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Jacob Rosh

The Quiet

0 · 290 views · located in Manhattan, New York

a character in “The Bond Between Us”, as played by katisacat


No one knows his secret, no one would want to.


So begins...

Jacob Rosh's Story

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When she heard those all too familiar cries from the room next to hers, Emily smiled. "Makaylaa.." She said in a soft, nurturing tone. Makayla had quieted down slightly as she'd heard her mother's voice. Emily picked the one year old up, running her fingers through the little hair she had. "Good Morning, LeLa." She continued, and set the child on her hip, and swayed her only a few times before going to the small changing table in her nursery. Emily did their usual morning routine, and changed her diaper, dressed her in her clothes for play, and picked her back up to go to the small kitchen in their tiny apartment.

Pluto, and Vixen wagged their tails happily as they saw the two, and jumped at Emily's feet. "Okay, guys, okay." Emily scooped a cup of dog food out of the bag they kept behind a closed door, in the pantry, and put half of the cup in each of the dog's bowls. Makayla giggled happily as the sight of the puppies being fed. Emily chuckled to herself, and set the baby in a pink highchair she'd gotten when she was just about to have Makayla.

"Say 'ahh' for Mommy, Lela!" She talked to the girl, and the baby tilted her head, her hands moving randomly. She smiled and opened her mouth as her mother had instructed and seemed surprised when she got a mouthful of food. Some of the applesauce oozed out of her mouth and onto the bib she was wearing, and Emily chuckled.

Soon, the hour long task of feeding was completed, and Emily held Makayla on her shoulder, rhythmically patting her back softly, until she was rewarded with a burp. Makayla laughed, and grabbed Emily's ponytail, she and hurriedly put in as she woke up that morning. "Hey, don't pull Mommy!" The baby only giggled, and smiled big, waving her arms about.

"Emily? You're going to be late!" Makayla's babysitter, and Emily's best friend from work shouted as she came in. Elizabeth worked at 'Joe's BBQ' with Emily, and always had the opposite days of the mother. Emily's eyes widened, and she carefully handed the laughing baby over. "I'm so sorry, Em! I must have woken up late!" Emily rushed into her room, pulling on the cowgirl boots, after squeezing into a skirt, and button-down, plaid shirt. After putting her cowgirl hat on, and name tag, she pecked Makayla's thinly haired head, and waved to Elizabeth. "Thanks again!" The woman, near her age, waved back. "Anytime!"

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Emily smirked, and blushed. She chuckled, and gave the man a bright smile. Something seemed different about him, but she quickly pushed the thought out of her head. She was NOT going to call him. Last time she did that, she ended up heartbroken.

She wouldn't be able to handle herself like that again. Especially with LeLa at home.

Emily snapped out of her daydream, and sighed. "Yes, guys exactly like him, I'm afraid." She paused for a brief second before adding, "I hope you enjoy the rest of your meal, and I'll be running around if you need anything else." She smiled one last time, and turned on her heel, walking to the back.