Takehiko Kuro

"Just leave her alone."

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Takehiko Kuro


"Yeeees... I am Chou... No. Not Choo-Choo."

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Angry || What I'm Made Of | Crush 40 ||
Emotional || Down | Jason Walker ||

β™” || Name || β™”ImageImageImage
Takehiko Chou Kuro
"Please just call me Takehiko for my own sake."

β™” || Nickname(s) || β™”
Chou | A middle-name given to him by his mother, which now serves as a nickname though often confused for "Choo-Choo" much to his displeasure. Only his girlfriend may use it. Only her.
"Chou. It is Chou! Chou! Chou! NOT CHOO-CHOO."

β™” || Age || β™”
"Apparently I'm near adulthood... but I'm not ready yet."

β™” || Gender || β™”
"I always assumed that was kind-of obvious but who am I to say..."

β™” || Sexuality || β™”
"Never really thought about it, but yeah."

β™” || Romantic Interest || β™”
Shy Girl
"She's my... everything. But let's not go into details, haha."

β™” || Nationality || β™”
"My whole family is Japanese. Parents, Aunts, and even Grannie."

β™” || Face Claim || β™”
Akihito Kanbara


ImageImageβ™” || Height || β™”
5'9" "My families always been one for tall genes."

β™” || Weight || β™”
140 lbs "I don't really wish to talk about it."

β™” || Hair Color || β™”
Saffron Blonde "I take after my mother."

β™” || Eye Color || β™”
Mahogany Brown "I have my fathers eyes."

β™” || Skin Tone || β™”
Lightly Pale "I don't tan. At all. I just burn."

β™” || Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features || β™”
Takehiko has a pretty average appearance and isn't really one to stand out in a crowd. To a degree he could be considered attractive with all things considered, though he's not the type to really believe such things. When it comes to piercings and tattoos he's a bit of a wimp and would rather avoid unnecessary pain! And as far as he's aware he has no birthmarks to mention.
"Average. Yeah, that's how to describe me. Well maybe just above average, if I dare to say so. But I'd happily settle with plain, old average if I'm honest. Just don't make a fuss about me."

β™” || Personality || β™”ImageImage
Takehiko is a very constant individual. He likes things to stay as they are and isn't one to openly welcome the innovation change into his little world. The same could also go for his personality too. Since he was young he hasn't changed all that much. Kind, considerate and very happy-go lucky, Takehiko has always been someone who others take to and welcome into their lives.

When it comes to friends and loved ones he can be very selfless and tends to put others needs before his own. He's a very trusting lad and likes to believe that there's good in everyone, and rarely will ever belittle anyone unless his buttons are truly pushed. In most cases Takehiko is considered a lover as appose to a fighter, which is mainly true, however he isn't slow to put someone in their place if there is a great need for it. Likewise he doesn't hesitate to defend himself either, not that he has to often.

Takehiko is very mature for his age and is considered to be a reasonable all-round nice lad. He knows when to have a laugh and similarly knows when to be serious. He's got a good head on his shoulders and most people tend to rely on him somewhat because of this. People know he'll get the problem sorted and trust his good-nature to not let them down.

All in all he's the sort of person you'd want as a friend rather than an enemy. Not that he has many enemies, if any. Takehiko prefers to get along with others, even if their opinions class, for the sake of making progress. He's confident in his convictions and stands by what he believes to be right, not often showing any signs of shyness, but rather boldness and unwavering confidence.
"You got to do what you got to do really."

ImageImageImageβ™” || Likes || β™”
βœ“ Sweet Foods | "I have a... big appetite when it comes to desserts, haha. I really like to eat. It's my weakness really."
βœ“ Playing Around | "Taking things seriously isn't really my thing. I like to mess around with friends and joke about and have fun."
βœ“ Writing | "Being an author would be kinda cool, I suppose. I don't really share what I write about however. It's weird."
βœ“ Music | "Can't really function without it. You should see me in the morning, I'm all over the place. I need music to live really."
βœ“ Scary Movies | "I love the whole 'on the edge of your seat' sort of thing. It's really thought-provoking once you get into it."
βœ“ Cuddle-Time | "Only me and her know about that. Ehhh... I don't really talk about that in front of the others, you know. Hush."

β™” || Dislikes || β™”
βœ— Fighting | "There's just something about it that I can't really watch... but that doesn't mean I wouldn't defend myself."
βœ— Surprises | "If you want to give me something then just hand it over - no need to jump out and scream in my face. Please don't."
βœ— Loud Noises | "Particularly if it's heavy and annoying and constant. There should be a law about this sort of thing, I guess."
βœ— Reality TV | "It really does not interest me in the slightest. Why do people encourage such nonsense? I don't really get it clearly."
βœ— Foolishness | "Some people do really stupid things then whine about it later. Just don't do stupid things people! Think a little."
βœ— Hot Weather | "It nearly killed me once to go outside when it was so hot. Honestly, deadly weather! I swear I'd live in an igloo."

β™” || Fears || β™”
βœ„ Arachnophobia | "Spiders are the worst. I hate them. I see one on the wall and I hide in the next room, you know, bravely."
βœ„ Buried Alive | "It's an odd thing to say that you want to be dead when your buried. You'd think that was obvious, really."
βœ„ Sicknesses | "If I get so much as a sniffle I'm in a panic. I really don't like being bedridden, so it worries me to think that."
βœ„ Rejection | "I think everyone has this fear, so you can relate to me in that regard. What's worse than having your heart broken?"
βœ„ Shadows | "I use to love my shadow as a kid, it was friend and everything but now I can't stand the thing. It's kinda creepy."
βœ„ Tough Girls | "Those girls with the attitudes? Normally with the weepy boyfriend scurrying behind them? Yeah, them. Scaaaaary. Hope my girlfriend doesn't become that. I'd still love her though."

ImageImageβ™” || Bio || β™”
Ever since he was very young Takehiko has lived a pretty as-you-would expect life. He was the only son and child to his married parents and generally lived a happy existence throughout his early years with the couple. His mother was a school teacher and his father a postman. Whenever his parents were at work he was generally left in the care of his grandmother.

Once older and when school came around Takehiko seemed to blossom almost as he gradually excelled at making friends and achieving good grades. He settled in well with his peers and was even considered popular to a degree. Initially once missing the company of his parents Takehiko quickly found contentment with his school friends and hasn't looked back since.

In the years to come it was during one day in particular at school that Takehiko caught the sight of a rather lovely looking girl, Konatsu. For days after that moment he continued to secretly observe the girl, not so much as stalked her, but he always knew when she was near by you could say. It was through his observations that he soon picked up on the bullying that Konatsu had been enduring. Like many others he merely watched at first. By the time he had gathered enough courage Takehiko finally stood up to the bullies in the defense of Konatsu. He still doesn't really know how he managed to do it but he's very thankfully that he did since that encounter later resulted in a date between the pair. A date which would lead to a growing friendship and eventual romance shared between them. When hearing of the Bravery Test both himself and Konatsu were up for it. Personally, himself believing it could bring them closer.

β™” || Other || β™”
☼ Pet | Has a chubby cute cat called Rocky.
☼ Speech Colour | #CC9933

So begins...

Takehiko Kuro's Story


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ImageThe time is 18:00 PM, and the ten students, who have dared to do the Bravery Test, are now preparing to go to the haunted, old clubhouse. Some are still at home, grabbing their phones and anything else that would give them a sense of safety for that night. The others are trying to get into the school, since the gates were shut and it wasn't much of an easy task to get in. The rest of the group was already there, making the sticks for pulling, (Rhia: Keep in mind that this is literally the groups on the intro page!) waiting for the others. Inside the building, however, something seems to be roaming the halls...


Maiko looked at the school's wall that was connected to the locked gate. She brought with her a small bag with water, some medical supplies, a flashlight and a few extra batteries along with the flares for the five groups. How'd she get them? Her dad was a scientist, it wasn't very difficult.

Her three siblings were at home, but they were already asleep, or about to go asleep, and her dad was home to watch over them. Maiko didn't like lying, so she told a partial truth by saying to him that she was out with a few of her friends. This was completely fine with him, and so she was able to leave.

But she forgot that the gates were locked. The wall was probably the only easiest way to get over. 'This... looks a bit difficult...' Maiko thought to herself while she stared up at the wall, which was much taller than she was. After all, she was just a short 5'2 high schooler who was going to have to learn how to scale a 6'4 wall. 'Um... Maybe I should try climbing the tree?' But she has a skirt on. Maybe it was nighttime, but that didn't give a girl to allow herself to lift her skirt.

Still... what other way was there? She could hardly touch the top of the wall.

To lighten up the load, Maiko tossed the bag holding all the supplies over the wall with a little difficulty, seeing how heavy it was for her, and began to try and figure out how to climb the old tree, covered in cobwebs and ants. Surely she still remembered how to climb a tree... It was a small tree also, and one that was easy to climb (despite all the webs and insects on it). Even a sophisticated girl like Maiko used to climb trees when she was little. She did it often with her siblings after they were adopted.

After taking a deep breath, almost like this were a challenging task, and placed her hand on the tree. An ant crawled over her hand and she almost shrieked. Maiko didn't do well with insects, even if they were feeble and mere ants. The girl shook her hand until it fell off and made a quick attempt up the tree to prevent any more bugs from crawling on her. It wasn't that bad, but then the height became a problem. Two of her most feared things in one night? Superb.

This time, she did cry out quietly, even though the tree wasn't very tall. This ended up with her immediately falling off, thankfully, on the right side. At least something good came from her facing her fear of heights and insects. It was lucky fall too because she fell on the soft bag below her. Maiko felt dizzy for a moment and let out a soft groan, "That hurt..." She mumbled to herself while she slowly got off the ground, picking up her bag, and beginning to search around for where the old club house was, where everyone else was supposed to be.

(Rhia: So, as I stated, you can either be at the club building, at home getting ready, or, like Maiko, making your way towards the club building. Try to be at the club building by your second post so we can get things going though!)


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#, as written by Kapento
Takehiko Kuro


I wonder what's she doing right now, probably getting ready and trying to make the most of this night. Takehiko thought amusingly as thoughts of Konatsu came and left his mind in the passing moments. As he dug out his phone from his pocket, and with swift maneuvers of his thumb the blonde boy pressed away at the buttons that decorated his phone. Just a little reminder.

Don't be late - Miss you. xxx

With the message sent he placed the device back into his pocket and continued on his way to the old building. Earlier, Takehiko had already organized his things and knew exactly what he'd be needing for the test. Flashlight, snacks, phone -- all the essentials. He also brought a backpack with him to carry all his things in, along with a blanket, battery's and a few bottles of juice. Maybe he was over packed?

Strolling along Takehiko soon found himself outside of the school gate, prompting himself to throw over his backpack before heaving himself over it with slight difficulty. As he landed on the ground on the other side the boy wondered briefly if Konatsu would be able to get over as he did, which persuaded him to hang around nearby and keep a look-out for the girl. When she arrives I can help her over, makes sense, yeah.

Picking up his bag, it was only then that he vaguely hear a few voices, though didn't bother to invest much attention to them initially. Wonder who's already here? Sounds like some people have already arrived. Looking around, Takehiko noticed a familiar looking boy. Emi.

"No way, Emi, your here before me?" He said in a joking tone. Offering a smile, Takehiko followed the boy's line of sight and quickly recognized the other two girls nearby. "Maiko and Airi! You guys are here too?" Though they all had a bit of a walk to go before they were officially there it still made sense to him. "Figured I might've been first here, guess not though. Hope you all came prepared for tonight."

Digging out his phone again he quickly began texting Konatsu.

Meet you at the gates. I'm already here. xxx

Putting away his phone, Takehiko returned his focus to the boy and girls once more whilst he waited for Konatsu.


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Konatsu Aoki was surprisingly sneaky, or so she thought as she lie under her covers, listening to every noise made by her father downstairs. 18:00 was an early hour for sleeping, but Konatsu had, with a lot of preparation, managed to make her fabrication believable. For the past few nights she'd been retiring to her room at an early hour, as well as hiding under the covers so that the objects she’d hide under them in her place would seem natural. For, she knew that her father would have never let her go to the bravery test. Even the half-truth that she'd be out with Takehiko would have seemed rather shady to him. Not that he'd be the type to get mad, as Mr. Aoki had been quite the troublemaker as a teenager and she was sure that he had done something similar, and thus would blame it upon her merely being the age she was. Still she felt it best that he not ask her any questions, leading to the many preparations she'd taken to make sure that her escape would be successful.

It had helped that it was the Ghost Festival, as her dad had announced to her that he would be out with some friends, most likely downing mass amounts of coffee. The man was an addict. So, she waited silently under her covers, feigning sleep, until she was sure that the coast was clear. At the sound of a slamming front door, she scurried out of her bed, and immediately filling the void under her blankets with stuffed animals that she kept tucked away in her closet. It was only when she felt it convincing that she changed out of her pajamas, pulling on a pair of jeans and a yellow tee-shirt. Knowing how easily she became cold, she threw on a light jacket and scarf, despite the fact that it was August.

And now to pack a bag. She wasn't sure what to pack due to the fact that she'd never actually done something like this and she knew that, in her excitement, she'd probably forget something. So, she grabbed her phone, sticking it in her pants pocket, a flashlight, a bottle of water, and a first aid kit. Would that be enough? Most likely, though she threw another jacket in there, just in case she did happen to get even colder.

She hurried down the steps and into the kitchen on her home's first story, snagging a pair of sneakers as she went. She debated bringing some food, settling upon an unopened box of caramel corn that she was sure her father wouldn't miss. After she slipped on her shoes, she decided that she was good to go, putting everything she had touched back the way she'd found it and slipping out the front door. She had only walked for a few moments when she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket, coming to a halt so that she could check her messages. With a smile, she saw that it was from Takehiko, checking to make sure that she wouldn't forget. Her fingers glided over the electronic keyboard, typing a reply of her own that read: I'm on my way. See you soon! paired with an emoticon heart that she, personally, thought may be a bit cheesy. However, she sent it anyway, tucking the electronic device back into her pocket.

It didn't take long for her to reach the group's meeting point, though she had been forced to take the extra measure of hiding when she noticed a few of her dad's work buddies out and about. She'd somehow ended up in a bush whilst trying to avoid them, her phone silently vibrating in her pocket as she hid, hoping that whomever was texting her wasn't trying to convey something super-duper important. And, when she had finally assumed that she had made it, her path was soon found blocked by the school's locked gate. However, she wasn't alone, as she recognized a few of the other students as well as her boyfriend hanging around nearby, though they had all made it over already. She waved, shyly, at the other students, tossing her bag over the fence and watching it land on the concrete. Now if she could just figure out how she wanted to go about getting over. Where the gate ended was a wall, a nearby tree providing what looked to be an easy entrance, though she didn't like the prospect of having to jump down from it once she had reached the top. She decided that she would try the gate, clinging to every opening she could find as she scaled its surface. It didn't take too terribly long for her to reach the top, climbing down the other side a bit before jumping, landing near her bag. Once she had retrieved her things, she swiftly located Takehiko and drifted to his side.


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Emi jumps over the fence to see everyone walking away and towards the building they're supposed to meet at. Following them for a couple of minutes, he reaches the club building and is apparently the last one there as he expected. "Damn." Emi thinks. Maiko mentions how the pairing will work with the whole color thing. What if he got paired with someone he hates? It's a weird way to do it but Emi doesn't complain. I mean it's 1/5 chance of being paired up with someone he'd rather not be with. "Ready to pick?" Maiko said excitedly. Emi scowls to himself. Typical Maiko, always being lively. He thought that was Hachi's job but oh well. Emi set his eyes upon the blue one, making sure nobody else notices it.