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Liam Nielsen

0 · 805 views · located in California

a character in “The Buckley School”, as played by Flighty


Full Name
Liam Arthur Nielsen


Date of Birth
March 13th


Zodiac Sign


Swedish & English

Sexual Orientation

Sexual History
He is not a virgin, and has been sexually involved with three girls.

Relationship History
He was in a relationship with a girl for a few months during middle school, but since he was so young at the time, he doesn't count it as being a real relationship. It literally consisted of nothing more than texting and holding hands once and acting like that was a huge deal. During the summer following freshman year, he dated a girl who had a house near his family's in the Hamptons, but it fizzled out once she moved back to Manhattan and he to California. He has only participated in hookups since then.


170 lbs

Skin Tone



Distinguishing Marks

Fashion Sense
Although he can and does dress up for formal events, his day-to-day attire tends to be pretty casual. He likes wearing jeans or slacks with t-shirts or button up shirts. He never looks to scruffy or poorly dressed, but he doesn't walk around wearing Moschino everyday either.

Overall Attractiveness
He's modest enough to say that he's average looking, maybe leaning towards the better side, but he definitely was blessed with good genes. He was lucky enough to never have to worry about horrible acne, and his awkward stage went by pretty quickly.

Good Traits

Bad Traits




Greatest Joys

Greatest Fears

Maybe he's one of the lucky few, but Liam is at a point in his life where his first priority is himself. He's lucky enough that he can get by in school with minimal effort, does well in sports, and has a strong social life, so he focuses on himself. His family is well off, therefore working is not a necessity for him, so as long as he's happy, his next priorities are doing well in school and excelling in his sports.

Life Philosophy
"We are what we repeatedly do. Greatness then, is not an act, but a habit"
― Aristotle


Manhattan, NY

New York was his home for the first eleven years of his life. He was raised by his mother, actress Laura Linney, and CEO father, Mitch Nielsen, for the first nine of those, before the two separated in an amicable divorce. Liam liked New York, so when his parents insisted he move to California to live with his father when he was eleven, he was upset at first. New York was where all of his friends lived, he was growing accustomed to participating in certain sports teams there, and it was just where he was comfortable. No kid, especially at that age, wants to uproot themselves from everything that they knew. Luckily, Liam had a good relationship with his father, so that was not something that he dreaded. The move was spurred by the demanding acting schedule that Laura was being faced with, and the likelihood that Mitch would be able to care for him better while she was away, but years later, when her schedule slowed down, Liam opted not to move back. With his personality, it did not take him very long to create a new life for himself in California. He made friends, joined school and outside baseball and basketball teams, and grew to appreciate the more relaxed lifestyle that California had to offer. He's still a New Yorker at heart, but especially since his mother remarried and had another child, he has grown to terms with this being his real life, and he's not complaining about it.

Idol or Hero
His childhood idol, without a doubt, was G.I. Joe. As a kid, he was obsessed with the action figure and was set on going into the military when he turned eighteen because of his idolization over the toy. Things have changed since then, but he'll always have good ol' Joe to thank for making him a patriot.


As a kid, he wanted to become a marine. He always wanted a dog, but was never allowed one.

The Dalton School K-6
The Buckley School 7-12


His household consists of himself and his father, with an occasional way-too-young-to-be-dating-his-dad woman thrown into the mix.



Summer Spent
He spent the first few weeks in Sweden, and then the rest of the summer in the Hamptons. He did return to California for a week in July for a friend's birthday party, but otherwise, was on the east coast.

Socioeconomic Status
Upper Class

1187 N Hillcrest Road, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
"One of the most exquisite estate offerings in the United States, covering a 2.5 acre promontory in Trousdale Estates, is the palatial former estate of comedian and philanthropist Danny Thomas. Surrounded by 360 degree views that sweep from downtown to the canyons and back, the 7 bedroom, 10 bath Villa embraces 18,000 square feet of palatial living space with grand scale. Built with the finest materials, this stately mansion features the most opulent dining and living rooms. Designer details include gold leaf crown moldings, hand woven carpets and European details. The private grounds showcase the sunny swimmers pool, dining and viewing pavilions perfect for entertaining and enjoying the city view below. "

2016 Range Rover SV

Mitch Neilsen | Father | Age: 48 | Occupation: CEO of Neilsen

Laura Linney | Mother | Age: 49 | Occupation: Actress

Marc Schauer | Step-Father | Age: 47 | Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Bennett Schaur | Half-Brother | Age: 3

In the next year, he wants to get accepted to as many of the colleges that he applies to as possible... and more short term than that, figure out which colleges he wants to apply to. He wants to have good seasons in both of the school sports that he plays, and over the summer, possibly take an awesome and memory-filled road trip with friends in between spending time in New York and preparing to move into whichever school he sets his heart on. He's not sure about what he wants to do college-major or career-wise. He's thinking business, just because he knows that with his father's company, he has an easy route into the business. Taking over Nielsen one day would be cool, although it's not necessarily a "dream"... He's a teenage boy, so family and marriage aren't exactly on his mind right now, but after college, he knows that he wants to adopt a dog and get an apartment of his own in Manhattan.


12 (has been attending the school since 7th grade)


Scholarship or not?

Feelings on School
As a whole, Liam doesn't mind school and is happy with his place on the social ladder... considering that he doesn't really have a place. A lot of his friends are still back in Manhattan, where he grew up, and though he's been able to make a lot of new friends here, since moving five years ago, he still thinks that those back home are his "ride or dies". California is great and all, and Buckley is pretty sweet, but Liam isn't tying himself down to one social group. What's the point? He likes the guys on his basketball and baseball teams just as much as he likes the girls who he goes to see in the school's plays, or as much as the kids who he seeks out to work with on group projects because he knows they're smart. If anything, he thinks that being a drifter makes him smart. Maybe it's his New York mentality, but he knows that connections are the most important things to success.

Extracurricular Activities
Liam is on the varsity baseball team and the varsity basketball team. He's a part of the Key Club International and the Varsity Club.

What Are You Looking Forward To?
He's most excited for that time of the year when college acceptance letters start rolling in. Unlike other students, he isn't dead-set on a particular school, but he knows that he's going to rejoice in the feeling of accomplishment when he starts getting those letters.

Best Subject?
He definitely puts the most effort into his physical education courses, and enjoys those periods more than any of his other classes. On a more academic level, he tends to do better in his history classes than any of the others.

Worst Subject?
Science is definitely not his strong suit.


So begins...

Liam Nielsen's Story