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Season of Giving 2020

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a character in “The Broken World”, originally authored by AphoticDreams, as played by RolePlayGateway



Crow is a devoted and kind person. He'd take any blow for anyone worthy of his protection. His single forest green eye watches every thing without a blink ever needed. His large black feathers spread eagerly to fly. With the indestructible chains of Fenrir, Crow is a silent watcher.

Name: Crow
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Half human half Crow
Birthday: 2nd day of winter (December 22nd)
Physical description: Crow has deep lilac hair that covers one eye. His 5'8 body is covered in bruises and wounds, even missing sections of his body such is his shoulder and arm. He is rather lean and some what muscular.
Personality: kind, protective, supportive, determined, prepared, aloof
Weapon+fighting style: Crow uses a large chain, also known as the indestructible chains of Fenrir. "Crow twirled on the spot, his left arm clutching the chain ferociously, the now crimson chain swirled with an unstoppable momentum. His movements were almost as if he was dancing, dodging the blades that attempted to hit his elegant figure. He growled, swinging his chain at his attackers. Three times it wrapped around the two attackers, squishing them together. The chains tightened as Crow pulled, his arms using almost no effort. Suddenly, with a little will, the chains evaporated. The metallic rings formed sharp spikes that grew in the two men. They screeched as blood erupted from their dying bodies. The chains morphed back into their ring shapes and the men died. Crow pulled the chain out of the corpse and turned, walking calmly back to where he came from, his blood drenched wings trailing behind him."
Equipment: His chains, medicinal herbs, bread, water, a small dagger, small sowing kit.

So begins...

Crow's Story


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Crow yawned, his perch on the tree seemed much to high for anything to reach him, but he knew otherwise. He needed to move, and quick. He looked around at the flor before jumping off the tree, allowing his black wings to catch him as he drifted towards the ground. The leaves of the forest crunched under his boots, allowing a crackling noise to sound with each step. Crow had no purpose, no place to call home for the mean time. His arms were caked in his blood from endless attacks and injuries. He shivered, the section of his arms that had failed to be covered let the cold creep into his body. His black wings wings huddled around his shoulders, generating warmth.

He sighed as he walked through the trees, rubbing his single forest green eye. He wished to sleep, however wasn't as trusting of this forest as the rest. He had been on the run for some time now. His name scattered across a surface he wished it to be removed from. He had nothing other than his chain, dagger and a few supplies that he was able to stuff into his pockets when he had the time.

Tuning himself out of his thought, Crow smiled as he heard the natural sounds of the forests. Tweeting of resting birds, whistling of the winds, rustling of the leaves. He placed a hand in his lilac hair, running his gloved fingers through its shiny lilac strands. Crow looked around, feeling a beady pair of eyes on him. It was a vixen, probably trying to protect her offspring. The winged boy payed it no attention, he had no master to protect and so had no need to get in a fight with the animals of the forest. Continuing his trek, Crow's wings stretched, along with his tail feathers which seemed to have their own mind. He hoped to find anything, anyone, soon.