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The War Table

A record of the Inquisition's undertakings.

0 · 971 views · located in Thedas

a character in “The Canticle of Fate”, as played by AugustArria




The Wrath of Heaven

Quest Giver: Rilien Falavel
Participants: Romulus, Estella Avenarius, Asala Kaaras, Leonhardt Albrecht

Description: A massive Rift has opened in the sky, and the only clues to what it might be are the marks on the hands of the Conclave's sole survivors.

The Threat Remains

Quest Giver: Revered Mother Annika
Participants: Romulus, Estella Avenarius, Asala Kaaras, Leonhardt Albrecht, Kharisanna Istimaethoriel, Marceline Benoit, Cyrus Avenarius, Zahra Tavish, Vesryn Cormyth

Description: Branded as heretics by the Chantry, the newly formed Inquisition must find a way to build and spread its influence, both in nearby Ferelden territories, and beyond. Only then will they be able to forge the necessary alliances to close the Breach.

Subquests: Defending the Crossroads, Recruiting Cyrus, A Meeting in Val Royeaux, The Fallow Mire (Recruiting Vesryn), The Storm Coast (Recruiting Zahra)

In Hushed Whispers

Quest Giver: Fiona
Participants: All

Description: The Inquisition seeks an alliance with the Free Mages, located in Redcliffe. There, a father-daughter pair of Tevinter magisters have swooped in just in time to secure the loyalty of the mages themselves. The Inquisition must unravel the mystery behind their arrival, and find a way to convince the mages not to serve Tevinter.

Champions of the Just

Quest Giver: High Seeker Ophelia
Participants: Estella, Leon, Vesryn, Marceline, Cyrus

Description: While awaiting the mage preparations for the attempt to close the Breach, the Inquisition received word from the templars, revealing their location to be Therinfal Redoubt. After gathering the support of many noble Orlesian houses, the Inquisition simply arrived uninvited, and gained entry through their influence. With rumors swirling of red lyrium use and the Lord Seeker gone mad, the Inquisition must save the templars from themselves, and secure more allies against the Breach.

In Your Heart Shall Burn

Quest Giver: Cyrus Avenarius
Participants: All

Description: With the Inquisition's alliances made and strength gathered, Cyrus has devised a method for the two Heralds to close the Breach for good. None of them are prepared for what will follow.

From the Ashes

Quest Giver: Corypheus
Participants: All

Description: Following the destruction of Haven and the deaths that occurred there, the Inquisition must find a new home to regroup and rebuild in, before plotting their next move. Meanwhile, Romulus and Khari must find a way to survive, hunted by the Venatori and thought dead by their allies...


Quest Giver: Adan Borja
Participants: Romulus, Khari, Asala, Zahra, Leon, Estella, Marceline

Description: After months of rumors building around the potential for Romulus to be a living heir of Andraste, the cultist leader Anais finally claims to have discovered a way to prove his ancestry. A certain man responsible for Romulus's mother's ultimate fate has been located, and must be captured for questioning, and a bit of justice. Sadly, the man in question is imprisoned aboard a Qunari vessel bound for Par Vollen, but docked for repairs in Llomerryn. To claim a divine status, certain risks need to be taken...


Quest Giver: Asala Kaaras
Participants: Asala, Zahra, Leon, Khari, Romulus

Description: While in northern waters on a mission to assist Romulus, Asala makes use of the opportunity to travel back to her home and reconnect with old friends, as well as pay her respects to the fallen.


The Lonely Road

Quest Giver: Khari Istimaethoriel
Participants: Khari, Romulus, Estella, Asala, Zahra

Description: As much as it has grown, the Inquisition still needs allies. Khari can think of no one better to aid a noble cause than the man who taught her how to fight for one: the Chevalier-Errant, Ser Durand. She knows he wanders the Orlesian countryside, nearby to the Dales. With the Inquisition's leave, she and a few others endeavor to find him...

Here Lies the Abyss

Quest Giver: Ashton Riviera
Participants: All

Description: Kirkwall's Guard Captain arrives at Skyhold to deliver troubling news: the Grey Wardens of Thedas have all but disappeared. Believing Corypheus to potentially be involved, the Inquisition follows up on a lead to find Ashton's Grey Warden wife, Nostariel Riviera, and discover the truth of the matter. Events lead the Inquisition to launch their forces into a new region for the first time since their arrival at Skyhold.

The Western Approach

Quest Giver: None
Participants: All

Description: Following the battle at Adamant Fortress against the Grey Wardens, Inquisition forces work through the aftermath at Griffon Wing Keep as they ensure the region's stability for the token force to be left behind as a garrison.


Quest Giver: Zethlasan Carrith
Participants: Vesryn, Estella, Cyrus, Asala, Marceline, Khari, Zahra

Description: An old friend (of sorts) of Vesryn's contacts the Inquisition about an unusual rift located under a lake near the Fereldan village of Crestwood. The Inquisition sends one of their Inquisitors to respond, along with a limited number of forces to help secure the region afterwards.

Mastery of the Soul

Quest Giver: Asala Kaaras
Participants: Asala, Cyrus, Romulus, Zahra, Leon

Description: After working with Nostariel in the days leading up to the siege of Adamant, Asala learned of the power of a spirit healer, mages who make agreements with the spirits of Compassion in order to aid others-- if they are able to first prove themselves to it. After researching the matter and mulling it over, she goes to Cyrus to bring the thought up with him...

In Arrogance Wrought

Quest Giver: Cyrus Avenarius
Participants: Cyrus, Estella, Vesryn, Asala, Leon, Zahra

Description: A Skyhold servant attempts an assassination on Cyrus and absconds with his notes on the Breach and the Anchors, escaping by unknown methods to places likewise mysterious. But the information contained in the notes is vital—if it falls into the hands of Corypheus, he may be able to devise a way to open a second Breach. Led by a weakened Cyrus, a group of the Inquisition's finest give desperate chase.

The Gift

Quest Giver: Vesryn Cormyth
Participants: Vesryn, Estella, Khari

Description: Despite appearing to approach death from a sudden sickness, Vesryn's friend Zethlasan leaves Skyhold, taking his two companions Astraia and Shae with him. Confused by the sudden change, Vesryn asks Estella and Khari to accompany him on a quick trip to track them down in the Hinterlands. Their purpose is threefold: to learn what happened with Zeth, say their goodbyes, and to convince Astraia to join the Inquisition, if they can.

The Exalted Plains

Quest Givers: Marceline, Vareth Saras
Participants: Marceline, Romulus, Khari, Leon, Asala, Zahra

Description: Demons interrupt the Orlesian Civil War, preventing the forces of both Celene and Gaspard from fighting each other while they focus on survival. Inquisition forces intervene carefully in order to seal the rifts, while also embarking on a search for Marceline's father. Afterwards, Vareth Saras of the Genardalia clan of Dalish approaches Khari requesting help with the closing of a rift on an elven burial site. Khari chooses to return for a visit to her clan after a ten year absence, and Romulus goes with her.

Subquests: Demons in the Trenches, A Night with the Genardalia

The Fifth Column

Quest Giver: Julien D'Artignon
Participants: Estella, Vesryn, Cyrus, Rilien

Description: Estella has received a letter from a friend in Val Royeaux. Julien D'Artignon, Marquis of Arlesans, stands accused of treason and sedition against the Empress, and is being held after trial in anticipation of a death sentence. He claims that he was framed for the deeds he was accused of, and has asked Estella and the Inquisition to review the investigation and trial, in hopes of exonerating him. But the Orlesian political landscape is notoriously fraught, and a delicate balancing act between integrity, neutrality, and loyalty is the order of the day, especially when so few are eager to divulge everything they know.

The Emerald Graves

Quest Giver: Vareth Saras
Participants: Vesryn, Leon, Estella, Khari, Cyrus, Asala, Zahra

Description: The Inquisition receives word from the First of Clan Genardalia that the Venatori and the Red Templars have been sighted making moves in the Emerald Graves, prompting them to send a small, mobile force to investigate and counter them. In the massive forest they investigate elven ruins, ambush a red lyrium caravan, work with local refugees, and investigate a quiet, abandoned manor secluded in the woods.


Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts

Quest Giver: Lucien Drakon
Participants: All

Description: A royal invitation has arrived at Skyhold, requesting the pleasure of the company of the Lord and Lady Inquisitors, and their retinue, for a ball to be thrown at the Winter Palace in Halamshiral. According to the message, the stated purpose of the gala is to kick off peace talks to end the ongoing War of the Lions, but Lucien is not so sure that's how events will actually proceed. Two things are clear: one, accepting will plunge the Inquisition into a den of wolves, where deception, humiliation, and assassination are just the rules of the Game. And two: they have to accept, in order to stop in the present the master stroke that once destabilized an entire future.

In Blackest Envy

Quest Giver: Maleus
Participants: Zahra, Leon, Romulus, Cyrus

Description: A foreboding letter arrives at Lucien’s estate in Halamshiral. Written by Zahra’s long since disconnected younger brother, Maleus, now living in Faraji’s estate as his servant. He pleads for the Inquisition’s help in tracking down their family and saving them from their unfortunate circumstances. He implores her to go back to her childhood home in Pressa, in order to speak to her father who still resides there. Left with little else besides her brother’s words, Zahra asks for Cyrus’ help, as well as Leon and Romulus. Their task is simple—follow the lead where it takes them. Find out what happened so long ago.

The Warmest Place

Quest Giver: Marceline Benoît
Participants: Marceline, Estella, Khari, Asala, Vesryn

Description: After careful consideration, Lady Marceline finally comes to the conclusion that Skyhold does not have much to offer much to the young adults of the Inquisition. Thus she has decided that both Félicité and Pierre would be safer and better served by returning home. She has taken the opportunity to personally escort them, and then spend some much need time off back in the familiar grounds of her estate. She has also extended the offer to others of the Inquisition, feeling that she is not the only one in need of a vacation.

To Darkness Fled

Quest Giver: Ophelia Géroux
Participants: Leon, Romulus, Khari, Séverine

Description: High Seeker Ophelia reappears, with troubling news: Lord Seeker Lucius Corin has hidden himself and what remains of the Seekers of Truth away in Kasos, a remote keep used as a repository of Chantry artifacts and research. What he's doing there is unclear, but with the discovery comes a unique opportunity to attack before Lucius knows he has been found. Leon assembles a small strike team for the effort, and they sail across the Waking Sea to Cumberland, Nevarra, to approach Kasos by land.

Clad in Bright Steel

Quest Giver: Sophia Dumar
Participants: Estella, Marceline, Khari, Leon, Séverine

Description: The Viscountess of Kirkwall, Sophia Dumar, formally requests the aid of the Inquisition in resolving a rising threat of red lyrium within her city. As the Inquisition has the most experience dealing with the substance and its users, Sophia believes a small party of their best will be useful in defeating the issue. With several of the Irregulars and Knight-Captain Séverine at her back, Estella sails back to Kirkwall to investigate the problem, and to see how the city has changed since her departure.

The Bitten Hand

Quest Giver: Chryseis Viridius
Participants: Romulus, Khari, Leon, Asala, Zahra, Ithilian, Amalia

Description: Chryseis finds herself forced from her home and pursued by Venatori. With nowhere else to run, she travels all the way south to Ferelden, where she contacts the Lord Inquisitor, once her slave, asking him to spring a Venatori trap she finds herself as bait in. Despite how much Romulus might desire to be rid of her, Chryseis represents their only way into Minrathous, and their best chance at eliminating Marcus Alesius, the leader of the Venatori.

The Frailest of Hopes

Quest Giver: Harellan
Participants: Estella, Cyrus, Vesryn, Astraia, Harellan

Description: According to Harellan, a temporary solution to Vesryn's current issues with Saraya might be found in Vir Dirthara, an ancient repository of magical knowledge. Unfortunately, the archive is only accessible via an Eluvian controlled by Harellan's clan, and they will not grant its use to any who are not of their blood. And so Estella, along with Harellan, Cyrus, Vesryn, and Astraia, makes the journey to Arlathan to petition her family and claim her birthright.

Poisoned By Hate

Quest Giver: Corveus Contee
Participants: Zahra, Cyrus, Romulus, Leon, Corveus

Description: Another letter has found its way through Bastian’s doorway, with no writer in sight. It says that Corveus wishes to meet them in a specified location if Zahra desires to save the family members who currently reside in his home estate, as he will personally lead them into the Contee estate. Though, he understands the necessity of having a larger party than two, and suggests she bring some friends. With three already in mind, Zahra enlists the help of Cyrus, Rom, and Leon to help see this through.

Your Light Remains

Quest Giver: Sophia Dumar
Participants: All

Description: The Viscountess of Kirkwall sends an urgent letter to Estella, informing her that her city has come under siege by the Red Templars, performing some kind of surprise attack from within. Led by their new leader Carver Hawke, the Red Templar army has seized great swaths of the city, save for a few vital pockets of resistance, still clinging to the defense in hope of rescue. The Inquisition, along with the new Emperor of Orlais Lucien Drakon, must provide that rescue, or watch the city that is so dear to many of them be destroyed.


Taking Up the Blade

Quest Giver: Michäel Benoît
Participants: Khari, Vesryn, Leon, Marceline, Estella, Romulus

Description: The Grand Tourney, an event held only once every four years, is set to take place in Val Royeaux at the end of winter. The competition is fierce, and limited to chevaliers—the country's most elite knights. If ever there were an opportunity to prove that she has what it takes to be counted among them, Khari knows this is it. So she got her hands on some forged paperwork and a disguise, and has resolved to enter. With her friends at her back and her future in front of her eyes, she means to win it all.

The Taste of Blood

Quest Giver: Frederic of Serault
Participants: Leon, Khari, Romulus, Cyrus, Séverine

Description: The scouts have encountered a scholar from the University in Val Royeaux, the self-proclaimed expert on dragons, Frederic of Serault. Since he's offered his assistance, it's possible that the Inquisition will be able to lure and fight a High Dragon. With Leon's condition growing worse beyond the point of no return, it's now or never to save the Commander's life.

Emprise du Lion

Quest Giver: Séverine Lacan
Participants: All

Description: Inquisition forces have located the remainder of the Red Templar army, led by their Knight-Commander, Carver Hawke. They have occupied Suledin Fortress and the nearby quarry in Emprise du Lion, on the Orlesian side of the Frostback Mountains. Joined by a detachment of Orlesian chevaliers and the Queen's Companions of Kirkwall, the Inquisition must lay siege to the fortress, and put an end to the Red Templar threat once and for all.

What Pride Had Wrought

Quest Giver: Leta/Vesryn/Harellan
Participants: All

Description: After capturing Leta, the Venatori apprentice of Marcus Alesius, the Inquisition learns the next move their ultimate enemy, Corypheus, will make. He hopes to claim the ancient elven Vir'abelasan, the Well of Sorrows, a source of unsurpassed knowledge of the ages. With it, the Inquisition would be doomed. Their forces must race to the Arbor Wilds and engage the Venatori in a battle for control of the Temple of Mythal.

Away From Sorrow Forever

Quest Giver: Saraya
Participants: Vesryn, Estella, Cyrus, Khari, Astraia, Harellan

Description: With Vesryn on the verge of death due to his damaging connection with Saraya, all hope seems lost, especially after the potential solution in the Temple of Mythal proved to be not a solution at all. His strength failing, Saraya urges him to ride out of Skyhold and follow her lead, as well as bring some of their closest friends with them...

Doom Upon All the World

Quest Giver: Corypheus
Participants: All

Description: After his attempt to seize the Well of Sorrows fails and his Venatori general is killed, Corypheus makes one final play to achieve his goals. He attacks the Inquisition at their heart, at Skyhold, throwing all his forces and strength against their defenses.

A Light in the Dark

Quest Giver: Divine Galatea II/Cyrus Avenarius
Participants: All

Description: Months have passed since the defeat of Corypheus, and not everyone is happy with the fact that the Inquisition remains in Skyhold. The Divine has formed an Exalted Council, with representatives from several of Thedas's most influential nations, to debate and decide the organization's fate. Meanwhile, the strange appearance of a dead Qunari soldier at Halamshiral may signal the nearby presence of the missing Cyrus and Harellan.

So begins...

The War Table's Story