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The middle child of a large family, Nia often went unnoticed. She went on her way with subtlety. No one really knew much about her. Those who were supposed to care were always occupied, their love only found in the fleeting glances. Having always been quiet and shy, she was prone to do whatever she was told and tended to trust way too easily. Her younger years were spent mainly being manipulated.

She had always been striking. Her features were strong with no need for enhancement, her eyes large and a golden brown; a few shades lighter than her skin. But she was always on the small side, which probably added to her meekness. But with time came growth and even more beauty.

At the age of sixteen, Nia fell pregnant. Her family were highly traditional and believed this to be an abomination. She was disowned. Charity kept her alive. Alone in a world that didn’t know her name, she fell into a deep depression that swelled with her stomach.

When Baako was born, her life was illuminated as never before. Everything made sense. Nia climbed back to her feet, and within four years, was no longer dependant on anyone. And whilst still timid, she truly grew into her wondrous self.

Nia Falana was an artist. An artist of abstract and colour and life. Most would describe her work as inspiring. Her soul was poured onto each canvas: the tale of her blossoming.

Perhaps the Foundation were particularly taken by her work.

For now, she mostly lives in the dark. By night she prowls, clad in black, as she – the confused hunter – fights once again for what she believes her son’s life depends on. A better world.

When a profile such as Nia Falana goes missing, there are measures to be taken. Baako was taken up for adoption, age 9, where he still remains for his own safety as his mother silently protects and searches for a way to stop the rising tensions. She believes her worst enemies lie in evil, in the Devil’s Hand. With the Freelance Initiative, she fights for what is right whilst her personal projects take on the situation on a bigger scale. Her loyalty is not yet solid and her activity wavers as she suffers from terrible vertigo that can leave her bedridden for days due to her power.

Her ordeal with the Foundation hardened her. She hid the full extent of her abilities for a long time; pretending that she could merely hover. However, when the time for escaped came, it wasn’t so easy for them to keep a hold of her. Literally.

Nia's gift and her curse: the ability to modify her own centre of gravity. From plummeting to floating, down buildings and through the sky. It is almost as though she can fly.

But this is not flying. It’s falling.

So begins...

Nia Falana's Story


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#, as written by Lialore
Nia was sick. It hurt to move, to talk. It hurt to see and it hurt to hear. Not that she should if she could. She was in hiding. Her last adventure had drawn too much attention. But it was worth the lives saved. Her head beat at her skull as she lay, trying to rest. Even with her eyes closed she could feel the world spinning around her despite gravity behaving in its usual way.

There was a disturbance. A visitor. She squeezed her eyes shut harder, as if it would help to bury the curiosity. It didn’t work and within five minutes she was up on her wobbly feet and making her way to the sounds that beat at her brain mercilessly.

Nia quavered as she went, but there was some clarity gifted to her when she saw what was happening. She was quite the fan of Devon’s gadgets – not that she could buy any for herself, and, well, she tended to end up destroying anything on her when she was in ‘flight’. But she couldn’t say she was fond of the man. No, she was fairly certain his next visit could be to the people who wanted their skins. She approached; beat up and busted but still in that sometimes worrying optimistic mind-set of hers.

“Hm” she began, introducing herself to the conversation as she came up behind Ella. “Anything to stop me crashing?”

It was a joke – probably not he most tasteful – but, making fun of herself made her feel better, at least.

The world went swimming again and she took a hold of the table as a bad wave of vertigo washed over. Once it had settled some, she opened her eyes a little to examine what was on offer.

“Nice. I guess I have that to look forward to later this week.” She said, still managing to sound polite despite the malice behind her intentions. It was a jibe at the way he worked; who else he might provide for. Her mistrust was plain in her eyes.

After a few moments and wince, she gave Ella a disapproving look.

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As Devon was showing Ella his new type of.... well, crowd control gas grenade Nia approached, quite busted up and honestly in a state where he'd rather see her walk to a doctor than to him. But it wasn't the first time he saw her like that, and it most likely wouldn't be the last, she appeared to have quite the tricky gift, hard to control and very unforgiving when she lost control. She jokingly mentioned wanting something that'd prevent her from crashing. However to Devon this was the opportunity to finally get to solving that rather pitiful problem of hers, without looking like he was trying to mess with her. She didn't have much money to spend, as was made clear by the fact that she most definitely had interest in his wares, but never even seemed to consider buying anything. And unlike some others she didn't beg and whine for lower prices or freebies.

"If you mean by crashing flying into objects after you've gone up in the air, or a less than controlled landing, I might be able to help with that. I don't have something that could do that right now, but I'll think of something... Free of charge of course." He said as Nia threw her mistrust and disapproval his and Ella's way. It wasn't the first time she did this, and most likely her biggest beef was that he wasn't one of them, yet like some black market weapon dealer sold his arms to all sides of the conflict. Which wasn't exactly incorrect, but it wasn't the full truth either.

After seeing that look once more he chuckled lightly and said: "You don't have to put up a face like the devil suddenly came to you to make a deal in exchange for your soul. Though that wariness, caution and distrust is something I like and respect, keeps you alive in a world like this. I know you don't put much trust in my words beyond when I'm talking about my wares, but at least put some trust in the old saying, the enemy of my enemy. And we share quite a few common enemies, so at very least trust me to not backstab you guys until those stains of society are gone."