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The Chimera

"I used to be much different a long time ago. When I could control myself..."

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a character in “The Broken Continent”, as played by zody




"I am Edan, but you idiots seem to want to call me the Chimera. Yes, my form changes, but I do not. Now leave, before I castrate you and shove your balls down your fucking throat, you swines!"

Name: Edan
Gender: Male
Physical Age: 20
Actual Age: 28
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Golden
Race: Chimera
Affiliation: "I work for myself, and myself alone. Now leave".

Role: The Chimera
(This image is Edan whilst in his 'stabilized' form.)

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Edan, due to his past, is cold. He naturally disdains those who make their way to his cave and will openly challenge them in a show to scare them away, due to his decision to be a self-proclaimed Pacifist. Edan's chilly exterior hides a rather playful person, enjoying the company of others and reveling in socialization with companions who can deal with his spur-of-the-moment shapeshifting. Edan is rather laid-back, and maybe a little bit eccentric. But where, you ask, did the old Edan go?

Whoever said he left~?


+ Good Company
+ Weaponry
+ Hunting
+ Solitude
+ Not having to fight(?)
+ Chocolate
+ People who he can relate to and who will tolerate him
+ Fire, Rain and the Wind
+ Science!

- Fighting & Violent People(?)
- Demons(?)
- The Demon Queen(?)
- His Past and his old Self(?)
- Spicy Food
- Creepy little children
- Rapists

+ Edan has a deep fear of being captured, stemming from his imprisonment in the Citadel.
+ He also has a fear of accidentally letting go and awakening his old self once again.

- Edan worked for the Demon Queen as a murderous killer who wiped out entire towns with a smile. He still thinks about it a lot, and sometimes you can hear him chuckling under his breath, almost as if...
- Edan became a Pacifist because of his past, but he can't help but think about how good it feels to separate a spinal cord from a person's back.

+ Forging his own weapons and armor
+ Meditation
+ Hunting for food
+ Reading and researching
+ Performing Magickal and scientific experiments (SCIENCE!)

Outlook on Life: Edan doesn't particularly think life is all that fun. His only goals are to find a cure for the Demon Taint and to get revenge on the Demon Queen, the only person he doesn't mind letting his old self out for. A bleak outlook and pessimism combined make Edan a sorry person, yet he always finds a way to cheer himself up, even if only temporary.
"Life is short, and in my life I plan on righting my wrongs, getting my vengeance and fixing this goddamn mess"

One question remains, though...
Is this really


Standing before you is a 7 foot 6 inch tall ‘Chimera’, with a lithe body covered in highly visible muscles. He is currently wearing a pair of black, scaled armor pants that reach down to just above his knees. He is carrying an axe twice his size on his back, a blade half his height at his side and a bow with a quiver full of arrows on his back. His face is fairly human in shape, but has coal black scales with a red undertone on each cheek, and a few just barely visible below his eyes. He has a rather masculine, angular jawline. The very long, dark brown hair atop his head is parted by a pair of large, adept mismatching ears that always seem to be listening. One is that of a Wolf, and the other is that of a Tiger. His hair is tied back in a warrior’s ponytail, reaching his lower back, and has a red streak at the front above his left eye. The Chimera’s mouth contains a thick, fleshy tongue that, if he so desires, can telescope to a distance of about five feet. It has sufficient manual dexterity that he can use it almost like a third arm. Also in his mouth sits two sets of teeth, a retractable pair at the back filled with razor-sharp blade-teeth used for one sole purpose; devouring prey. His regular canine teeth are quite extended, a small groove in his bottom jaw giving them the space they need to escape from grinding against his lower set of teeth. A mismatched pair of four inch horns grow from the sides of his head, one sweeping backwards and ending in an ultra-sharp point whilst the other spikes upwards like that of a buck, adding to his imposing visage. His eyes are both a gleaming golden, one with a canine-like pupil and the other sporting the pupil of a reptile.
The Chimera has a humanoid shape with a regular human torso adorned with a few scales placed here and there, albeit symmetrically. His abdominals are well defined, with a border of coal black scales outlining them even further. His arms are terribly well-muscled, the right arm being that of a human whilst his left arm is much more odd in appearance. Dark green serpentine scales cover his left arm from the shoulder down, giving off a snake-like appearance. His hands are also odd, his right hand being oddly normal except the knife-sharp, albeit rather normal-sized, nails. His left hand is covered in more dark green scales, ending in humanoid hand with long, three inch nails tipped with some sort of venom. Magnificent wings sprout from his shoulders. When unfurled they stretch further than his arm span, and a single beat of them is all he would need to set out toward the sky. One looks a bit like bats wing, but the membranes are covered in fine, delicate scales and a wicked talon juts from the end of each bone; the other is that of some type of bird, most likely a giant Raven. Sitting casually between them is what seems to be a shark fin, colored orange with black stripes.
He has slightly-flared hips that match his trim, lithe body, and, if you look, his incredibly tight, perky butt molds closely against his form. Four swishing, colorful fox's tails extend from his incredibly tight, perky rear, curling around his body - the soft fur feels lovely. Another long, draconic tail sweeps around him viciously, a soft-looking tip hiding a blade-like appendage he can call upon to eviscerate his prey. A small flame sits upon it, blazing brightly yet coolly. Two surprisingly human-like legs grow down from the Chimera’s curved hips, sheathed in black scales and ending in, yet again mismatched feet.
Halfway down his left leg, black feathers cover his flesh. The Crow-like feathers continue down to his feet, covering them aside from the three talons that sit where human toes would be, and a single fourth talon on the back. They look just as sharp as his claws. His right leg is covered in a fair bit of fur, ending in the hoof of a goat that looks like it could crush even bone.

His 'stabilized' (Human) form is depicted in the above picture. For his old look, see below.

Injuries: Edan's body is covered in wounds ranging from cuts to burns and Magickal injuries. Most of these have scarred over, but his most notable injuries are;
+ The scar on the right side of his chin, inflicted by a knife in a fight with a crafty Imp.
+ Two massive scars across his chest that form an 'x' shape, inflicted upon him by the Demon Queen.
+ A scar from the very axe he wields, inflicted by a Minotaur whilst he was on a trek up the Mountains.
+ A slight limp in his left leg, a constant reminder of his old self.


Miscellaneous Items:

Skills & Abilities:

+ Major Skill 1
+ Major Skill 2
+ Major Skill 3
+ Minor Skill 1
Minor Skill 2
Minor Skill 3
Legendary Skill: (Main Characters Only)
(Example: Swordsmanship – _____ is exceptionally skilled with blades, allowing him/her/it to use them better than the common populace.
Example 2: Regeneration - _____ can regenerate health, although they're not immune to fatal wounds.

Race Abilities: (Will be outlined later on.)

Abilities: (Max 3 Major and 3 Minor. One Legendary for Main Characters.)



Other Information:


Edan was 18 when the Demon portal opened in Canberra, enveloping the Australian capital and drenching his world in the Red Mist. Living in Canberra at the time, he was actually on holiday up in Queensland visiting friends and his Uncle when it all happened. He tried to contact his Mother in Canberra, but since all electronics were disabled, he wasn't able to. Fearing the worst, he traveled back down to Canberra with his Uncle, where he witnessed firsthand the horrors that had unraveled inside the now-destroyed capital. During his return to Canberra, he was forced to watch a group of Demons rape and then disembowel a young girl, he was almost killed by a looter, he found his Mother's corpse and the trashed house and his dead pets. On the way out of Canberra, he saw the beginnings of the Citadel being build with the Magick and the destruction of both New and Old Parliament House. It was just after he left that the Red mist enshrouded his ex-hometown and began to slide across the skies like some sort of twisted banner of war.

Reaching Sydney, he and his Uncle gathered the Family that lived there and left only a few days before the Demons attacked. Stuck in a car with a screaming girl and no way to vent his anger, his depression resurfaced and he threw himself out of the car. His Uncle stopped and, risking valuable time to escape the Mist, helped Edan regain his senses before they resumed their trip with the tide of Red at their backs like a constant reminder of the terror that awaited them if they failed to escape. By this time, a lot of people had boarded boats and planes and left the country, but that night, somehow, the boats and planes that had not left became unusable. Edan and family hadn't stopped moving for a second, yet they somehow managed to get back up to Queensland and head to the airport.

Not knowing about the planes and boats no longer working, Edan and his family boarded a plane and took to the air, only to be suddenly enveloped in the Red Mist. Edan, his family and the few friends of his that had come with them, all screamed in terror as their plane crashed into the mountains. Edan woke up a few hours later, a piece of metal pierced through his left leg and the dead body of his Uncle laying mere centimeters away from him. Escaping the crash site, Edan realised he was too high for the Mist to get him. Unfortunately, Edan's happiness was cut short by his first contact with a Demon.

A winged monstrosity with more mouth than face, it lunged at him with its eyeless features and gaping maw bloody from the corpse it had been feasting on. Edan, unable to move because of the metal in his leg, was an easy target. Edan crawled into a burrow in the ground, huddling there as the monster slowly dug its way in to feast. Facing life or death, Edan went berserk and yanked the metal free from his shattered knee, throwing it up just in time to pierce the Demon's chest. The rabid beast struggled before going still, and Edan, blind with rage and sorrow, beat it into a literal pulp.

The Red Mist began to move upwards, and Edan woke up one night to find his leg healed, but his skin was scaly and deformed instead of skin. The boy ran.
He ran down the mountains, every injury from every fall or scrape healing almost instantly as it was replaced with scales. Edan, falling to his knees as the bottom of the mountain, screamed his feelings out until blood dripped from his mouth and his torn throat. He let himself go limp, hoping for death, but fate was cruel.

The Demon Queen found him.

Almost three years passed as Edan begged for an end. He was tortured, having his nails torn out as they healed over and came back the next day, only to be yanked out again. His injuries were filled with salt and vinegar mixed with alcohol, and his old scars were torn open and lapped up by the blood-drinking monsters. Edan suffered for three years in a dirty dungeon before the Queen brought him up to her Citadel and, seeing him still alive, made him the primary test subject for the Demon experiments. Another five years passed as Edan's body and mind were experimented on, twisted and broken and then rebuilt. The Chimera, in all its disturbed glory, was born then. He, when not being the labrat he almost always was, was the Queen's boy-toy and personal slave. Eventually, the goal of the Demon 'Scientists' was complete. They had created the ultimate killing machine.

While there were still a lot of Human settlements then, people who were barely surviving as a colony, Edan was unleashed upon the continent. He led an army of Demons that slaughtered, ravaged, burned and destroyed anything in their path. Edan himself did nothing except murder, delighting in the taste of blood as he sucked it from the gushing hearts of his fallen prey. A year passed like this and the majority of Humankind had been mutated or annihilated, and Edan, while on a mission into the Spire in the center of the Great Central Desert, came back alone and a changed man. He remembered the prisoners below the Citadel in the dungeons and, once back there, lead a Revolution that ended with Edan and his fellow prisoners escaping the fortress. It was then that Edan fought and defeated his old friend, now reborn as the Black Knight, and became free and the pacifist he is today.

Now, constantly hunted by Demon and Hunters alike, Edan hides himself away, waiting for his eventual, blissful death.

Except it won't come.

Image Gallery >=D

Lord of Blood Edan and Chaos Armour Edan
Another Edan Picture
More LoB Edan and CA Edan
More Chaos Armour Edan
Lord of Blood Edan, with Blood!
Apparently Chaos Armour Edan even freaks Lord of Blood Edan out...

So begins...

The Chimera's Story


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#, as written by Dottie
Mother never told me this would be annoying but then again when was she ever around to tell me anything? Dee dropped her head in her hands before sighing. Maybe I should of done some research before tricking Edan. Heh, boy can be as stupid as a rock... Dee ran her hands over the top of her legs before standing. She was told that someone known as The Scholar was going to be coming to Stihlholme anytime now. If that was true she would have to give the little darling a show. Dee was content on taking over Stihlholme, it was just a matter of time.

Her long legs strolled over to the window where she watched people wonder around. If only they knew he servants were out there, in the shadows, watching them. As she stood there more humans were being experimented on but she focused on the one experiment she knew wouldn't fail her. Dee gave a soft giggle before tapping the window. It showed her the town, where people were, and so forth. The finger tips softly swiped over the window and it showed exactly what she was looking for. Edan. As always he was up to something. She went to clear the window when a sharp pain in her hip made her stop. "For the love of every fucking thing that is evil don't you dare start up right now!" She yelled and accidentally set her couch on fire. Rolling her eyes Dee whipped her hand to the side and the fire stopped, leaving a dark burnt spot on the couch. She shimmered and landed right behind Edan, invisible.

(sorry for the short and crapatatsic post >.< I am at work)

The setting changes from Earth to Stihlholme


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#, as written by zody
A deep rumbling came from below the ground, loud and angry before the ground of under the two men cracked and groaned as several more tentacles burst suddenly from the surface, writhing and reaching outwards and upwards as if stretching. The rumbling roar grew louder as the ground cracked and, from that hole came the head once again. It opened wide, revealing a huge maw full of gigantic razor-like teeth dripping with that same acid. No eyes or ears were visible, but it could see those who stood before it. Rearing back, it spat at Jin. A thick glob of vicious purple stuff that would burn right through the skin and melt the bone if it hit. Tendrils lashed violently, pulsating a deep red and purple as they swung to and fro at Jun, some grabbing the half-dissolved bodies and tossing them into the mouth of the creature as it roared at Jin yet again, acid pouring from its jaws like drool. It was ready to fight, but were they?

"Huh... If I didn't have business to attend to, I'd stay for longer". The Masked Man stood up, turning around and dropping down from the roof to vanish into the crowd that had gathered to watch the fight.

The door to the Avant-Garde Flower Shop opened as a man stepped in, looking around with a small smile. Stepping further inside, he took a deep breath and sighed contentedly. "Ah, the smell of flowers is awfully calming, is it not?". Moving throughout the shop rather casually, it was odd for Edan to be in such a peaceful place, and he absolutely loved it. Hearing the roaring was getting on his nerves, but he couldn't intervene even if he wanted to.

And honestly, he really did.

'Pacifism is the only way to redeem myself, but... Sometimes, I think it's a stupid idea'. Internal conflict was something Edan was no stranger to, but lately his ability to trust in his decision to become a pacifist had been wavering. 'Was it really the best thing? Of course. if you let go, he might come out again and you know what'll happen then!'. Edan shook his head, silencing the voice in the back of his mind and continuing to look through the Flower Shop.

Meanwhile, the girl Jun had saved watched as the beast emerged from the ground. She bit her lip, looking at the purple man as he stood beside the green man who stood in front of the giant green thing. He told her to be careful.

She looked at him again, and blinked.

"Please don't die..."


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Jin, slightly taken aback by the tremors he took several hurried steps back from the hole just as the head came bursting forth, nearly tripping over the filth in the streets. Tentacles burst forth around him and the mild shock on his expression turned to a grin. Now was the real fight. "There you are....A beast should die in a real fight not hiding in the ground like a worm. Your death will be a spectacular one."

Jin was suddenly distracted by the small girl that stood next to him. Almost simultaneously the beast spit. Jin grabbed the child with one arm and leapt out of the way, tumbling but protecting her with his body and managing somehow to land upright, skidding and landing on his arse. "Goddammit you... small beast child! Do you WISH to be eaten or destroyed?! Get out of here!"

He set her on her feet and pointed down a street clear of damage and bile. He'd dropped one of his swords in the tumble and it lay several feet closer to the beast. He turned his back to the child and hurried back to claim his sword, his thick green tail lashing in annoyance. He needed a way to counter act the acid if he was ever going to defeat this beast effectively. Hacking at it in random places wasn't going to get him anywhere and it seemed the tentacles had a habit of replacing themselves. He glared up at the beast his stance defensive for the moment. Any tentacles that came at him faced his blades.


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0.00 INK

Jun was impressed and pleased to see the green skinned male save the little girl from earlier. But the situation had seemed to change quite a lot. Things were much more intense now and he had to be even more careful than ever.
As the ground trembled and the beast finally showed itself, Jun too took quite a few steps back as he studied the quite large Demon in disgust. "Scum." He simply said out loud, directed at the Demon. This vile creature really pissed him off just to look at it.

Jun turned to where the ground had gathered and started making hand movements to shoo them away "get back! Evacuate the area unless you want to be eaten!" He had no idea why people were still watching, they were pretty stupid, hadn't their natural instincts to survive kick in yet? Didn't matter as they were now finally clearing out of the way in a hurried panic, like they had just realised there was the possibility that they could die.

Just as he was about to prepare himself, he noticed the green skinned male's sword was dauntingly close to the creature, that might be a problem, especially with all that acid being shot out more frequently and in larger proportions. That acid was extremely deadly and although he had healthy properties in him, getting hit by that stuff would simply be too lethal even for him. It would burn right through.

A few tentacles were shot his way and his attention immediately returned to the beast before him. He swiftly dodged what ever tentacles he could and firmly sliced the others out of his way with much strength. One tentacle however caught him on his blind spot and just as it was a few centimetres away, he jammed three needles in at once, them jumped back. It was a quick defensive attack so he was unsure which needles were completely toxic and which were only for paralysis. It didn't matter, he was safe and that was close. But he felt like he wasn't getting anywhere, just continuously slicing tentacle after tentacle.

Jun turned to the green skinned male and yelled out to him, shifting between dodging the attacks and avoiding the acid, multitasking was pretty hard when your life was at stake. "Hey! Do you need any help?!" He yelled, referring to the male who wished to retrieve his sword. Although he did not look like the type to want to accept any help at all in any situation, it was worth a shot. If only there was a way to distract this thing. Dodging acid and tentacles couldn't go on forever. He didn't even know if this thing was immune to poisons or paralysis or not, for all he knew throwing his needles at it could be a waste of time and needles. This was frustrating.


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Jin looked over at Jun who, honestly seemed like he had his hands full dodging tentacles. Yet he still asked if he needed help. Jin had no idea what to think of the guy. His selfless attitude was more than a little annoying and frankly he was surprised to see Jun could actually handle himself when not racing to save someone. Jin had no desire to accept Jun's help. He knew he could handle the beast on his own without trouble but the guy seemed like he was in on the fight whether Jin wanted him there or not. His desire to save the innocents would force him to stay in the fight. He might as well make use of him, right?

"We need to cut off the head...and I have an idea, will you work with me?"

Jin moved forward in order to retrieve his sword, using the one he had to guard against attacking tentacles as he did so. He made quick work of the retrieval wasting no time to snatch it up.

The setting changes from Stihlholme to Earth


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Anna was humming to herself lowly as she was thinking to herself. She often questioning her coming to this kind of place. Fighting those… beings was the slightest of her concerns; she would be quite glad to help out However, at the same time making her strong, her draconic nature requires her to be secretive about it. She could come out and say that dragons are real, but then who would believe her? Other than her sister and the dragon community, there wouldn’t be much humans to trust her. Until when she’ll use her powers.

She wouldn’t be scared to make such decision, but she was wise about it. Even though that she would prove the existence of dragons, what next? How will the humans will react? Will the dragons and humans be able to coexist without being a disaster in the future? Those questions in her head often made her go too far. With her imagination, she pictured all the possible outcome. At final, she guessed that humans would be too arrogant about it and may cause a war if not later. Especially in a situation like this, it wasn’t the time, but when?

It was with this question that she accidently bumped into someone. She gasped as she was still in her thoughts. The dragon quickly turned around to be faced with a man taller than her. She looked a bit surprised; with the screams that she heard, she didn’t expect someone to be here. Well, someone else than her sister. She let out a sigh as she was reassured that it was only Edan. There was always something that tick her off about him, but she could never put her mind on it. She shook her head, letting her thoughts go.

“Sorry for that. I was lost in my own thoughts.” She would say. She looked up at him, smiling. “I’m happy to see you here. I was getting a bit alone.” She said. She looked by the window, a bit worried. “I hope the other people are alright.” She then look back at him, still smiling slightly. “How are you, thought?” She asked, trying to change the subject in her mind.

The setting changes from Earth to Stihlholme


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0.00 INK

#, as written by zody
(This fight was co-written by RoyalBurden who played Jin, obviously =3
Yeah, this Coniungo is very different from the others, as you'll see later on~)

Jin's now-flaming blade found purchase in the beasts left arm alright, but the scales suddenly gave in and Jin would feel his blade slide straight through without any effort. On closer inspection, however, the Coniungo leaped away, leaving only a small charred pieces of still-writhing worms near Jin. Speaking again, the Coniungo turned from its new perch atop the bar and fired a few more rounds of purple acid. "You use fire, but wrong way". Jin smirked, spinning his swords casually as he watched the beasts movements closely, dodging the cascading globs of acid with no effort. "At least I've made way of marking your skin, you haven't even touched me yet". Jin coughed, gagged and agitated his stomach, biting his tongue as streams of smoke and the foul smell of bile and cooked blood trickled from his lips. "Come and fight beast if you have the stones to do so. Face me square and ready". Leaping faster than any animal of its size should be able to, the Coniungo landed millimeters from where Jin stood and spun, its spiked tail crashing into his chest painfully and sending him flying into a nearby street. Jin did not expect the spiked tail. In pure reflex he attempted a block but the tail did manage to slash his chest and send him tumbling back. Jin didn't miss a step however and used the momentum to get to his feet at once, launching forward with several quick slashes with both flaming swords. Upward slash from the lower right for his throat or chin followed quickly by a swipe from the upward angle aimed for the beast's shoulder. He promptly spat in the beast's face if it hadn't dodged out by now hoping to blind him with the blood and burning bile he'd been cooking in his hot throat.

The beast took the blows, worms falling to the ground as Jin cut at it. However, the beast opened its mouth again and, with a great rushing sound like that of a gust of wind, the entire body of the beast flew at Jin in a haze of spear-like worms. Catching the Salamander, the entity crashed into the acid-stained street and vanished momentarily. "Haaaaaugh!". Jin again was caught off guard, not expecting the beast to charge after his hits. The bile seemed to have no effect as well. Jin flinched, raising his swords against the spear-like worms, cutting a good handful away from his chest and face. Several pierced his shoulders and sides, cutting through his soft flesh with ease. Moments later Jin was on the ground. He looked around, thoroughly pissed with how that ended up. He growled, annoyed, and yanked on a spear pulling it from his upper leg. "Coward! Come and try to finish me off you vile beast! I'll have your head!!!".

That's when a heavy claw slammed into Jins back, pinning him to the ground as sharp, needle-like claws stabbed into the Salamander. Hot breath could be felt on his back and neck as the Coniungo leaned down...
And chuckled, before pulling its claw away and moving around Jin, laughing.

Jin coughed and grimaced as the claws delved into his back freeing blood to surface and dribble over his skin. Jin burst into tall wild flames his entire body engulfed and leaped at the demon, leaving his swords behind to wrestle the beast with his bare hands. He yanked the beast's tail holding it tight under his arms, wrapped securely around the beast's neck as the flames raged against its skin. With a heaving sigh, the creature melted within Jins arms, thousands of worms slithering right out of his grasp and once again reforming nearby as the Coniungo, again chuckling darkly, let its tongue drop out of its slowly reforming body. "You say have toughs and strength, yet are outcast of own people. We see. We know that". Rearing up on its hind legs, the Coniungo roared once again before pointing its left arm at Jin and firing more spear-like worms at him. Jin managed to dodge its spears and drew one of his SMGs. He sprayed an array of bullets at the beast as he walked around towards his dropped swords. "Outcast?!" Jin laughed. "What strength could be gained lingering with the weak and pitiful! I am a slayer of man and devil!" He re-lit one of his blades and threw it with as much strength as he could muster, aiming for the beast's forehead, right between the eyes.

The Creature's face moved, almost as if it were smiling.
It caught the blade with its claw, eyes glowing brightly as it spoke again.
"Yet cannot kill me, despite efforts. Some slayer of man and devil you be".

At that, Jin hesitated. And for that second he doubted his own strength and fear froze his mind. Fear turned to fury in a wave that was completely visibly in his eyes and posture as he clenched his fist and furrowed his brow. "I WILL kill you demon! I will flay your skin and mount your scull and DRINK your very blood!" He bellowed almost maniacally. He was but a pillar of toxic yellow, slightly green tinted flames his body but a silhouette in the blazing light. "YOU ARE DEAD!". Jin then charged, his aim to strike the demon dead then and there. This strike would sever his head. The Demon waited. It waited and waited for Jin to get closer. And when he did, when he got close enough that he couldn't back out, he would notice the beasts mouth was open.

And a spray of purple acid hit the flaming Salamander dead on.

Jin reeled back as the acid hit him square in the chest and face. He cried out with the scream of a dying man bringing chills to the spines of all who heard and the heart dropping feeling that someone was dying right then and there. Jin tore at his chest, the foul smell of acid and destroyed flesh flowing through the air like a toxic cloud. Jin screamed and screamed and screamed until his vocal cords wore and his screams became whimpers as he lay half curled up on the ground. The Coniungo nodded. "Will survive. Learn. Was kind this time. Will meet again". With that and a look over its shoulder at Maeve and Jun, it charged at the side of Stihlholme's defensive wall, leaping clear of it and vanishing into the wasteland outside of the town.

Having vanished suddenly like that, the threat to Stihlholme was apparently finished, and Maeve was cheated of her prize. Pushing through the crowd, the young girl Jin and Jun had saved earlier stumbled into the clearing, carrying a bucket that was full of, quite oddly, milk. Staggering slightly, she slowly made her way over to the wounded Salamander before dropping the bucket and panting lightly. Her eyes shone as she poked his shoulder softly. "Milk heals the wounds. I brought you some, Mister Green". Her eyes were wide, but she didn't seem scared of Jin at all. She lifted her head, and looked over at Jun. "Hey, Mister Purple! Can you help me get Mister Green to a better place?". Her eyes went over to Maeve, and her jaw dropped. In the eyes of the girl, she was amazing as well. "M-Miss, can you help as well? I can't lift him...".



Edan, when Anna looked to the window, sighed. "I'm the usual, Anna. How're you?". Edan turned back to the Girl, smiling. The screams had stopped a while ago, and he could almost feel the battle that was taking place as he spoke to the girl. At the mention of her being lonely, though, he gave her a simple pet on the shoulder. "I always happen to pop up when people get lonely. It's a magic trick of mine~". He grinned goofily, scratching the back of his head. "I heard about those Demons out the front. Nobody got hurt or anything, right? Do they know who killed them?". If Anna had looked closely, she might've been able to catch the momentary darkening of her conversational partners features, but only for the barest of moments. "I'm glad you're alright. How's the Sis?".

(I'm torn between Edan using Red or Gold text for when he speaks T-T)