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Jackson A. Rowe

"Ha, wouldn't bet on it."

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a character in “The Broken Time”, as played by ArhaHitomi888


Jackson Ashel Rowe
(Originally Jackson Zachariah Ashel)


Jack or Ash
'One Eye Ash' (Name he is mocked with)



164 lbs

Jackson is blind in his left eye, and that eye is a very dusty, gray-green He also has a scar across his left collarbone. He also has a tattoo down his entire left, upper arm.

Jackson is a jokester and a bit of a daredevil, not afraid to put in his two cents on something. He's also a rough rebel, never afraid to get dirty to start a fight for something he believes in. Jackson never backs down from a challenge, always eager to prove himself . He is defensive of his friends or people he believes don't deserve any trouble. When he makes an enemy however, Jackson can be extremely cruel and vindictive - One of his great character flaws. Jackson has always wanted to be on top, and doesn't take anyone else's crap, not ever afraid to call someone out as a lie and tell it how it is.

He's extremely insecure about his blindness in one eye and is very sensitive about it, being very upset when someone mentions it - But it's also his weakness. When taunted about his half blindness, he tends to just shrivel and flee the situation. Mentioning his eye tends to hit his panic button. Under his hard adn rough exterior, Jackson is desperate for acceptance and is compensating for the failures that have been rubbed in his face and his shortcomings. Due to his raising, he is also paranoid and convinced the world is after him, bent on pulling him down, not knowing he's pulling himself down.

Despite all of this, he definitely isn't unfriendly. He does like to make others laugh and smile, and enjoys being with his friends. He is willing to lend a hand to someone, even if he doesn't really know them - As long as they aren't on his bad side. He's also go this heart in the right place most of the time, even if his head or his pride mess up. He isn't a bad person, though he definitely has his flaws - But doesn't everyone?

- Going completely blind
- Being an outcast
- Dying young
- Being criticized
-Being talked about behind his back

- To be a musician
- To be admired
- Be accepted by his parents or praised by an authority figure
- To see from his left eye again

Jackson's parents gave him up for adoption when he was born, because they were too poor to raise a child. He lived in a small orphanage until he was six, not making many friends and spending almost all of his time just exploring the grounds by himself. Jackson was adopted into a family of three, a younger and an older brother. However, his new parents weren't what he had expected. They were very strict, and used old fashioned raising meathods. It was ever anything extremely cruel like terrible beatings, but they weren't afraid to give them a good hit when he did something wrong. He wasn't terribly academic, and the family looked down on the sports that Jackson began to take interest in. They would continually punish him for talking back to them, breaking things, swearing, as well as other things.

One particular night when he was twelve, he swore and talked back to his mother for threatening to send him to a private, sport-less academy away from the friends he had made. She slapped him and he fell - But tumbled near the fireplace, and at that moment, a fiery ember leapt into the air and stuck him in the left eye. Jackson doesn't remember much past the terrible pain and his adoptive parents rushing to him and removing the ember and quickly taking him to the hospital. Then, it was annouced that the eye itself was saved, but JAckson would be blind in that eye forever. Since then, his parents have been kind to him and have not stuck any of their children since - but Jackson, despite treating them like family would, is very bitter and resentful towards them, blaming them for blinding him. He blames them for the taunting name the other students at school taunt him with, now calling him 'One Eye Ash', 'One Eye' or 'Blindy'. His adoptive parents still criticize him, but do not strike him out of remorse, but Jackson has taken to their criticisms as the same, verbal attacks. To his day, he still feeels phantom pains in his eye, ranging from a throbbing that he can easily ignore (often) to agonizing, mind numbing agony (very rare). But other than that, he has settled into more or less normal teenage life, having friends at school as well as enemies.

Theme Song:
Headstrong by Trapt
I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin


So begins...

Jackson A. Rowe's Story


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Jackson "Ash" Rowe

Jackson - or rather, Ash - sighed heavily, opening his eyes. As usual, he could see the 3OH!3 poster he tacked onto the ceiling. Slowly, as if hopeful, he raised a hand and pressed it over his left eye - No change. Yep, he was still blind in his left eye. With a growl, he turned his head to look at the clock. Surely, he slept through his alarm again. He did it every day, so he set an alarm on his clock, his iPod, and his phone. Though, he at least woke up at his cellphone alarm enough to silence it and go back to bed - But... he was sure he didn't remember waking up to it. Wait- What the hey? Suddenly, he sat up before falling back a bit, catching himself on one elbow as he turned his body to look at the clock.


Slowly, he reached down and pulled the blankets off of himself and swung his legs over the side of the bed. Yawning, he stretched his arms and back by doing what every person seemed to, stretching their arms outward while arcing their back. Slowly, he stood and dragged himself across the room, yanking the door open. He crossed the house to Michael's room, knocking.

"Hey!" he yelled at the door, waiting for a grumpy response. Another moment of silence and there was no reply. "Mikey! Get your lazy ass up!" he yelled, banging on the door again. He may wake others in the house, but at this point, he didn't care one bit. If they didn't answer, whatever. He growled and passed through the kitchen back to his room. His mismatched eyes briefly glanced at the clock, and when he did, he stopped dead in his tracks. Midnight. "No fuckin' way." he muttered. It had been at least three minutes if anything. Perhaps all the clocks had stopped in the house. Soon, he stood at his adoptive parents' house, banging on the door. Usually, his parents were light sleepers - But no matter how much he beat on the door and yelled, there was no response. "The hell?" Grasping the doorknob, he twisted it and pushed the door open.

Empty beds.

"No. No no no, this ain't right." Turning sharply on his heel he rushed back to Michael's room. He threw the door open and his jaw dropped - Another empty bed. His dad, mom, Michael and- "Crap, Luke!" he dashed across the house once more and almost threw his younger brother's door off it's hinges. At the sight of another empty room, he found himself darting back into his room and tearing the closet door open. Being a strong young man, as he pulled the doors open, they flung outwards as he let go and smacked against the wall, resulting in damage to the wall. Bursting from the front door, he hastily pulled his jeans on the rest of the way (When he emerged from his house, they had bunched up at his upper thigh) and stuffed his wallet into his pocket before connecting the wallet chain. Glancing out on the street, he sighed.

"Hey!" he bellowing in his booming, carrying voice. He didn't much care that he was a bit boldly presenting himself, he'd put in his shirts in just a moment. Carrying a black T shirt and a black and gray plaid shirt, he walked down the street until he caught sight of a small group of people. Pulling his phone from his pocket, he checked the time again - Still midnight. "Damn, i don't even remember takin' anythin'." he muttered before calling out another 'Hey!' down the street at the group. Approaching them, he began to pull his shirt on, pulling some dogtags out and letting them rest against his chest before beginning to pull on the plaid buttonup. Stopping near them, he began to button up his shirt. "Okay, now i'mma try and be patient here - But what the hell is going on? Why is everything stuck at midnight and why is Salem cleared out like a radiation zone?"