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Jeremiah Storms

Knock Knock! Payment Due!

0 · 333 views · located in Emperia City

a character in “The Catalysts”, as played by jericho193





The Hunter Blacklist


-Luck: Storm has become incredibly luckily throughout the years. Things that shouldn't happen tends to happen for him. It can be a blessing but a curse.
-Marksmanship: He specializes in assault rifles, DMRs, and Sniper Rifles. He is very good at hitting targets down range even while moving.

General Information:
Storms has only known war his whole life. He never new who his real parents were and neither does he care. If either of them ever came back into his life he would probably tell them to get lost. He once had a few things he cared about in his life. But his wife left him with their child. With nothing left he channeled his hatred in his career. Now, he just goes where the money goes.

So begins...

Jeremiah Storms's Story


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#, as written by Jorxio
With not much more than a brief surveying of the streets for the mysterious set of eyes that he had just connected with, Jericho relocked his sights on the original matter at hand; the Tech-Bar. Of course, that strange staredown was fresh in his mind, and losing contact with the crew was a bit worrying, but all of that was nothing but guesses and uncertainty. For now, he stuck to possibly finding the real threat, and possibly the ba stars who dared to open fire on him. Who cares if Hunter may possibly be dead by now...
...It was time for some detective work.

Jericho eyed up the place briefly, watching the people nearby slowly dissipate back into normality. A few seemed to have been entertained by some sort of spectacle, and a bit of chatter flew by, but other than that, everything was calm out front. Nothing out of the ordinary...except for himself at this point. Jericho wasn't sure what to expect, but it was certainly more than this.

"Nerd-Haven doesn't seem wildly active...or evil...or interesting."

"Alright...Let's get interrogative."

Jericho began to step towards the doors, only to be backed up by a black square pushing towards him. A worker was carrying out, what one could only assume, to be a busted computer. To him, that was the only suspicious thing so far. And, who knows, someone on the job might have seen something. Jericho leaned backwards on the door, propping it open and letting the repairman out, before finally speaking up.

"Hey, buddy. What happened to the computer? Jericho questioned with a mix of nonchalant curiosity, and totally chalant nosiness.


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#, as written by mjolnir

It was up there on the roof that Pandora finally realized her mistake... how could she be so stupid. She had to double check to be sure, reaching under the collar of her suit her fingers fumbled around and returned with nothing. She fell to a squatting position, pushing her hands back through her short hair as she shouted, "FUCK!" She then brought her hands to cup over her mouth and nose as she attempted to keep herself stable. She had 2 options. Continue one without the data or try to go back for it. Either one had many issues and neither one would end well for her. She had already caused many issues that day, and returning to the insurgency empty handed would not go over well... high rank or not. Then if she went back she could possibly retrieve it either walking away successful and unnoticed, not likely, or get chased to hell and back. She knew there was a Trojan in it, but it doesn't mean she could find someone to pay or threaten to hack past it. Someone with more knowledge than her.

Pandora hated making decisions, especially when she didn't have much time to make them. With that her palms moved to push off her knees as she stood upright, taking a deep breath. "Oh god, you're fucking crazy..." speaking under her breath to herself as she cracked her knuckles, then her neck. "One day I'm going to get myself killed." And with that she took off in a sprint towards the edge of the building. Reaching the ledge, she pushed off it with her right foot, jumping over the side of the building, plummeting down the alleyway from the 10 story high rooftop. Landing on her hands and feet in a pre-running position, she used it to her advantage pushing off the stone alleyway heading towards the road.

Skidding to a halt as she neared the road once again, she leaned her back against the adjacent building. Peaking out, Pandora saw that she was on the opposite side of the tech-bar. Lucky direction choice. At least that foundation member wouldn't be looking in this direction for her. Pandora's eyes glanced around quickly until they locked upon the member who was holding open a door for some techy that was taking a computer out of the bar... The one she smashed. Her eyes widened as she saw the small red flash drive sticking out from under the black cover.

Slipping into the crowd, Pandora kept a low profile as she weaved through people coming up behind the males. She didn't really know what she was going to do... How could she even try to get the flash drive without being noticed by either of them. She could try and flirt her way, but she knew that wouldn't work. The one had already seen her and Pandora flirts about as well as Hannibal Lecter. She had 2 options once again, wait for an opportune moment or just go balls to the wall. And with that she took one large breath as she reached down, unholstering her pistol from her right thigh. Bringing the gun up, she locked her arms and aimed straight at the male's hand that held the computer. With her finger on the trigger she shouted, "MOVE!" getting all the civilians to dart out of her way. And just as she had a peak of a clear shot, her finger pulled back on the trigger. With a loud BANG the bullet flew through the air towards the techy's hand.