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The Blind Battle

The Blind Battle


What happens when one Werewolf pack is attacked, they immediately assume it's another rivalry pack when they're hopelessly wrong, and the real culprits are right under their noses? [Open! Character Places Limited!! :D]

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..And piercing through the cold air like sharp daggers,
their howls were heard, for their family had been destroyed...


GM- Whitney080(Your's truly! :D) GM Number Two- HiddenNymph(Spock! ;D)

How it all Began...

Through out the years many Werewolves have formed packs all across the world. There was never many problems among them, the wolves were sure to keep their distance, never getting into one anothers' territory unless invited that is.
There hadn't been any disputes in twenty-three years exactly, until that evening...

February Twelfth, 2011

A medium-sized werewolf pack of thirteen staying in a forest area outside of Chicago was having a "pack meeting." They were discussing irrelevant things, the meeting a monthly thing they had done over the last two years. The Alpha had noticed a few of his members missing, four of them to be exact. Being naturally concerned, he sent three of his strongest male members to go search for them. It was a mere fifteen minutes later when screams and howls of terror were heard from those oh-so-strong members. Panic arose, and the whole pack took off towards the source of the cries...
Upon reaching the sound it had died, and the once dimly lite sky was ominous and black with the promise of a moonless night. Not another sound was heard, but the thick scent of blood swarmed, twisting around within the cold breeze. The Alpha knew something was not quiet right, of course, but he could not find anyone! The six remaining pack members searched the area, following long trails of blood, but no bodies were recovered. Not even their best tracker could find the scent of other wolves, of anything for that matter.. Some were skeptical, others frightened, and couple began to weep, but it was just the beginning...
The next morning the pack started their search once more, daylight their greatest ally. This time.. They found what they had been desperately searching for, some wished that they hadn't of..

In a large field lay seven bodies, the seven mangled bodies of their former packmates, their family in large puddles of crimson liquid. Some you could not even distingush.
Out of pure rage the Alpha fell to his knees and screamed, the sound so loud a few had to cover their ears from the noise. Most were speechless, and some began to cry yet again.. One of the "fallen" was a twelve year old boy named Noel, once a extreme light in the darkest of situations.
That evening the werewolf pack sang together, they let their heads fall back and the saddest sound escape their parted muzzles, a long, remorseful howl that seemed never-ending in remembrance of those loyal packmates who died..
The next evening the Alpha of the Chicago Pack decided he knew who it was. He claimed that it was Dante, the Alpha of the New York Pack. They had grew up together as enemies. Everything was a competition between the two until their Sophomore year, when Dante had to move because his father found a new job. The Alpha explained to his pack members that Dante was always jealous of what he had, so must have sent some of his members to kill his own. Although the idea was far-fetched he believed it, therefore decided his pack would be moving out to find a new territory. Preferably close to New York City.. He had a old "friend" he wanted to pay a visit to...

Little did he know it was actually not Dante nor any other of his pack members. It was a completely different pack that had been in America for almost a year. They were sweeping through different areas, killing every lone wolf or werewolf that they saw. This pack was from Russia, and they were coming through the woods outside of Chicago when a couple members of the Chicago Pack was running around, "goofing off."
Thinking that they were just a few "lone werewolves", the Alpha of the Russian Pack sent his wolves in to kill them.. And they done just that. Little mercy was given and when more wolves from the Chicago pack jumped into the fight they were simply killed also. It wasn't that the Russian pack was much stronger, their fighting style was just different, and the members of the other pack were simply out-numbered. Satisfied, the Alpha took his pack and moved on.. And that do ya' know.. Their next stop is right outside New York City...


The Plot-

So, basically, The werewolf pack of Chicago was attacked inconspicuously by the Russian Pack through out the night on February twelfth. After having found the bodies the Alpha of the Chicago pack immediately thought it was his long-time rivalry, Dante the Alpha of the New York Pack, who he indeed grew up with. They had been enemies since a young age.(Think Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.. :P) However, it was the Alpha of the Russian pack and his members who were passing through. Of course, they did not know the werewolves they killed belonged to a pack, therefore the notion was rather "innocent". Meanwhile, the Alpha of the Chicago pack is taking his pack all the way to New York to "find a new territory", when he really wants to "get revenge" and kill some of Dante's pack members now.

All the while Dante has no idea anything is going on. Everything is going smoothly for his pack and himself, that is until the Chicago Pack gets there. And when they do get there everyone of the New York Pack will be extremely confused and caught off guard, including the Alpha himself. What will happen when they're attacked out of nowhere?

In the midst of this the pretty much clueless Alpha of the Russian Pack is reining his pack members into the forest outside of New York City. What will happen when they all meet? Will more lives be lost? Romantic relationships formed in the middle of "war"? Having to choose between your pack and something else? More enemies gained??

That..Is all up to you... { If there is any questions feel free to ask HiddenNymph or I through OOC or PM. Do not hesitate, we want you to know what you're doing!(: }


Things You Should Know-

● These Werewolves cannot talk to each using their minds/telepathy when in wolf form. It would just "complicate" things, sorry.

● They do not live in houses in the cities, they travel in actual packs like real wolves through-out forests. They usual make camps and some sleep in dens when in their wolf forms. (Higher ranks have larger dens.) They can have tents made from the skin of animals they catch, but most keep it simple. Werewolves do live simple lives and can not let any human know what they are. A lot are forbidden to go into town without the Alpha's consent.

● These werewolves are not HUGE like the ones in Twilight, but they are a little bigger then your average wolf. Their speed, strength, eyesight, and smell are better than regular wolves also.

● Their body temperature is always Fifteen degrees above a regular humans.

● When Werewolves shift they do lose their clothes, however their attire does not rip terribly bad. They usually go into the city once a month to buy new clothes if they can. However, I would be careful where you shifted! O-O

● The werewolves in each pack have known each other for awhile. They're like big families, so no "new people" in packs, of course, when all the packs (Russian, Chicago, and New York) are faced with each other, introductions will happen, of course. :P

● It's rare a Female Werewolf gets a high rank, that's why there isn't many of them in the packs. It's sort of a honor! :P

● When joing you must make two characters, a Female and a Male, one of those MUST be in the Russian Pack. No exceptions(So we'll get the "villian" spots filled xD) First come, first serve. So be quick with reserving! ;P

Ranks and Characters-

(Everyone else must make TWO characters, a Female AND a Male!!)

New York Pack:

Alpha- (Male) Dante Alexander Reynolds TAKEN by Whitney080(Me! ;{D)

Beta- (Male) OPEN

Sub-Beta- (Female) TAKEN by court.nickles

Regular Pack Member- (Female) TAKEN by MapleDragon14

Regular Pack Member- (Male) OPEN

Omega- (Female) TAKEN by HiddenNymph AkA My Spock. ;{D

Chicago Pack:

Alpha- (Male) OPEN

Beta- (Female) TAKEN by Me (;

Sub-Beta- (Male) TAKEN by Head_Over_Heels

Regular Pack Member- (Female) OPEN

Regular Pack Member- (Female) OPEN

Omega- (Male) OPEN

Russian Pack:

Alpha- (Male) TAKEN by HiddenNymph x3

Beta- (Male) TAKEN by MapleDragon14

Sub-Beta- (Male) TAKEN by Meee :D

Regular Pack Member- (Female) TAKEN by Head_Over_Heels

Regular Pack Member- (Female) OPEN

Omega- (Female) OPEN

Character Sheet! -

{Be Sure To Fill This Out Properly!}

Erase Everything in ( ) ← When Filling It Out! (:

Code: Select all
Insert in Description box
[right][img] Insert Real Life pic [/img][/right]
[b]Description:[/b] (Anything that the Picture doesn't show?)
[b]Name:[/b] (Full Name! F,M,L)
[b]Age:[/b] min 16 oldest 19 (one 15yr allowed ask and check other CS first?)
[b]Power:[/b] (Yes, your character is allowed to have one minor power! It must be different from the characters already submitted, so check first! It can't be a HUGE power either, small, like a [i]MENTAL[/i] ability. If I don't approve of the power I may ask you to change it!)
[b]Pack[/b] (New York, Chicago, or Russian)

Insert in Personality box
[left][img] Insert Wolf Form pic - No more than Two of same colour, check other characters first. Multiple-colored wolves are fine though!) [/img][/left]
[b]Personality:[/b] (At least FIVE sentences!)
[b]Mate:[/b] (Most wolves Mate for life, be picky! xD)
[b]History:[/b] (Optional)

My Do's and Don't's (Rules)-


+ Ask Questions! Nymph and I would love to answer ALL your questions! (:

+ Reserve both your Characters before Submitting them! Spots are limited and no characters are saved unless they are reserved!!

+ Get both your characters in before the TWENTY-FOUR HOUR time limit! If you don't get them in before then the spots will open back up! :O

+ Be Literate! No one-liners! Use proper grammar, captilization, and punctuation to the best of your ability! The min. is at least EIGHT sentences per character, Writer's Block is understandable, but don't use it constantly!! :{D

+ Be respectful to all other role players!! Know that nobody is perfect, mistakes will be made and I know this! You're good as long as you try! ^^

+ Show an Example of your "Writing Skills" on the 'Other:' part of the Character Sheet if you've read everything! (If you do not have this you WON'T be accepted. : / Well, I'll ask you to put one and if you don't once I ask.. You're out!

+ Be creative! ^^

+ Come to Nymph or I with any concerns you have!

+ Have fun! ;D [Cheesy, but follow it! :P]


- Be disrespectful to Spock(HiddenNymph) or I! We are your GMs'! If we ask you to do something just do it! It's most likely to help you out anyway. : / If you do disrespect us(Or any other role player in our role play for that matter.) We will make sure your characters dies tragically somehow.. Then we'll replace you.. :P

- Be illiterate! No text talk 'lyke dis!' It gets on my nerves so bad!

- Describe certain things! You know what I mean! Romance is encouraged, but if it gets too far take it somewhere else!! You can imply something has happened, but That. Is. It!

- Cuss like a sailor!! :O Cussing is aloud, but not five words a post! Jeez! :P

- GodMod!(GM) No, no, no! That will not do! It's that person's character for a reason! :O

- Complain. -_- If something is not going your way don't cause a scene! You can politely PM me or the other GM, but that's it. Do not load up the OOC with pointless Draammaa!

- Cause Drama outside of the role play. :P We don't like that! xD

- I will add onto this, I have the rights to! Check by periodically if you don't mind! I'll most likely let everyone know in OOC when I update! ^^

(If you're confused in any way and have questions please ask!!(:)

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The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Character Portrait: Cameron Jones
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Character Portrait: Crimson Jace
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Character Portrait: Michelle (Mitchy) Elaine Simons
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Character Portrait: Michelle (Mitchy) Elaine Simons
Michelle (Mitchy) Elaine Simons

The Light Rain That Makes Everything Smell Fresh

Character Portrait: Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones

People will set their own course, but they can't set mine for me.

Character Portrait: Crimson Jace
Crimson Jace

The world is full of those that doubt what they are all around.

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Dante Reynolds

"Yes, I'm a Werewolf. No, I will not blow your house down."

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Character Portrait: Crimson Jace
Crimson Jace

The world is full of those that doubt what they are all around.

Character Portrait: Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones

People will set their own course, but they can't set mine for me.

Character Portrait: Michelle (Mitchy) Elaine Simons
Michelle (Mitchy) Elaine Simons

The Light Rain That Makes Everything Smell Fresh

Character Portrait: Dante Reynolds
Dante Reynolds

"Yes, I'm a Werewolf. No, I will not blow your house down."

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