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The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods


A horror thriller where we aren't truly in control.

651 readers have visited The Cabin in the Woods since Quantumlegacy created it.

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Introduction- This role-play will be based off the movie, "The Cabin in the Woods." I recently watched it and loved the concept of it. But I think that movie would have worked in so many ways that it was too rich an idea for one use. And so I draw from it to create the version we will be using in our misadventures. For the most part the plot will remain the same for those of you who have seen it. There will be a group of five that go on a trip to a cabin for a reason I've yet to name. Once there we will enjoy our vacation up until a certain point which a part of the cabin previously unavailable will become available, and noticeable in case we didn't even know it was there. We will then choose to investigate it because that's what people do. Once inside we will end up choosing how the rest of the movie plays out. The difference between this and most other horror role-plays is that there will be two Operators that can control minor to very major events that occur along the way and whom's ultimate goal is the death of the five.

I really hope that we get enough people whom like the idea and want to do it. I'm excited enough to go through the motions of creating it now I just need other collaborators.

Setting: A cabin embedded in a wooded area in a mountain range. The only way to it is through a tunnel on a lone backwoods road. Once through the tunnel you still have a ten minute drive up through the mountain slope to near the top where the cabin is situated. It sits in a mostly flat forested area. There is a lake back behind the cabin with a supply of fresh cold water running down from the top of the mountain. The scenery couldn't be more beautiful for a vacation.
Plot: Five victims will unleash and then battle an evil they end up choosing in an attempt to survive. While two Operators see to it they die thus completing an ancient ritual.

The Characters are completely opened ended so long as you are within the ages of 20-28. Have a connection to the other four in some way and fall into one of five "slots". We need a Scholar, a Fool, a Warrior, a Whore, and a Virgin. Now that doesn't mean you need to take your character to the extreme in each of these qualities but they should be a semi-noticeable quality. Breathe life into your characters through details.


The Warrior -
The Scholar -
The Fool -
The Whore - Adrienne Forrester played by YoureStillAnInnocent
The Virgin - Sylene Sare played by SlightlyInsane


Supervisor - Randal Grohan played by Quantumlegacy
Assistant -

Character Sheet:
Fill out each of the normally supplied boxes sufficiently. You should know when you have done so as your character will be fleshed out. The only thing you wouldn't do as normal is add this into "Description" instead of a normal description.

Full Name - Your characters Full Name.
Nicknames - Any Nickname you may have.
Age - Simply your Age.
Height - Simply your Height.
Weight - Simply your Weight.
Picture - A picture is acceptable but unnecessary. And you will still have to write out a description.
Physical Description - A description of your character. Include height and weight, and go into detail about things that are included in your picture. Describe anything not shown in picture with sufficient detail.

For the "Personality" section you can put:

Personality - Sum of your character in a few good sentences. Shouldn't need more then two paragraphs.
Likes - Expand on a few things your character likes in some way. Whether they like to read it, do it or eat it, see it, hear it. You name it.
Dislikes - Expand on a few things your character dislikes in some way. Whether they don't like to read it, do it or eat it, see it, hear it. You name it.
Fears - Expand on a few things that your character is afraid of.
Relationships Expand on any previous or current relationship you may have had with any of the other four victims. Whether it's with them or their families.

You may Skip the Equipment box. In your History Box you may put a brief history of your character. We don't need more then a few paragraphs that should represent a few past years, your current life and maybe something they plan of the future.

Last but not least, remember that it is you and I both who breathe life into this wonderful idea.

Toggle Rules

1) Obey the rules and regs of this site.
2) Obey common law (Rules that are commonly upheld in RP. No godmodding, gary sue/mary sues, ect.) These are common sense things that most role-players should know already. I don't feel I'll be seeing any of this anyway but it's always worth a Rule Slot.
3) Be Creative. Please try to be creative in your writing. Use detail to breathe life into everything you do but don't go overboard to where the entire post is fluff about the fresh autumn breeze. Still take the time to plan out your post and then reread it a few times before and after submitting.
4) Be Active. Despite what I said about I still would like for you to try to check the role play every day. And plan to post once every day at the least.
5) Be Respectful. That means to be respectful and mindful of the fact that you aren't alone in this role-play. There will be other people writing in this and that means that at some point you will not like what someone else does or says. Please do not take this personal and try to work things out civilly.
6) My word is law. What this means is when a dispute comes to rise where we can not all agree on something, or I don't like how something turned out. I reserve the right to do whatever I want. Note that I don't use this right often and would rather compromise some before forcing you to do something else.
7)Please enjoy your stay and try and have fun with this. But remember this is a horror type. There will be gore, scary things and your characters have a very high probability of dying.

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Character Portrait: Adrienne Forrester
Character Portrait: Randal
Character Portrait: Sylene Sare


Character Portrait: Sylene Sare
Sylene Sare

"I'm up for almost anything."

Character Portrait: Randal

"Another day, Another dollar."

Character Portrait: Adrienne Forrester
Adrienne Forrester

Say hello to all the boys at the top of the table that you're under...


Character Portrait: Randal

"Another day, Another dollar."

Character Portrait: Sylene Sare
Sylene Sare

"I'm up for almost anything."

Character Portrait: Adrienne Forrester
Adrienne Forrester

Say hello to all the boys at the top of the table that you're under...

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Character Portrait: Adrienne Forrester
Adrienne Forrester

Say hello to all the boys at the top of the table that you're under...

Character Portrait: Randal

"Another day, Another dollar."

Character Portrait: Sylene Sare
Sylene Sare

"I'm up for almost anything."

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Most recent OOC posts in The Cabin in the Woods

Re: The Cabin in the Woods

I am going to give it a few more days. And if no one else submits a character by then we can begin with just you two and me. I'll just make the other's NPC's and use them as I need to help move things along. I am still eager to get this moving along but I am hoping more join.

Re: The Cabin in the Woods

You do not have to have seen the movie to play. It will help you understand after a certain point, but having not seen it might add to the excitement for you. I am checking submitted characters now.

Re: The Cabin in the Woods

Okay, finished editing my character. Hope that's okay. :)

Re: The Cabin in the Woods

Do you have to have seen the movie to play?

Re: The Cabin in the Woods

I've submitted my character and apologize in advance for not having an avatar or physical description. I am currently on my phone, which does not have my character pictures and also is difficult to work with when trying to write on this website. I originally had a nice little description and a picture, but both were accidentally erased. I promise I will add them later today when I have access to my computer.

All better. :)

Re: The Cabin in the Woods

Oh, right, sorry, no problem. I'll try and edit it now. :)

Re: The Cabin in the Woods

I'm glad you liked the movie and as far as your character goes. I was hoping you were planning on adding more to it. Take a look at mine and the section on character sheets. If you manage to beef it up some I'd be glad to accept it. :) My standards aren't high as far I know but I do like for you to put forth as much effort as I am willing to do.

Re: The Cabin in the Woods

I've already applied with my sheet, just waiting for an acceptance :)
And I HAVE seen the was amazing. :D

Re: The Cabin in the Woods

I look forward to seeing a finished sheet from each of you. And I tried to change enough of the main storyline that it wasn't too much of a spoiler but it'll be hard. I suggest trying to see the movie before we start. :D

Re: The Cabin in the Woods

I've been wanting to see this movie but haven't had the chance yet. Needless to say, I am extremely interested and hope to be submitting a sheet for the virgin soon. :)

Re: The Cabin in the Woods

Is it okay if I create The Whore character? :)

The Cabin in the Woods

"The Cabin in the Woods"

This is a role-play I've been mulling over since watching the movie and am excited to see whom else likes the idea. I have a ton of items for the plot starter scenario in mind as well as the knowledge that your death could pretty much come in any form.