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Dante Reynolds

"Yes, I'm a Werewolf. No, I will not blow your house down."

0 · 493 views · located in The Forest

a character in “The Blind Battle”, as played by Whitney080


Description: Dante is a well-proportioned man. He stands at the height of six feet one inch(6'1") and weighs about one hundred and ninty-eight sturdy pounds(198 lbs.), more than half of that in muscle. His shoulders are broad and rounded, his arms long and well toned from his many years of staying in shape, working out. He has a wide, firm chest and stomach that can take a blow, leading up to a long, strangely defined neck. His calf muscles a good size, legs at regular length for his height. Dante can run pretty fast when he needs to.
His skin is lightly tanned, and always hot-feeling like most werewolves, their body temperatures being so high. He has a scar running across his right side, it is not that long but deep, gained in a life or death fight. Slashed across the left side of his jawline is another small scar, but other than that his skin is flawless.
His eyes are dark pools of the deepest blue you have ever seen. They tend to glint a grey color when the sun hits them just right. As for hair, Dante's gets its ink black color from his mother's side of the family. He has it combed to one side more than half of the time, yet on a bad day..Or a lazy one, he will leave it unkempt, sticking up in different directions more towards the front. When he hasn't shaved in a few days across his sharp chin he will get dark stubble, it is rare when you see that however. Along his right shoulder-blade he has a black tattoo of some tribal symbol, something you will have to ask him about. His lips are a bit thin, teeth are straight and white, breath always smelling that of a crisp mint. As for his voice.. Dante in general has a rather deep, husky sounding voice and usually talks low anyway. It's rare for him to raise his voice, but when he does.. You know it quick.
As for attire he wears the standard pair of jeans and a tee shirt, sometimes wearing a plaid button down and a tank top. He'd rather stay shirtless though, feels "natural" to him.

Name: Dante Alexander Reynolds
Nickname: Most just call him Dante, unless they're trying to be "cute" and call him "Danny." That just annoys him though.
Gender: Male
Age: He is Nineteen, yet his birthday is coming up soon.
Power: Born to be an Alpha, Dante Alexander was gifted with the ability to control ones' mind with his very mind and eyes, to a certain extent. However, this ability works better on females, yet it comes in handy when trying to get his pack in order.
Pack The New York Pack, most definitely.
Rank Alpha

In his wolf form Dante weighs about two hundred fifty pounds. He has strong hind legs, his canines being quiet longer than the normal wolf. His coat is multi-coloured, mixed with white and tan, however the color that most stands out is the black in his fur. It trails down his back, across his chest, surrounding his eyes and tipping his ears. His thick tail is tan though, rimmed in black at the top.

Personality: Dante comes across as the "strong, silent" type when first meeting him. He won't speak much until having thoroughly observed someone, usually finding their weak point before even starting a conversation. Gotta be cautious, right? He brings a rather mysterious aura where ever he goes, seeming to intimidate others of lower rank with a simple glance. However, females claim that he acts rather "seductive" without even trying, he really doesn't mean to though. Like his father, grandfather, and great grandfather.. He was destined to be of high status, an Alpha. With that said, Dante has many leader-like qualities. He is strong and independent, and will defend his pack, his family, with everything he has in him. He puts others before himself in all scenarios. He seems to know the right thing to say in certain situations, but is judged to be "cocky" and a "know-it-all" a lot. He does tend to tease/taunt others when the chance is given, always spoken with a devious smirk.

Behind a outer-layer made of pure stone you find a easy-going guy which is seen by his pack one-third of the time. Dante has a weird sense of humor, but at certain times tries lightening the mood with a few lame jokes. (Some consisting on knock-knock jokes.. :P) He does have this strange soft side where he can became extremely truthful and nice, secretly a "romantic" when he wants to be. However, Dante was taught by his father to keep his head on straight, emotions on lock down, and not to get into any "flings" and to wait "for the right one". He finds the whole concept silly though, and simply doesn't get into too many "relationships". His pack needs him, family first before himself...Always. (More will be revealed through out the role play.)

Crush: No one has really caught his eye yet.
Mate: See above!
+ Meat
+ Rain
+ Sports
+ Working out
+ Running
+ Nature, though he would never admit it aloud.
+ Females
+ Reading, yet another thing he wouldn't admit..
+ Dogs, he use to have a German Shepherd named Chevy.
+ (More revealed later..)
- Back talkers
- Watermelon, he's allergic to it.
- Extremely Loud Noises
- Heights(Something he wouldn't tell a soul.)
- Threats towards his pack
- (More revealed)
History: Dante hardly ever speaks of his past, but he grew up in New York City. His great grandfather, grandfather, and his own father was the New York Pack's Alpha, and when he got older, the rank was passed to him. This great grandfather had died twelve years old, grandfather seven years ago, and his own father not even three years ago. He was raised by his dad because at a very young age his mother died from cancer she had been fighting for months. He grew up fairly normal and went through "mudane" school until his Junior year of high school. After his first shift he was ripped from school and thrown into the New York Pack in which his father was the Alpha of. Dante was respected just because his father's status, but once his dad died and he became Alpha things changed a bit. He was disrespected for a long time until he finally snapped.. A couple things happened.. And since then he was the "respected Alpha". To get a good grasp on his history, you will have to ask for yourself.
Other: Dante wants a dog again someday! ^^


So begins...

Dante Reynolds's Story