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Julian Hobbs

"I love you a lot! What's your name again though?"

0 · 158 views · located in New York

a character in “The Bond”, as played by smallandalien


Name: Julian Noel Hobbs
Nickname: Jules
Age: 16
God: Hermes
Powers: Since the beginning he's had a good relationship with Hermes, so when he was young he was given a pair of Hermes' flying shoes. These aren't Hermes' own flying shoes, just an extra pair that don't work quite as well. They allow him to fly in small bursts (a mile is stretching it) and easily go up 300 feet. With or without the shoes Jules can run fast, making him the captain in his school's track team. Jules can slip by nearly anyone undetected, not by invisibility, but because he's just good at sneaking around. He's both fast on his feet and with his mouth, able to convince most people of nearly anything, as long as they're not those of the bond like himself.
Weaknesses: Jules unfortunately cannot take anything seriously. To people who tend to take everything incredibly seriously, he's annoying and bothersome. He also lacks serious skills in left-brain types of thinking, such as math and science. He's not incredibly logical, but still quick minded. Though it isn't caused by his deal with Hermes, Jules also is nearly blind, and has to wear thick glasses all the time
Sexuality: Pansexual
Appearance: He's a small guy, thin and bony. He scales in around 5'7 and 119 lbs., almost technically underweight. He dyes his hair every once in a while, right now it's his natural light brown with blonde dyed into the front, usually peeking out of the bill of a hat. He wears glasses with circular frames. The lenses are thick and make his light brown eyes appear slightly larger than they really are. This gives him an innocent look, which he still has, even without the glasses, at the young age of 16. He appears slightly elfish, with a somewhat turned up nose and curled, crooked smile. His smile is cheerful and tricky, and draws people to him.
He's always dressed in a way that lets him blend in but stand out at the same time, with a love for black. It's usually a T-Shirt with some kind of something on it (ranging from bands to a forgotten anything), either black or white, and earth-toned tight pants folded up to the middle of his calf. He wears the shoes he got from Hermes all the time, and literally doesn't own any other pair of shoes, to the chagrin of his date to any formal event that he's been to, being that they look like a pair of white beat up converse. He's a fan of rings and watches, also most bracelets, but he's especially fond of the fabric ones that he finds at swap meets. His favorite ring is a puzzle ring, which, when put together in a certain way, can appear as one ring, but when taken appart is 6 individual rings.
Likes: Jules is fond of people, the internet, music, cigarettes and staying up late
Dislikes: Jules is not fond of people who take everything seriously, math, getting caught when he's trying to "borrow" something, people who sleep all the time, thinking too much about his past
Fears: Paralyzation/closed spaces, heights, needles
Personality: The thing about Jules is that he's charming. He's kind of an idiot, forgetful, doesn't think much before he acts. But he's charming. He knows how to use his words, how to make people like him. He never does this in a malicious way either, he just likes people, and wants them to like him. He's always had this interest and love for people in general, and it's lead him to be a pretty good guy, but also incredibly infuriating sometimes. He's as non-judgmental as any person could be, but this leads to the problem that he's also an awful judge of character. He's friends with the worst and best kind of people, ranging from the nerdy kids that he loves to stand up for, and the kids who are giving them problems. He gets on everyone's side by this general aura of happiness, which is completely genuine. He's also incredibly forgetful though, not to the point where he's asking the same question every ten minutes, but he never knows anyone's birthday but his own. Also, much as he likes people, he can never remember substancial things about them. He never knows where he met a person, but he can remember stupid small things that they casually mentioned.
Jules' inability to take things seriously causes him to be very up and down with his relationships with other people. Even when someone's telling him something serious, he's making jokes, which causes almost everyone to get mad. He's very genuine in everything he says though, so if he knows someone's mad he'll try and apologize, but when asked if he would stop making jokes he would hesitate. He doesn't intentionally act the way he does, he knows it bothers some people, but it's just his natural tendency to try and make people happy.
Jules also isn't just an ADHD maniac, he isn't constantly off the walls. He can be quiet, and isn't just a blathering idiot, though he is a bit of an idiot. He just has his way with people, ranging from sweet and funny to sarcastic and rude, whatever it takes to be friends with people.
History: Jules doesn't believe he had a difficult life, though his mother would say he had a "traumatic experience" at a young age. Growing up his parents were really relaxed about things, they had him young, so they were never very good at discipline. At the age of 6 he was kidnapped by a man posing as a UPS delivery person. His mother said he'd seen the delivery man watching Jules a few times before, and very vividly remembers when Jules, against her instructions, opened the door, was grabbed by the man, and was gone in the second she'd run for the door. Jules was returned safely exactly 24 hours later, telling his mother that it was only a funny joke, and that he was hanging out with the Greek god Hermes. He's gone to therapy weekly since then. He met the man again on many occasions, and Hermes became a sort of father figure for him, especially when his father died four days before Jules turned 9. It was some kind of cancer. Jules doesn't remember. He mourned and moved on.
Through high school (which he's still in) he's gained popularity as the guy that everyone knows and hangs out with, but didn't have a group he always hung out with. He knew everyone and everyone knew him and has dated many people. He hesitantly labels himself as pansexual, but likes just "queer" better. At the beginning of his Freshman year he was bullied, but because of his ability to gain friends, everyone soon backed him up. He doesn't believe his sexuality is an important part to who he is, other than to those he has slept with or has been in a relationship with. Jules was friends with just about everyone, though not close friends, even with his teachers. Due to his slightly promiscuous behavior, there were sometimes rumors going around that he'd done something unbecoming and illegal with a teacher, but he's never commented on any of the rumors. He excelled in certain classes and utterly failed in others, with really nothing in between. In English and History he was loved by his teachers but never really given a teacher's pet label because he did always just throw classes off the tracks, talking about whatever he'd already known about the subject. In any science class or math class he slept, being that he hardly slept at night, being on the internet too much. From the start of Freshman year he'd become a track star, able to run incredibly fast, the school newspaper even saying "It looked like his feet hardly even touched the ground". By the middle of the 9th grade he'd been recruited into varsity track and field, and at the start of his Sophomore year was made captain.
He's constantly out of the house, either with friends or at one of the many odd jobs he works (currently he's an apprentice to a dressmaker, but he's been a cymbal tester at the nearby Zildjian factory, a librarian, and a delivery boy).
Family: Jules' Father, Lowen Hobbs, died when Jules was nearly 9. Jules doesn't remember his father much, but does remember holding onto his father's back while he tried to learn how to swim. Alexandria Hobbs (maiden name: Newton) was a formerly a generally relaxed individual, until "Her Julian's" ordeal with the god of trickery, when she became much more distraught, and her anxieties only being aggravated when her husband died 3 years later. She's very thankful for the help that Jules gives her, working constantly. She does have a job, but it doesn't quite cover the expensive of their small city apartment. Jules also has a younger brother, Nathaniel Hobbs, who is currently 12. He's a bit of a mama's boy, being that Jules is constantly out of the house. Nathaniel is Jules' one person that you absolutely cannot mess with. Once, when Nathaniel (who always goes fully by "Nathaniel") was 8, and Jules was 12, someone had stolen Nathaniel's bike. Jules, once he figured out who he was, reclaimed the bike, and while the kid was sleeping, took him out to take a flight. The kid woke up 500 feet being held upside down by his feet by Jules, and immediately peed in his pants. Unfortunately because Jules is never in the house, he doesn't have the strong relationship he once had with Nathaniel, but still cares very much for him.
Other: Jules loves scary gory movies

So begins...

Julian Hobbs's Story