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a character in “The Book of the Damned”, as played by blackrider




“There's no problem a hero cant fix.”

[Full Name:]
Lou Samson




Hero for Hire





Rawhide loves to read, cook, camp and workout. He also loves his alone time and is not the type to seek out the company of others. In mask he loves a good fight just as much as a nice paycheck.


Out of mask Rawhide cant handle social situations well and literally outright dreads them. He hates almost any form of asian food and does his best to avoid pop music. He cant stand people that go back on their word or try to shirk him on a check, he also has a particularly large bone to pick with people who use their powers for hurting the innocent.


Rawhide doesn't really openly fear anything (except spiders) but deep down he has a deep seeded, almost paranoid, fear of the public shifting against powers in a new age which hunt of sorts.

Simply a good fitting pair of jeans, a nice brown leather belt, tan steel toed work boots, a tight black tank top, and his signature full faced brown leather mask that only has holes for his eyes. Occasionally he also wears an old brown leather bombers jacket.


Lou is a genuinely kind if somewhat self centered individual. Being the youngest in a family of four Lou grew up somewhat isolated, his closest sibling agewise was an entire whopping ten years apart which made life seem more like an only child but without any of the extra attention. Not that his parents would have had time for him anyways. Before long he was used to being mostly alone and left to his own devices, a trait which carried over into adulthood as he is still much more comfortable alone then with people.

Lou doesn't dislike people at all however, no, he is simply so anti social and socially awkward that he has built up almost an irrational fear of human interaction on a personal level. Normally when conversing with someone in real life he comes off as just an average young adult, but in his mind every word he utters comes out wrong or misconstrued until he's a babbling loon trying to explain himself.

That all changes when he puts on a mask however. Something about the anonymity of it just opens him up, maybe its acting or maybe its a part of himself that has been shackled so long that it will take whatever outlet it can to emerge. Ether way when wearing his signature brown leather mask he acts like a completely different man-confident, cocky, and eager for action.

At first it had seemed like any of the hundreds of camping trips Lou had taken, he'd set up his campsite at a favorite spot a good few hours out of the city completely eager to spend the weekend alone and completely cut off from from his fellow man. Lou was completely oblivious to the fact that his life was about to change forever.

Waking the next morning after sleeping under the stars during a particularly foggy night Lou felt a little odd, a little different. Sweeping the thought from his mind he attributed it simply to a rough night of sleeping on the sprawling bed that was mother nature-that is to say the particularly bumpy and rough ground he had slept on. Things didn't get weird until he went fishing.

Sitting at his favorite fishing hole, which was an unnamed pond that didn't have anything really worth catching, Lou had gone to hook a worm for bait while absent mindidly thinking about how sore his muscles felt. The prick of the hook snapped his attention back to reality however as he quickly looked down at his bloody thumb, only to shockingly see that his thumb was in fact completely unharmed. His fish hook however was bent at an odd angle, as if he had pressed the small sharp piece of iron against a rock until it bent.

Dumbfounded he simply stared at the misshapen hook for a moment, his mind trying to make sense of what had just happened as a desperate worm struggled fruitlessly in his opposite hand. Without thinking he dug the sharpened end of the hook into his hand yet again only to have the already deformed hook bend and contort the more he pressed against his skin.

-Lou has impenetrable skin and increased strength/muscle density. He doe's not have “super strength” per se, but more inhuman strength for someone of his size and build. This can be more defined if needed.-


Born in a lower upper class family Lou was raised more by himself then anyone else, his parents two workaholic lawyers who were devoted solely to their careers. He didn't begrudge them however, even at a young age he understood where his parents priorities had lied: and that was winning cases. It was a fact that he accepted much better then most his age would have, and the realization of the fact made him to decide he needed to focus on just what he wanted his priorities to be.

Actually, first he had to decide what his priorities were.

As he grew up school had never been a real priority, falling to the wayside to optional vocational teachings that actually interested him. By the time he graduated high school at eighteen he was a certified welder, and after working professionally in a metal shop for two years he simply quit one day after a promotion, simply stating that he “Didn't like the work.”

From a connection of a friend he then found his way into the world of printing, a local bindery quick to hire him on as a binding operator. Within a year he lost interest of that to, only to eventually quit just as randomly as he had his previous job. From there he simply worked temp positions, never finding something that truly fit. When it came down to it all he wanted to do was.
1. Help people
2. Be extremely good at his job. Effortlessly good

Then his powers kicked in and a whole new man was born: Rawhide, the impenetrable hero-for-hire.

For the past two years Rawhide has built up a name for himself cracking skulls of C list criminals, having opened a private word of mouth “business” called Hoods for Hire. Working like some strange masked version of a private eye Rawhide takes on almost any “cases” brought his way, ranging from staking out a store for certain powered delinquents to investigating personal matters. It is almost always the former of the two however, people more content to use Rawhide as a blunt tool then a precision instrument.


So begins...

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