Thomas Sear

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a character in “The Chains That Bind”, as played by wolfoftheage


Appearance: Thomas without his duster or hat Image Thomas's coatImage And a brown fedora that looks like thisImage
Name:Thomas Sear
Nickname:None yet
Personality:Thomas is a little shy and a bit of a loner, he enjoys the small things in, life smiles at the view and is generally laid back. But he doesn't seem to be horribly bothered by most moral dilemmas, instead he takes a very greyed prospective to life Is it stealing or providing for your family because you have no other choice, right or wrong, good and bad very rarely are things that he says. He is more of a Justice type of person, You pay the piper your dues and carry on, simple as that.
What was life like before you died? Thomas was raised in a bit of a double parallel. His Dad was from a family from the country and his moms family was from the city, so he grew up seeing both the city and the country. he learned how to ride horses and hunt at a young age, and tended to fall into a more functional line of clothing instead of fashionable one. Things like a coat that could keep the elements off him, and a hat to do the same. Sure he wore t-shirts and cargo pants the occasional tennis shoe, but for the most part even when in the city he kept his duster and hat on him. His family was a loving and caring one and life for him was simple as just going through the motions and living day to day.
How did you die?Thomas Froze to death on a camping trip, or died of alcohol poisoning whichever got him first.
Reaper Uniform:Look at his appearance its functional either way why change your cloths for your job.
Individual Power:Physical: Can Enhance his speed
Mental:-The Black Dog-Its a move that creates a visage of Black dogs from English folklore to harass and scare his opponents Temporarily hounding them threatening to drag them to the afterlife attacking them however it sees necessary
Additional Info.: Thomas enjoys a good drink and Is a dog person simple as that

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