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"Another day, Another dollar."

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a character in “The Cabin in the Woods”, as played by Quantumlegacy


Full Name - Randal N. Grohan
Nicknames - Randy
Age - 57
Height - 5' 7"
Weight - 210 lbs
Picture - Randal
Physical Description - He's a middle aged man. He always wears his black suit with his blue shirt. The tie changes from day to day depending on how he felt that morning. He has grey silver hair that he combs over to hide the fact that he is slowly starting to thin out on top. He's white with brown eyes and no facial hair. Instead preferring to keep himself clean-shaven. He stands at five feet seven inches, weighing in at two-hundred and ten pounds. He's getting a bit chubby for his size but in his line of work it didn't really matter so long as his mind stay'd sharp.


Personality - Randal has been working at the Compound for a long time and has come to a realization that this will always be. He's neat and orderly and it shows in his work and timing. He doesn't take pleasure nor sorrow from the death he causes instead knowing that it is a necessary step to prevent the annihilation of all mankind. He is both wise with age and a coward. Knowing he wouldn't have been half as strong as some of the people he's put to death in these situations. He's really good at his job though and takes pride in his work.

Likes - Randal enjoys cleanliness and order. He likes when things go on time and happen as they are supposed to. He likes to read mystery and horror novels. He has an almost fatal addiction to his coffee.
Dislikes - Dislikes messy people and when things don't go as planned. Anyone that doesn't like coffee.
Fears - At this point in his life Randal knows of far to many dark secrets from within his stable to not be in constant fear for his life every moment of everyday. From everything.
Relationships - Has worked in the compound for 35 years and is known by everyone within it.


Randal N Grohan grew up in a small town in the Midwest, USA. There he grew up into your average kid who had an average life up until he was twenty-two. He was picked for the sacrifice by the current supervisor of the Compound but saved due to family connections within. One he didn't even know he had until they came to him spilling the beans on everything. He'd made an excuse and got a suitable person to go in his place while he followed his Uncle to the compound. That was the first day he ever began work there and has since then seen to it that seventy rituals have gone off mostly without a hitch. He has had his share of stories to go along with it but for the most part he doesn't share them out of respect for those he had to murder in the name of the cause. Even to this day he knows that if it weren't for his distant, now dead, Uncle that he to would have been in the shoes of the Victims. But he keeps this to himself as now the only other person to know about it was his Uncle.

So begins...

Randal's Story