethaknee



Miriam (or Miri) is an average sized girl with average looks. She can usually be seen smoking a cigarette with a thoughtful look on her face. She's a Gemini, so her heads always racing and she's always taking in everything around her. She could tell you the color of the gem in the necklace you wore two weeks ago if you asked. She's a bit of a wallflower - and incredibly nosy - so she spends most of her time at school listening to other people's conversations and learning everything she can. She likes to know everything about everyone.

Being a seventeen year old teenage girl she should have a busy social life; parties, sleepovers, lots of friends and high school drama. But seeing as she has terrible social anxiety she really just spends her time alone. Although, you wouldn't know how nervous she is around people by looking at her. She tends to hide behind her sharp wit and biting sarcasm. She really has a heart of gold. It's just that she doesn't want people to see it.

She has two great parents that support her in everything she does, and a fairly normal childhood. She also has a nine year old little brother named Sam that spends his time finding new ways to get on her nerves. The only trauma she's ever experienced is the death of her older brother three years ago. He was a reckless driver and flew off the road one night trying to avoid hitting a dog. They weren't extremely close (as he was often busy and they fought a lot), but they loved each other. She often writes letters to him in her notebook as a way of coping with his absence.

*Good hearted

*Rude Demeanor
*Hates Human Interaction

*Literally all animals ever
*Reality Television

*Judgmental People
*Rude People
*Ignorant People
*People in General


*Singing (Mediocrely)
*Playing the Piano (Also Mediocrely)

Even though Miriam is smart, she doesn't do well with deadlines and won't put her heart into anything that doesn't pique her interest. As a result, her grades are merely average.

*Hair - Miri's hair is a dark brown, about the color of dark chocolate, and she wears it down almost always. It falls just above her shoulders, and is pin-straight and frustratingly flat.
*Eyes - Miriam's eyes are a dark Sapphire color.
*Body Type - Her body type is average; she isn't skinny but she isn't really chubby either.
*Clothing Style - She likes to wear nice clothes. She can often be seen in casual dresses or skirts. She also has an affinity for scarves.

Heterosexual; Bi-Curious

So begins...

Miriam Radke's Story


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T E S S__O ' C A L L A G H A N

It had been seven days since the funeral. Fourteen days since the incident. Another page ripped from the tear-away calendar indicated this.

Despite the fact that he lived on school property, Tess had neglected to attend classes for the duration of that entire fortnight period. The school weren't as persistent as they should've been, with his loss having a major affect on his concentration and overall health. They were content to just leave him to it, until Sunday morning, when a notice was posted through his door. It stated that if he didn't attend his classes soon, he risked lowering his attendance below the requirements for free accommodation. Tess - in his current state - would've given anything not to have to move back in with his family, who held little love for himself or his brother. Most of them had refused to attend the funeral, others probably weren't even aware of what happened. The thought in itself made him sick, whenever his mind wandered to such things.

As he pulled the tie tighter around his neck, Tess gave an exasperated sigh, almost as if he would have given anything in that moment to just... deflate. His eyes, hollow as they were, settled on the pair staring back at them, before shifting downwards to allow him to check his uniform. It was perfectly dishevelled, as per usual, and strangely comforting. It was almost like a sense of familiarity had washed over him, and - despite everything - he found himself smiling. It faded as quickly as it had appeared, and soon enough he was walking towards the door.

He hadn't bothered to tell anyone that he'd be returning that day. In fact, it would be the first time he'd seen anybody since the day he found out. He had instinctively shut himself away in his apartment, and over the course of two weeks, he'd refused any and all visitors. Part of him was looking forward to seeing everyone again, namely his two closest friends, but another decidedly overwhelming part was worried half to death that he'd lost the respect of his clique. He was their leader, yet he had opted to abandon them in their time of loss. It had affected him the most, there was no doubt about it, but Theo was close to everyone, and everyone had lost him. As Tess thought about this, he began absentmindedly cracking his knuckles, his eyes focused more on the path ahead. He was not the only one leaving the accommodations so early, and he'd prefer not to bump into anyone and everyone ahead of him.

The building for housing was directly beside the school, so much so that you could see in people's bedrooms from the classrooms, but there was a long path up from the gate to the doors, and so it took him a fair few minutes to make it all the way there. He stalled for a moment outside of the building, silently debating whether to wait there for one of his own or to head straight to the second floor, where his classroom was. He opted for the latter, considering he didn't trust himself not to lunge at the nearest clique leader, of which there were few. So he continued walking, keeping his head down. A few of his own Outcasts had approached him, but Tess kept the conversation brief and - strangely enough - polite, before moving on. It took him a total of twenty minutes to reach the classroom door, where he was the first to have arrived.

Running his hand through his hair, Tess gave a huff and leaned against the opposite wall.


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Character Portrait: Miriam Radke
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Miriam appreciated the nice weather as she walked to school. She was in no hurry seeing as it was only 7:30 and school didn't start for another hour. So she took her morning walk as a chance to suck down as many cigarettes as possible since she wouldn't be able to smoke once school started. Calm music played from her headphones, making everything around her seem peaceful. It wasn't. There was a storm brewing among her peers. She could feel it.

It had been two weeks since that poor boy died. Miriam had been really shaken up about it since it happened. Death just affected her that way. Her heart ached for Tess O'Callaghan; she knew what it was like to lose a brother. Losing her brother was the hardest thing she had ever gone through. During his absence she thought about reaching out to him, but decided against it. Who was she to send her condolences? She'd never even talked to that boy before. She barely talked to anyone. Though, not being involved with her peers seemed to be an advantage this time. She feared for what would happen when Tess came back. Tension was high between those cliques before, but it was reaching an all new level.

The hostility that people could have for each other never ceased to amaze her. There was always some kind of drama between her classmates and it was ridiculous - albeit entertaining. But even though Miriam didn't talk to many people, she couldn't think of a single person she legitimately hated. Sure she could be snarky and she was often sarcastic, but she tried not to be outright mean to anybody. Of course, if somebody were to single her out she would have something to say about it. But Miri was by no means an instigator.

When she got to school it was barely 8:00, so there weren't many people around. She appreciated that; large groups of people made her nervous. There were still enough milling about to make her uncomfortable, but she refused to show it. She kept her head high and confidently walked to class. When she got to her desk she sat down and pulled out her journal and began to write.