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The Catalysts

Emperia City


a part of The Catalysts, by Mr. Inkwell.

A large city built over the water, and separated from the rest of society. Current battleground for Catalysts, Insurgents, and Hunters alike.

Mr. Inkwell holds sovereignty over Emperia City, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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A large city built over the water, and separated from the rest of society. Current battleground for Catalysts, Insurgents, and Hunters alike.
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Emperia City

A large city built over the water, and separated from the rest of society. Current battleground for Catalysts, Insurgents, and Hunters alike.


Emperia City is a part of The Catalysts.

5 Places in Emperia City:

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Jericho Maddox [23] "I wasn't born, I was built. Sarcasm and all."
Lucielle Thorn [12] "Hell was meant to be crafted, formed through my will, and sent down upon my enemies. Nothing shall stop me."
Hunter Thorn [9] "I am who I am. Nothing can change that, for better, or worse."
Vanessa "Aphrodite" Eris [7] "Fate? Destiny? The fate of man is to eat off my hands and their destiny is to practically worship me! Not convinced? Then why don't I show you...?"
Jeremiah Storms [2] Knock Knock! Payment Due!

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Character Portrait: Craven
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The sun crest over the nearby walls of the lower section of homes and there it shines on a lone figure, sitting near the center of a wring of homes. The light bathes him with several strong beams as the morning sun fights through a slight cover of clouds. Craven is sitting there silently, the light is causing some patches of his flesh to bubble and sear. Though his own body is more then strong enough to mitigate whatever ill feeling this could cause. While the memories of the last hour have been playing over in his mind, as he stares at a sewage grate sitting near dead of the center of this ring.

More then a few hundred families lived here in this place and in the state of things, it was hard to believe they had a better place to go. Though now that some of them are going to be missing from this day on and with the results of some of their homes, it would be simpler to say that a more tense place could not be found. Though there were some kinds of meals that Craven did frown upon, seeing as he rather liked feeding on those strong in body and will. The young were not too his taste, lacking in flavor and mind. However in his previous state, he could be hardly judged for doing what he had to do to survive.

However now he had a different problem, it seemed that the Foundation was doing more now then just sending waves of lackeys at him. He found an opponent today that could exert power near on par with him, though his body was lacking in strength or resilience. His speed did make a heavy difference in the outcome of things and that was compounded by the fact that the Foundation was still assisting him in the end. So instead of an actual fight, Craven had to deal with someone that had the resources of an army at their disposal.

He knew now that, in order to survive this outcome, he would need an army of his own. Or at the very least a collection of bodies to help protect him..

Craven stood and reached down, several tendrils of flesh whipping out to grip the bars of the iron grate. A quick snap of his arm and the heavy cover for the drain rips free. Taking several strips of steel reinforced concrete along with it as it goes sailing through the air. He dropped into the darkness of the lower sewage systems, with several ideas in mind.


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Character Portrait: Jericho Maddox Character Portrait: Lucielle Thorn Character Portrait: Hunter Thorn
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Hunter shot an accusatory look towards Jericho. "There was a slight turn of events that required my intervention." He looked back towards Ozpin, tired of feeling like a small child on trial. "Although, I'm sure you know the rest."

His interrogator looked at him expectantly, gesturing to the small black box on the set, a red light blinking on and off. A tape recorder. Obviously, the Foundation acted like a military, or rather, it's own small government. He decided to give in. He explained everything that happened. The severed head, plummeting through the streets, the mercenaries, and worst of all, Craven. He told them about the fight, and how he nearly died. He decided to end his 'tale', of sorts just when he blacked out. Silence hung in the air, and Hunter took the moment to silently criticize himself for his clumsiness. It took him a moment to realize that Ozpin was speaking once more.

"As I was saying, Mr. Thorn," Ozpin repeated, noticing Hunter snapping back to attention, "I thank you both for your time. And now," He continued, switching off the recorder, "I would love to say we have some more official things to discuss, but that, in essence, is false."

Looking rather puzzled, Hunter sat forwards. "Jericho. Hunter. The Foundation would like to thank you for your continued service. And as such, we figured we'd let you indulge yourselves a little, but only a little. Though, I would like to share that some other researchers are just tired of working around the sarcastic attitudes and odd blood fetishes." He shot them a look, cracking a smile. Finding nothing but a blank stare from Hunter, he continued. "On-site staff would like to have you, and as an extension, I, relocated to our secondary base of operations in the Fifth Ward. This is purely confidential, even for the secrecy of the Foundation, you're still officially here, where we can monitor you should anything happen. Any questions?"

♚ ♛ ♜

Lucielle sighed, laying back on the top of the bridge, the light finally cresting high enough to reach her eyes. Out of pure annoyance she closed them. Why did she have to wait for Vanessa at such an absurd hour? Perhaps the woman had potential, but was it really worth the headaches and frustration it brought? She rolled over, the metal digging across her skin. She had better show up soon.

High in the sky, a flying morning dove burned to the ground.


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Over in the distance, Lucielle could see Vanessa approaching, with grace, power, and purpose. Vanessa wore her hair down today, but Lucielle could see that Vanessa seemed to be wearing a skintight suit with a feminine symbol on the stomach and embroided with flower designs and curved lines. When Vanessa goes into earshot, she tosses hair covering her shoulder aside and calls, "I'm here, Ms. Thorn, and ready for any test."


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#, as written by Jorxio
Jericho had his head cocked with a stare that asked, 'Where is this going?' To his ears, it almost sounded like Ozpin should be handing them a pink slip and lightly telling them they've been let go. A relocation seemed strange, and as soon as the On-Site staff was mentioned, Jericho's eyebrow shot up in intrigue.

"Fifth Ward?"

"They're kicking us out behind the walls? Now? Of all times to take the complaints into consideration, it's when we're drawing lines for a war?"

From what Jericho knew, Fifth Ward was the industrial part of the city. Nothing there but cold machinery, pollution, and the casual bio-lab. Of course, all that seemed important, (To Horizon, not to Jericho,) but there was another key detail here: It was out of the way. Not exactly the frontlines that he had become used to. There had to have been more to this...and if not, then these researchers are real a-holes.

Of course, there was a silver-lining to this relocation; they're lengthening the leash, if not letting them off it completly. According to Ozpin, no one is going anywhere, and it's much harder to get repremanded when no one can talk about what you're doing. Too bad The Horizon Foundation loves secrets.

Letting the little conspiracy theories drop for now, Jericho shrugged before he rose to his feet.

"...I don't know what the freakin' angle is here, but I hope those bastards know what they're doing."

"Making me pack my shit."