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Holly Lolita


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a character in “The BM Apartments”, as played by sadginger



Age: 25

Gender: Transgirl

Sexuality: Pansexual

Room Number: 305

Mental Stability: Very stable

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 115 lbs

Hair Color: Naturally brown, but dyed light blue.

Eye Color: Black

Facial Details: Wears winged eyeliner, a lot of bright colored eyeshadow, and blush. She is covered in freckles and has very undefined cheekbones. She trims her eyebrows to near perfection. Holly gets a lot of acne, but does her best to get it off. She covers it up with a great deal of foundation and concealer.

Piercings: Nose

Ethnicity: Icelandic, Russian, Austrian

Occupation: Psychotherapist for children

Personality: Holly is shy, quiet, and sweet. She has a great intuition and always knows just how someone is feeling. It is, according to her, her personal responsibility to help others be the best they can be. Optimism is one of her strong points. Holly can always come up with just the right thing to say to make herself and others hopeful for the future. She can come up with and successfully implement a plan for improving just about everything.

Her desire for strong, close personal connections to other people is never quenched. Despite having about four close friends, she is always looking for even more. She listens intently to everyone, even to conversation topics others would consider boring. Holly is usually quiet, but is surprisingly passionate and will voice her opinions.

Likes: Meaningful Conversations, Animals, Plushes, Pastel Colors, Art, Books, Cake, Video Games

Dislikes: Rudeness, Abusers, Smelly Things, Judgemental People, Sports, Thunderstorms

Skills: A Good Listener, Accepting, Creative, Has a Beautiful Singing Voice, Fashion Design, Makeup

Flaws: Super shy and scared of strangers, Feels Guilty Very Easily, Sleeps Too Much, Unorganized, Loses Things Constantly

Biography: Holly was born as Henry Lolita. Throughout her entire childhood, "Henry" never felt connected to being a boy. She wanted to wear pretty dresses, and have teaparties with dolls instead of doing regular little boy things such as playing football or playing in mud. Her mother was alright with letting her son wear Disney princess costumes and carry around American Girl dolls. Her father, on the other hand, was disgusted by how his son wanted to do traditionally feminine things. It took until puberty hit for "Henry" to feel out of place in her body. This was when she realized that not only did she like feminine things, but she wanted to be a girl. She despised her flat chest, her hips that didn't curve like she wanted, and the penis between her legs. She wanted to be called Holly, not Henry. She realized that she wanted to be a girl. It took a lot of courage, but she came out to her parents and friends. Her mother and friends were accepting, but her father wasn't. This made Holly very sad, but she has never given up on gaining his approval.

She did very well in school, and received a full ride to a prestigious university. Holly could have become a lawyer or a doctor and made a great deal of money, but she decided to become a therapist. She wanted to help people. For the short time she has been working, she has loved it. Holly loves children, and would love to have a few of her own in the future.

So begins...

Holly Lolita's Story


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Holly was curled up on her couch, wearing nothing but lacy underwear and a pink bathrobe, when a loud alarm sounded. She was very startled, and her DS crashed to the wooden floor below. The sound of an 8-bit fanfare, and the screams of enemy monsters were an accompaniment to Holly's thoughts as she tried to figure out what was going on. This was a fire alarm, right? She couldn't smell any smoke, and nowhere in her apartment was aflame. But there still could be imminent danger. She had to work fast. So, Holly lifted her DS and shoved it into her robe's deep pockets before running to her bedroom. Throughout her life, Holly had been told time and time again that, in the case of a fire, she should run and leave everything behind.

But she couldn't. Holly had to pack all of her stuffed animals up in a backpack first. They were so important to her, and she couldn't let them burn. She worked fast, shoving all of them inside. The zipper would barely close, but after a bit of a struggle, she was able to close it. Now, to find Felini. Felini was her cat, a playful Siamese kitten she loved a lot. She couldn't leave the poor thing to die in pain, although she didn't believe the fire would reach her apartment. He was sleeping underneath a couch, and she had to drag him out by force. His claws caught onto the carpet, and he meowed.

"Shhh, kitty kitty. You're gonna be alright", she whispered as she held him to her chest. Now, she had everything she needed. She ran towards the door, and was able to loosen one hand from restraining Felini to use to unlock her front door. Holly pushed it open with her hips, before running out into the hallway, down the stairs, and out the door. She looked around to see if she had any neighbors nearby. There were a few, but she didn't know any of them. And she was too shy to go and talk to any of them. So she just stood there, soothing Felini and watching the clouds cover the moon above.