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The Blood Wood

The Blood Wood


1x1 wirh SaxyLady15

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There's always been magic in these lands, it, for the longest time was almost a birth right for the people that use to dwell there. They lived among the others, the people who were by their terms normal, mundane. There was nothing less human about them, they were just gifted in ways nobody could explain, making is easy for them to coexist.

The newest King however, is a tyrant, he wants to be the most powerful man alive, and has destroyed any civilization that posed a threat. The people with Magic, were his biggest rival, to his mind, his biggest threat. With a wave of his hand, it was as if magic had never existed in the land, and a whole people, were destroyed in a heart beat.

When news came to him that there was still a source of magic, in the woods the people now call the Blood Wood, the King went and found it for himself, learned how to harness the power and shifted into something evil, and twisted, he created the most powerful weapon, and he could bend it to his will.

As people started to disappear, panic started to arise, they demanded their King do something, but what was a Tyrant King going to do? Well, knowing the reason for the disappearances, The King sent his Eldest son to the town that neighbored the Blood wood, his son was to find the source of this power that the King had heard of and report back, though the King already had the power, his son was just there to keep the people at ease, and to keep him from discovering the Kings true plan.

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Peter had heard all too well of what Kayley had done, accidentally, of course. He went and stood in front of his wife, kneeling before her weakened state as she sat on the throne. "Brooklyn... Brooklyn.. we'll figure this out. Shush, shush." He rubbed her arm, and kissed her head before turning to the Lords.

"How dare you even suggest killing my own offspring! Are you all murderers now?" The lords shook their heads. "Shouldn't we ask you that, sire? Your daughter is the one killing off innocents." Peter grimaced. "It was an accident, she simply tripped and released a dart of magic she has no control over YET."

The lord scoffed. "Exactly our point, your highness. She has no CONTROL." Peter growled. "Give me one reason I shouldn't act on impulse and rip your heads off." He suddenly morphed into an artic wolf, growling and barking as he leaped into the middle of the table. "Give me one reason not to have all of your blood staining my fur!" He hissed, and the Lords scurried off.

Peter stayed as a wolf, and whimpered as he got down, and went to his grief stricken wife, and tapped her hand with his wet nose, and brushed against her. He was then human once more, and kneeling before her. "Love, we have to do what's best for our daughter. Perhaps.." He thought a moment.

"Perhaps, once she wakens I can help her use my half of her magic. She could disguise herself and live with my family, far away from here. Then, when the time is right, we can bring her back, once it's safe." He had sad eyes watching her.


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"Once its safe?" Brooklyn looked over at Peter. "Peter, she looks exactly like me, everyone knows what she looks like, she's their Princess...She won't be safe now, or then, or ten years from now. Everyone wants her dead, including your court." Brooklyn stood up. "Besides, she may not wake up. The Doctors have little hope for her." Brooklyn moved past Peter, turning sharply when one of the Lords grabbed her arm. "I suggest you let go of me." she eyes the man, he had never liked her, and this gave him just another reason as to why her shouldn't. "There is a decision to be made, Brooklyn, stop acting like a child."

Brooklyn roughly pulled her arm from his grip. "Last time I checked, I am your Queen and you are my subject, you will treat me as such." her eyes narrowed slightly. "The decision is simple, I am going to go sit with my child, my only child who may be dying, and if any of you so much as touch a hair on her head...I will personally make sure you have a reserved place in the morgue." Brooklyn left the room, leaving Peter to deal with his court and councilmen.

Brooklyn sat on the edge of the bed looking at Kayley, she looked so peaceful asleep, but it made her heart drop, thinking she may never wake up. "How are you feeling Your Majesty?" The Doctor asked, the man had been Brooklyn's Doctor in her time a sickness after Kayley was born, she had grown rather fond of him. "I am concerned for your health, it is only a matter of time..."

"Before I am as ill as my daughter?"
Brooklyn finished his sentence brushing some of her hair from her face, Philip inclined his head slightly. "That is the hard truth." He started. "You grew so ill with the Princess...If the magic mixing has a different reaction than it did before, you could grow worse than you were before, and even now you still have days of bedridden illness." Brooklyn had an amused smile on her face, she was so emotionally exhausted bad news was just another thing to her, another voice telling her how her life could fall apart.

"People are calling for Kayley's execution. She's three, she probably doesn't even understand what is happening, she is in a comatose state, and they are calling for her death. Do you really think Doctor, that they are going to hesitate when it comes to my unborn child? No one, not even Peter is to know I am pregnant again."
Like that the conversation ceased, they sat in silence for what seemed like a lifetime.

"Can I hold her?" Brooklyn asked softly. "She's probably scared, and feeling helpless, she should be held." Philip moved over to Brooklyn. "Of course, her airway wasn't damaged...Holding her shouldn't be a problem." Brooklyn stood up slightly, scooping Kayley up as if she were a baby again, carefully covering her with a Blanket before sitting back down gently rocking back and forth. "When this is all over, and you are awake and feeling better. I will take you to see Grandma and Grandpa, you can play with the animals on the farm, and get away from here. Would you like that?" Brooklyn sighed slightly, closing her eyes. "I would like that too."

Brooklyn opened her eyes a little bit hearing the door open, she watched as Peter quietly shut the door. "I'm sorry I left...I just couldn't take it any longer, it was like I could feel the hatred coming off of them." She stood up holding Kayley close, laying her back in her bed, making sure she looked comfortable and that the burns wouldn't cause her any pain. "She's only three...she probably doesn't even understand what happened." Brooklyn sighed moving over to Peter, she gently placed her hand on his cheek running her thumb up and down, he looked more tired than she had ever seen him before. Brooklyn leaned up carefully brushing her lips against his before wrapping her arms around his waist resting her head on his chest.

"It feels like this will never end."


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Peter sighed, resting his head on hers. "I know, you're not the only one in this though, love. I'm right here with you. I'd whisk all of us away and live in the depths of the woods, but they'd kill us all if we left the castle. We'd have to flee the country, and even then, there's no sure safety. " He exhaled, and kissed her head.

"As long as it's just the three of us, we can manage." He sighed, and rubbed her back softly. "We need safety. Kayley needs protection. Perhaps there's some sort of protection spells? Forgive me, I'm only intelligent in my own field of magic." He rushed off and found some books where there were potions, or directions for potions to protect the sleeping. "I'll go find these things and come back and put a spell on the whole castle. It'll buy us some time." He promised and kissed her forehead.

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