Yorick Rettersun

"Yes, I don't look like a Yorick, and no, I'm not adopted."

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a character in “The Bond”, as played by HandsomeBenders


Yorick Séamus Rettersun

"Rett" or "Shaun"
He prefers the former.




Materialistic Shaping
Through the exchange with his patron god, Hephaestus, Rett can change the form of any solid thing to whatever he pleases, like, for example, he can mold a solid pane of metal into a sphere with his bare hands. With that, Rett is fairly talented with sculpting and takes advantage of his powers at any given time to impress or inspire awe from someone. Some materials are easier to work with than others, as they all require Rett to actually touch the material, hence substances like broken glass can actually damage his skin.
Design and Instant blueprint recognition
With Hephaestus being the god that designed and built all of the other Gods' armour and weapons, Rett can design, dismantle and rebuild any weapon known to man, and use the majority of them at the most basic of uses. Even if he doesn't know what something is, he immediately knows how to fix, dismantle, reassemble, or destroy it.
Hot hands
Rett just has warmer than normal hands, nothing too extreme, but it seems to be a hot topic between himself and friends.
Although there is something that benefits from this, as Rett isn't affected by super hot surfaces like normal people.

Like his patron God, Rett walks with an unexplainable limp, he's gone to multiple doctors because of it, but with all the x-rays and
prescriptions, there's been nothing they could do. If he puts even the smallest amount of pressure on the foot, he experiences extreme
pain. This also leads to Rett having to walk with a cane or crutch at any given time.

Extreme fear of swimming
When Hephaestus gave Rett his powers, he also shared a memory that proved to be traumatic to the five-year-old's
mind. The memory was when Hephaestus was cast down into the ocean from Olympus when he was cast down by Hera. The only things that stuck with Rett were the feelings of confusion and anger as well as the sudden feeling of vertigo underwater.


(FC: Jason Yang)
Rett takes around an hour in the bathroom in the morning, and fifty minutes of it is spent on his hair and contacts. He often has red streaks in his hair, which is styled in either a fauxhawk or whatever hairstyle he fancies in the morning. He also often wears either contacts or glasses, depending on whether he has enough time to fumble around with contacts, something that he has neither luck nor talent in getting on his eye.
Rett stands at a fairly average height at 6"2' and is on the leaner side at 156 lbs.

His style of dress isn't all too unusual, as Rett just sticks to a pair of jeans, loose-fitting t-shirt, and a pair of Nikes. Otherwise, for events such as art galas and concerts, his or not, he tends to wear vests over white shirt blouses and black jeans. He doesn't exatly follow fashion, nor does he frankly care about it, as long as he's comfortable, he's satisfied.

Rett isn't the type of person to really care about much, his whole view on the world is "If it isn't a calamity and it doesn't affect me, I really don't care about it". Of course, he's not entirely senseless, and will listen to whoever decides to talk to him, which is fairly often, as he, for some reason, attracts troubled people quite easily.
He's quite dead pan and usually doesn't crack a smile unless he's actually motivated to please someone or finds something genuinely funny. Alongside his lack of facial emotion, his voice and sense of humour is quite deadpan, and is known to crack jokes in his totally serious voice, which either makes him look odd to the receiver of the joke or the best comedian ever. He's apathetic, and can seem arrogant at times, but honestly, anything he makes an observation tends to just be blunt or a true opinion of his. He isn't totally boring, and beneath his quiet exterior, Rett is a subtly flirtatious guy, and is open to giving away multiple things to people who he believes needs them. He's sneaky and will sneak around and do things for you behind your back, quietly taking pleasure in seeing others happy.
{Solitude} - {Sculpting} - {Building things} - {Metallurgy} - {String Instruments} - {Beauty}
{Making people happy} - {puns} - {spicy food} - {Shoes} - {Video Games}

{confrontation of any kind} - {broken glass} - {Hot days} - {swimming} - {water in general} - {sour foods}
{Expensive things} - {Haircuts} - {contacts} - {Fish}

Water, obviously, as stated before, is a big thing to Rett, and he avoids beaches, pools, heck, he stays away from puddles as far as he can without looking conspicuous. That said, he can't even look at people swimming or go on a boat, hence another fear, drowning. Everyone knows the tale of how Hephaestus was cast down from the heavens and into the ocean below, only to be raised and rescued by Thetis and an Oceanid. Thing is, Rett only remembers the part of Hephaestus falling into water and not really resurfacing, which scarred the young man.


  • Samantha Yoo - 34 - Mother
  • Erik Rettersun - 40 - Father
  • Jennifer Rettersun - 15 - Sister


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