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Theme: Memory
Image Song: New Day, New Life – KOKIA


Role: The Fighter
Race: Cherufe

Full Name:Tesni-Auer Rubina la Fabre (nee Prad’lo) | TES-nee-OU-ur Roo-bee-nah la FA-bruh (neyh Prahd-low)
While the name might look and sound like gibberish at first read and first speak, there is actually some sense to the mouthful of a name beheld by Tesni. And, all of it can be traced back to the traditions to be had and honored by the Cherufe people, from whom Tesni is descended. Long and loquacious names are a societal norm among these nomadic people; they denote not only one’s personal identity among the Cherufe, but also family, Family-Clan of origin and an individual’s original ancestor—Tesni’s own name is considerably a standard Cherufe name, but there are cases and circumstances where the name can possess additional parts if one so chooses to use them as a means of additional identification. The rather outlandish naming system also can be used to establish whether or not a Cherufe-distinct is, by their standards, of adult standing. To explain this, Tesni’s own name will be used to explain the Cherufe naming standards.
Tesni – obviously, the first part of the name. This can be explained away as being analogous to the first name that anyone would possess in nearly any other culture. Suffice it to say, this name can be considered one’s “personal” identification. It is their individual name.
-Auer – the suffix applied to the first portion of the name, simply, this suffix fills the role of surname for the Cherufe. While in most other societies, a surname is the very last part of a person’s name, in Cherufe society, one’s family name is applied to their personal name. In the case of Tesni, she is descended of the “Auer” family.
Rubina – a “middle” name that is a bit of a tricky bit to explain to anyone unfamiliar with Cherufe culture. While it might seem as if it is a normal enough part of her name, by the standards of any other people, it really isn’t. Tesni’s “middle” name of “Rubina” is representative of her standing within Cherufe society. Basically, she carries with her a name that marks her as a child among her people. Among her people, how one is considered an adult is rather blatant; though Cherufe are, by standards, a people who are dragonic humanoids that end up developing dragonlike features throughout the course of childhood and early adolescence that were initially dormant, they also wind up developing secondary abilities thanks to their other heritage. . . . Among the Cherufe, there are seven recognized secondary abilities and powers that are inherent and normal. When a young Cherufe develops one of these seven secondary powers, said youngster is then seen as an adult by society, and the “middle” name carried by them is shed in favor of adopting the name of one of the original Cherufe ancestors, specifically, the name of the one who first was born with that power.
Consider this, because “Rubina” is not among the seven names, it is recognized by any other Cherufe that Tesni would introduce herself to, if she chose to divulge her full name, that she remains a technical child to their people, despite being sixteen. In Tesni’s case, the name “Rubina” is something that will remain forever a marker of her seemingly everlasting childhood thanks to the fact that she seems to have ben born into a small sect of her people’s population, a sect that has come to be known as “The Markless”. The “original ancestor” names will be covered in a separate section detailing more information of Tesni’s people.
la – rather simply explained in that this part of the name simply equates to the word “of”. Used to reveal what Clan a Cherufe-born hails from when combined with the Family-Clan name.
Fabre – going hand-in-hand with the part above, this part is rather simple to explain in that it reveals what Clan a Cherufe hails from. As most Clans of Tesni’s people are nomadic, they rarely live in cities or in stable, settled towns, as they live in large “Family-Clans”, each one as a whole possesses a name; it is the final part of a Cherufe’s given name. It reflects one’s Family-Clan, and though a Cherufe might not be related to many of the people within the Clan, they still will share the name with all the people in the group.
nee Prad’lo – as it was mentioned before that a Cherufe’s name can actually be longer than was is presented as the standard, an example will be provided here. Though Tesni has no need to use this potential aspect of her name, if ever she entered foreign territory and encountered other Cherufe, she could make use of it and have it reveal her land of birth or origin. If Tesni wished to reveal to someone her land of birth or origin, she could add one final part to her name following the name of her family clan. Given from where Tesni hails, the final part of her name would end up being “nee Prad’lo” which would otherwise translate to her saying she hailed from the land of “Prad’lo”.
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Runt | Youngling | Nini | Sparks
Runt – nicknames are usually given out of affection, as a sign of endearment. However, in the case of the moniker that Tesni is most known by within her Family-Clan; that could not be more opposite of the truth. In the Fabre Clan, Tesni has come to be known as “Runt”. Most people call her this outside of her own immediate family. She is called this because of a number of circumstances she has inadvertently been caught within, without any choice in the matter. Among the Cherufe people, Tesni’s physical size is far below what can be considered average of most Cherufe females, in both height and weight, even if compared to humans she is still relatively small for her age. Topping off her rather petite size, Tesni has also been acknowledged as the weakest in her family, not just by outside observers, but even quietly by her own mother and father, though they would actively avoid voicing this reality in front of their daughter. Tesni’s father, he is the leader of the Fabre Clan, he is renowned as a very powerful, very influential Cherufe throughout most every Clan beyond his own even. For this he is respected, and even Tesni’s own mother is, while not a leader of men, known as a rather apt combatant when it comes to the art of battle. All of her parent’s offspring show signs of having both their mother and father’s blood in their veins, in one manner or another . . . all but her it would seem. Of the four children born to her parents, Tesni is quite the feeblest and the slowest to develop. All of Tesni’s siblings to this date have already developed every last one of their primary markers as Cherufe, and have moved onto awakening to their secondary abilities. Tesni herself has not even gotten to either of those markers in her development; she is still lacking even the wings which would complete her Primary Mark’s development. And, her Secondary Marks have yet to even show in the slightest. This has led many in her Family-Clan to believe her a “Markless”. Markless make up a small sect of the Cherufe population, few are born and even fewer survive as long as Tesni has. These people are considered to be a blight on the Cherufe people as they lack what would make them truly Cherufe, rarely do they even fully develop their Primary Marks, or their Secondary; they are feeble and small in size, and then . . . they are also often sterile. Because of this, Tesni is commonly called “Runt” among her Clan.
Youngling – a kinder way that Tesni has been referred to among her people. Instead of out rightly calling her a “Runt”, some gentler souls opt to call her “Youngling” instead. They see her for what she may be, a Markless, but do their best to not insult her because they can see well how hard she works to keep pace with everyone around her, as well as her fiery spirit and personality. Although Tesni is not the youngest of her father’s children, she is the only of them that is called by “Youngling” among her Clan.
Nini – one of the nicer nicknames Tesni has among her clan, and really, it’s probably the only one she’s even remotely fond of, because it comes from her family. This particular moniker was born of her younger sister’s inability to say the name “Tesni” at an early age, so it was that she ended up somehow babbling “Nini” out and it just stuck. Tesni’s younger sister, though now thirteen, still calls her older sister “Nini” pretty much all the time, and this name has caught on among the younger children of the Fabre Clan. Myst, Tesni’s younger sister, affectionately uses “Nini” when talking to, or about, her sister . . . even though Myst has long since surpassed her sister in development as a Cherufe.
Sparks – if someone isn’t calling her “Runt” or “Youngling”, chances are that among the Fabre clan, Tesni is instead being referred to as “Sparks”. Given Tesni’s rather peppy and energetic nature, as well as the fact that she’s somewhat fidgety, the nickname of “Sparks” just stuck. It’s one of the few names Tesni’s been called that has no ill-will or disdain behind it really, it is something of an friendly name, as the people who call her “Sparks” mean to use it as a sort of endearing term, because they’ve come to appreciate Tesni’s nature and personality and disregard her possible status as a “Markless”.
Alias(es): Alias(es): The Mask of Dhaak’in
The Mask of Dhaak’in – an alias Tesni came up with herself when she was younger. Tesni travelled to many places during the younger years of her childhood, and during those travels she saw many things her young mind considered to be “injustices”. When it was that her father decided to found a small settlement near the capital city of Dhaak’in, and the Cherufe officially became denizens of the country, Tesni got to see for the first real time in her young life what life was like in larger cities. And again, she saw what she thought to be “injustices” everywhere, and so at the age of ten, she fished a mask out of the goods her mother had collected over the years for sale, and donned it, becoming the “Mask of Dhaak’in”, as she called herself. During the next two years, she ran wild throughout the nearby cities and settlements of Dhaak’in, righting any and all “wrongs” she saw. Sometimes she did do good, but other times, all she wound up doing was causing headache after headache for a lot of people, even though she thought she was doing right. She became quite a gossiped about figure within people’s lives for a while, until she was twelve and she managed to flub up on a whole new level. It ended with the destruction of a local bazaar and marketplace, and Tesni being found out by her father, who had his suspicions. From that day on, the Mask of Dhaak’in has otherwise ceased to be, though there are still instances where Tesni will do something she deems “just” before running off whilst shouting, “The Mask of Dhaak’in liiiiiiives!!”
Age: Sixteen


Height: 5’
Weight: 90 lbs.
Build: Busty/Slender Waistline/Slight Pear-shaped Figure
Measurements: 34-21-36
Hair Color/Style: Beige
A rather standard color even among humans, Tesni’s hair is a light and comfortable shade of beige. Although Tesni’s hair might be considered rather lovely if she bothered at all to keep it of a decent length, given its texture and type, how it is now, it simply looks a mess. In truth, her hair is kept rather short in all respects; it’s somewhat uneven and also unruly due to its length. However, the odd style of her hair rather matches Tesni’s own nature, as she is a strange one . . . also, it helps that she’s something of a tomboy at heart more than a girly-girl. Tesni keeps her hair, for the most part, simply at a rather boyish length, cut so that it barely nips her jawbone at the sides of her face, while she keeps short bangs that just barely hang in her eyes. Most of it barely even reaches the base of her skull, where her neck begins. Though Tesni’s hair is cut much like a boy’s would be, there is truth in that she does keep a seemingly out of place braid right at the beginnings of her neck. It’s just this bit of hair that is long, extending all the way down to her elbows. No one really knows why Tesni bothers to keep this portion of her hair long when the rest is so short and unkempt, even if asked, Tesni herself never gives a straight answer, merely, she gives some half-assed response along the lines of, “I keep it like this because it looks cool of course!” but few actually believe that given answer. She simply keeps this part of her hair longer, and woven into an oddly neat braid, with a set of lovely feathers hooked into the braid just near its beginning.

There is actually a rather personal reason Tesni keeps one part of her hair long as she does, it’s something she wouldn’t dare even divulge to her family. When Tesni was younger, she didn’t always have mostly short hair, she kept it long, however not too long ago she decided to cut most of it off in a fit of emotionality when people began to talk of her probably being a Markless, the stigma that came with that, the fact that she was probably unable to have kids. . . . She had a crisis of her own gender. Though Tesni’s always been active and so full of energy and interested in keep “justice” and having adventures, she always wanted to eventually find someone to have adventures with, and to start a family with. Her mother found her during this episode, and stopped her daughter’s actions, but the damage had been done and Tesni had cut most of her long hair off, with there being only a little bit of it left right at the base of her skull. That little bit is what Tesni has left braided up, since that time, Tesni let her hair grow back out a bit but decided to keep most of it short, but she keeps that one bit long to remind her of her own gender.
Eye Color: Crystal Blue
There’s not much more that can be said of Tesni’s eyes other than that they are large and wide, they are lively and reflect every bit of her and emotion that she feels so clearly that her eyes are truly a window into her soul.
Scars – Like many people in the world, Tesni is a girl who carries her fair share of scars. Scattered across her body is a myriad of scars, marks and remnants of since forgotten injuries that she suffered from either a moment of recklessness, excitement or from a simple accident. While her skin is already pallor, scars of an even lighter shade of ivory are strewn all over her flesh, connecting and overlapping like the delicate thread of a spider’s web, only truly notable due to the sheen they carry while in the light. Tesni’s knees and elbows are what carry the most scars of anywhere on her body, due to her childhood. Since she was a toddler, Tesni’s always been eager, excited and willing to take a risk without thinking about the consequences, and this shows, as very often as a girl she fell victim to gravity, she tripped, a lot, her knees and elbows reflecting that. And also, she was a touch bit on the rather enthusiastic and wild side of the spectrum, because of this, Tesni was a young girl who often did things that no other child in her village would, she did rather daredevil things, which also earned her some interesting wounds. Because of her childhood, her body is simply covered in rather minute and unnoticeable scars. There exist scattered all across her body too, fresher and pinker scars, more recent ones from her newer hasty endeavors. . . .

Description: Although she stands small and petite, Tesni carries herself with a sense of certainty that’s shockingly evident. Even if her small size might make her seem like a pushover, there’s no doubt that Tesni does not view herself that way, the way she displays herself make that clear. She’s a girl who is aware of her size, body, beauty and the fact that, while she might look like an otherwise average teenage girl to most upon initial appearance, that she is actually well-endowed as far as her bust and figure goes, even if she is small for even a human. Her hair and eyes are colors you’d see upon any human girl, so they don’t stand out or make her seem like any more than that, and Tesni knows this. But it’s her body that stands out.

She might be sixteen, and a technical Markless, but Tesni knows that among humans, people would consider her well-developed; with an ample bust, a very slender, sculpted waistline and a set of well defined, but still smoothly developed hips. To a human male, her body would be desirable, and overall, even If her face is otherwise average, she is still considered good-looking. Tesni carries herself with confidence, because she knows that among humanity she is lovely enough.

Overall, Tesni’s pallor, cream-toned flesh is otherwise marred by now faded and fading scars from her past, from the times when her Family-Clan was still among the normal Cherufe and nomadic. When you travel all over creation, you have to expect to find yourself suffering injuries and scars. But, because her Clan has led a stationary and rather lax life, as far as Cherufe standards go, for the last odd decade, her scars have begun to vanish, and remain only visible by discolorations upon her light skin. Hues of white, pink, maroon and areas that appear with a sheen are mostly all that remain upon her, save a few areas which suffered injuries worse than the typical scrape or such. Those though, remain hidden usually under articles of clothing for no one to see~

Tesni carries herself with no other markings upon her body than fading and remaining scars really, sans the occasional bruise, scrape or whatever from whatever sort of escapades she’s gotten herself into prior. Her body is well-built, and she knows it. As far as it goes, Tesni leans on the average side of the spectrum as far as beauty goes; her facial features aren’t delicate or wholly feminine, but are lovely enough, while what makes her attractiveness is her body. Her self-confidence exudes well enough from her, along with her rather strong and warm personality too.

Preferred Clothing: As it goes, Tesni’s preferred clothing would be what you can catch her in at most times. Her taste in clothing might come off as strange considering many young ladies prefer to be modest as it goes, covering up as much skin as can be despite if it might be hot or not. Tesni though, yeah, she doesn’t care about that sort of thing, as long as the necessaries are covered, then she’s good. She doesn’t much care for skirts, dresses or anything like that, that might be a hindrance when moving. This whole mindset has led her to wearing what you’ll see her in now, clothing that might be considered inappropriate by some, given the fact that it doesn’t really cover much, and even with what it covers, it doesn’t leave form or shape to the imagination, as it does sort of hangs there and clings.

On top of the sleeveless, clingy shirt, Tesni also wears relatively short, well, shorts that pretty much just cover up her rear and such. These are her main articles of clothing, and despite the fact that they leave little to the imagination; she’s completely comfortable in them.

Her whole attire is almost questionable, even after she added to it with the boots, gloves and cape she wears always. Among her Family-Clan, no one really ever said anything to her about her attire, or gave it a second look, however, while out and about traveling, there is no denying some of the questionable looks Tesni’s received. The only times when Tesni bothers to change taste in clothing though, is if she enters into a cold area—Tesni does not like being cold! So, if it gets cold, expect her to either switch her clothing out for something more appropriate, or to suddenly get very clingy to the nearest person she knows.


Sexuality: Demisexual
Once upon a time, Tesni had a deep seated desire to marry, like the princess of a fairytale. She wanted someone to have grand adventures with, and to one day have a family like her own mother and father, however that was not to be. Though Tesni had this desire, nothing ever really took place, nothing happened. As a result Tesni has become somewhat oblivious. . . . Attraction and sexuality are not something with which Tesni is familiar; in truth she is a young woman who is highly inexperienced in these matters. Tesni has never known love beyond that of familial. People who have loved and cared for her have only ever done so by regarding her as if she were family, or that she was of relation to them. Because she lost her parents at a rather tender age, Tesni was never really given any sort of talk or explanation about matters such as ‘love’, or relationships in general—she had “the talk” with her mother, but no one ever really taught her about the concept of romantic love. . . . Inexperienced or not, most girls Tesni’s age have found themselves thinking things like “so and so are so . . . I really like them”. She, however, has never really experienced such sentiments or thoughts—she’s always regarded everyone the same in terms of emotion and such. Usually, when it comes to her interactions with people, she’s rather gender-neutral in that she’s treated everyone the same without regard, unless she is specifically acting otherwise. Tesni understands the notion of physical attraction and others thinking of her as so, though she herself has never really felt that, she still knows of and isn’t afraid to exploit it. She’s a lovely young thing and is capable of flaunting if the need be, or if she just feels like getting a rise out of a companion or two. However, this is little more than a ruse at best, as she’s merely acting the part and never has she truly felt it. There’s never been the connection or anything of the like, so it remains as is.

Nothing has ever awoken within her an urge to see another person as any different from the other, or for her to see them as unexplainably special. Despite this fact though, the truth is that Tesni is fully capable of falling in love with someone, and finding herself feeling shy or self-conscious about how she’s looking. She’s capable of getting that fluttery feeling in her stomach when or if she thinks about a specific person, she can find someone attractive or special, it’s just that in her life, there has never been anyone who has managed to pique her interest enough to incite such feelings within her. Love is a concept she was never talked to about, and it’s something she’s not experienced beyond the bounds of family, but it’s something she can feel if the chance arises. It would just take a very specific person to ignite such a thing within her heart. Someone veeeeeery particular. . . .

Oddities: She is a sleepwalker/talker. If you got her family talking, boy, would they have some stories to tell regarding this. . . . One of the most memorable events with Tesni’s sleepwalking issue happened some few years back, when it was she was found out cold, sleeping peacefully on the kitchen table. More than that one time, she’s been found in areas that are more than just out of place, still sleeping. Whether it be at home, or during her travels. Once, Tesni found herself up in a tree; last she remembered she was conking out next to a slowly-dying fire, the next . . . in a tree. Topping this off, Tesni also talks in her sleep, as one can expect she says some very strange things during these instances.

There’s this love she has for nicknames, no, not for herself, rather, Tesni has a like for giving others nicknames. Whenever she meets someone new, she likes to immediately begin thinking of a suitable and appropriate nickname for them that she thinks of as being cutesy and suiting.

Regarding that sense of humor too . . . even if Tesni is a relatively personable individual she’s got a really lame sense of human that involves a love of poking fun at others, herself, and bantering with a touch of sarcasm, and bad puns, sooo . . . yeah.

Don’t let her relatively petite stature fool you; Tesni boasts a very large, and somewhat shocking, appetite. You could stick a slab of food down in front of her, and Tesni could down it very quickly, and with very little issue. Speaking in reality, she could likely out-eat someone who was three times her weight—Tesni claims this is a trait she inherited from her father, who himself is also a ‘lover’ of food. Within her Family-Clan, Tesni’s appetite was a well-known fact, as the only two male Cherufe who were able to actually out do the girl in eating was her own older brother and her father.

For as airheaded as she can seem, Tesni actually is quite the clever young lady. Due to how she initially grew up, living in a clan of Cherufe who traveled the world over before attempting to settle into a permanent place, she picked up on a wealth of knowledge and random information that proves rather useful when one is journeying through less than habited areas. Knowing tricks and secrets about flora and fauna, she’s actually a pretty capable companion to have when wandering around.

Although she’s a bit of a seasoned traveler, there is no denying the simple fact that Tesni is still inheritably a klutz. Claiming it comes from her mother, who is also a bit of a clumsy one, Tesni’s suffered instance after instance of luck that just doesn’t seem possible at times. She’s slipped, tripped, fallen, and had so many things happen to her that it’s ridiculous that the girl is even alive it might seem. One might be able to tack up her luck in survival on the fact that Cherufe tend to have bodies that are a bit more . . . durable, so to speak, than some other races.

She’s also quite unlike the rest of her family in the way of her Cherufe blood and features; unlike the rest of her family and her Clan, Tesni herself has rather poor control over these things. Inherent and natural control over these things is basically written into a Cherufe’s nature, but, Tesni just doesn’t seem to possess that. Putting it simply, whenever Tesni seems to succumb to an emotional extreme of sorts, like being excited, sad or angry, you can expect a random little draconic feature to pop up. Horns, claws, slit-eyes . . . a tail, you know, just the usual dragon stuff. Tesni cannot control her changes. And, keeping something in mind too about Tesni that sets her apart from the rest of her Clan too, her primary draconic features haven’t even fully developed yet, despite her age. She still doesn’t even have her wings.

Habits: N/A


    •Animals and people
    •Good food/sweets

    •Having accidents
    •Bitter/overly spicy foods
    •Pitch darkness
    •Large bodies of water
    •People who are in general just bad
    •Getting trapped in a small space
    •Complete isolation
    •Seeing other people’s blood
    •Pure silence

Phobia(s)/General Fears:
Drowning – This is probably one of her biggest fears, while Tesni does not fear death because it is not within Cherufe culture to fear that which is a natural part of the living cycle, she does fear how it might happen. Particularly, she fears drowning. She cannot swim, she was never around a large enough body of water to worry about learning, so, it just never happened. And even when she was near water that merited her learning how to get about, she still just never learned, and because of that, Tesni’s been swept under before, and very nearly did drown. It was one of the worst experiences of her life, and it thoroughly convinced her against trying to swim ever again. . . . But because of that, she must be careful when sailing or when near deep bodies of water if alone.

Getting Trapped in a Small Space – Small places don’t scare her . . . but the prospect of getting stuck in one does. If you can move through a small space, it’s not a big deal, you’re in and out quick enough so that the size doesn’t matter. But, now, if you get trapped in one, that’s something else entirely. It’s maddening, being confined, so one of Tesni’s big fears is getting trapped in a small, enclosed area.

Total Darkness – As a Cherufe, someone who has the ability to create fire from their very being, the notion of total darkness is frightening. Light has always been what Tesni’s dwelled within, and as a creature of the light, the idea of being trapped in something she cannot see through is not a pleasant thought, so if it would ever happen that Tesni would be unable to light her way and was trapped within shadow, well, she might well go mad with terror, because you never know what may lurk within shadow.

Personality: Effort. That one, single word sums up all that Tesni embodies. If there were only one available word that could be used to describe her, it’s simply “effort”.

It is the very thing which has served to form and shape every facet of her persona, and it has helped to mold her in ways one wouldn’t necessarily expect. Simply speaking, Tesni does nothing lackadaisically. It doesn’t matter what, whether she’s raising her fists up to battle, working to help someone, or doing whatever it is she feels she needs to. Tesni just gives it her all. However still, Tesni knows well enough that her all might not necessarily be enough in some instances, but that’s not enough to stop her from laying her all out on the table. Every second of the day, Tesni is putting her all forth, and because of this, the amount of oomph Tesni holds inside of her otherwise seems to be unreservedly limitless. The world at large seems unable to ever get her down, even when a situation is beyond even miserable. Even in the murkiest of circumstance, Tesni will always look for the light, she’ll always look ahead of her for and walk, step-in-step, always working to find her way, a way which is illuminated by the light.

As stated above, however, Tesni is a girl that understands that giving her all is not always enough. She’s led a relatively short life in comparison to many, but she understands well enough that she is a single person, and as a single person, she has plenty of flaws and limitations. Even though she knows this, that effort alone is not always enough; it doesn’t at all shake her confidence. Despite that others might end up feeling as if they weren’t good enough, or that they might be holding others back because all they seem to be able to put forth is a limited amount of effort, Tesni still never falters in her resolve. Still and always, she puts forth everything without fear, knowing that if even her initial effort and attempts are unsuccessful; if she works at it she can manage anything.

Like all too, she understands that she herself is an individual who possesses selfish wants, and desires that are “petty” in comparison to the broad spectrum. She is a person and has wants and desires, she has feelings that get in the way of her attempts to put forth “effort” to better things. And Tesni cannot deny the fact that her personal selfishness has gotten in the way of things in her life, and while sometimes that’s made a mess of it, she still understands too that while her individual desires can come off as petty, they’re something that’s a part of her, and they aren’t something that can be done away with in a snap. It is a struggle at times, but it’s something that can be solved with patience and work, if only bit by bit. Tesni is not a girl who is attempting to live up to an unrealistic expectation of herself, she understands that she’s a person, and that there is a path she can walk that’ll allow her to both find personal happiness while still finding a way to better the world around her with what limited effort she can put forth . . . in the meantime though, Tesni knows that her wanton wants and whatnot might from time to time cloud her better judgment, but she can still keep a clear picture in her mind of what’s to come first, even if at times her selfishness comes through first. In the end, Tesni eventually always realizes that she may’ve been acting with only her own interests in mind. If and when that’s happened, she’ll do what she can to amend her mistake.

To say it honestly, Tesni’s greatest asset is not her intelligence, while she’s far from stupid in the traditional sense; Tesni’s heart is where her strength lies. Tesni is not afraid to lay down her life for her beliefs, or to protect another. She is not afraid to do whatever she feels she needs to do for something, she knows she can do most anything, even if her effort isn’t initially enough for it, she knows that if she works at it with all she’s got, that over time, she can accomplish what is seemingly even impossible. Even if something seems as if it were a fool’s errand, utterly impossible, Tesni’s not afraid to work at it and for it. Really, Tesni is the kind of person who is not afraid to charge in if someone is in danger. She’ll protect them without regard for her own safety; say if someone fell overboard during a storm whilst on a ship, Tesni will’ve gone ahead and literally dived into the fray without thought and save them while officials might still be discussing what to do.

Tesni’s heart allows her an incredible amount of empathy for the world and its people. Her heart is where her strength comes from, where her ability put forth so much effort originates. Tesni has this ability to understand people on a level few can, she can sympathize and understand others who might even be her enemies in strange ways, even if no one else can. This is something that allows Tesni to understand people, even going to far as to not think of another as a bad person, but knowing so, just as someone knows the moon will always hang above in the night sky.

Simply, Tesni is a person who is bright and positive toward people and the world, she’s someone who strives to help people, and is willing to put her all out before her and work for something. She’s willing to help others to a fault, so to speak, in that she utterly puts her regard for others before her own. Even if there are times where Tesni can be selfish, more oft than not, she acts before she has a chance to think, to even be selfish. If Tesni is not given a chance to think, she merely jumps into the fray fearless. She is, in a word, brave and quick to do what feels right. She’s not the type of person who waffles around; she’s not someone who’ll dwell upon thoughts and such. When she is confronted with something, anything, and she is given a choice, she doesn’t decide, rather she “acts”. Tesni came to a conclusion some time ago in her life regarding how she would always be, she realized that thinking wasn’t always her strong point, that making choices didn’t necessarily suit her, so instead of thinking, she would “act”, and act as her heart guided her. In a way, this is how Tesni is brave, she simply doesn’t think about things when they are happening right in front of her, it’s a simple as just, “I’ve got to do this,” that is it. Combine her willingness and ability to act rather than mull over decision with the effort Tesni is defined by, and you basically have her in a nutshell.

Given how Tesni is, it might be too apparent to say, but she’s a rather talkative lass who is quick in her attempts to befriend others, she’s a girl who enjoys the company of others and she’s very personable. Even if she’s a bit dull-witted at times, she’s a girl who believes in the bonds that come to be between people; friendship, love, family. . . . Bonds are things capable of bridging gaps between distances, time . . . Tesni treasures the bonds she establishes. Some people write Tesni off as a hyperactive, lack-witted imbecile who is naïve, and incapable of understanding anything, but really, Tesni is simply a good person, someone who possesses a strange and honest personality.

She is perhaps the oddest, most genuinely honest person anyone might find themselves meeting. Given the world that she was brought into, there’s no doubting the fact that Tesni is very different from most. She’s an awkward young lady who is always just trying her hardest at life, and living through every little bit of it with a general smile on her face, nothing ever getting her down. Even the path ahead of her is shrouded by darkness, Tesni still walks forward, ever seeking the light . . . and if worst comes to worst, she’s not afraid of illuminating the path on her own if she must. She is willing to become the light in the dark if she has to.

In truth, Tesni is a girl who is warm, eager and optimistic in all aspects of her life. She’s alive in a world that is full of opportunity and chances, and she in turn is a passionate soul who is willing to put forth all the effort she can in order to do whatever it is she’s decided. The eagerness that Tesni carries within her is powerful, therein lays an honest lust for life, and all it has to offer to her. So genuine is this that it can rub off on others, motivating them or even inspiring them, Tesni’s personality is a contagious one that helps people to begin burning as bright as she does. Life to Tesni is a special gift, and with that gift she’s been given, she uses herself and all she is to enjoy it and to help others. She strives to make the most of her life, and given the enthusiasm Tesni carries for life, she’s a person who is capable of talking herself in or out of most anything. The sincerity in her voice, the frank manner in which she addresses any and all people is something which possesses the power to sway even the most cemented individual.

As far as things go, and when it comes to how exactly Tesni interacts with people beyond the somewhat flighty aspects, she is simply someone who doesn’t hold back. How it is that she manages to express her human emotions and traits make her, her. . . . Most people tend to hold back, they keep a lot of their thoughts to themselves, especially opinions and such that would irk someone or rub them the wrong way. She doesn’t do this, however. Other’s opinions really do nothing to deter her own feelings, if called out on this, Tesni will simply say that it’s not wholly intentional, but rather, it happened because she’s a simple-minded sort of person. She doesn’t think about what comes out of her mouth, but, regardless, what she will’ve said are her honest feelings. If she feels the need to say something, she will say it. All things considered, her temperament and such, it’s rather odd. Given that she can come off as rather unintelligent and whatnot, how exactly she goes about getting angry or losing her temper is as odd as everything else about her. In many regards, she has the patience of a saint—she can put up with things most people would go nuts over, and yet on the other hand. . . . The things that do set her off, they are things she has absolutely no patience for—in a word, it could be said that Tesni is quick-tempered. Simply said, if any one of her few berserk buttons wind up pressed, she’ll go off in a snap. The few things which set her off are things one could expect from a soul like hers—injustice, people being mistreated, when someone is down on themselves, etc. . . . Her words and such are often the result of her mouth working before her mind. Just like how she acts before she thinks most of the time. In a word, she can come off as domineering.

Her words don’t make her a bad person, rather, they help define her as being open and honest—something that most people are not. When it comes to situations she may have no words for, or she has an inability to empathize, Tesni will often just offer herself as an ear to vent to, or as a shoulder to cry on if that’s all she can do for someone. Tesni though, is a young woman who is otherwise sensitive, but blunt and honest, she gives her straightforward opinion to others, even if those words sting. At her core, she is protective of others. Given what she thinks and believes, it is certainly no surprise, if someone is in danger, she will fight to protect them the best she can, even if she is putting herself in danger too. Tesni is someone who is eager to face a new day, and experience new things; she’s someone who believes in the utmost good in people, trusting their better nature. She believes that people can always be brought back from their darkness; it just takes a helping hand, and maybe a good telling off or two. Once she’s decided to help someone, she never gives up on doing so. The only possible reason Tesni would forego aiding someone or possibly ending her trust of them is if they attempted to harm someone important to her, or an innocent. Only then would Tesni raise herself up against someone she once trusted.

No matter how it is that she acts, in the end of it all, Tesni still is just a teenager. She’s kooky, weird, not always the most mature of people, and she sometimes speaks without thinking; in the end of it all, a lot about her is ordinary when she’s placed in an ordinary situation. If she’s just walking down the street, then, she’ll act like a normal young woman would. Yes, she jumps the gun a lot at times in some of the more extreme situations she gets placed in, but, she’s just normal at the end of the day! She thinks about things normal teenagers would be thinking about. Her mind sometimes does take things the wrong way, she can find second-meanings in things people say, giggle madly at these while trying to cover it up—she can be selfish, immature and weird too. But, what can you expect from her? Under everything, she’s just that . . . a normal girl who has some extraordinary traits within her that show when the time calls for them, and maybe sometimes when they aren't called for.

All of what Tesni is can boil down to that one word, “effort”, even if she has her moments of immaturity or selfishness like every person in the world, every bit of Tesni can be traced back to the fact that she is always putting her all into everything. She’s constantly striving to make an effort, never letting the world get her down, and always acting as her heart guides her to. She’s a girl who is imperfect and always growing and changing, but at her core, Tesni is simply an honest, genuine young woman who works hard.


It might not necessarily be a skill, but with what this iron-will has gotten Tesni through before, and out the winning side is . . . something to consider. It keeps her from giving up, no matter how grim something may seem, it keeps her morale high, her optimistic and sure that things can be made better, always. Even if she is fighting a losing battle, she can still pull through it, no matter how much she’s being beaten down on because of her will to go on, a refusal to give up. The use of this ranges from some epic-scale battle to something as simple as trying to get through to someone who might otherwise seem like they’re hopeless causes, lost to the world. From battles, to people, Tesni doesn’t give up, her adamancy doesn’t allow her to give up on people who she believes are not beyond hope, even when others might. That brash honesty and volition to get through things tends to have an inspiring affect upon those around her at times too. Seeing someone go at something so strongly, and keep powering through with that same drive . . . it’s something, and it’s sometimes enough to draw positives from others as well, to follow that lead and press onward too, no matter how hard matters may be.

It might not always seem it, but Tesni is smart. Simply put, she is smart. She’s led a varied lifestyle given the fact that she’s traveled and been in contact with numbers of different people in her life, from these encounters she’s managed to pick up on many different pieces of information that came together to form a certain level of high intellect, a certain level of intellect. She knows inconsequential things, so she is smart in a sense, but that doesn’t always shine through as she’s not much of a thinker

Something inherent of many Cherufe, a natural high level of awareness regarding their surroundings, the people nearby . . . . All Cherufe possess this. However, when it is that Tesni is unfocused or relaxed, the awareness she possesses of her surrounds are on par with most anyone else’s, average and normal. However, when it is she does bother to focus, she becomes capable of detecting minute details regarding things, people and the surrounding environment.

Given the fact that Tesni is rather obviously of petite stature, she is quite an agile young lady. Although she may not be the most physically proficient of people, she is quick regardless. Her lack of size is accommodated by the fact that she is speedy, if anything else. Physical, brawn-focused manners of combat may not be her strongest suit, but if there is anything Tesni has learned, it’s that if she were to be pitted against a larger, lumbering opponent whose main talent lies in brute force—she can make up for what she lacks in punch with her speed. She’s a deft dodger and can out maneuver many in combat by simply moving with the flow of it.

Something that can be called both a strength and a weakness—Tesni is stubborn to no ends, to a point of even seeming idiotic. But her stubborn ways are something which have managed to earn her more wins than losses in the past. While most people would give up in the face of something seemingly impossible, often, Tesni will not; if she sees a way to win, you can bet your ass she’s going to go for it anyway. Tesni is the sort of girl who would refuse to give up in most situations or let herself fall to injury that would probably knock others unconscious due to severity and pain simply because she’s too bullheaded to give up. Tesni is the sort who refuses to let go, when it comes to many things, rather it be during combat or on people. When it is that Tesni believes in something, she won’t give up—if someone even wrongs her, but she has faith in them, she won’t relinquish this faith of hers for most anything.

With her all, she will go at something—anything—without holding back even a bit. Even if some situations requite more tact than she is willing to grant them, when Tesni is someone you are dealing with, there is one thing that cannot be denied, and it’s that you are getting her everything right then and there. Whether the circumstances are those of combat, social situations, or anything else, Tesni is just a girl that lacks the restraint that most people hold themselves back with, she simply lives without those.

Perhaps this is something which is also a strength and a weakness, Tesni is a girl who is honest to what may be a fault. Tesni does think, usually, before she speaks, but if there is something that she feels needs to be said, even if it’s hurtful, she will say it, to hell with the consequences. Like it says in her personality description, she will call people out on what she feels is bullshit in their logic or anything of the like. She will do it without fear, even if the person is liable to get angry at her, so be it then, she’s said what she’s needed to.

Tesni is not entirely a girl of logic, she’s not ever been formally schooled or attended a real educational facility—this is something that does somewhat show within her, but this something Tesni tends to make up for by following her instincts. Suffice it to say, she is an ‘instinctive’ sort of girl, she follows her gut and her heart rather than her head, she’s not exactly logical, but, Tesni tends to just go with the flow of things, it’s something she’s always done in life. In combat, in social situations and whenever, wherever, Tesni’s instincts have never steered her wrong—she’s spur-of-the-moment, but she’s always managed to come out on top of any circumstances she’s found herself within.

For what she lacks in conventional intelligence, Tesni makes up for it with what one may call “emotional intelligence”. She’s a girl who has been through many things, and because of things she has been through, she’s come to understand the emotions beheld by people and the heart far more coherently than most would think one such as herself able. She knows how to handle people to an extent, when it comes to how they are feeling.

As it was stated in her personality section, Tesni is horridly adamant, hardheaded and all around stubborn as hell. She’s not cocky or arrogant per say, but simply, someone who doesn’t quite know when to relent. Her determination is both a strength and a weakness, because while it’s something that does at times inspire others, and shock them, it also causes Tesni to bulrush a number of situations with force without giving any regard to anything else, when she makes a choice like this, she doesn’t give it up . . . even when her own life teeters in the balance, her own wellbeing, she forsakes any regard for it then and there and seemingly stops caring for herself. This is a weakness, because when Tesni decides to enter a fight, she just won’t give the assault up, which just gets her injured time and time again. While not impulsive about her choice to enter the fray, Tesni doesn’t stop when she’s decided to fight. . . . Roll it up into one package; it all comes back to her single-mindedness and winds up adding up to being her greatest weakness, which can be equated to having very little self-regard for her wellbeing.

While it’s true that as a Cherufe, Tesni possesses inhuman levels of physical durability and endurance, luckily for her, there is still no denying the fact that she is a small woman. She barely weighs in at 91 pounds, which means, that while her body can handle the force most normal people can muster up in brawls, it doesn’t mean she can stay standing when she receives said force. Throw enough of a hit her way, and Tesni can easily go flying . . . just, luckily for her she can usually get back to her feet relatively quick with only the wind knocked out of her from the blow.

Going in guns blazing can work out well enough, and so far it has for Tesni, but there is no denying that a willingness to fight so brashly can also be bad. There are times where going in so willy-nilly works, but it can also fail spectacularly. Tesni is often too eager to jump in without restraining herself or holding back initially, so that could end badly for her in the future.


Cherufe Biology
Everything that makes Tesni worth anything boils down entirely to her race. Every ability she possesses can be chalked up to her Cherufe roots, and something scary to consider is the fact that among the Cherufe, Tesni is actually one of the weaker ones because of her position as a Markless. The abilities she possesses as one of her people can be considered a ‘watered-down’ version of the real things. Every superhuman trait had by her happens to just be the basics of what any Cherufe person is expected to have, for Tesni, they include the following; standard Cherufe physiology, pyrokinesis and technical form-shifting.

Cherufe Physiology
Exactly what comes with this is sort of scary to think about, because Tesni is on the weaker side of her people’s power spectrum, but with her race comes the standard powers of superhuman strength, high endurance, bodily durability, and enhanced physical healing. These do not make a Cherufe invisible, but they do make one formidable and frightening, at least one that is not as ‘weak’ as Tesni. Tesni’s natural skills as a Cherufe are actually limited compared to her family, but, when you see her acting alone, and if she’s ever the first Cherufe you’ve seen in action, you might think otherwise, compared to a human she is strong, capable of lifting much more than her own weight, busting through stone and delivering powerful physical blows while at the same time being able to take them . . . only in terms of physical force, if you stab a Cherufe, their skin will be pierced the same as any human’s. At the same time, they will heal quicker than one, roughly twice so. Cherufe also possess very decent endurance, as they can be hard to wear down in combat.

Not much more needs to be said about this . . . Cherufe have draconic features to them, so controlling fire is a natural part of the deal. In Tesni’s case though, she’s learned to diversify what she can do with her fire rather than just doing a boring song and dance with it where she creates it in streams. Because of her being thought of as weaker than the rest of her people, she’s attempted to make up for that by being creative with her fire, and developing her own techniques with it. (These will be all individually listed later one!!)

As a Cherufe, Tesni normally and naturally looks like an otherwise average looking human girl . . . until it is that she reaches an emotional extreme or purposefully invokes this. Cherufe have draconic features that can form upon their bodies during emotional moments or when one calls upon a certain feature. Tesni is no exception, but, she is lacking one final, vital aspect of her form-shifting; wings. Otherwise, she can take on fangs, talons, a tail, slit-eyes, and horns.

Weapon of Choice/Discipline: Considering that the brunt of her abilities in combat come from her natural Cherufe abilities, it’d be easiest to say that Tesni’s primary weapon is, well, herself. Her body is a weapon. Although she is considered weak among her Clansmen, there is still no denying the fact that Tesni is still capable of feats that normal humans are not, her strength is remarked among a human population, she’s durable and heals quicker than most others would. . . . She is a weapon in herself, and Tesni fights, knowing as much.

However . . . even if Tesni considers her own body to be a weapon, she’s not dumb enough to think that it’s a good idea to go around without some sort of secondary protection if the need be. She doesn’t like the idea of large, inconvenient weapons like broadswords or axes, so, what does she carry around as a form of secondary protection for herself? A rather small, unremarkable dagger that she keeps hidden away on her person, small enough to be discreet but sharp with a long enough blade to prove fatal if she decided to pull it. Tesni keeps this dagger hidden on her hip . . . she keeps it from sight under her shorts, with the hilt of the small weapon coming up from the waistband of her clothing, under her shirt.

Fighting Style: Given her nature, the fact that she doesn’t know how to give up, or when to at that, Tesni is a scrappy, agile, recklessly crazy little fighter. When it comes down to combat being the only answer to a situation, Tesni just . . . leaps in, headfirst without any other thoughts given to the matter. If the enemy is a ten foot monstrous humanoid, does it stop her? No. If she’s up against a horridly powerful Magician, does she stop to think about what damage her body can come under? Nope. Honestly, she just dives into it. Her body moves as she sees fit, she just . . . moves. That’s it. There’s little thinking put into her actions, she just goes with the flow of it, with her instincts, trusting them to guide her safely enough through combat and the battle. Even if she winds up hurt, it’s fine, she’ll heal so long as a blow isn’t fatal. Getting hurt doesn’t matter, she’ll keep going and going, literally until she cannot stand or move anymore. She’s relentless, reckless and all over seemingly without any self-regard toward her wellbeing so long as she’s sure she can heal from it. And even if she might not be able to, that’s not always enough to stop her; she’ll still dive into the fray with death looming overhead of her.


Relationship Status: Single

Romantic Interest: N/A

Family/Significant Individuals:

FatherSavitr-Auer Alyss la Fabre
Living – Age 45
MotherCsilla-Auer Odette la Fabre
Living – Age 42
Older BrotherLucian-Auer Hesiod la Fabre
Living – Age 20
Older SisterAlthea-Auer Valens la Fabre
Living – Age 20
Younger SisterMyst-Auer Nyx la Fabre
Living – Age 13

As it goes, it’s easier to describe the relationship Tesni had with her family as a whole rather than individually, because once it became evident what she was, a Markless, the relationships Tesni had with everyone around her sort of became the same, even with her family. Everyone around her became distant, hesitant and unsure of her and how to interact with her, everyone in her Family-Clan, and everyone in her own family. It’s not that anyone really meant to do this, but still, it happened, and Tesni is very aware of it. Regardless of the fact that everyone treats her as weak, fragile or weirdly, Tesni still loves her family as much as a girl like her can; they’re her family and they’ve never wronged her in any way to call for her hating them. Her family treats her as if she’s a fragile thing because her Cherufe-abilities are watered down compared to others of her race, they sort of coddled her while the rest of the Clan sort of shrugged her off because of the fact that a Markless is someone who never becomes a full adult. Shortly, Tesni hates how she’s treated as inferior among her people, and the fact that the Cherufe are becoming divided again due to the Markless, but regardless, she loves her people very much, and seeks to change not only their views on her, but the world’s as well.

Personal History: Minimum of four paragraphs.

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So begins...

Tesni's Story