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The Breedery

The Breedery


Kidnapped and taken to another dimension by a vicious species who want the humans for breeding and something much worse! Only the strongest can survive but will they?

1,530 readers have visited The Breedery since WhenWorldsFall created it.



"The world has changed
So much so that I’m cautious
But caution couldn’t save me
From the worst change of them all."

In the last year something unbelievable has occurred and the governments of our world continue to turn a blind eye to the evidence surrounding them. The media coverage on events all around the world are being filtered and corrupted to keep the populations calm and controlled. The panic is inevitable though.
We are no longer alone in the universe.
Things that don't belong on earth have begun to appear alongside strange sightings, supernatural occurrences and more. Unfortunately these ‘events’ are not our usual quota of extra-terrestrial, at least we had Independence Day and Will Smith to inspire us for such an occasion. No according to scientists who are fighting against the government to divulge the truth, the veil between our world and another has been pierced. As the universal wall separating us blurs, a new age will begin.

There’s no telling what happens when two alternate dimensions collide, if that’s what’s even happening!
An internet society has opened online to discuss how to combat and understand the changing times, headed by scientists and people from all over the world refusing to simply ignore the phenomenon any longer. It’s taken months but more and more people in the world are panicking. I can feel that things are only just getting started, and it's going to get a whole lot worse.

"Beneath us is a new world
One we can’t deny
Finally it has found us
And we're all soon to die."

"Creatures from beneath
Are coming up above
But what we fear the most
Is being dragged below."

Things have gotten worse far quicker than I could have imagined. People are going missing and no one who disappears has been recovered since, no dead bodies and no real paper trail. People are simply vanishing. I'm a little afraid. Young adults are being snatched left right and center. Every month, somewhere in the world large quantities of them go missing within a night.

Most of us now refer to our world as the Upper Land because the alternate world is beneath us. How do we know? Everything from that world comes up from underneath us, like it's crawling out of the earth to take revenge on the human species. The scientists say there are pockets all over the world, forever shifting, allowing things to travel between our world and theirs. The pockets are slowly getting bigger, inch by inch. We call their world the Underland and we fear that whatever lives in Underland knows about us and how to use the shifting pockets to get to us. Soon will our worlds be completely joined?

"Below is where they come from
A world unlike our own
And once you’ve been dragged down
You’re never coming home."

"We’re below now and it’s frightening
I heard someone cry out near to me
After being dragged so far below
We’ve turned up at THE BREEDERY."

Hello, welcome to one of my many adventures planned out in this treacherous setting. I do wish to point out that none of the information or ideas depicted here are to go any further than this roleplay as they are being used within my writing. I simply desired to have a little play with my ideas and you are warmly welcome to join me. Please respect my request and thank you in advance.

The roleplay focuses on a group of youths who are captured and taken to the dreaded Underland. Despite the many adventures lurking here, this one will focus on 'The Breedery.'

The Breedery is a stone and metal fortress lying in wait within a sweltering climate. The Breedery is the home of a humanoid species existing of strong women and stronger men. They create weapons of war for those of the Underland and lend out their forces to those willing to pay. They are nicknamed Excecutioner's.

Taking the opportunity to ravish the human world for goods, the Excecutioner's are the ones responsible for the monthly kidnappings. They take humans as test subjects for the weapons they are creating and they also take them for breeding, in order to introduce fresh blood to their gene pool. The humans are genetically fabulous, and are ideal for creating a new, stronger breed. The Excecutioner's only desire the fittest and finest for their bloodline however, so if you're not good for breeding you're good for killing.

This roleplay will focus on the youths as they are thrown into the world of Excecutioners. Will they survive and most importantly will they ever escape?

If that tickles your fancy, read on....

Players can have two characters, it is preferable that these characters be of different species or gender. If someone wishes to create any male human characters or female executioners, please ask me personally as their roles will have to be specially integrated into the plot. This will be fairly easy to do for a female executioner but not so much for a male human so I will limit human male characters or native underland male characters to a total of one of each sort.

[Captured from modern society on earth (now dubbed Upperland)]



Natives of Underland
Natives of Underland who have also been captured by the Excecutioners. Nonhuman



[Humanoid Native's of the Underland who live in and operate The Breedery]


If you wish to have an NPC that is exclusive to you but is more of a second/background character please add these to the bottom of your main character profile and clearly show they are NPC’s and separate from your main character. All characters are open to death (in a controlled and decided fashion of course) so please keep in mind it might be a good idea to have a NPC.

The general plot begins with our unfortunates entering into The Breedery after two days of walking a treacherous wooden road snaked throughout mountains in the blistering heat. They will have been dragged through a portal, before being unbound and forced into a thick crowd. This crowd will have slowly been moving towards the Breedery.
They did the walk frightened and confused. Strange guards hid up in towers along the way, those who began to fight or tried to go back were shot by a metal arrow. Not only that but Individuals around them constantly fainted and fell to their deaths in the heat. They witnessed it for a long time occurring in the distance as little dots dropped from the road but didn't realize what it was until it happened nearby. Nobody lent a helping hand to anyone. All they could do was walk as guards and flocks of circling foreign birds watched from above.

On entering the Breedery, they will be sorted into gender first before being forced into a thinner line where each can be individually inspected by an executioner. Within one minute their fate will be decided. A brief once over and look at your vital signs will decide whether you go right or left. Being unhealthy, ugly or physically weak in appearance sends you right, being healthy, attractive and physically strong in appearance gets you sent left. Right leads to the battle arena and weapons testing floor, left leads to the stables where prime and potential breeders live.

Only female go to the stables, males will naturally go to the arena but a worthy few may be selected to join the executioners.

From here, introductions to their new lives, competitions, tests and survival are on the cards for our unfortunates. Friendships will be formed and broken, enemies will be made and death will always be biting at their heels.

1| The Breedery isn't the original name for where our youths end up, but was dubbed The Breedery by natives of the Underland due to the Executioners obsession with breeding. It's no secret any good looking male or female is at risk of being seized by them regardless of species. The Executioners will go through an annual ceremony entirely dedicated to courtship. The strong are filtered from the weak via contests and examinations. Individuals are pitted against one another, bets are made as are reservations for ideal/desired mates.

|2 [The males and females generally live separately and only usually come together for the annual courtship. In the meantime, the males devote their time to creating weapons of war. Everyone in Underland knows that the Executioners are the best in the business for weaponry and war (a common thing in Underland). The Executioner perfect their weapons in a brutal way, by inviting leaders and prominent figures to battle arenas. Slaves and kidnapped unfortunates are pitted against one another in battle with new weapons they have created. Sometimes the Executioners take it upon themselves to demonstrate the weapons on the unfortunate individuals who end up in their fortress.

3| It is rare for a male not born within the fortress to be accepted as an Executioner, however it isn't unheard of if one shows particular skill and strength. Women on the other hand are greedily gathered and accepted into the Executioner way of life as long as they are strong and worthy of giving birth to their bloodline. Champions in the annual ceremony are often reserved for the Leaders Bloodline otherwise known as the 'Royal' Bloodline.

|4 The Underland is a chaotic mishmash of time. Some parts of the Underland still operate via fire and the ways of the dark age. Other parts are highly developed. All travel by foot, portal, horse or other creatures. The Breedery has basic electricity for lighting and tools, but powercuts often occur as they suffer from terrible lightening storms. They do have basic plumbing for drinking water and washing but 'toilets' are more stools with an ever running flush of water beneath. They have basic furniture etc. Their weaponry however is both medieval and advanced. A brutal combination representing how backward and strange the Underland can be.

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[font=Matura MT Script Capitals][size=150]Physical State[/size]

Species | (if not human what are you and what do we need to know about your kind)

Age |

Moderate Description | (Paragraph for Appearance)

Physical state | Physically Fit/ Physically Adequate/ Physically Weak

Magical State | Strong/ Adequate/ Weak/ Null

Capacity to Breed | Yes/ No

[right][img]PLACE IMAGE HERE[/img][/right]
[size=150]Mental State[/size]

Main Personality Traits | place here | place here | place here

place general personality below.

Capacity to be tamed | None | With difficulty | With Ease | To be decided


Where do you originate from | Upperland? Underland? London? Japan?

Strengths |

Weaknesses |

Hobbies |

What were you doing before you were taken |


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Most recent OOC posts in The Breedery

Re: The Breedery

still interested

Re: The Breedery

I'm still in if you do start it

Re: The Breedery

Okay i didnt realise the site was back up after like, trying forever i gave up! A little late to start this one im guessing :)

Re: The Breedery

the site is back, and so am I! I need to think up a character! -flails-

Also, could I make a male and a female human? Either that or a male executioner and a female human

Re: The Breedery

I'm not exactly sure how to change Tor, I keep looking at him and thinking but I'm stumped, HAAAALP!

Re: The Breedery

So, I'm back. I checked in early, and then fell off the face of the earth. I'm still interested, though, and if it's not too much hassle, I'd love a female executioner? Villains are so fun! I love the idea of this, and I'll be speedy if we're starting soon.

Re: The Breedery

Yeah you might need to change him a little in regards to the general descriptions I've posted below :)

Re: The Breedery

I love the way this sounds, it is going to be awesome. I hope Tor is ok, If you need me to change him I will.

Re: The Breedery

Okay so, here's the private message.

In regards to character interaction, male executioners will be coming down to the level where the captured females are held and groomed for the trials and annual courtship. They visit often at this time of year to get acquainted with the potential girls available, they take the opportunity to charm the girls to sway them into taking part in the trials willingly as well as getting one up on their comrades. If girls prefer them more they will have a larger selection to chose from.

They will also take part in the trials. The very last trial is combat where an executioner must defeat the female he wishes to take as a breeding partner. If he cannot defeat her he simply doesnt deserve someone of her caliber. So in short there will be plenty of opportunities for interaction.

The girls will all be cooped up together, and they will be hugely competing against one another for survival. So they'll be interacting constantly. The female roles are definitely to be considered the main character roles.

#3 In regards to the annual courtship, that will be taking place shortly after characters settle in. This will entail examinations, tests, combat and competitions. The winner can be decided via collaboration and planning or we can do a rock paper scissors style decision. It also depends whether our main characters are against NPC's.

#4 Characters will not be confined to a cell, that would be boring and such a thing would probably kill a roleplay before it even begins!

The finale trials and the annual courtship in general will be a large part of the arc after that those that have survived this will have the best chance and opportunity to try and escape if they still desire to. The A.C (annual courtship) will give people a chance to communicate, develop characters, establish enemies and friendships etc.

Re: The Breedery

Okay awesome :)

@zeph is dark as hell :) and of course you can reserve :)

Okay well: the average executioner is tall, broad and very strong. They all tend to be muscular as they're constantly doing manual labor. They tend to be dark haired, tanned skinned, tough skinned too. Their eye colours range from shades of violet, red, yellow and orange. The front two teeth on top and bottom of their jaw is exactly like a humans but the rest all come to sharper points including molars.

In reference to the RP being dark as hell, yeah you've got a basic grasp of it :) although over time the executioners have come to making the baby making occasion a little less savage by trying to get to know the breeder prior to the annual breeding. I explained it a little in a pm to someone interested in joining so I'll add that in here too :) however if someone doesn't want to breed with an executioner and charm doesn't work well fuck it, doesn't matter what they think anyway! So yeah you've got the general idea. I'm expecting plenty of questions about this so that it doesn't go the wrong way to what I've got in mind.

Re: The Breedery

Hi, loving the megadark theme running here, "Breeding"? damn, I love and hate it but god I love being a villain. Can I please reserve one male Executioner, BTW, what exactly do the Executioners look like? I get they are humanoid, but what distinguishes them? horns? red eyes? fangs? what? just so know how to describe my character. oh and while I am here, I am assuming that this RP is gonna be dark as hell, just going by the intro, I mean, I feel like it is safe to say these human women are pretty much going to be abused, raped and used as baby factories. Am I wrong? did I miss something?

Re: The Breedery

I'm going to also be making a male executioner.

Re: The Breedery

So many real life images I could use D: no digital...blah!!

Re: The Breedery

I would love to join in this!
May I reserve a female human?
If so here is her info,
Nama- Tatiana
Ethnicity- Japanese
FC- Nana Osaki
I don't have a computer right now so I will make my character sheet tomorrow at the library .

Re: The Breedery

I think it was decided that we're going digital, to creat consistency with that of the human and more inhuman based characters

Re: The Breedery

I'd be interested in a human female, I'm thinking African American. Has it been decided if we're doing digital or realistic FC's?

Re: The Breedery

Of course, what kind of characters is everyone looking at here so I can do reservations and get a good idea of what we need :) just so you all know I'll be taking one of each plus potentially multiple Npc

Re: The Breedery

This looks very interesting, I like the concept you have here very much. I'd be interested in joining in if you'd have me. :)

Re: The Breedery

I do.

Could I join in?
The roleplay.
And maybe the conversation.

Anyways, have a great day!


Re: The Breedery

Who needs sleep :P