Micheal Key

"Wanna see a magic trick~?"

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a character in “The Boys Next Door”, as played by VenusFlyTrap


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|Full Name|
Micheal Lock Key

Key, Mike

23 years old

75% English 25% German

He works at a bookstore. Though he went to college to become a lawyer.

|Apartment Number|
Number 204

Fire Manipulation

  • His fire can be killed by water or ice
  • It has a habit of singing him (very mildly like a sunburn) as well as his clothes
  • He needs oxygen to work it
  • The fire is real and can easily spread
  • It exhausts him to no end.

  • Photographic memory
  • Academically skilled
  • Quick tongued
  • Quick thinker
  • Likes to do magic tricks


  • Sits outside when it's pouring
  • Some body part is always moving
  • Bite his thumb when thinking hard
  • Wakes up before the sun rises just because
  • Curls up into the corner of a couch or bed or ever corner when reading (otherwise he can't get into it)


  • Reading
  • Tinkering
  • Walking/jogging around the neighbor hood in the morning


  • Hights
  • Dolls
  • Giant fish (shark, whale, etc.)

|Likes & Dislikes|
▲ His best friend [TBA]
▲ Thunderstorms
▲ Reading
▲ Magic
▲ Classical music
▲ School
▲ His pet Ferret Nibbet
▲ Summer
▲ The color orange
▲ Fire (to a point)
▼ Failure
▼ Hights
▼ Dolls
▼ Seafood/animals
▼ Sports
▼ Loud things
▼ Stupid people/Pure idiots
▼ Pop music
▼ The color pink
▼ Fire (to a point)


Micheal is what most call a nerd. And for being a country boy, no one would expect that. But even at a young age he has taken an interest in learning and reading to the point of where he had almost had as many books as the small library that he would go to. He does like to be alone a lot, simply because being around too many people bothers him if it's for too long. So after a day at school, he would need to lock himself in his room or bury his nose into something for awhile. Though he does like his peace, he does still hang our with his friends. He's not against making, having or hanging out with friends at all. In fact. They are probably the reason that he doesn't just rot away in the first place.

Micheal hates sports. Watching them, playing the, even hearing about them. Mainly because he's not all too great at them and hates the fact that he isn't the stupid jock that gets all the "babes". No. He's not just after some tail. But he would like to be noticed every now and again too! Who wouldn't? To make up for this, he loves to do cheesy magic tricks or just ones in general. They amuse him and usually the general public. He's never anywhere without a card up his sleeve. Literally. Or a coin. Just to tease some girls. His favorite trick is making a pen move through a piece of paper without making a hole~

He's generally a happy person and is hard to get mad. Annoyed is a bit easier, but rarely mad. And when he's mad he's like a firecracker. Loud and quick to diminish. It's probably this aspect of him that got him the power that he has now. He loves that power because it can be useful... But how many times is he going to have to go shopping for new clothes!?


Micheal is from a small town in the middle of nowhere. At least that's what he claims. He grew up in a family of all males but his poor mother. She had four boys, him being the baby. When he was a baby, since she couldn't have a boy, she had decided to make him a gender confused baby. Dressing him in dresses and bows until his father had enough and burned them all. but that didn't mean the pictures were burned. His brothers all had a love/hate relationship with one another. But for the most part the loved one another like brother should. At the age of 18, the third brother got a car accident and lost his life. The name Allen is taboo now. For it will send Micheal into a mini depression as to which he won't talk to a person for days until someone forces him.

Micheal wanted to become a lawyer ever since he was 10, just because he knew it would be a good job choice. And when he got to high school, he found that government class was fairly easy to understand though most kids seemed to struggle. The fact that pay isn't to bad helps too~ Micheal didn't want to stay in the urban life he had always lived in, so he had convinced his best friend [TBA] to move with him to New York. He had always wanted to go there. It was like a fantasy land for him! He was quite disappointed at the real thing though... But he still finds good in the polluted, loud and busy place. And to conserve on money while he hunts for an actual job, he got a part-time job at a book store as well as rented a cheap apartment with [TBA].

|Theme Song|

God Thinks | Voltaire

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