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Hope Williams

"I've been fighting to be who I am all my life. What's the point of being who I am, if I can't have the person who was worth all the fighting for?"

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a character in “The Catalyist”, as played by Beffiye



"I’ve been fighting to be who I am all my life. What’s the point of being who I am, if I can’t have the person who was worth all the fighting for?"

Breaking Benjamin : Blow Me Away| 30 Second To Mars : The Kill (Bury Me)| Red : Let It Burn | (Song to Love Interest) Emma Stevens : A Place Called You (Ballad)

♦♦♦"There is nothing basic about me."♦♦♦
The Basics


Full name
Lydia Hope Williams

Nick Names
Hope (no one ever calls her Lydia) | Hopey


Girl two

♦♦♦"Can I help You?"♦♦♦
What the world already knows.


Sexual Orientation


Relationship Status



Double Barrel Turn Over Pistol
Buffalo Horn Sword Cane

♘ Dancing
♘Mysterious guys
♘Having a laugh
♘Her weapons
♘Her best friend

♙The virus
♙Being out of control
♙Being weak
♙Seeing people she cares about getting hurt
♙Being called cute

A few of her favourite things
♥ Favourite Colour: Sky blue
♥ Favourite Animal: Horses
♥ Favourite Weapon: Her double barrel turnover pistol

♦♦♦"You can’t change me."♦♦♦
More Personal


If you had to sum up Hope’s personality in one sentence, it would be easiest to say, “No one calls her by her first name for a reason.” Hope isn’t the most optimistic person that you would come across in the world today, but in the world she lives in, she is one of the most joyous people you can find. She can always find it in her to have a laugh with people no matter how grim the future is looking.

That being said, she isn’t going to muck around in a bad situation. She won’t be dancing around when a horde of infected arrive – she’ll be killing them off, mark my word. She can always distinguish the situations where it is okay to mess around, and when she needs to get down to work. She is a brilliant fighter – obviously, that’s one of the reasons she is still alive today – both in terms of taking the insane down with a gun and much closer combat.

Behind the smiles and laughter, there is a broken soul. The same can be said for anyone who is still alive. Hope suffers from nightmares and survivors guilt, but her bubbly and stubborn personality usually sees her through the worst of it all. She is actually not as loud as one might first think – she is quiet, down to earth, and defiantly does not draw much attention to herself.

Her quirky ways of having fun and cheering people up usually come in the form of dancing. Before the virus, she attended dance classes every day and aspired to be a great dancer. Now, she just aspires to be alive, and though her fun jigs aren’t very technical, you can see her grace and talent for dancing within them.
Hope’s happiness and humour doesn’t mean that she feels no pain inside. Every day she mourns for her mother, and feels angry with both her and the world. Why did her mom trust the treatment? Why did the dang stupid people make it? Nightmares plague her every night, and she cries often in her sleep. It’s the only time that she can cry, for in the day she has to put on a brave face and keep going. Plus, she hates appearing weak to anyone.

♦♦♦"The Past is the Past."♦♦♦


Tom Williams||???||Father||Unknown
Anna Williams||51 upon death. She would be 56 now.||Mother||Deceased
Gracie Williams||8 upon death. She would be 16 now.||Sister||Deceased

Hope never had the most peaceful or idyllic life to begin with. She was born to Anna and Tom Williams as their first child, and only had 4 years of being in a whole family unit before her father realised that he was falling in love with someone else and moved away, leaving her mother alone and pregnant with her second child. Almost five years younger than her older sibling, Gracie Williams was born into a lost, confused and heartbroken family. She never got to see her dad’s face, Hope couldn’t comprehend that her dad was gone for good and Anna couldn’t understand why Tom had left her, when she had put her heart and soul into their relationship and been 100% in love with him.

Anna was always a good, caring mother, but it didn’t stop Hope from feeling like an overprotective parent about her sister. Gracie was always getting herself into trouble, but everyone loved her for it. Unfortunately, on one occasion she got herself in too deep. She and Hope had gone out to a party one night, and were waiting at the train station for their train to arrive so that they could go home when a drunk man shoved Gracie onto the tracks, just as the steam train came. Hope didn’t have time to do anything; one minute, her sister was by her side. The next, she was flying through the air, above the tracks and had a train slamming into the side of her. When the train had stopped and Gracie came off the tracks, it was in a body bag.

Gracie had died at such a young age, just 8 years old. The 12-year-old Hope didn’t know what to do with herself, she felt that she had failed her job to protect her younger sibling. Just a year after that tragedy that Hope still today has not forgiven herself for, it was discovered that her mother had breast cancer, an incurable disease. Hope and her mom spent two years with Hope looking after her mother, and preparing to live on her own. Then, what seemed like a miracle came about, the LTI. It wasn’t a miracle though – it was the most deadly virus yet. Her mother accepted the “cure” and was one of the first infected. Hope ended up having to kill her in self-defence.

From the age of 15, Hope was fighting for survival in the streets. She was then quarantined with the few other healthy people that remained, and met her best friend. It was here that they built their friendship, and discovered that they are both immune to the virus when the quarantine was well…no longer a quarantine. Now, they have been traveling together for a number of years, and know every little thing about each other. Hope is 20, she has survived 5 years of this. She has to keep fighting.

Staying alive is more difficult than it sounds. Yes, Hope is immune to the virus, but all it takes is one mutation, and she could be sucked in by it too. Yet the biggest problem is surviving for any length of time in a world full of the insane.

So begins...

Hope Williams's Story