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Zeke Morimoto

"Does anyone have an apple? I'm hungry..."

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a character in “The Bureau of Supernaturals||Reboot”, as played by Alle9009



'Hi! The weathers nice, isn't it? Wanna spar? No wait, let's go for ice cream!"

【ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:#FF8000♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя #BF8040】

Theme Song Lucky||Twice Lucky


Full Name
Ezekiel Morimoto

Zeke (mostly used)
Ez, Mori, Zemore.

17yrs old

Asexual, panromantic

50% American, 50% Japanese

Rogue (or stray)

Face Claim
Black Butler||Finnian



Super strength, invulnerability, generally enhanced condition. Basically, his body is really, really strong, and so are his muscles and bones. He's able to benchpress a truck, and if he falls off a five story building he probably won't get more than a bruised arm. As his legs are strong, he can also adjust them to be able to jump high distances and run faster than a car without much damage. His reflexes are good too, but mainly his body is strong and tough.
On the downside he still feels the pain of jumping down a five story building even if he isn't injured by the fall, and if he isn't careful he can wreck his body from outputting too much power, which is part of the reason why he's got mild invulnerability. Although his power had appeared around junior high in sporadically, It was only until recently that his powers have appeared full time, meaning that he has yet to reach his full potential. Moreover, although he has somewhat good control over it he loses control quite easily, especially when he's happy or emotional.

Height & Weight

Hair Color
a nice strawberry blonde. It's cut short, and generally unstyled except for two red bobbypins pinning his fringe up at the right and three red bobbypins on the left.

Eye Color
A dark cerulean that change depending on the light. Mostly it's a dark green, but sometimes it turns blue.

Skin Color
generally pale, which is surprising considering how long he spends in the sun. It's generally smooth, but if you look carefully there are pale scars showing where he got hurt when he was young.

General Appearance
He has a small and compact build that hides great strength, with or without his powers. He does not look fragile. Instead, he looks solid, like nothing could take him down. He has large cerulean eyes and strawberry-blonde hair, that are parted to the sides with bobby pins. He has large blue eyes and strawberry-blonde hair, and a large airy grin is always seen on his face.

He tends to wear casual clothes such as hoodies or gloves, or anything that looks comfortable. He always wears five red bobby pins in his hair. They are made out of a unique material, and have a unique dragon pattern on them that can be seen if you squint. Apparently, his dad made them himself, and gave it to his mom as a present during their early days of dating.


Cheerful Energetic Competitive Determined

At first glance, Zeke seems to be a cheerful, dense and boisterous boy who's absurdly friendly and seriously ditzy, seems like nothing could ever make him stop smiling or talking and easily gets carried away. A closer examination would show that he's actually surprisingly responsible and independent and stubborn underneath the ditzy behaviour, that he isn't really as dense as he seems to act and that he's actually surprisingly nice and caring. However, further observation shows that the way Zeke acts and thinks seems a bit distorted, like he's not entirely sure of what he's doing and is merely copying how others act, and that although he gives people a lot of leeway he's very hotblooded when it comes to challenges or sparring (although it's rare to see him lose his temper).

The answer is simple. Although Zeke actually is a cheerful, optimistic kid, he exaggerates that up to eleven till the point it seems that that's all there is to him (although he does show other emotions as well). The reason why is because he's incredibly lonely and doesn't know how to deal with it thanks to his social ineptitude, so Zeke tries to make up for it by being cheerful and overly friendly, and as he doesn't know any other way to act he keeps to it as he's terrified of people leaving him alone. As a result, he often acts dumber than he actually is, becomes overly loyal and a doormat and tries his best to be helpful to prevent what he fears happening. Although he talks a lot, Zeke tends to keep his own self private and tends to keep a lot of his own problems and doubts hidden behind a smile as he's scared of people leaving him because of it, and holds onto it with surprising conviction.

That being said though, just because Zeke goes along with everything and behaves like a energetic puppy doesn't mean that he is one. Although he's somewhat depressed over having no close friends and his own inadequacies, he tries not to let it get to him and instead works harder to make up for it, as proven by his exaggerated cheerfulness and friendliness. Zeke might give way to people a lot of the time (although it might not seem like it), but he's got a well hidden competitive streak that doesn't allow him to give up or stop. Further more, he gets easily carried away, meaning that he often forgets his boundaries and goes off in his own world until someone reminds him or he remembers.

Ultimately, Zeke's a good kid who's just incredibly awkward and lonely and trying to make up for it with a million gigawatts of cheer and good humor. A better way to describe him is that he's a bit like a jail cell - visible and transparent, but with the things he absolutely refuses to share locked in a small box and hidden down in the bottom away from sight.



Athletic activities| He likes playing outdoors, and that translates into group activities such as soccer or frisbee and alone activities like Parkour. He thinks that other kids wouldn't like him to stay if he wasn't good, so he practiced everyday and as a result is really athletic. Also, it's fun and a great way to pass the time! Fighting is considered an athletic activity too.


food| He's pretty hungry all the time. Doesn't matter what kind of food it is, he'll eat it. He likes meat buns, though.


Hanging out with others| He's not really good at dealing with people, but that doesn't mean he doesn't try! Zeke likes being part of the crowd and nosing into other people's things, and he loves that it helps him make friends.



losing | He doesn't like losing, which is a part of the reason he's so determined. Giving up meant that he was losing to himself or whoever he was competing against, and as a result he does his utmost best to win.


crying | he doesn't like showing weakness, although he has many. It's fine for others, but for him... nope. As a result, if he wants to cry he'll run to a private area before allowing himself to do so. Alone.


being alone| he's used to it, but that doesn't mean he has to like it. It's why he likes outdoor activities and wacky behaviour so much.


Abandonment | Kid has abandonment issues thanks to his past. He's terrified of being left alone as a result. Ultimately, he's terrified of being unneeded, and as being abandoned means that he wasn't needed or wanted enough to be taken along it means that he'd do anything not to be abandoned.


Ghosts | one of his mom's boyfriends forced him to watch a horror movie marathon in the middle of the night when he was a kid for bonding purposes. It scared the crap outta him, and he's been traumatised ever since. Doesn't help that he can't punch them either.


being alone | Zeke is not exactly scared of being alone, per say. It's just that he's terrified of spending the rest of his life alone without anyone like friends or family, which is why he sticks so hard to people.


physical touch | Zeke has no sense of personal space. He likes to hug people or grab their shoulders and arms and even just tug their clothes as he follows them around. He's extremely touchy, although he tries to keep a lid on it if the other person doesn't like it. Unfortunately he gets easily carried away and is a bit rough in his movements, so it can be a bit tough on the recipient, especially if he loses control of his powers.


rubbing the back of his neck | whenever Zeke is lying big time, he tends to rub the back of his neck. It's one of his tells.


affable | he tends to do his best to take everything in stride, be it insane fights or wacky requests.



physical activity | he's very athletic, and knows how to fight. He's taken classes. Also, his powers kind of add to it. It's a part of his hobby, so yeah.


never giving up| he'll never stop or give up until he physically can't anymore. Part of it is because of his sense of pride and determination not allowing him to give up. The other part is because of his upbringing. If he gives up, he despairs, and since he doesn't want to despair he'll never give up.


cooking | he's good at any household chores, but especially cooking. He just really loves cooking and eating food.



emotional | he's emotionally vulnerable, so the best way to get to him is by getting into a real argument or by betraying him. Threatening to leave also counts.


gullible | he's not exactly gullible. It's just that he's so desperate to have friends that he goes along with it and as a result... yeah. You can see how it goes. He does his best to take anything and everything in stride.


socialising | he's never really had a proper friend before and as a result has no clue what to do in social situations. Also, he's pretty reckless when it comes to people he cares for. Having friends makes him giddy, especially close ones.


Father - alive, whereabouts unknown
Mother, Step father - alive, whereabouts unknown
Stepbrother - age 16, control over fabric and thread, whereabouts unknown, evil, has no clue about each other's existence.

Zeke came as surprise to his parents, who hadn't exactly been expecting kids since they weren't married. His dad was a raging dickhole who had multiple lovers despite being married and his mom (the mistress) was pathologically needy and they only got together so that his dad could get good sex, so yeah. His dad was disgusted with having a newborn son, immediately deciding to move on, whom Zeke's mom had no clue about. Despite all of the mother's pleas, Zeke's dad went out of their lives and left his girlfriend and his three year old son penniless.

Zeke's mom went a bit nutty with the shock. She lived with Zeke alone, and alternated between hating him and loving him. On the good days she smiled and laughed and everything was alright. On the bad days she threw stuff at him, smacked him and told him that if he never existed than life would have been perfect. Above all, she kept Zeke at home and refused to let him go out or have fun, smothering him under the pretence of love. If he did, she guilt tripped him into promising to never do that again. Zeke, not knowing any better, promised, and they set about doing and teaching housework and stuff while waiting for his dad to come home.

When that day didn't come, his mom got over it and started to date again. She stopped smothering Zeke, which allowed him to have more free time playing and hanging out with others, but she just completely ignored him when she was on dates, focusing solely on her boyfriend. Furthermore, she had terrible taste in men. They were either abusive pricks, loafers or both. When she got dumped, she turned to Zeke again for comfort, but after a new boyfriend came she left him alone unless he got something good to show her, and even then she seemed distracted. The process repeated itself again and again until one time, when Zeke was crying because some kids had been making fun of his clothes, his mom's then boyfriend was pissed off and yelled at him to stop crying. When Zeke didn't stop, the guy lost his temper and smacked him. Shocked, he looked to his mother for support, and instead of finding any his mom just sighed and told him to man up or she wouldn't talk to him again, before leaving with her boyfriend on their night out.

That was when Zeke realised that his mom didn't exactly love him anymore, if she ever had in the first place.

After that he began to get into fights, almost as though he wanted his mom to notice. It wasn't that he hadn't had scuffles before when he was too rough in showing affection, but this was different. She didn't care much, but Zeke gained the reputation of a fighter at eleven which caused people to avoid him long after he stopped. He didn't like getting beaten up, so he went online to learn martial arts and kept it up since he found it fun. It also allowed Zeke to kick any of his mom's abusive boyfriends if they tried something on the duo again, so that was one problem solved. Sure, his mom scolded him for doing so and some of them could still beat the crap out of him because of his size and inexperience, but Zeke didn't really stop fighting everybody till he was in the beginning of his second year in junior high, which was when he accidentally punched a wall instead of her current boyfriend and broke it. The guy left, his mom called him a monster and Zeke took to staying out of the house whenever he possibly could. That was when he took up parkour and soccer, along other things. He didn't get too close to people though, although he remained perfectly polite and smiley.

And thus, life continued on in their seriously dysfunctional household until Zeke was fifteen, which was when his mom finally dated someone who wasn't an abusive dickwad or just looking for money. He was nice and got her treatment, and they grew in love until they decided to marry on one condition - his step-dad really didn't like kids and needed to move for work, so could they leave Zeke behind (he probably didn't want to leave cause school, yeah?) when they moved? Don't worry, they'd send money for Zeke and everything, but otherwise they'd get a new start on life. The mom, who now had someone else to latch onto and wanted a new beginning. said yes, and the duo abandoned Zeke like he was ten day old dung on the sidewalk with only a letter explaining what was going on. The poor kid.

Which is how Zeke found himself living alone in the apartment, taking care of himself and everything, and smiling until his face muscles felt permanently upturned because if he didn't, he'd start crying. When his new powers came, he started to freak out and feel more alone then ever, until one day he met someone with the same power as him. He decided to join the bureau cause hey, friends, but unknown to him his half brother, who also had no clue about his existence, decided to join the dark side....


Other Info
He still loves his mom, and is glad that she's having a good time.
His bobby pins are a keepsake of happier times, as well as make him look more approachable. They were made by his dad.
He has no clue he has a halfbrother, and vice versa.

Roleplayed by
Alle9009 (aka Alle)

{I worked very hard on this and made it from scratch so please, even though it's simple, ask me before using it thank you!}

So begins...

Zeke Morimoto's Story

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【ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:CF1754♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя 3B8C51
Time of day||Early morning

It had been a long few days, everyone was getting along fine she supposed. It had been months since anyone had come to request assistance. Everyone was getting a bit stir crazy, from what Sen could tell anyway. Standing slowly from her hunched over position on her bed and setting her game system aside, Sen began silently striding across the cold wood floor. Sen shut her eyes, the house was totally silent. Her eyes opened and fluttered over to the clock on her dresser. In blaring red numbering it said "4:07 AM" a sigh escaped her lips. She wondered briefly who would even be up at this time of day? Probably no one just yet. Her delicate hand turned the knob slowly and as she left she shut the door behind her without a sound. Sen didn't want to cause a fuss or wake anyone up. Heading down the spiral staircase passing the photos that lined the upper hallway, pictures of a child Sen with her father. Also photos of all her teammates together laughing last summer. A faint smile lit up her face thinking of the bonds she had already forged in such a short time. It was almost illogical, that such different souls made such tightly knit relationships over the course of a year. Although she reasoned that they all sort of understood what each other went through to get here. Also the two clients they had helped might've helped with the whole, "making friends" part.

Hopping down the last couple steps with ease Sen made her way into the small kitchen. Pulling out a small brass kettle and fetching some herbs out of the small cabinet above the stove. Humming a soft little lullaby she remembered from childhood, she tossed some of the herbs in cinnamon and tucked them carefully into a small steeper for tea. Boiling some water she set the pot down and smiled, she could faintly smell Mr Giuseppe's cigars. Brewing this kind of tea always reminded her of her father. She glanced over her shoulder, the edges of her vision frayed purple. It meant her mind was changing reality. There he was, her father sitting at the tiny table, sipping tea and reading the paper. His mouth poised in a soft smile. Sen finished the tea and poured herself a cup full, leaving the kettle on the stove to keep warm. Sitting across from her fatherly illusion she sipped her tea smiling.

"Ibby, how did you sleep?" The visage asked her warmly, not looking up. For the life of her Sen could never remember his eyes.
"You know I didn't at all." She replied keeping her red eyes fixed on the slight muscle twitches in his hand. Sen loved whenever she called this memory out into reality, although she knew in her heart it was childish to do this every morning. To allow such delusion to smother her mind, it was foolish but she allowed herself this one guilty pleasure. Sen knew that she would have to repress all her thought once the others awoke and joined her. Rising slowly she went to the stove and began cooking breakfast as the illusion behind her smiled up at her before vanishing. He only was present for a moment, but it comforted her for the day beyond her.

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time: 7.30am

【ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:#FF8000♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя #BF8040】

The skatepark was almost empty, except for a few skaters who had decided to get an early start in the day. Even then, they were hanging around chatting, eating breakfast or admiring the tag art on the wall, and only one skater, a boy dressed in jeans and a red-trimmed hoodie over a long sleeved white shirt was going at it on the ramp, looking like he'd been at it for a while now.

"Hahaha!" Zeke spun his skateboard in mid-air with a large grin on his face. He gripped the board's handle with one hand as he came to the height of the jump, his other hand reaching up to the black and orange helmet strapped to his head like he was trying to steady a hat. For a moment, he felt time pause as he hung in the air, then it came unstuck and he fell back down to the ramp with his feet back on the skateboard, the grin remaining on his face as he zoomed down the ramp and slowed to a halt.

The few people watching the ramp gave a few congratulatory claps, and Zeke gave them a wide, satisfied smile and a peace sign. He didn't really know them, but hey, they'd exchanged a few greetings before! That had to count for something.

Man, skating was the best thing he'd ever tried. Zeke had met more people than he'd ever thought he would - one of them had given him a free drink; he'd given them some food in exchange and had spent the rest of his time there exchanging cooking tips with a boy and girl who'd turn out to be culinary students from university. That had been pretty fun. And there was that time he'd been trying to get the hang of an Ollie back when he'd been new to the whole thing and some highschool students had taken it upon themselves to teach him how it was done and some other tricks and man, they had been seriously cool. That had been part of the reason he'd stuck to skateboarding, really - they had been so nice! Zeke hadn't wanted to let their teachings go to waste. That and fun, of course.

Ok, so maybe there had been some unfun times too, but that was mitigated by the good ones and besides, the park was reasonably safe! The skaters there knew each other from sight (and mostly only through that), and if anything happened they tend to see if there was anything they could do to help, like offer a handkerchief or something. Or beat people up if they need to, although only the strong ones did that. And there were rarely any fights over who was using the bowl or ramp or pipe so yup, it was pretty cool all around! There was a reason why Zeke stuck to the place, after all.

Too bad he had to leave, though. He needed to get breakfast. Grinning and waving a goodbye (some waved back before turning back to doing whatever they had been doing), Zeke pushed off the ground and rolled across the curb with well practiced ease, pulling out his wallet to check how much he had. Mmmm, more than enough if he wanted to eat Mcdonalds, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to yet.

Well, whatever. It wasn't like he needed to eat yet, right? He had all the time he needed to decide, at least until it was time for lunch. Or brunch, haha. He placed his wallet back into his pocket and rested his hands in his shirt-pockets, manoeuvring his way around the people around with ease. Maybe somewhere which allowed skateboards though, Zeke didn't want anyone to steal his cool-looking board. The black and white lightning and skull design against a flame background was kinda new (beginning of the year new!) and he really, really didn't want to save up for a new board so soon. It costed a lot of money, seriously.

Ah! Spying someone with familiar blue hair, Zeke sped up. "Hey, Yukio! Over here!" He called, giving a wave as he approached the other teen. "What's up? How's life - wait, did you grow taller? I think I grew two cm, wanna go get something to eat?" he chattered friendlily, coming to a stop in front of Yukio.

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Rena Fuuko
【ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:F38201♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя 7EA4BA
Time of day||Morning

The bright morning was a rather eye sore to Rena who had like always been drinking the night before. She groggily roamed around her own place before finally getting dressed and ready to go see her little students. She stared at herself in her heart shaped pink leather mirror, slightly admiring her form but also looking at the face of someone she had grown tired of seeing.
"It's too early to think about painful things.. She sighed and gradually turned her back on the haunting reflection. Rena shook her head clearing it of negativity as she quickly burst out the door.

After a not too long trip Rena ended up at the familiar Townhouse and threw open the door suddenly, entering it loudly. "Good morning my younglings!!!~" Rena chimed giggling. She strolled around the kitchen greeting everyone by invading their personal space as always. "Oh Sho! You must let me style your hair!" She said as she passed him by, running her nails through a long piece of his hair. "Aww...And where is my Ryland and his gorgeous body structure? She paused for a moment looking around disappointedly.
She finally ended up right behind Ibuki, giving her a hug., with Her rather large breasts squeezing the tiny form. "And just how are my little ones this shining day!?"Rena exclaimed excitedly searching the room for an answer.

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【ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:CF1754♙ тнσυgнт cσƖσя 3B8C51
Time of day||Mid-morning

"Morning Sen, I feel good today. I just have this feeling a client will walk through those doors today."

A voice had snapped her out of her momentary trance. Her eyes widened and she tensed up her eyes flying upwards to see Sho. She sighed, a faint smile turned at her lips and she closed her eyes as she calmed down.

"You startled me." She mentioned softly. Before patting his head and walking towards the exit of the kitchen. She knew that Sho was aware that she was not upset, the farthest from it. In fact she quite enjoyed his affectionate tendencies. It made her feel important. However she was interrupted by the most boisterous of persons in their band. Rena. Sen considered fleeing but alas, it was too late. The mature woman had already swaddled her in a tight hug, her enormous breasts shaping around her. Sen didn't fight it and placed a small hand lightly on the woman's arm. She was very used to Rena's affections. Sen knew about pieces of Rena's past, Mr. Giuseppe knew more but he had never told her and she didn't dare ask Rena. After all she was the most broken of any of us. Even if only Sen and Rena knew this.

"I'm fine. Pardon me Rena." Sen ducked out of Rena's hug and exited the kitchen with a few parting words to Rena. She swiftly made her way, passing miss Liulfr, Sen nodded to her and began leaving to the living room. Just as she suspected the air was full of the scent of sweet cigars. I knew he wasn't dead. Sen smiled brighter than she had in months. Luckily, no one was around to see it. This could only mean one thing. Sen's eyes shot over to the door just as she saw a figure approaching the townhouse thru the small window in the door. Sen said a quiet thanks to her father for bringing a job. This is what everyone needed. Hurrying over Sen opened the door and saw the nervous woman. She was dressed in plain clothing, her hair tied attractively back. She wasn't too old either. She looked like she had been crying. She looked up and took notice of Sen.

"I-is this the Bureau?" Sen nodded. "I n-need your help." Sen went out to her and took her hand, leading her in to sit on the couches in the little living area. The woman said a quiet thanks and quickly explained her troubles. "M-my little brother was kidnapped. I don't know why but he's been gone for three days now and. . . I got this note. It has ransom information. They said they'd k-ki-" The woman began crying again. Sen handed her a tissue.

"I understand. Let me guess, you don't have enough to pay the ransom?" The woman nodded lost in her thoughts. Sen smiled and took her hand.

"We'll get your brother back." Sen got her information and headed into the kitchen and poured tea into a thermos for the woman. Walking back to her she assured the lady they'd get him. Helping her on her way Sen told her they'd call her when they had him. Sen went back in and sat down. She'd tell everyone later. No need to start a fuss. Yet.