Emi Mariko Kawaguchi

"Really? Me again?!"

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♔ || Name || ♔
Emi Mariko Kawaguchi (He likes people to just call him Emi)

♔ || Nickname(s) || ♔
Guchi Woochie: "What the hell are you saying? Am I 3 now?" - His old mum called him that when he was 4. He's never liked it and others thought of it too.
Mario: "I'm not called Mario!" - As you can tell, he hates the nickname.

♔ || Age || ♔

♔ || Gender || ♔

♔ || Sexuality || ♔

♔ || Romantic Interest || ♔
None (Yet?)

♔ || Nationality || ♔
Born in England. Moved to Japan when he was 5.

♔ || Face Claim || ♔

♔ || Height || ♔

♔ || Weight || ♔
106 lbs. He is underweight and he doesn't realize this.

♔ || Hair Color || ♔

♔ || Eye Color || ♔

♔ || Skin Tone || ♔

♔ || Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features || ♔
There is a big scar going down his right arm since the car crash when he was 4.

♔ || Personality || ♔
Emi is one of those people that no matter how often they lift heavy weights will never be strong. In arguments, he likes to sit in the corner and wait for a good opening (basically when they look like they wont fight) to take action. Another strange thing is he likes and doesn't like being alone. It's more like he likes to keep to himself but he doesn't want to be alone. He likes to keep in shape as he is scared his heart might fail and die. Although he is physically weaker than others, he is mentally stronger than everyone in the school.

♔ || Likes || ♔
✓ Other Weak People
✓ Walking
✓ Rain
✓ Being alone

♔ || Dislikes || ♔
✗ Nasty/Mean people
✗ People that brag
✗ The Sun
✗ Being alone

♔ || Fears || ♔
✄ Car Crashes
✄ Death of others
✄ Fire


♔ || Bio || ♔
Emi was born in England in a village. His house was next to the Kawaguchi (river mouth if i'm correct). Emi had a very bad childhood when he was young as when he was 4 (a year after he could walk and talk), his parents died in a car crash with him in the car. His mother didn't realize she didn't have her seat belt on so when they crashed, she flew out of the front window. His dad smacked his head on the wheel as the airbag didn't work which knocked him unconscious with blood going down his head. Luckily, Emi had a seat belt on but he just witnessed his mothers death and a fire had started at the front of the car. Unluckily for his dad, the 2 front doors were either jammed or blocked with earth. Emi got out of the car but a bit of broken metal still attached to the car tore down his right arm. His dad didn't fare well as when the firemen came, it was already too late. His dad had burned to death. After the incident, his arm was treated and he was then taken to an orphanage where he was to be adopted. Everyone teased him about it and stole his things and he was too weak to be able to get them but in the end, it backfired on them. A family took pity on the boy and adopted him after about a month of him being in the orphanage. A year later (when he was 5), he and his 'parents' moved to Japan as his so called 'parents' was sick of the weather in England. They got a small house and he was home-schooled until he was 9. That was when he moved to middle school. He made a few friends but none of them came to his next school when he was 13. He never really interacted with people at that time. He just sat in the corner writing until about a month ago when he made friends with the people in pair 2. When he was invited to do the Bravery Test, he accepted hoping to prove to himself that he isn't useless. He found a school record of Mirai a few days after he agreed but didn't tell anyone as he didn't want to scare anyone. He believes the rumors about this girl are true but he wants to find out himself although if they are true, everyone's in danger.

♔ || Other || ♔

So begins...

Emi Mariko Kawaguchi's Story


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ImageThe time is 18:00 PM, and the ten students, who have dared to do the Bravery Test, are now preparing to go to the haunted, old clubhouse. Some are still at home, grabbing their phones and anything else that would give them a sense of safety for that night. The others are trying to get into the school, since the gates were shut and it wasn't much of an easy task to get in. The rest of the group was already there, making the sticks for pulling, (Rhia: Keep in mind that this is literally the groups on the intro page!) waiting for the others. Inside the building, however, something seems to be roaming the halls...


Maiko looked at the school's wall that was connected to the locked gate. She brought with her a small bag with water, some medical supplies, a flashlight and a few extra batteries along with the flares for the five groups. How'd she get them? Her dad was a scientist, it wasn't very difficult.

Her three siblings were at home, but they were already asleep, or about to go asleep, and her dad was home to watch over them. Maiko didn't like lying, so she told a partial truth by saying to him that she was out with a few of her friends. This was completely fine with him, and so she was able to leave.

But she forgot that the gates were locked. The wall was probably the only easiest way to get over. 'This... looks a bit difficult...' Maiko thought to herself while she stared up at the wall, which was much taller than she was. After all, she was just a short 5'2 high schooler who was going to have to learn how to scale a 6'4 wall. 'Um... Maybe I should try climbing the tree?' But she has a skirt on. Maybe it was nighttime, but that didn't give a girl to allow herself to lift her skirt.

Still... what other way was there? She could hardly touch the top of the wall.

To lighten up the load, Maiko tossed the bag holding all the supplies over the wall with a little difficulty, seeing how heavy it was for her, and began to try and figure out how to climb the old tree, covered in cobwebs and ants. Surely she still remembered how to climb a tree... It was a small tree also, and one that was easy to climb (despite all the webs and insects on it). Even a sophisticated girl like Maiko used to climb trees when she was little. She did it often with her siblings after they were adopted.

After taking a deep breath, almost like this were a challenging task, and placed her hand on the tree. An ant crawled over her hand and she almost shrieked. Maiko didn't do well with insects, even if they were feeble and mere ants. The girl shook her hand until it fell off and made a quick attempt up the tree to prevent any more bugs from crawling on her. It wasn't that bad, but then the height became a problem. Two of her most feared things in one night? Superb.

This time, she did cry out quietly, even though the tree wasn't very tall. This ended up with her immediately falling off, thankfully, on the right side. At least something good came from her facing her fear of heights and insects. It was lucky fall too because she fell on the soft bag below her. Maiko felt dizzy for a moment and let out a soft groan, "That hurt..." She mumbled to herself while she slowly got off the ground, picking up her bag, and beginning to search around for where the old club house was, where everyone else was supposed to be.

(Rhia: So, as I stated, you can either be at the club building, at home getting ready, or, like Maiko, making your way towards the club building. Try to be at the club building by your second post so we can get things going though!)


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Emi checks his bag one last time to see if he has everything he needs. "Torches... Check." he says as he puts a normal torch with a few extra batteries in the bag and a wind-up torch in the bag. "Water... Check." he says as he puts a water bottle in the bag. There are a load of papers on the bed along with a gemstone that previously owned to his original mother. He puts the gemstone in the bag without speaking. He might need something to keep his sanity if Mirai is there. "And last of all... Papers check." he says as if he didn't even put the gemstone in. Those documents are of Mirai's school life and criminal record. He's only looked at the school life papers because he doesn't want to know the amount of deaths she was responsible for. He checks everything again and leaves his house. It was late and his adopted parents are already asleep for some reason.

It was already getting dark and just before it started getting dark he saw some dark clouds coming over meaning it might rain soon. The last thing he needs is to get cold and wet. He quickens his pace and then he starts to sprint as he lives the furthest away from the school than any of the others so they're probably all waiting on him. After about 5 minutes, he reaches the school gate. He could reach the top of it without even jumping so he should be able to climb over it. He sees a tree out of the corner of his eye just before he jumps and he stops. "I should probably use the tree instead." he thinks. He walks over to it and then checks if it could support his weight. After getting a meter up, he notices something white caught on one of the branches another meter up. It appeared to be an eye-patch. "The hell did that get there?" he says to himself. Emi hears noise at the other side of the wall so he peeps his head over it to see 1 girl standing and another girl on the floor.


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#, as written by Kapento
Takehiko Kuro


I wonder what's she doing right now, probably getting ready and trying to make the most of this night. Takehiko thought amusingly as thoughts of Konatsu came and left his mind in the passing moments. As he dug out his phone from his pocket, and with swift maneuvers of his thumb the blonde boy pressed away at the buttons that decorated his phone. Just a little reminder.

Don't be late - Miss you. xxx

With the message sent he placed the device back into his pocket and continued on his way to the old building. Earlier, Takehiko had already organized his things and knew exactly what he'd be needing for the test. Flashlight, snacks, phone -- all the essentials. He also brought a backpack with him to carry all his things in, along with a blanket, battery's and a few bottles of juice. Maybe he was over packed?

Strolling along Takehiko soon found himself outside of the school gate, prompting himself to throw over his backpack before heaving himself over it with slight difficulty. As he landed on the ground on the other side the boy wondered briefly if Konatsu would be able to get over as he did, which persuaded him to hang around nearby and keep a look-out for the girl. When she arrives I can help her over, makes sense, yeah.

Picking up his bag, it was only then that he vaguely hear a few voices, though didn't bother to invest much attention to them initially. Wonder who's already here? Sounds like some people have already arrived. Looking around, Takehiko noticed a familiar looking boy. Emi.

"No way, Emi, your here before me?" He said in a joking tone. Offering a smile, Takehiko followed the boy's line of sight and quickly recognized the other two girls nearby. "Maiko and Airi! You guys are here too?" Though they all had a bit of a walk to go before they were officially there it still made sense to him. "Figured I might've been first here, guess not though. Hope you all came prepared for tonight."

Digging out his phone again he quickly began texting Konatsu.

Meet you at the gates. I'm already here. xxx

Putting away his phone, Takehiko returned his focus to the boy and girls once more whilst he waited for Konatsu.


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Image“Do you happen to have some bandages?” Maiko heard someone's voice just after she got back up.

This girl wasn't even afraid of the legend of Mirai, so a voice behind her wouldn't scare her the least bit. She turned around and found herself looking at a girl with black hair covering one of her eyes with both her hands. She didn't say anything, just staring at her for a while before then exclaiming, "Oh! You're Airi, aren't you?" She asked, remembering her face around school during the day. She kneeled down on the ground and rummaged through all the things she'd packed, moving the flares to the side along with the flashlight until she found the small medical kit at the bottom of the bag and opened it. Maiko grabbed the role of bandages and handed it over with a concerned look on her face when she asked, "You're not... bleeding, or anything, are you? Is it bad? If it is you might want to get it looked at rather than come here tonight." She said with worry, just like she always did. It was always safety first, to Maiko.

"No way, Emi, your here before me?" Maiko heard another voice near by and looked around to find where it was coming from. A few seconds later Maiko found that voice belonging to Takehiko Kuro, one of the classmates she truly admired. "Maiko and Airi! You guys are here too?"

"I see you've made here also, Takehiko." Maiko gave him a small wave and then saw someone climb down the gate and pick up the things she had tossed on the other side. Maiko then realized that the movement in the background was Konatsu waving towards them, and so Maiko smiled back at her and said, "Nice to see you join us, Konatsu."

"Figured I might've been first here, guess not though. Hope you all came prepared for tonight." Maiko turned her attention back to Takehiko while he spoke.

As if proud of her somewhat heavy bag, Maiko said with a grin, "I'm entirely prepared incase anything happens. I have my phone, a few batteries, a flashlight, oh, I brought the flares for each group incase someone decides to give up or when we found that 'secret item,' and a first aid kit for injuries." Well, at least she was proud of it, if anything. The bag was quite big and made a bit of noise when she walked because it seemed to have bounced, oddly.

Maiko counted the people that were in sight now, and only counted five, even though it seemed as though Emi was still out of sight. Takehiko talked to him though, so that meant he was close, probably hurdling the school wall and gate on the other side 'So there's five of us here... Maybe the other five are already at the building then.' She thought and then said, "Let's get headed towards the club building; we don't want to keep the other five waiting, right?" She asked and began walking towards the location all ten of them were supposed to meet up at for the night.

It only took a few minutes to get from the front of the actual school building to the back where the old 1900s school building was, which used to be a club building, and is now where Mirai's legend roams the empty halls. On the short walk there, Maiko hoped she wasn't wrong about the other five being at the building. Thankfully, she wasn't wrong.

Excitedly, she ran up to the other five who had arrived earlier than the five that she met at the front of the building, and greeted them all with her usual beam, "There you are! I was a bit anxious that you five weren't here when we left the front of the school... But you're here, so nothing to worry about." She sighed with relief and then dropped her bag onto the ground, taking out her sticks and a cup. There were ten of them, and there had to be five groups of two. This was going to be the way they chose who picked who. There were five colors, blue, red, green, purple, and yellow, and whoever got each other's colored stick was going to be paired with them for the night. "Ready to pick?" She said excitedly.

Note From Rhia Again: Intro page. You can decide whatever color, but remember that the groups are the pairs on the intro page.


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Emi jumps over the fence to see everyone walking away and towards the building they're supposed to meet at. Following them for a couple of minutes, he reaches the club building and is apparently the last one there as he expected. "Damn." Emi thinks. Maiko mentions how the pairing will work with the whole color thing. What if he got paired with someone he hates? It's a weird way to do it but Emi doesn't complain. I mean it's 1/5 chance of being paired up with someone he'd rather not be with. "Ready to pick?" Maiko said excitedly. Emi scowls to himself. Typical Maiko, always being lively. He thought that was Hachi's job but oh well. Emi set his eyes upon the blue one, making sure nobody else notices it.