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Lillina Rain

"Even without memories. I know I'm dangerous."

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a character in “The Cage: A Game of Survival”, as played by HetaGamer



Name:: Lillina Rain

Age:: 23

Gender:: Female

Long black hair that's always tied up in a neat high pony tail, and matching eyes. She's about 5' 6" and weighs 120lbs give or take. She has a strong, athletic build that doesn't take away from her figure. There's a tattoo on her left arm that she doesn't know what it is for or why she got it. For now she wears the same nondescriptive white outfit that the other person in the cage wears. She doesn't know why, but wearing so much white makes her nervous.

Personality:: Lillina is untrusting of everyone around her, even herself, since she can't remember her past. She's very passive at the moment, prefering not to take friends or enemies before she remembers. She's stubborn, somewhat cold, and painfully blunt. If you want to know something, she'll tell you. Even if you won't like the answer. Though most of the time she is mature, she has her childish moments. She is strong physically and mentally, and when something bothers her, she doesn't show it. She's incredibly independant and doesn't like to accept help from others. But her pride doesn't stop her from doing so if she really needs the help. She knows she isn't invincible. She isn't shy or modest in the slightest. She wouldn't care if she was naked around other women, or men. As long as they didn't try to touch her that is. She hates it when people touch her, it sets her on edge and makes her skin crawl.

She always has her guard up, even around people she trusts. It makes it hard for her to fall asleep around other people and stay asleep. Even when she isn't around somebody she is a light sleeper. But she functions just fine without any or much sleep, because that is how she was trained to be. While she seemed like a level headed girl who isn't bothered by anything on the outside, on the inside she's freaking out inside the Cage. She hates small spaces and because its white she can't blend into the shadow. Its her biggest nightmare.

Likes:: Dark places
Coffee flavored ice cream
Doing things with her own power
Weapons, she sleeps better if she has one in her hand
People who know when to back off

Dislikes:: Bright or small places
Spicy foods
Mice and rats
People who can't mind their business
People touching her

Skills:: Lillina has highly tuned senses and instincts, as if she was trained do to something specific before she ended up in the cage. She excells in stealth and sticking to the shadows. Her stamina is great, along with her parkour and free running abilities. She's decent sniper, but is much better at hand to hand combat or knife fighting. She's trained in first aid, though mostly on herself not other people. She can function just fine on very little to no sleep. She's also been trained not to break under toture and keep fighting through hunger. She's also a pretty good singer, but doesn't like to admit it.

Weaknesses:: She fights a bit like a rhino, nearly impossible to stop when she gets started. But you can catch her off guard or manage to stop her, she's done for. She can and will not harm a child, her maternal instincts are too strong.

Fears:: Rats and mice
Small spaces
Not being able to save someone she cares about

Past:: The only thing Lillina remembers is waking up in the Cage. The rest of her life is an unsettling blank. The only thing she has to remind herself of her life is the tattoo on her left arm. But not even that will stir up any memories.


So begins...

Lillina Rain's Story


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Day 1.

Lillina Rain and Julia Mandelbrot wake up for the first time in The Cage.


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Character Portrait: Lillina Rain Character Portrait: Julia Mandelbrot
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Something wasn't right... That was the first thing Lillina thought of as her mind began to awaken. Her mind was a blank, memories that were suppose to be there weren't. She didn't know what those memories were, but she knew there was something missing. Her next thought was figure out where she was, survey her surroundings. The instinct to do so was strong, but again she didn't know why. As she opened her eyes she was met with white, blinding white, and nothing but it. It immidiately tensed up her muscles, muscles that she was sure she knew how to use.

Lillina sat up, slowly and carefully, as if to make sure nothing was damaged. She looked down at herself to find that she was wearing white. That's when the panick began to slowly set in. She pulled her legs to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, creating a protective ball. Her eyes darted around, trying to find away out of the panic enducing white. Her search came up with nothing but another woman lying on the floor nearby. Not a door, not a window, just a little hole in the ground and that was it. The room was claustrophobia inducing, just causing the panic to rise even further. At least she learned something about herself. Right now, she was in her biggest nightmare.

Lillina rose to her feet, with a grace that told her she knew her body well. She caught a glimpse of something black out from under her left sleeve, so she pushed it up to her elbow and saw the tattoo. It was beautiful, dark swirling lines and shapes that somehow comforted her. As if someone she trusted and cared about had given it to her. Her breathing slowly returned to normal and her mind settled into an unfamiliar but comfortable stat of guard.


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Character Portrait: Lillina Rain Character Portrait: Julia Mandelbrot
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Lillina heard the tiniest shifts behind her as the other woman seemed to awaken. Her senses seemed to be sharp, she must had trained them in the past. Even though it was quiet in here, she could hear the other woman's breathing, every shift of movement, even her heartbeat. She could make out details along the walls, the tiniest of marks and blemises that most wouldn't have bothered to notice. She had a feeling that if there was any wind in here, she would have been able to feel the shifting of the currents, or know what a person's clothing was made of just by touching it. She had definitely been trained to do something in the past. But what she didn't know. There were no words that came to her mind for the skills she possessed. Or better yet, there were too many. She hadn't figured out all she could do yet, so the list of things that she could have been were too broad.

Lillina's right had travelled underneath her shirt, running two fingers across her skin. She was searching for a needle mark, the two small burns that would indicate tazing, anything to tell her how she had gotten here. So far there was nothing, a few places where there was scar tissue, but nothing recent. What did she do that would mean she had scars? Maybe she was a clumsy child or something? Her thoughts froze completely as her fingers brushed against a newer, more jagged scar. The sensitivity of this one told her that it had happened some time in the last three to five years. It was long as well as jagged, going from her right collarbone to just above her breast. She couldn't tell exactly what had done it from the size and shape, but it was obvious it was something bladed. Somebody didn't like her. Her head hurt, as if her brain was trying to get her to remember something, but nothing appeared in her head. Her memories were still an empty blank.

She knew that if shock caused the memory loss, then it would definitely come back over time. Though perhaps not the event that caused the shock in the first place. But if it was medically induced, then there was less of a chance of it coming back. Something told her that her past wasn't a happy one, so maybe her brain had shut it all out in order to protect her. From what she could remember, the brain did strange things to stop one from losing it. Even if it involved a complete shut down. In any case, she was glad that her brain didn't do that. It was better to live without memories than to be an empty shell.

The sound of the other woman lifting metal caused Lillina to whip around, her hand going to her waist as if searching for a weapon that wasn't there. She reacted purely on instinct, but it seemed like the right thing for her to do. Relief went through her as she saw that it was only a pair of glasses. Something told her that the other woman wasn't much a danger to her, at least not at the moment, but it would be better to play it safe. She locked eyes with the other woman, trying to find her face somewhere in her mind. But there was nothing, either she was somewhere in her memories, or they hadn't met before this. Lillina blinked as the woman spoke. She hadn't said anything before this and her question didn't make much sense to Lillina.

"I cannot answer your question, because I don't have enough information about the situation." She said in a blank, almost robotic tone. "I know about my own part in this, but not yours." Lillina thought it a good answer for the situation. As it spoke the truth plainly and simply. The thought of going into some long explaination about why she could or couldn't answer didn't seem like the right thing to say.