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The Catalysts

Ascension Parish


a part of The Catalysts, by Mr. Inkwell.

The regal, old-world residential area.

Mr. Inkwell holds sovereignty over Ascension Parish, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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A large sect of the residential district built around a large Cathedral overlooking the harbor. Ascension Parish merges, almost seamlessly into The Ramblings, both of which are located on the western part of the city. Ascension Parish in closer to the center of the city, giving residents easy access to the major part of the city.
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Ascension Parish

The regal, old-world residential area.


Ascension Parish is a part of Emperia City.

1 Places in Ascension Parish:

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Craven [1] Oh the sweet and bitter taste of flesh, to realize what monsters we can become.
KILLJOY [0] "Don't fear, the clean-up crew is here."
Mimi Savi [0] "Death or Glory!"

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Character Portrait: Vanessa "Aphrodite" Eris
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All people have desires, most people want benefit, some people create change, a few people brings movement, but only one is needed to truly create a revolution.

That is what is on the mind of a Catalyst, the plans of a rouge seeking to bring an everlasting presence, to be loved, hated, and in between. This Catalyst, this woman, wanted to bring forth an ideal world, a world she truly wanted to be. A world where children laughed and played with no fear of harm, where women were realized as the natural intellectual leaders, and where men were peaceful and didn't have the volatility that so many have. But her mind lacked ethics, she only wanted to regard her actions as right. This lack of ethics in question, is one brought up by the curse that the Catalyst Gene brought with its incredible gift. This woman possesses the extraordinary psychic power of chaetokinesis, hair manipulation. This woman can extend her hair to lengths unimaginable to us mere non-Catalysts, she can use it as an appendage, to carry delicate tasks, or to capture, kidnap, or kill with terrifying, serpent-like power, in addition, she can also change its color. But with all gifts, come a curse. This curse came as mental illness, her mind wrapped to be sadistic, neurotic, and undoubtedly cruel. Her clever mind, along with all its deviousness, caused her to create a lifetime of plans.

In an old-world home in the Ascension Perish of Emperia City, the plans are scattered in a private and secret room, on notes, pictures, and various digital monitors. Plans that are intricate and complex. She knows the goings-on, but for now, she needed allies, connections. Standing up, the woman exits the secret room, which was concealed by a statue of a fairy, and dresses into a black shirt and a long black skirt and purple overgarments that gave her a very regal appearance. She let's her flowing hair free to tumble to her ankles, colored blue, whether it be from psychic alteration, or artificial means. This woman is Vanessa Eris, but she'll forge several names.

Now, she exits for the inner Emperia City...

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Character Portrait: Vanessa "Aphrodite" Eris
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Vanessa returns to her home in Ascension Parish and into her secret room. She sits in front of the monitors, she knew this private supercomputer was secure, she made sure to take measures that could keep even cyber law agencies out of it, fail safes, a private server, and any sort of security software she could obtain, including some custom made softwares that virtually granted her computer invisibility on the internet. Soon she prepared to access the web, planning to email the Chaos Insurgency. She first writes a draft...

"To Whom it may Concern,

I hold a good amount of information that may be vital to your operations. I possess a means of knowing the goings-on of Emperia City, including rumors, definite news, and knowledge compiled from private research, I know that is there to know.

I plan to offer my services to your organization as a cyber informant to maintain confidentiality of my identity. I will provide all I know, but my services are not free. There are some resources that I must obtain, resources vital to Emperia City. On selected resources, I shall designate a secure address where my men shall pick it up.

Notify me via email reply if you wish for my services. To assure you, I don't plan to work for Horizon Foundation. I look forward to an answer.


Vanessa then puts the message into an encryption software that the Insurgency should be able to decode, should a third party try to intercept. She then attempts to send the message to an email address affiliated with the Insurgency.

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Character Portrait: Craven
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The last few hours of activity for Craven had been hectic and fun, having known the sewers of the city well for some time and having used them in the past to make his way around from place to place. Though it would be assumed that every small creature that met his path down in that place, would die. He never expected to see a write of cleaning duties sent his way from the city. Too him it was all about the meal and the time he had between the next, only several streets over and he would scramble across another nest of rats. or a wild dog begging down after a morning of chasing its own damn tale. A mass of roiling and springing tendrils were his means to pass from tunnel to tunnel and he would only peak out his head and massed intersections. Only to ensure there wasn't a small camp of homeless sleeping beneath a guttered drain pipe.

But despite all the information he had rummaging around in his head at this time, the idea of what needed to be done still persisted. Knowing what the plans of the Foundation entailed for near future was not enough, he would need to prepare and in great abundance. Something that he had thought of doing, but in his addled life, never thought he be truly able to achieve. Allies were in short supply and even if he could form some small lasting allegiance in this city. The day would come that he would most likely see them as the next meal, instead of allies.

His bulk and weight displacing pipes and vents as he shoved along the route he was picking at a whim. Streams of hissing steam would reach out to give his surging flesh a searing kiss as he bucked and turned corners. Causing even more damage and the ground above the pipes to become warped, bulging with the mass beneath. Before long, Craven could feel stale air breathing into his face as he moved. It was a sign that he had reached an extremely old part of the city and someplace that he had only been a few times before. His mind did not wander on the subject for long, before his body was soon surging from an open pipe line. Taking a quick and sharp plummet towards the ground before a cold, hard, surface reached up to slap him in the face. The roiling body of tendrils surged back into its host as he stood upright and looked above his position.

He was somewhere in the old city yes, but its make was nearly archaic. His body had fallen into a vast container, set into a large tank of some sort and as he extended large spines on tendrils, to lift his body from the base. He could see other things that described were he was written about the walls of the tank. Though what little light that could be achieved from within this place, poured forth from dying bulbs in the ceiling and from the looks of their casings, it was a wonder they even worked at all. Still however, as he got to the top of the large tank, Craven adjusted the lenses of his own eyes to take in more of the light that was available and in front of him, plaster on the wall was a plaque.

Though years of grime covered its surface, a cursory wipe of his sleeve uncovered a name.

Ascension Parish tributary.

A smile grew across his face and he knew that it was here, his claim to power could start.