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The Burning Land

The Burning Land


A Nation Roleplay where empires can rise and fall as they walk glory road.

514 readers have visited The Burning Land since XavierDantius32 created it.


Maanosa is a wide and diverse land, that has perpetuated for millions of years. Vast forests and swathes of grassland cover its surface. Our story begins on the largest, and most central continent, Maastopalojen. Over thousands of years, the indiginous peoples have banded together into societies, which have begun to develop, powerful leaders arrising and falling like the swell of the sea. As each nation enters the beginnings of formal civilization, empires will arise, and the conquest and taming of the land will begin. This is your story.


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General Rules:
No Godmoding
No Poweplaying
Other than that, there are no limits other than those set out by RolePlayGateway
Read the information posted below
Take your time when you create your faction
Originality is key here. If you blatantly rip something off, with no hint of imagination, I will reject it.

Posting Rules:
From you, I would like at least one post a week, on top of any interactions with other factions. This post forms a general over-view of what has happened in your nation as a whole. This is similar to the “In Character News Feed” in the Multiverse. It is here that you can go into depth about any research being performed, or the declarations of war on other factions. For a Level 3 society, this could take the form of a council of lords, discussing the events within the nation.

For simplicities sake, every real-time week that passes, will be a month IC. Every post made that week will happen within that month. For things such as large battles, that require more than a week to completion, the event will be time-locked until its completed.

Advancement Rules:
In this RP, the ongoing struggle between your nations is not time-locked in a world equivalent to 11th century Europe. Progress is the name of the game, and as such, over time, the technology and culture of your civilization will advance, developing the story, and some more interesting elements to the game. To simplify this process, I have arbitrarily divided the various progression points of advances into six levels. Gaining advancement to the next level would require some degree of In character research present in your posts. Before advancing, please PM me and I'll review the posts and give you the go-ahead. Advancement will not be immediate, and over the next IC year, you can begin to introduce the elements of that level. The conditions and results below are not the only outcomes gained from advancing. If you can produce another realistic outcome, with evidence, I will consider it. All civilizations at the beginning of this NRP will be Level 3 or early Level 4.

The Levels
Level 1:
Technology: Stone tools, primitive spears, axes and bows.
Politics: Culture is unlikely to be developed, with animism and hunter-gatherers being predominant

Level 2:

Technology: Copper/Bronze weapons, basic smelting of metals and beginnings of stone construction techniques. Evidence of innovation with available materials.
Politics: Some organized systems of government, larger civilizations developing absolute monarchies and more complex religions.

Level 3:

Technology: Iron/Steel weapons, use of chainmail armour becoming predominant. Late Level 3 civilizations will have some plate armour. Use of stone buildings predominant.
Politics: Most civilizations will have some form of absolute monarchy, that meaning there is one leader, who has gained power through succession. Some civilizations may exhibit democracy in some form, such as a large senate or group of high-ranking citizens. The oppression of the so-called lower classes is apparent, but they lack the guiding force to direct their anger against the rulers.

Level 4:
Technology: Steel weaponry predominant, mechanical weapons such as crossbows and ballistas used throughout, due to the increase of large stone fortifications. Plate armour is used in all branches of the military, with plate breastplates being issued to even the lowest order foot-soldiers. Late Level 4 civilizations may have matchlock or firelock firearms.
Politics: Romanticism may be rising as a philosophy, causing an explosion in the production of works of art. Absolute monarchies are still prevalent, but civil reforms and freedoms are getting better for the general populace.

Level 5:
Technology: Decline in plate armour and melee weapons, with a focus switching to flintlock muskets and cannon. Cavalry is still used, but the decline is beginning. Later level civilizations may have developed rifling and primitive steam power.
Politics: The people have realized that combined they do have the power to rule, and the emergence of revolutionaries and the eventual formulation of a republic is likely. Conditional monarchies, that is a monarchy backed up by a democratically elected party is also likely.

Level 6

Technology: Armour is now almost obsolete for practical purposes, but may have ceremonial uses. Black powder technology has advanced to simple percussion caps and revolver style weapons and single action rifles. Cannons are still the siege weapon of choice, and cavalry is still present. Steam power has definitively taken the stage, with trains becoming the principle means of crossing large distances,
Politics: The Political changes that began in level 5 have been cemented, with established republics emerging and more absolute monarchies reforming into constitutional. Civil liberties are beginning to emerge, with the right to vote being dished out to the upper classes, depending on the society.

Level 7
Technology: The discovery of oil deposits has allowed the development of simple combustion engines, and the construction of very basic armoured vehicles. The precussion cap has become the staple for firearms, with bolt-action rifles, and double-action semi-automatic pistols coming to the fore. In large engagements, powerful artillery pieces may be used. Late level 7's may develop the machine-gun. The first aircraft, and some primitive airships may appear. Cavalry is now entirely obsolete, replaced by the use of armoured vehicles.
Politics: Very little change has occurred between the six and seven, but if large scale conflict occurs, and large portions of the male population is called away, the emancipation of women may occur.

Level 8
Technology: Oil now fuels most nations, with the automobile and combustion engine fueling all walks of life. Air travel now helps the people travel across the world, with the prop-driven aircraft helping this. Portable automatic weapons have been issued to the wider military, with bolt-action rifles being phased out for the designated marksman role. Armoured vehicles are used by most civilizations, with other civilian vehicles adapted for military use. Aircraft play a major role in most conflicts.
Politics: Again, the only real change is in the conditions for the lower orders of societies, with better rights and conditions of labour appearing.

Faction Skeleton

Notable People:

Regions/Significant Places:

Significant People:


Troop Archetypes:
Siege Engines:

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#, as written by Nevan
In the Joutomaa'n capital of Joutomaa, King Aban had called to him his Field Marshal, his Generals and the Members of his Royal Council. Ten in total, not including the King who sat atop a sand-stone throne in his council chambers, and the top two subordinates chosen by each Council Member to act as Aides and Bodyguards. One could never know, in a meeting where the highest Lords of the realm were gathered in a single room, if any planned to draw a sword and kill the rest.

After each Member had arrived and took a seat by the long wooden table in the middle of the room, The King began to speak.

"I have called you here today in order to ask you a question, and that question is simple," he began, his hand shaking sand from parchment that he held in his hands. "Do we... Need to expand?"

At this question, each of the Council Members looked to one another until Field Marshal Shariq cleared his throat and turned his head to Aban. "'Expand' in what way, my Lord?" He asked; the question receiving nods among the gathered men.

"For as long as we can remember in our tiny lives, Joutomaa has been self sufficient. We have been able to supply food to our people, house most, bring adventure and the nomadic lifestyle to others, and keep a ready watch on our horizons... Theoretically, none here in this Kingdom need wish for more than he already has. But there are other lands out there - other Kingdoms, other Kings' Men no doubt asking themselves this very question."
Aban cleared his throat. "Do we remain here, unaware but constantly on guard of the surrounding lands, or do we open our borders to trade, knowledge. Do we secure them from possible invasion via friendship and oath of brotherhood... Or do we keep them closed and guarded?"
"No doubt, as other People begin to gain wealth and power, they will look to conquering other lands. Do we wait until ours be looked upon with the beady eye of an Eagle, or do we go forth and tame the bird before its talons prepare to strike? This meeting will be short and to the point. Debates will come after, for now, I wish for a vote and a reason for your decision... And so I ask again: do we finally take a step into the world, or imprison ourselves safely in the desert... For now?"

After finishing his little speech, he had each Lord take his turn to vote and explain why he had chosen, an event that took almost an hour to complete, during which Aban remained silent with a smile upon his face. After the last man retook his seat, The King rose and spoke a single word...


By the end of the month, two parties had gathered separately; one in Estana and one in Sakzul. Each party contained a caravan of 20 armed and mounted men, an officer, a Diplomat chosen by the King himself, a wagon filled with goods and two scholars who studied the art of language, each also with mount. They set off separately, one east and one south; one to Riekasmaa and one to Marskimaa, in an attempt to make contact with foreign peoples and find those with power.


Meanwhile, the state of the country was the same as it had been for the past several hundred years. The people went about their daily lives and traded among themselves happily, guards chased down criminals and many of the armed forces guarded the southern and eastern border closely.


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#, as written by Ezarael
The sixth month of the year 1191 was marked as the most glorious day for the Empire when the imperial heir Jhardan IV was born, amidst all the glory and splendor of his father’s peaceful reign, and bolstering the people’s hopes for the future of their land. In retrospect this event also symbolizes the “birth” that was also about to envelope the country as the nobles began to have more time to devout to artistic and intellectual pursuits. The most valuable artifacts left over from this time period are either musical instruments or elaborately painted ceramic-masked, the famous mask used in Tohngarachi-style plays that first appeared in this time period. We also see the foundation for the first indoor theatre laid the same day as the heir’s birth; it is believed that Emperor Jhardan III was an adamant viewer of Tohngarachi plays and wished for his son to show the same fervor. This first communications with another nation are to be observed as well with the appearance of Joutomaa’n emissaries in the Fehl’ruhj, giving birth to the art of modern diplomacy to this infantine people, leading to its near religious-devotion by noblemen in this time, and it was for the ways that Jhardan III accepted this new challenge and comported himself that historians and government officials revere this figure in history. Until this time the Empire had been a very isolationist nation that was beginning to feel the pressures an unchanging world and the appearance of this alien culture compounded the people’s desire to grow and evolve to manage life in an ever-changing world.
--- Tyrfahl Hyudor---
Curator, The Ghani National Museum of History

The beginning of this month has proven monumental for the Empire with the birth of our heir Jhardan IV, praise be that he shall become a wise and benevolent ruler, and glory rain down upon the House of Yerish as my magnificent Empress Qhitara has given birth to an heir whose body flows with the same blood as mine own! To mark this wonderful occasion our Emperor ask to have the first shovel strike the earth in the soon to be theatre’s spot, a plot we had marked prior to the heir’s birth in expectation, and bestowed marvelous presents upon his vassals, and much to my joy I was gifted with a beautiful dress of burgundy-coloured armor, with the helm graced by the symbol of The Sacred Ghani Empire. After the ceremonies a general meeting of the Ministry was called to discuss monthly affairs. Nothing of import was introduced as routines were examined, funding for research and development set aside for each Minister’s duties, and construction was planned all in all it was a pleasant day for the Empire.
---Arch-Minister Darfuhl Yerish---

The annual inspection of the major outlying fortresses Myrha Tonqhar, Uulshir Pyrnah, Hyrh Nirsha, and Kiituhl Jhanda is nearing completion with my arrival at Kiituhl Jhanda this morning, with my party only just arriving before noon at this northernmost outpost of the Empire, positioned on the tallest hill in the eastern grasslands to allow for a visual advantage. Upon my initial estimate this fortress is in the least need of repair due to the much milder climate here as opposed to the frequent, raging sand-storms that terrorize the Fehl’ruhj. There is not such extensive damage that the other forts are in imminent danger if attacked, but my time spent as Ahntil has taught me that preventative measures are best taken in concerns to the desert environment. As for the state of the garrison it appears as if these men are ready for any situation that may occur, as only true warriors of the Empire are, and thirst for the sight of blood, much talent has been displayed by these warriors as contests are held in my honour the last night of my stay. Impressed by the skills of several young warriors I have asked the greatest master from each garrison to join me and soldier for the Fyrhna, and so far I have found one for the katana, naginata, and hyeopdo, hopefully I may find one for the daikyū at this fortress. There also seems to be a rumor of another people on the borders of the Fehl’ruhj, patrols will be extended and scouting parties sent to determine the validity of these tales with orders to only use force if attacked.
--- Commander Huhrrik Yantil---

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Character Portrait: The Sacred Ghani Empire
0 sightings The Sacred Ghani Empire played by Ezarael
A middle-eastern nation caught between the desert and mountains.

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Character Portrait: The Vuori
Character Portrait: Askrian - The Warlands


Character Portrait: Askrian - The Warlands
Askrian - The Warlands

Askria, known more commonly as the Warlands, is a large area divided by several factions.

Character Portrait: The Vuori
The Vuori

A nation in the west of Maanosa, surrounded partially by the mountains in the east, and the sea in the west.


Character Portrait: The Vuori
The Vuori

A nation in the west of Maanosa, surrounded partially by the mountains in the east, and the sea in the west.

Character Portrait: Askrian - The Warlands
Askrian - The Warlands

Askria, known more commonly as the Warlands, is a large area divided by several factions.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: The Vuori
The Vuori

A nation in the west of Maanosa, surrounded partially by the mountains in the east, and the sea in the west.

Character Portrait: Askrian - The Warlands
Askrian - The Warlands

Askria, known more commonly as the Warlands, is a large area divided by several factions.

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