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Zack Killorian

This should be fun...

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a character in “The Catalyst”, originally authored by darknesspawn, as played by RolePlayGateway




Full Name:
Zach Killorian/ Real Name: Solas
Real Age:
Age They Appear To Be:
The Gender They Prefer:
What They Are:
Fallen Angel
What They Do:
What They Can Do:
Shadow Manipulation- He has to work with the shadows that are naturally given to him but once inside or near a shadow he can teleport in between dark areas as well as become invisible inside them. In dark areas he also has the ability to create shadow clones of himself that are completely identical to him but they are simply illusions, if you were to walk p and try to touch one of the clones the concentration of darkness would diffuse back out into the environment.


What They Like:
Mischief, causing others pain, Lying, Anything that goes against Gods teachings, Dark or cold areas
What They Dislike: Angels, Compassion, Extremely sunny days, Humans, Human Emotion

What They Fear:
Zach always wants to act like nothing scares him and that nothing gets under his skin and for the most part he sticks to that never showing any type of fear. However deep down Zach is afraid of one thing. He is afraid of God. Deep down he is afraid God will reach down and erase him from existence like he knows he can, because though he might not show it there was a time when he loved God and heaven. This fear can sometimes spring about feelings of reform however those feelings are never strong enough to actually get him to change


[center]Who They Are: Zach is the type of person that loves to get in the middle of things and instigate. He loves to cause mischief, without his usual pranks he would get bored on earth. He finds joy in others suffering. While he is at school he take on the the role as the more quite prankster. More often then not he gets away with his little pranks without being caught by anyone. A thumbtack (or a couple of thumbtacks) on a teachers chair, a water bucket on the door. Those are two of the many things he has gotten away scott free doing. Sometimes he will blame it on others to get them in trouble just for added amusement.
Any of the humans who haven't been framed by him might describe him as quiet and invisible. Anyone of the humans who have been framed by him would simply call him an asshole, though if any fallen angel would describe him they might say he is an idiot…

Their Story: Zach had always been a little off, he never actually had the empathy that the other angels seemed to have. He never cared for anyone else which is why he became one of the fallen quite quickly. Treat others as you would like to be treated, that was the Golden rule that he couldn't bring himself to follow, because even though he loved heaven and all the rewards that came with it he still was innately selfish. He was as mischievous then just as he is now, just now its on a much higher scale. Zach initially was scared that he had fallen out of grace with God but soon warmed up to his position down in Hell, though he still occasionally looks back on what he could have had in heaven.
Lucifer seemed to enjoy Zach as an addition to his ranks. He enjoyed the playful yet chaotic nature of him. That is probably why he was one of the few chosen to kill these new Angel threats. Zach wants to do more than just kill these Angels however, he would very much enjoy to get in their heads before doing the deed. He will consider it as one of his greatest pranks. Without his pranks he might get bored…

So begins...

Zack Killorian's Story


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"And that is exactly why if a guy you've only just met turns up underneath your window at two in the morning and asks you to marry him, you should say no and call for help. And the same applies to women. " Daniel concluded, putting his copy of Romeo and Juliet on the desk beside him. He was perched on the edge of it, his legs stretched out in front of him. He was rewarded with a roll of laughter. "I've skimmed through your essays on Romeo's character and I have to say, from what I've read, they seem relatively interesting. Good work. We'll start watching the movie adaption of the play on Monday, and I will hopefully have those essays graded for you." The bell rung, and everyone got to their feet, including him. "Have a good weekend, guys. Look after yourselves." He grinned and stretched a little as his students started streaming out of the classroom. He caught a glimpse of Jake and Vivienne joining the back of the stream of students. Once Jake was near enough, he beckoned him over. "Wait for me outside." He heard him tell Vivienne, before coming up to stand in front of Daniel. The boy's eyes were on the ground. Daniel sighed a little.

"How're you doing?" Daniel asked quietly. Jake shrugged. "Missing home. I mean, this town is nice and all, and the people are wonderful, but it's not..." He trailed off, and Daniel nodded. He missed Heaven as well from time to time. He wasn't used to concealing his wings, and walking around with his wings hidden was unnatural to him. It was surreal. Everyone acted like they had known them for years, when in reality, they'd only been in the town a week. But he seemed to be adapting easier than Jake.

"Hopefully it's not going to be permanent. With a bit of luck, we'll be home in a few weeks. We've got people negotiating on our behalf, persuading them that you're not demons." He noticed Jake's posture stiffen a little. Jake's eyes were staring at the floor, and his head was ducked a little. Daniel frowned. Something was bothering the kid. "Jake, is there anything you want to tell me?" He asked gently, putting a hand on his arm. Jake shook his head, and his posture told Daniel that he wasn't going to get anything out of him.

Daniel sighed. "If you want to talk to me about anything over the weekend, you have my mobile number. We can meet up if you don't want to talk about it over the phone. Go on, don't keep Vivienne waiting. Enjoy yourself this weekend." Jake nodded. "Thanks, sir." He mumbled, and left. Daniel sighed, shoving his few bits into his messenger bag and pulling off his loosely knotted tie, throwing that in on top. His shirt sleeves were already rolled up to the elbow. He slung the bag over his right shoulder and headed out, pulling the classroom door shut after him.

It was their first weekend in the town, and even he was a little concerned about what would happen. He had seen the name "Zach Killoran" on one of his class lists, and was almost sure that it was one of the Fallen Angels. If that wasn't enough, he had thought he had seen Hadriel around.

He was within walking distance of the cafe where Joan worked, so he decided to grab a coffee. Most of the students wouldn't be heading there for another hour or so, so they would be relatively free to talk.

He walked in and perched on a stool at the counter. "Caramel latte please, and one of those giant cookies." He ordered, a grin on his face as he looked at his friend.


Jake smiled at Vivi as he left the classroom. He knew that his posture was giving him away, so he decided to be a little honest. "He knows I visited my family last weekend, and was just asking if everything was alright." He admitted as they started walking down the corridor, towards the freedom of the weekend. "I wasn't exactly going to tell my English teacher that my family are assholes." He laughed a little, fixing the straps of his bag on his shoulder. Vivi felt almost a little familiar, like she had belonged back home.

Then again, that could just be because he had to act that way. But he genuinely did like her.

"So, what do you wanna do? It's the weekend. The world is our oyster." He casually threw one arm around her shoulders as they went down the steps of the school, spreading the other wide. He actually wasn't sure of what there was to do in this town, so he decided to let her take the lead.

If he was back home, they would probably be in training for another hour or two. Then they'd all probably go for a run and settle in for a movie night, before spending the weekend in each other's houses, seeing who could fit the most jelly beans in their mouth. He didn't know how that would roll here, so he decided just to keep his mouth shut. It was always a suggestion, if it came to it.