Etsu Ann Hiro

"All concerns of men go wrong when they wish to cure evil with evil...~"

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a character in “The Books Are All Wrong!”, as played by Michaelis_xXx_Elly


Etsu Ann Hiro

Age: 17

Gender: Female
Species: Human Fangirl

Abilities: Etsu knows how to play violin very well, aslso she can sniff blood from far away

Appearance: Height: 5'3 Weight: 180 lbs

Personality: Etsu is a very mischivous, lazy and sarcastic girl. She loves to play pranks and jokes on her friends and other people. She enjoys talking and braagging to other girl who love vampires, about how much she knows about them and there history. She loves climbing trees and running around, she prety much a tomboy. She loves midnight strolls and hanging out with her guy friends also...Oh yea..did I mention her vampire Obsession?..Oh and about her vampire obsession...?

Quote: "Evil is a point of veiw...~Hehee"

Dislikes: Rushing to do things, people who brag and say werewolves are better then vampires, being ignored, Too hot weather,the color yellow(She dislikes her eye color)
Likes: Bragging about how much she knows about vampires,moonlight,ballet,violin,piano,pulling pranks,joking around,napping,being lazy,squid,lollipops,adventure,mystery

History: Etsu, wehn she was little, always used to ONLY hangout with guys. She would often get picked on about it from the other girls. Etsu would always climb trees and roll around and get dirty, did she care? No, she just loved having fun. One year after summer vacation she changed, she became more mischivious and sarcastic and lazy. Everytime she smiled there was somthing off about it. Her friends always wondered in there heads...what happened over summer break?

Anything Else?: Never and I mean NEVER question Etsu about her obsession for vampires.

~Still Doll~



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