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The Book of Fables

The Kingdoms


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The Kingdoms is a part of The Book of Fables.

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The King of Aravale [24] Theodred
Nieve, Lady of The Forest [23] "I'd much rather avoid war, however, I must protect my people."
Aleiia-Serria, Princess of Atlantia [21] "I don't want to choose a side, I want peace."
Con'ken [20] Citizen of Morinae
Nerine [19] I'm following your lead, Aleiia. Whatever you say...
The Queen of Aravale [16] I am Katrin Bade, do not test me.
Roxy De Landra [16] "Shit, am I hallucinating again?!"
Keiran Ogygia [15] "Maybe I will sing of this in happier times."
Kabal Fear [15] "How strange...l can't breath."
Lucius Blackstone [15] You ask me to have a heart and spare you? Okay... I'll spare you... AND HAVE YOUR LOVER'S HEART!

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Character Portrait: Aranhil Lothlorien Character Portrait: Aleiia-Serria, Princess of Atlantia
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Aranhil Lothlorien

Aranhil had a long day of gathering materials for crafting jewelry. He swam in the sea carrying a satchel of beautiful shells, pearls, and other items. He swam through the Atlantia market place which was bustling with activity. The merpeople were keepers of beautiful treasures and trinkets that would be the envy of most mortals. Lucky for them they were under the sea and thus protected from greedy human merchants.

Aranhil reached his atelier and sat at his work desk. After a few moments of working a visitor arrived at his door. Aranhil turned around toward the atelier doorway. A soldier of the king was there, much to Aranhil surprise. Aranhil was a little apprehensive about a soldier being at his door. By the looks of his serious expression, he wasn’t here as a customer Aran figured. “Um… Hello there sir. How may I be of service?” Aran said with a nervous smile.

The soldier swam a little more into the atelier. “Aranhil Lothlorien, on behalf of the royal guard I am requesting your aide in the search of her Highness Princess Aleiia. Her highness has gone missing and the king as expended some of his valuable man power to search for her however I have a feeling she may be have ventured to the surface again and met with trouble.” The soldier spoke with a heavy and militant voice.

Aranhil was very confused. “With all due respect sir, why are you asking for my help to find the princess? I’m a craftsman, not a member of the royal guard. What makes you think that I would be any better at finding her than the kings men?” Aran replied with a slight hint of sass in his voice. He wasn’t a big fan of soldiers of any kind, as he was somewhat considered a misfit due to his odd powers and reputation.

The royal guard glared a bit at Aranhil. “You are Aranhil the bewitcher, are you not? Your reputation for magical illusions, craftiness and your business with the surface world precedes you. I need you to search the surface world for the princess. She likes to explore the surface and I feel she may be there. You’re just the merman to find her. Our soldiers are trained to be their best in the ocean and waterways, not on Surface dweller… legs…” The soldier place heavy and negative emphasis on the words surface dweller.

Aran smirked, “Ahh… so you mean to say your soldiers are cut out for placing a fin to the sand huh? Well what do you know… hahaha!” Aranhil chuckled snidely. He was loving every minute of the soldier’s desperation for his help. Aran then folded his arms and raised an eyebrow. “So what would you do if I refuse? I’m a very busy merman and I haven’t got all day to go running about the surface world for a girl. You see this list? It’s all the commission projects I’m working on. These need to be completed a soon as possible. My business has a reputation for speed and quality. I can’t have you ruining that because some curious girl got turned around on the surface.”Aranhil replied in a dismissive manner.

The soldier’s glare intensified. “My using the word ‘request’ was merely a formality. Let me be frank, really frank with you from here on out, BEWITCHER. If you do not search for the princess and find her, lest she returns or is found by another, I will personally see to it that you have no business, no atelier, or a home to return to in Atlantia. You think people fear your reputation now? I will make sure people avoid you like the plague, no one will house you, no one will have you, and that you are forced to take refuge in another ocean for that matter. Then you could perhaps end up as a lagoon merman. HAHAHAHA!” The soldier threatened Aranhil and belted out in laughter.

Aranhil’s eyes widened, as he was in shock. He was being strong armed by the royal military. Aran wondered if the king was in support of this soldier’s actions. He was pretty sure that he had no chance in reporting his actions. It seemed that Aranhil had no choice. Aran glared back at the soldier. “Fine… It looks as if you’ve got this all sorted out. I guess I’m going to find the princess then. What happens to me in the event that I cannot find her or, moon forbid, that she is dead? Will I lose everything even still? I’m but an artist trying to life quietly. Must I suffer because of the princess’ trouble?” Aran pleaded.

“Nothing shall happen to you should you return with proof of such ill happenings. You should leave as soon as possible. Good luck bewitcher.” The soldier said and promptly left.

Aran was shocked, He didn’t know what to do. After sitting down for a moment to collect himself, he began to write a message to post on his doorway, informing customers that he would be away on official business and must postpone all commissions until further notice. After posting the note, he gathered his things. He brought plenty of supplies and after a few moments he was bidding farewell to his home. He made way for the surface and once he reached it he stared out at the shoreline. “Here we go…” Aran said.

After swimming a bit through several of the lands waterways and channels he reached the Kingdom Elvae. He had ventured here once before but it was a quite some time ago. He wasn’t quite sure how the elves would receive a merman in their midst. He found a nice place on land and sat in an attempt to dry off and convert his tail and fins to legs and feet. Hopefully he wouldn’t encounter trouble.


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Character Portrait: Lólindir Fëfalas Character Portrait: Con'ken Character Portrait: Nieve, Lady of The Forest Character Portrait: Faramir the Unicorn Keeper Character Portrait: Roxy De Landra Character Portrait: King of Dreams Character Portrait: Vala Nonda (The Morning Star) Character Portrait: Emeror Dredenthin
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Lolindir Fefalas and Vala the Morning Star

Now there's an interesting Yes it is business that brings me to you, and it is you, and consequently your lover, that I wish to do it with. But come, these halls have eyes and ears that are too annoying for me to waste time on. Perhaps you would feel more at ease in your own home. " The strange man said.

Lolindir’s gaze zeroed in on the crimson stranger. “So he knows of Vala and my relationship. What sort of supernatural insight does this man possess?” Lolindir thought to himself. Before Lolindir could say anything, the stranger then waved his hand, as if drawing a curtain, then, the world changed.

It looked and felt as if the two hadn't moved at all, yet the scenery swirled with colors and motion, until not even a moment later, they were standing in Lolindir's study. Lolindir looked about in amazement. They now stood in his own home. “This man must possess strong magic.” Lolindir thought. “Even Vala’s teleportation abilities aren’t on this grand a scale.” With every display of ability the stranger gave Lolindir became further apprehensive.

"There we are, know what." The stranger said with a pause looking about. "You must think me incredibly rude, coming into your house uninvited, come lets away to a place that is owned by no one, therefore none can be offended." Then, the Stranger did as before and the world changed again.

This time, they were on top of a cloud. Not a particularly large cloud, but big enough. It was high in the sky, looking over the land. what land was uncertain. Suddenly, columns and awnings morphed out of the cloud and formed a sort of half circle room around the two, the front opening leaving a breath taking view. A table then materialized with four chairs. The table and chairs both looked to be made out of a white wood of unknown origin.

"There we are," The Stranger said. "Much better. Now, down to business." He sat down across from Lolindir, hands in a pyramid. He motioned for Lolindir to sit.

Lolindir took in his surroundings once more. He was completely unsure of where this location was or how it was possible for them to stand in the sky, on a cloud. However this seemed to be the tip of the iceberg for he had bigger things to focus on. He then sat down as instructed. “What is all this about? How do you know of my connection to Vala or of me?” Lolindir asked. He desperately wanted answers.

"Now, Master Fefalas, I know a lot about you. I know you bear the Star Rune and were banished from your homeland and condemned to the Land of Mages where you could be properly contained.” The stranger began. Lolindir felt a pain in his heart upon hearing words ‘properly contained.’ It brought back memories of being locked away in one of the mages’ towers upon his arrival at Dunmarr and simply giving star readings and astrology reports for the Dunmarr magistrates. It was truly a sorrowful time for Lolindir then.

The stranger continued, “I know, you've found a somewhat life in this land, but you always feel.....distant. You have friends and colleagues but you do not feel like you belong. In fact, you have never had that feeling, even with....No, especially with the Elves. have found something, in Vala Nonda, a Chooser of the Dead. To which I give my blessings onto, it's beautiful."

Lolindir replied calmly, “I see you indeed well informed. However, you must understand that Vala does not choose who is to die but he is a liaison for the next realm. He meansthe world to me.” Lolindir paused a moment and smiled. “I’ve never been able to speak to anyone about him before now and to be able to admit how dear he is to me aloud to another... It’s such a relief honestly.” Lolindir felt a bit of relief in the thought of Vala, the only person Lolindir could draw strength from.

The Stranger then shifted in his seat. "Unfortunately, your relationship might not survive the coming days. You see......I am very familiar with Vala's kind. I actually know his forebear personally. Though, he and Vala's kin are not of this world, nor am I. Vala is alone here. And, in this world, few die. Even when they should, it seems a force here keeps death balanced. Which is why Vala has such a prominent personality and kind heart, he can afford to. But, in the comings days, war will be upon this world. War like none have ever seen. Lines will be drawn, sides will be taken and blood of all colors and creeds spilled. Vala will change. Slowly at first, he will get frustrated at the senseless death, then sadness, then, he will become tired. It always happens. And the war will go on and on and on and on and on for generations. No stop in sight......unless. Unless his heart is shielded. I can do this for you for a price. Or...with your help, I can perhaps end the war in few days. All I need......with your permission....”

As the stranger spoke of Vala’s supposed fate, Lolindir’s heart was flooded with visions. He saw Vala descend from a cloudy gray sky, beams of sunlight punctured through the thick clouds. The angel was landing over a warzone. Being from all over, fighting and dying. Vala embraced an elf who’d been run through with a spear, left for dead. A warm light consumed the crying elf warrior as Vala embraced him and the elf faded into sparkles of light. Vala looked heavy laden for the elf’s time was sooner than it should have been.

Vala was next to embrace a wicked mage of Liridale who had been dealt a mortal wound in a wizards duel on the battlefield. Vala stood over the dying wizard yet his warm light turned a grim and pale blue color. “You have not atoned for your many depravities and sins sewn into this world by your hands. I Vala, the angel of death, punishment, and atonement, offer you wicked one, one final chance at atonement. Should you repent from the heart now, you can receive death’s warm embrace and be renewed with light in the next realm. What say you? Repent and atone.” Vala spoke with an ominous disposition, the vision frightened Lolindir as he had never seen Vala in such a manner.

The mage replied, “Never, I’m proud to have left my wicked mark of this pitiful world. I’ll be a king in the next!!!” The wicked mage cackled in a painful manner as he was dying.

Vala looked fiercely at the wicked dying mage and frowned. “So be it.” Vala replied and swooped down and grasped the mage tightly. The mage screamed horridly and promptly turned to ash in Vala’s arms. Vala turned toward Lolindir and tears welled up in his eyes. He held his hands outstretched. “Lolindir… help me. Why must the light of love turn to ash in my hands? I’m tired of death and sorrow. Please…”
Lolindir’s vision ended and he let out a deep sigh. Vala would indeed be in peril should the war come to pass. He’s do anything to protect Vala to protect his love, his heart.

The strange crimson continued, “Have access to the Star Rune. Not take it, of course, just grant me but access to it, limit the number of times, if you wish. I need your strength to stop this, together we can save both Vala and this world.....and to you, there is no difference is there?" The Stranger then stood and appeared behind Lolindir.

"Or I could do a more direct favor for you.....such as, I don't know. Help you gain revenge. The Elven Elders that banished you still yet live. As do their spawn. In fact......the Princess is out and about right now, playing in the fields and dreaming of true love. She feels so alone, even though she is surrounded by love. Think of me as a tool. I have no thing within as a heart or morality, I am not mortal or of this world. Whatever you desire, I can give it you. Revenge, Immortality, Divinity, Peace, Knowledge, offspring of your own. I can make it happen. Just help me stop a war and give me access to the Star Rune, even if it only be once. I believe it's a good deal."

He then faced him fully. "What do you say, is it a deal? You don't have to answer now, but I'll need an anwser soon." The Stranger extended a hand to Lolindir.

Lolindir was filled with many emotions. There was much to consider. However he snapped to his senses as he thought about the offers and the wager, the Star Rune. Lolindir needed to be careful. This man offered no information about himself and now he was asking for use of a powerful tool. Lolindir remembered that he needed to be careful. He regained his composure. “Just a moment sir. I am much concerned with the wellbeing of Vala, I love him. However, I must trust that he can handle the responsibility bestowed upon him. I want to protect him, but I must also adhere to my responsibility and that is to guard the Star Rune. What do you intend to do with the Star Rune? How can it prevent the war that both you and I have foreseen? If you would forgive my apprehension, however, what is your exact meaning of saving the world? I believe it could mean different things for different people.” Lolindir wanted so badly to give in to desire, he would love to live happily and peacefully, with a child and his love Vala but things were most never picture perfect. A sad reality but Lolindir was a man well acquainted with grief and sorrows.

Vala Nonda

Vala had flown into the territory of Dunmarr and hovered above the kingdom looking down on Lolindir’s home. He happened to reach his love’s abode just minutes after Lolindir and the mysterious crimson stranger disappeared into the clouds. He lowered down to the ground and knocked on Lolindir’s door. There was no answer. Vala turned the doorknob and stepped inside, a curious look on his face. “Lolindir are you here? Tis Vala.” Vala could see that Lolindir was not there yet he felt even more unsettled. “The energy here is off. The atmosphere is quite unsettled. Where are you Lolindir, what happened?” Vala said to himself as he stood in Lolindir’s home.

Faramir the Unicorn Keeper

"Ah, Indeed, I do, How nice it is to see you again." Nieve said. "I will call Council in regards to the Kingdoms matter but as for the human, the portals. It seems they have opened up again. You have an Other Worlder in your company." She said and nodded her head toward the girl with the ability to speak with the animals.

Faramir raised an eyebrown as he looked toward Roxy. He looked at the young woman with curiosity. He had not noticed that she was not of this world. He was most sure that he would have picked up on such a thing yet he had not. He turned toward Roxy and observed her silently. He was sure he had seen enough to know that he was of no harm to the unicorn forest. Therefore there was no need for him to go on the defensive. “So she is of the other world… Quite interesting. I thought she was a bit aloof of this world’s ways.” Faramir said in a thought filled manner.

"Faramir, you are more than welcome to stay and assist in our investigation of this portal matter if you like. I will need this to be handled before we move on to the matter of the Kingdoms." She said calmly.

Faramir nodded in agreement. “I understand and agree. I shall assist in investigating the matter. I can trust the Unicorn Forest in the care of the other keepers for now. I have not met the boy that has appeared in our world long ago. I should speak with him. I’d like to know more about him.” Faramir replied.


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Character Portrait: Eredas Deneroth
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a loud bang accompanied by a white light filled Ederas' senses, a tearing wrenching feeling filled him and he realized with fear that this could be the end! Color, greens and browns then the sky as he tumbled to the ground. out of instinct, even though he was close to losing consciousness, his wings snapped open and he landed lightly but still collapsed. His wings slowly retracted and furled close to his back before dissipating as if they didn't exist. His thoughts were jumbled but the thing that caught the attention of his muddle brain was the link between him and heaven was very faint and he realized with fear that some powerful magic may have separated him from his home forever and as his eyes started to close he felt a cool wind and the rustling of leaves as well as the far of scent of a wild animal...


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Theodred, King of Aravale

Theodred shook his head at her comment. "Your right I do wonder my dear but when he came through the portal it closed behind him. Now we have a chance to truly ask about the other world." He paused for a second and wondered about something that crossed his mind. "What if we tried to send someone through the portal for recon purposes?"

He ran his hands through her hair and smiled at her. His face was clearly showing other thoughts on his mind but he choose not to voice them.

Casper Lazurus

He realized by her description in the scroll that this might be the Head women of this country. "Yes madam I wondered into the house and I felt a pulse of energy like a calling to myself. I walked into this room and the staff almost welcomed me." He sighed and wondered how long he could hold the lies up before he ether got out or he stumbled. "You see miss I have a condition. I was cursed with a absent minded wandering issue. When I lose focus in what I do I tend to unconsciously wander."

He considered coming clean but first he waited to gauge her response. She could probably kill him before he could even draw the dagger on his shoulder so fighting was out of the question.

Emeror Dredenthin

He smiled at the girl "Yes Roxy your abilities are not unlike those of the citizens of Elvae. If you truly are a Otherworlder then possibly the portal gave you these powers." He found a lot of things about this girl intriguing and did not understand why. He liked that she seemed happy about the rose. "I am much older then I look. Frankly I have lost count of my years. As for my ears I can remove them if the bother you." He ways his hand over his ears and they become unpointed and round like a humans. "I am what the people of this realm call a shifter. I was not born in this kingdom. I can change small parts of my own body nothing to dramatic." He looked at her felt as if the smile put on was off. "Roxy would you like to meet the Elves? If I remember correctly we have an alliance with them. If you wish I could, with Nieve's blessing take you to meet them?"


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#, as written by Miyer
Roxy looked up and saw Emeror had changed his ears to that of a humans and frowned, "You should keep your pointy ears, thay looked nice." She commented nonchantly before registering the word he had just said and her whole face broke out into a grin.
"Can? Can we really?! I have always wanted to meet elves!!!" She cried in joy, "Can we please go meet them Miss Nieve, pretty please with cherries on top?!"
She was so happy that her body was shaking with the adrenaline that had started to be realised, her eyes sparkled with anticipations and curiosity.
Suddenly there was a squeak from her arms and glancing down she smiled sheepishly at victor as he glare disgruntled back at her, and than suddenly and idea hit, "Can Vic come with us? Nothing beats having a ferret and awesome shapeshifter as company!" Roxy said, looking at Nieve with pleading puppy dog eyes.


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I smiled as Kabal introduced himself. The pixie thought himself weak, but I knew from experience just how much the weak could do when they were properly treated and rewarded... I opened another shadow portal, this one leading to the shade of a tree on the border of Morinae and Liridale. I turned to Kabal and made a sweeping gesture to the portal.
"I need to speak with the gillgirl alone. Start your search in Morinae... Or don't. You've yet to even truly accept my offer of a job. I'd place you in Morinae itself, but the very spell I helped put in place keeping anyone of law or goodness out also keeps my small spells in, so you'll have to walk or fly for a bit." I'd delved into his past enough to know he yearned for it's soil again, if only for a while. Well, a good employer always makes sure his pawns are satisfied... And also when it'll turn them away from the light for good. I merely waited until he was gone by standing and staring at him, keeping the cleaver at Nerine's neck, just to keep the image. Once he finally left, Eliza collapsed into her staff form and I dropped to one knee, making sure I hadn't injured her in any way.
"Nerine... How many years has it been since I last saw those eyes so like your mothers?"


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Kabal Fear

Kabal slowly turned his eyes away from the mermaid as his new master spoke to him. It wasn't every day that someone ordered Kabal around, so he might as well take the time to do as he was told. A small smile came to his face as he watched Lucius open a portal. As he looked through, the smile only grew. Morinae, once his home, now just a strange memory. Looking at it again was almost unreal.

"I need to speak with the gillgirl alone. Start your search in Morinae... Or don't. You've yet to even truly accept my offer of a job. I'd place you in Morinae itself, but the very spell I helped put in place keeping anyone of law or goodness out also keeps my small spells in, so you'll have to walk or fly for a bit."

Kabal turned to the portal. The ache in his muscles seemed to fade as he felt truly excited. "Don't worry about the distance. This is good." He turned briefly to Lucius before speaking on last time, "I will leave you alone. I promise to report back to you when my search is completed." With this, he dove into the portal without a second thought.

This place... The trees were alive just beyond the dividing lines of Liridale and Morinae. It was something Kabal could hardly remember. The air felt so much cleaner here.

No wonder they had kicked him out.

A smile started to spread on his face. He would need to come up with some sort of plan to get the information he needed. He, after all, owed Lucius for this. As he began to walk through the forest, he attempted to remember where he was. Was this place even slightly familiar? It had been so many years... He glanced to one of the nearby trees. A squirrel...? He began to walk closer to the tree and the small animal fled. Of course.

A small sigh escaped his mouth as he leaned on the tree. He hardly remembered where he was. The Lady of the Forest should live somewhere around here, right? He put a hand on the tree and slowly dug his nails into it. This was frustrating. Looking for people would get him nowhere, even if he had only been wandering for a few moments.

A wicked smile came to his face as he thought. Why should he have to look for the citizens of Morinae? Perhaps he could bring them to himself... He chuckled darkly to himself holding out a hand and creating a small flame.

"Do you think you can draw people to me, friend? Surely the Lady of the Forest would dislike what I am about to do... Hopefully she will send one of her beautiful guards to capture the..." He laughed yet again, "Demon." He stepped away from the tree now and carefully tossed the flame into the leaves above.

"Hmm... Not bad." He stared on, fire now starting to engulf the tree. How long would it take for this fire to grow into a full blown forest fire? Hours? Minutes? How long would he need to wait until it was enough of a deal for someone to track him down...?

He gritted his teeth and threw yet another flame. For once in his life, Kabal felt extremely impatient. He would burn the whole forest down if he could just see the people of this land one more time!!


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Character Portrait: Shaiyla; Demon of Desire Character Portrait: Kabal Fear Character Portrait: Con'ken Character Portrait: Nieve, Lady of The Forest Character Portrait: Aaran Sonwerd Character Portrait: Kal'xio Celex Character Portrait: Patience
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Con'ken had waited a bit for the young women to speak by she seemed occupied. He sighed and looked out over the forest and saw the smoke rising from the treeline. "What in the hells?" He looked to the women "I'm sorry I must go." He stripped his shirt from him as he went war form and used its speed to carry him into the woods quicker. He had many things running through his mind. Why was the forest on fire? Did it come from the portal? Was it an attack from Liridale or maybe even the humans? He decided that dwelling on his thoughts would get him in trouble. He refocused on following the scent of the fire. He smelled something with it. It seemed familiar almost like he had smelt it before. He came closer to the line of burning trees and then realized he had no ability to stop the fire. He sighed again and looked around and saw a horned creature. He sniffed in deeply and began to climb a nearby tree that was not on fire. "Who are you?" His voice low and deep like that of a snarling wolf.
Aaran Sonwerd

Aaran happened to be going on his daily walk outside the city walls when a man on a horse ran past him with a young women being carried by a man. He thought nothing of it. As he approached the woods he felt the prescence of something evil and unholy. He drew his broad sword and moved toward his feeling. In the clearing was a small shadow demon snacking on a rabbit it had killed. Aaran mumbled a quick prayer and waited to see if this was the only one around. The demon snacked upon his kill oblivious to the surroundings. No more seemed to be in the area as far as Aaran knew. He charged the demon and if not a twig he stepped on would have sliced the thing in two. The creature swung its hand around slamming Aaran in his armored arm and sent him skidding back a few steps. The demon saw better pray. The priest readied himself for the creatures assault. The demon foolishly jumped at Aaran leaving him self off balance. Aaran capitalized and swung the sword in a low arc knocking the demon on its back. The Aaran with his holy blade held high slammed his sword into the demons chest. The demon wiggled for a few seconds but feel still after a few moments. Aaran picked up the demon and began running back to the capital to inform the king.

Patience felt the connection to one of his demons fade. He then looked back to the circle waiting for something to happen. "I wonder if anything is going to go right today." He focused for a second on his other demons. They seemed fine. "Stupid creature went to far."


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Nerine watched as the horned, winged man disappeared. Her blue eyes seemed to lock on to him as he moved. There was something about him. She wished to learn more about him in the future. For now, she knew she was caught. But it was not the kind of "caught" that the fables of Atlantia had told; no. This was...different. There was, peace, kindness even, or what seemed like it. They did not harm her, did not even yell save for the initial moment where she was found out. Why did they tell all these horrible stories of goblins who ate merpeople? Why did they speak of evil and horrible anger and death if there was no such thing here? Was it to deter merfolk from traveling out of the lands of Atlantia? Nerine wished to know more.

"I need to speak with the gillgirl alone. Start your search in Morinae... Or don't. You've yet to even truly accept my offer of a job. I'd place you in Morinae itself, but the very spell I helped put in place keeping anyone of law or goodness out also keeps my small spells in, so you'll have to walk or fly for a bit." Lucius spoke. Nerine crinkled her nose, eyebrows, and mouth as she heard him address her to the peculiar man. Gillgirl? Was that an endearing term? She had gotten "Fishhag" and "Seasnake" before, but never gillgirl...she wasn't sure whether to take it as a compliment or an insult. The man turned to her and she began to feel a chill up her spine when he spoke again.
"Nerine... How many years has it been since I last saw those eyes so like your mothers?"
"H-How do you know my name?" One could hear the slight tremble in her voice as she spoke, "Who are you?"


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I was a bit depressed at her asking who I was... One, it meant I wasn't doing my job hard enough to make my very visage feared across the lands, and made an instant note to start allowing a LITTLE more aggression under my reign. Two, it meant SHE didn't know me. I frowned, and a few crocodile tears ran down my face... At least, that's what I'd fooled myself into thinking back then...
"I am called many things. An aberration, a blight upon the face of this land, a leader, a tyrant, a scourge, a villain... But very few call me father... And even fewer call me teacher... Your mother was my first, last, and only disciple in learning the art of true ice. It is a magic so powerful, it remains in the family blood, granting generation upon generation magic that could give them rule over whatever they desire. However, before you ask, you are not my daughter, I merely helped raise you when your father fled your mother after learning what power she wielded."

I paused here, then bowed, "I am Lucius Blackstone, and your mother was the only woman I ever truly loved. And I'm sorry about the use of gillgirl, but I must keep up appearances. I know you think this land more peaceful than it appears, but it is not so. It is a land of criminals and evildoers, the only reason you haven't been placed on a spit yet is because held back from destroying the other lands by a very powerful few like myself, who have been branded just as evil by the outside world for creating such an asylum for the fiends. But is it not better to place the shark further away from the merchildren rather than in a wicker cage in the same pen? And I apologize about the rambling on, I tend to wax philosophical when the topic of this land is raised. Does your mother still talk about me? I never got to say goodbye when she left to raise you among your peers..." At this point I was quite rudely interrupted by two very large orcs who were NOT a part of my kingdom bursting into the area.

"SO WE GOTS A FISHIE AND A FLESHIE?" one of the two said, looking us over, "THAS'S NOT EVEN A SNACK! BUT WHAS'S AN ORC TO DO, EH?". It then reached towards me, and my gaze went from the warmth it had held to cold steel as I faced the two orcs fully.
"Give me a second to deal with these oafs, Nerine, and also show you what your mother learned. Elise..." I said, and my staff flew into my hands and snapped out its cleaver. "KILL."

The first orc went down instantly, Elise's blade cleaving through Orc hide, flesh, and bone like butter. The second one was smarter, and got out its club to swing it downward, attempting to crush me like a bug... I caught it with both my hands, then called forth the True Ice. It formed over his club first, then his arms, eventually leaving only a statue of ice. One tap from Elise, and it shattered into black snowflakes. I sheathed Elise's blade, and she returned to floating by my side. I then nodded my head quickly for the fallen who could have been minions, and turned to Nerine.

"So there it is. The power your mother craved and received, and then passed on to you. Now that you're old enough, I can teach you how to safely wield it beyond normal ice, for either your own gain or to help others. I won't force you, but know that True Ice is not something that can be so easily quelled, once it's first used. I might be one of the most evil beings in all the lands, but I'll be damned if I let a magic that could destroy everything run rampant." As I awaited her answer, I waved my fingers, the roots of the trees all around us taking the body of the orc and burying it underground to feed on its nutrients. I had done nothing magical there, but I knew the timing on the trees sensing a dead body, and couldn't resist looking more powerful than I seemed.


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Katrin Bade, Queen of Aravale

The thought of how the portal had closed behind him stuck with her momentarily. Peculiar that it hadn't closed this time around. But it was true that they finally had a chance to inquire about the other world. Something Katrin would definitely attend to doing, or at least attempt to. At the pause in her husbands thoughts, Katrin glanced into the gardens. Admiring the plants and small insects that went about themselves. The thought of everything she had known her entire life came into question. There was more than what she knew to be familiar. Far more than what she could fathom. It was at her doorstep almost, waiting to be entered. But whether it was even possible was another inquiry.

Tucking away a stray lock of hair that had fallen into her view, Katrin's attention returned to her husband. "What if we tried to send someone through the portal for recon purposes?" The notion of sending military through the portal seized all earlier thoughts of her exploring such a world. Reason started to enter her mind, justifying what she had thought earlier. It was in fact that they have no idea what lays on the other side. No idea at all really. Except for the little they knew about the people that had crossed over into their world. And that was close to no information at all.

"What if our military is no match for what's on the other side. We really don't know what to expect. Everything we know is not enough." She trailed off in a low murmur as his hands ran through her hair. Letting a silence fall, Katrin closed her eyes momentarily before she moved to lay a gentle kiss on his mouth.

Era Kodes, Sorceress of Dunmarr

Everything about this stranger made Era thoroughly uncomfortable. "Yes madam I wondered into the house and I felt a pulse of energy like a calling to myself. I walked into this room and the staff almost welcomed me." The words alone had her even more on edge than before, and it showed in the way she tensed. "You mean to explain to me that you just walked in here? No one questioned you or even stopped you? That seems to be impossible." She knew that it wasn't fully impossible, but it was close enough with all of the guards that posted around the castle. Even if he had gotten in, it was extremely unusual that he was innocently picking up her staff without motives. There was no sense in the matter.

Almost as if he had read her mind, he seemed to answer the question that was twisting her face into confusion. "You see miss I have a condition. I was cursed with a absent minded wandering issue. When I lose focus in what I do I tend to unconsciously wander." So the man had a condition. Sounded like a sad excuse to her. However, she went along with it. She figured if he was lying that he would most likely come back for the staff, that is, if his original intent was to steal it. It seemed like a decent time to test the man's motives.

"So be it." She nodded and moved into what looked like a more relaxed stance. It did seem quite curious that the staff had 'called' to him. Unless she only misperceived him to be human, which wasn't as likely. Pushing any further analyzation from her mind, she remained a solid glance as she watched him. "So, unconscious wanderer… who are you, and where are you from? What brings you here? And what did you lose focus in that had you wandering into my staffroom?" She inquired in a soft tone, one that barely matched the bombardment of questions.