Kika Amiu

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a character in “The Catalysts”, as played by Hikami



Name: Kika Amiu

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Allegiance: Insurgency

FYI: She keeps to herself and will not approach someone first. No matter what, it does not matter Kika to she is caring and selfless (as much as she can be). Because of the shadows that linger around she has grown a cold and heartless feeling to her. She simply wants to be cared and loved for as everyone else she see, do to her past.


Appearance: Her skin is pale like that of porcelain giving her a doll like look. Her long black hair reaches mid thigh with bangs that almost cover her eyes of a dark color give off a cold feeling. The black dress she wears only complements to porcelain doll look, the dress' furls stop just above the knees in areas the sleeves are connected by string reach to her knuckles. High knees socks are worn under simple black kitten heel shoes.


Skills: Shadow manipulation, Kika has the ability to have the shadows move to her will. Though she choose to rely more on giving the shadows shape. These beasts can come from anywhere a shadow resides. They are also every protective of Kika, leaving a lonely look in her eyes. The more the shadows appear, the less of her sane mind shows.

Kika was always hiding, afraid of herself and what the other people like her were. Her family locked her up at a young age giving her the ability to speak with the shadows that swirled in and around her. She always wondered why she had this and no one else in her family had this, she was sure of it or they too would be in the same room as her locked up. Kika's father was a scientist, maybe that was why, her young self reasoned with the help of the shadows. Now seven years old she made a daring attempt in escape, the whole house was a mess and only one person to stand in front of her shaking in fear. Kika's "father" was trembling under the shadow creature she had gave form to. Despite all she went through, all the whispering of the shadows she let the entire family live she feels kindness no matter what. That same day she met a man in a hat and had been in the Insurgency.

So begins...

Kika's Story