The Carson Hills Murders

The Carson Hills Murders


Every one in Carson Hills has forgot. Well at least tried. But the police have not. Parkview has as well. But they won't forget after this...

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December 1st, 2008.......

Jonathan Moxley vanished without a trace on October 1st, 2008, today his body was found. Jonathan was the fifth victim in a series of strange disappearances and murders. It began on February 1st, 2008, a Carson Hills High cheerleader went missing. On April 1st, 2008 her body was found, and a second victim went missing. From February 1st, 2008 through December 1st, 2008, a total of five students went missing and turned up murdered. There was a pattern for the killer in which they kidnaped on the first of every other month, as well as leaving the previous victim’s body behind. When Jonathan’s body showed up no disappearances were reported, it seemed the killer had stopped. As time past, the school staff, some parents, and even some students have gone about their lives like nothing has happened, while others are so paranoid they will not even use the rest room on their own.

"This is just the beginning......."

Carson Hills History.......

Other than the suspicious disappearance of some of its students, Carson Hills High is just your average high school. It is located in the heart of Carson Hills, New Jersey, an upper-class community. Carson Hills High School opened in 1875 at 1274 Tuckahoe Street with a total enrollment of 108 students.

Carson High is filled with many cliques, the Queen Bees being one of them. The Queen Bees are the most popular and meanest girls in the school. As far as they are concerned, they own the school. The only other people that come close to them are the All Stars; they are just as mean as the Queen Bees only they are of the male gender. There are many other clicks in the school such as the All-Americans, the Jocks, the Scene Kids, the Class Clowns, the Emo Kids, the Punks, the Exchange Students, the Wannabes, the Nerds, the Band Geeks, and last, but most definitely least, the Goth Kids.

"Where will you fit in?......."

Present-Day Carson Hills.......

Students are beginning to forget about the disappearances and killing of the recent past. The entire community of Carson Hills is beginning to feel safe again and are back to the way things used to be. Things are starting to become as normal as things could possibly be in Carson Hills, maybe a bit too normal.

However, normalcy is only temporary, strange occurrences begin to happen around the town of Carson Hills once again. The disappearances have started up again and the Police are seeing patterns linking back to the Carson Hills killings. Evidence from the remains of the burnt down Parkview High School shed more light on the killings from two years ago. The authorities of Carson Hills and Parkview have decided to hide the truth from the public. They will release the newly found evidence only when they feel it is absolutely necessary for others to know. And as the two month anniversary approaches of the first disappearance, people are petrified that they could be next.

While murder and mayhem is on almost everyone’s mind, another problem is occurring at Carson Hills High. Carson Hills High is forced share is facilities for an unknown amount of time with the Parkview High School students after their school and half the town burnt down in a tragic fire. Parkview students are blaming Carson and Carson Students are blaming
Parkview for the fire. The schools in chaos with fights and arguments left and right, not to mention the state of mind that the parents are in as their worst nightmare is coming true…again.

"Will the drama ever end?......."

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