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The home of Catalyst testing.

Mr. Inkwell holds sovereignty over Horizon Labs, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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Horizon Labs, (A small sect of The Horizon Foundation), is where the discovery of the Catalyst gene took place. The facility is a re-purposed hospital, bought from the city in the late 70s by a private company, only transferring it over to The Horizon Foundation in the early 80s. Still rather small, only containing two floors, and a basement. The first floor is a "residential area" for on-site "patients". The second floor consists largely of sterile laboratories, and the basement contains more advanced labs for 'advanced testing'.

Horizon Labs

The home of Catalyst testing.


Horizon Labs is a part of The Fifth Ward.

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Character Portrait: Pandora

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#, as written by mjolnir

It was a rare occasion that Pandora was seen on the streets of Emperia, something just told her in her gut that she needed to get out of the Insurgency and roam the town. She wasn't disappointed when she heard police sirens and gun shots in the distance. This peaked her curiosity, and she did not hesitate to move in that direction. It didn't take her long to notice that the commotion was coming from that areas Horizon facility. As much as she'd love to just walk in the main entrance and kill every Horizon bastard in her way, that wouldn't be ethical. Plus she didn't need her face plastered on every monitor in the city, that'd just make errands a bitch.

To avoid being seen, Pandora walked an extra block out of her way so that she could come around to the back of the facility from an old alleyway that was seldom traveled. Once there, she walked down the cracked stone road looking for a vantage point of enter. She nearly passed it up, and had to do a double take when she saw a lower level window hidden behind a large dumpster. "Yahtzee!" She whispers to herself as she stepped towards the dumpster. Pandora placed her palms on the side of the container and braced her feet, but then she waited. She tilted her head much like a curious dog listening to the pattern of the police sirens. And when she knew they were at there loudest, she gave the dumpster a good shove, revealing the small window. When the sirens were loud again, she kicked out the window and shimmied through it.

Luckily for Pandora, the window was to an unused storage room, so she didn't have to worry about killing the unlucky bastard that happened to be in the room when she entered. She left out of the storage room, and took the closest staircase down towards the underground levels of the building. Every floor she stopped to glance through the small window pain towards that level, each one so far seeming to be in normal condition, that was until she reached level 5. There would bodies strewn out the entire floor, laying across tables, in tipped over chairs, you name it. Obviously this was the floor that everything went down on, the one floor where if she put anything out of place, no one would notice.

As Pandora walked throughout the level 5 labs, she reached down to grab one of her pistols in her right hand, just in case. As much as she was curious to know what went on down here, she knew she didn't have much time. As she continued to search the floor she found the room labeled "Classified", exactly what she was looking for. She pointed her gun towards the lock, hesitating a moment wondering if the shot would draw attention... Sure there were shots earlier, but it's been silent for awhile. She shrugged her shoulders, fuck it, she thought as pulled the trigger, blasting open the lock. With a kick, the door swung open revealing a small room... barely a closet. In the middle was a small metal desk with an older computer sitting on it's surface. "Well I wasn't expecting that."Pandora set the gun on the desk next to the keep board as she took a seat. She reached her hand down the collar of her exo suit, pulling out a basic chain with a memory stick on it. Giving it a gentle tug, she removed the drive, then inserted it into the computer. Quickly, her nimble fingers tapped along the keys opening the drive, running the program on it. She then sat back in the chair, kicking up her feet on the desk as the decoder did it's magic in breaking down the fire walls, and unlocking all the contents on the computer. She didn't expect to get much from this ancient computer, but it was better than leaving empty handed. It was a few minutes before the program was done running, she was then able to quickly transfer all the documents, then eject the drive.

Pandora returned the drive around her neck, shoving it down the collar of her suit while grabbing her pistol with her left hand and hastened out of the room. She hadn't noticed that while she was in the small room, the cops had left and she began to hear the Horizon members re-entering the facility. Knowing she didn't have much time, Pandora ran towards the nearest staircase. She darted up the stairs taking them 4 or 5 steps at a time until she reached the 1st level of the underground portion. She busted through the door that lead out into the main floor, her eyes quickly scanning for an exit. She didn't see a single window in site but noticed the old storage room that she entered through on the other end of the level. She inhaled deeply before full on sprinting towards the room. Hearing the members on the floor above her, she could only imagine they'd be down on this level in a matter of moments.

With nearly perfect timing, Pandora slid into the storage room, pulling the door closed behind her, just before the door leading to the stair case had opened. She reattached the pistol to the harness on her thigh before jumping up and grabbing some pipes over head with her hands. Then in a swift gymnastic type motion she threw her legs towards the small window, releasing the pipes when at the ideal angle. Feet first she slid through the window, and out into the alley. She quickly jumped up and was about to turn and run off, but had quickly remembered about the dumpster. With an inaudible curse, she pivoted on her heels and moved to the opposite side of the dumpster. She pressed her back against the metal side, then using her feet she pushed it back to its home location. Once everything was in place, Pandora sighed a breath of relief before running off down the alley way.


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Character Portrait: Jericho Maddox

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#, as written by Jorxio
"...For the most part? Yeah, we're all good over here. The nerds are on body cleanup, and the E.C.P.D apparantly don't have anything solid. We're golden over here, no thanks to you."


"I kept my head down, trust me."


"Not yet, no. They said they're looking into it. Retracing guns, equipment, all that good stuff. By the looks of it, we'll have our culprits if everything works out.

"Oh, and from all the technical talk I heard, it sounds like it wasn't just an attack. It was a raid!"


"No...No, I don't know the difference. Something about being covert. By the looks of the stains on the wall, they're not that great at it."


"I never said there wasn't a mess! I said we were on body cleanup!"


"I told you! I didn't make a peep. I let the other guys handle it, just like you wanted. Didn't get invovled. Take my word for it."


"My word is worth more than anything in this building! ...Alright, alright. If anything pops up, I'll be sure that one of the eggheads send the word."


"...I promise. I won't make any moves unless you guys tell me to. Tru-."


Shush! The narks are on the line! ... Nothing! Look, I've got one last casuality to take care of. Maddox, out!

Jericho tapped his ear-piece, before wrestling it from his ear. It skipped across the ground as he tossed it across the pristine tile floors of the Horizon Lab's second floor. Held up within one of the labaratory rooms, Jericho was (honestly) in charge of cleanup duty from the morning's commotion. It fell somewhere in the rules of, 'you make the mess, you clean it.' And boy, did Jericho make a mess. It was shaping up to be a rather drull, pain in the ass. A waste of perfectly good talent. That was until a bit of 'interest' began to crawl across the floor with a gold ball sized hole in its leg. His cleaning was interupted by a call from the 'higher'ups' of the Horizon Foundation, which he believes was handled rather well. That was back to cleaning.

His gazed dropped downward, staring at the floor. Under Jericho's heel was one of the invaders from the raid, cloaked in black kevlar, stained red from the waist down. He squirmed and writhed, obviously not having much strength left, but still, Jericho lashed downward with a stomp into the man's leg, coaxing out a sharp yelp of pain. The kind that, even thought his face was masked, you had to guess was accompanied by tears. The intruder bit back the pained yells to a seething groan as he groped down at Jericho's boot. All the while, Mr. Jericho Maddox was staring down, his face the same as a person who was scolding their young. One that said, 'I told you so.'

"Okay, I'm going to ask again. Why were you and you buddies here? What were you after?"

"Gah! Don't,,,Ack! A raid! I said...a raid, Horizon's tech!"

"That's old news. I want you to be specific! Why were you here, damnit? Think about your next answer."

[b] "...I can't...They'd know. They'd kill me, I know it!"

"...Fine...I'll just save them the trouble, I guess. "

As Jericho spoke, his hand began to lower down to his hip, flickers of bright orange energy beginning to slowly course. The flickers began to grow in frequency, moving like electricity surging through a circuit. It flowed, and it sparked, and the color grew deeper and deeper, until it was a crimson red. Bit by bit, the energy began to take shape, moving repetatively until it took a solid form; a glock, glowing like neon in Jericho's hand. The intruder stared with fear in his eyes, but before even the slightest thing, beyond stammering out a plea of mercy, the artificial firearm exploded with a blaze from its muzzle. The bright energy exploded, taking a fine bit of the man's head along with it. The bullet wound was a sizzling, burned out hole through his skull, and a new mess on the floor to be cleaned.


With the new, limp body slung over his shoulder, Jericho stepped down into the first floor of Horizon Labs. By the looks of it, everything was finally all clear. What was once a mess of blood and bulletholes in the expensive walls, was quickly back to looking like normal. However, the staff was still buzzing about, trying to get things back in order. There were reports to make, new files to create, people to contact, and research to be done. So, what better way to contribute to it all than staying out of the way? Jericho laid the body onto a stretcher, leaving it to be dealt with. All the rest of the corpses were rushed down to the basment, along with the rest of the secrets that the Horizon Foundation wouldn't let Jericho see just yet. Perhaps it was because of rank, or perhaps it was because of parinoia. All Jericho knew was that he wasn't allowed down there, and apparantly an assault on the building wasn't about to change that fact. Instead, Maddox was laying in wait with his ears open, waiting for a target. Waiting for a move that he could.


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Character Portrait: Jericho Maddox

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#, as written by Jorxio

"Where have I seen that guy?"

-It was a new day, but Jericho was still racking his brain on the previous day's events. To be fair, a lot had happened, and even more was churning through his mind. Most the questions that were answered only spawned twice the curiosity; The Chaos Insurgency was behind the raid, but what were they doing with it? The woman, (Who was identified by the nerds as one, 'Pandora') was also looking for something, but what was it, and why was it important enough to start shooting in the streets for? What the hell did Hunter get into in the meantime? And the biggest question of all, why was the man with the Top Hat so familiar?

Jericho asked, and asked, but nothing was getting solved...even by the researchers. So, Mr. Maddox found himself seated in the "Briefing Room," which wasn't more than a glorified Staff Lounge. A table with some chairs, a coffee maker, a T.V.. The works. Most importantly to Jericho, however, was the couch which he lazily rested on as he watched the news drag by on the television as he awaited some kind of answer that would never come. In honesty, he was waiting for an excuse to start snooping around the city. A lead, some activity...hell, at this point he was hoping they'd need a lunch order to get picked up. Any reason to be let off the leash.

"Come on, world. Gimme something here!"


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Character Portrait: Hunter Thorn

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"Did we wake you mother fucker?"

"Sorry, this place is off-limits for today..."

"...on the tip of my tongue..."


Hunter's eyes shot open. His head still swarming with ghosts of people, shadows of places. His eyes closed involuntarily, reacting to the bright, constant, buzzing, lights kept on everywhere in the facility. The bed below him was soft, but seemed rather stiff somehow. It wasn't his bed. His muscles aching, he tried sitting up, to no avail. Thick straps held his arms and legs in place. Evidently someone was afraid he was going to escape. His mind raced back to memories of his time locked in the insurgency, strapped to a wall, bled dry of information and willpower.

His fists clenched, as he shot straight up in his bed, his eyes wide and furious. Never again. The straps tore rather easily, and a metallic crashing sound could be heard, drawing Hunter's eyes. A tall stand had been rigged to him, several red pouches spilling their contents upon the floor. The smell hit him, recognition hitting him like a brick wall.


He had been close to death. A brush close enough to make his handlers worry. Looking back down, he followed the broken tubes from the floor to his arms and legs. The mattress around him was stained a dull red, giving the bed that stiff, canvas feeling. Then sounds began to register in his mind. His head was clearing, no doubt due to his disconnection from the feeds. They must have mixed some sort of anaesthetic into the blood supply, hoping it would keep him calm. But not anymore. His veins were pumping adrenaline through his system, closely followed by fear. He had been nearly helpless at the hands of that beast, and he knew had the Foundation not intervened, he would be another soul claimed by Craven's hands.

A small beeping noise broke Hunter's thoughts. The device on the floor, was beeping a constant, droning noise. A distress call. Someone would be there to check on him in a moment. Hunter silently prayed it wasn't Ozpin. Pulling himself together, Hunter fell to the floor, slipping on the slick, red, liquid that had created an impressive pool throughout the room.

Then the door clicked, and swayed. A dark-haired head poked into the room cautiously eying the bed. The intruders eyes hidden behind a pair of rectangular, wire-rimmed spectacles. Two glistening green eyes peering out behind them.


"Mind your language." Ozpin scolded, dipping the rest of the way into the room. "Youre being recorded."

Hunter looked at him skeptically, before Ozpin added meekly, "I'm legally bound to tell you."

"So we're past stepping over laws?"

"No." Ozpin chuckled, closing the door, "We just like sticking those we can. You know how it is. Morality and all."

"I'm afraid I've nearly left morals behind."

"You're an average demon then." Ozpin looked at the floor disdainfully, "Clean up in here, then meet me and Mr. Maddox down in the briefing room."

The door closed on him, leaving him in a room spilling over with blood.

Moments later, he existed the now clean, dry room, licking his lips.


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Character Portrait: Jericho Maddox

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#, as written by Jorxio
The news drulled on in an endless form as the previous day was slowly brought to the public. Of course, among, was the gunfire in the streets, just outside the tech bar, as well as the smoldering pile of rubble that Jericho knew far too well. In usual fashion, the locals didn't have much of anything to report, besides that it happened and it can only be assumed that a Catalyst is to blame. (They weren't wrong, but it still seemed wrong to just assume it.)

However, it was the rest that Jericho found interesting. He pulled himself upright on the couch as a story was detailed that involved dismembered bodies and helicopter gunfire riddling a building. At least, that was the gist of the important parts. Above all, they spoke on the strange ways blood and bone was either splayed all over, or missing from its place. Anytime a mystery involving blood came up, Jericho always knew who to drop the blame on; Mr. Blood Titan, Hunter. (He wasn't wrong, but it seemed right to assume.)


Finally, word had reached Jericho that his bloody coworker indeed had a rough night. A night that warranted a stay in the more medical parts of the labs...and a mop. Surely, a riveting tale was to be told by a survivor who held onto life by the skin of his teeth through the use of pure fortitude and sheer luck. This...deserved some fresh coffee. A task that Ozpin took up to both occupy time and to make sure Jericho didn't break anything. For once, Jericho himself was seated in silence, resubmerging himself in thought.


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Character Portrait: News Lady Character Portrait: Hunter Thorn Character Portrait: Jericho Maddox

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"Sorry to keep you waiting." Hunter lurched into the room, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the low level of the light.

He maneuvered his way through the usually-crowded room, finally taking a seat in one of the cushioned steel chairs that sat behind the couch. Professional to the end, he thought, his years of military training always proving difficult to shake off. He saw Jericho sitting before him, in a couch, with Ozpin leaning against a surprisingly old television set, one that had a turn dial for channels. Not quite cutting edge technology.

Exchanging a halfhearted greeting with Jericho, he turned to face the dimly lit researcher in the corner. Seeing the attention rest upon him, Ozpin straightened his glasses, before turning to address the break room's other occupants. "Morning you two. Hope you had a delightful nap." He shot a glance at Hunter, but kept on with his speech anyway, "I hope you guys aren't shy this morning. We have some things we need to discuss."

He pulled the television set forwards, flipping it on, and cranking the dial as he did so, until the screen was filled with events both familiar and alien to Hunter.

♔ ♕ ♘

Our top story tonight; Emperia residents were greeted this evening with an insane series of events. Reports say that there was gunfire at a local tech bar this evening, and a military grade helicopter firing upon a rooftop. We take you to Jason, on the streets where it happened. Jason?

I'm here Barbra.

Got any more information for us Jason?

Yes, witnesses say that a women, clad in a black jump-suit came in, violently pulled one of the patrons away from their seat, only to smash the computer and charge out screaming moments later. Supposedly the woman came back only a few minutes later, here to tell us how it all went down, Laura. Hi Laura, you're a supervisor over in the tech bar, right?


Care to explain just what happened?

Of course. I had just got on my shift when I notice some violent and aggressive behavior at one of the desks. When I moved in to investigate, the lady screamed and tore the computer from the wall, smashing it on the ground. Shocked, I stood there watching her leave. After she had gone, a tech lady came in, she was very kind, and helped me clean the mess up, and took the broken computer away. I followed her outside, only to hear a loud bang and see her drop to the ground, clutching her hand. It was only then I noticed she had been shot, by the woman who came in earlier, no less. She took something from the broken computer, and ran, before some guy started glowing blue, and I almost thought it was a play or an act, until he started shooting too. The man chased her away, and I ran inside to call for the cops. I was so scared that she was gonna turn and attack me next, ya' know?

I do know. Thanks Laura. Anything else you can tell us?

Well, when I went into the building, I heard an explosion, and screams. Terrified, I hid, then called the police as soon as I could. After I got back from calling the police, I looked back outside, only to see a large cloud of black smoke. Afraid something was on fire, I called for a fire truck too. It's just been one scary night.

It has been a terrifying night for all of us Laura. Thanks for sharing your story, and thanks for being so brave.


Thanks Jason, authorities say that only a few blocks from the shooting match, a entire building collapsed. Demolitions experts claim it to be a gas leak and bad infrastructure, but with all the chaos in the streets, some are connecting it to the shooting from before.

also in The Crown district, a fierce battle with monsters and blood took place on the rooftop of a local insurance firm today. The fight lasted for seemingly hours, with leaked footage from civilians on the internet. The stand-off came to a close when a large white and black helicopter flew over the building, opening fire, and collecting a limp body before flying off into the distance.

Who was behind these events is unknown, but local authorities say that it's safe to say that the recently made "Catalysts" were responsible, though we can't be to sure ourselves. Some say it was an elaborate movie shoot, others say a string of coincidences, and still others say it was an act of god. We'll leave it to you to decide that.

Still more to come, a foundry melts down in the Fifth Ward, and some are calling it an act of demons. All this, and more after the break.

♔ ♕ ♘

Ozpin flipped off the set, pushing it back behind him. "Mr. Maddox, we'll start with you. Care to explain exactly what happened on your end? Letting the Insurgent get free? Causing a scene with civilian injuries? Flattening a building? Did you learn anything from the incursion?"

Hunter fell back in his seat, waiting for Ozpin to lay off of Jericho and start grilling him. Reaching a hand up to his head, he rubbed his temples, waiting for his headache to pass. He had to admit, he felt a little sorry for Jericho, he tried to give him a look of sympathy, in their shared moment. In the moment where they were little more than kids who had fell out of line on their trip to the store. Either by chance, or perhaps just be pure avoidance, Jericho missed his eye.

Serious to the end, Hunter thought, pulling himself back together, serious to the end.


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Character Portrait: Hunter Thorn Character Portrait: Jericho Maddox

0.00 INK

#, as written by Jorxio
-Jericho kicked his feet up onto the catch as soon as his named was spoken, giving out a slight groan as the third-degree interrogation began. It wasn't so much at the fact he had to explain himself, (seeing as it wouldn't be too hard to just say, 'No, Screw you. I didn't do it,) but at the fact that he had to re-run the events back through his mind for the hundredth time. With each time he sifted through it all and crafted ideas or theories, a brand new question would fill the place. If anything, this was the moment Jericho had been waiting for.

"No need for the list, Oz. I was there...Look, it went down like this:"

"I showed up at the tech-place, just as planned, right? I started the careful process of chatting up the people around, up until the gal I was talking to got a hole blasted in her hand. Got into a shootout with the insurgent, an explosion happened. Gave chase into an alley where she broke for the roof. I chucked a nicely aimed energy grenade, accidently dropped a building on the chick, and then...may or may-not have gone out for a drink with her..."

"...For...interrogative reasons. I mean, I let her leave, but...I kinda learned...stuff."

-As the last bit slowly struggled out, Jericho rubbed the back of his neck a tad nervously. Maybe a nice lie would have been better, but it was too late now, and he wasn't even done yet. Instead of letting any of the other two start judging the (bad) actions, Jericho pulled himself to his feet.

"Now, before we go pointing fingers about who leveled what with explosives, and who let who escape...I just want you to know that it's rough out there. You have to make those split second decisions that could mean the difference between success... and losing everything. It takes truely heroic attributes, such as true dedication, professionalism...and heart."


"That being said...Hunter ditched me to go on his own little mission, and this is all his fault."
He ended with a sharp, accusatory look towards Hunter. (With a smug grin to follow.)