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Alasse Fi Séregon

"It's a terrifying thought, all this pain caused."

0 · 742 views · located in The City of Khatali

a character in “The Challenge of the Chosen”, as played by AmyGotScared


Full Name: Alasse Fi Séregon
Nickname: Prefers to be called by her first name
Gender: Female
Age: 252
Role: Rebel 1

Physical Description: Alasse is a fairy frail looking girl, standing at a mere 6 feet. A flow of silver strands frame her petite face, and falls down farther then her feet. She often wears it up with a think black hair tie keeping it in place. Her smooth skin has a pearly glow shone upon it, with a ting of blue setting it off. Her lips are set it a pale pink tone, that's pale enough that it would seem the same color of her skin if not for the dainty touch of pink. Alasse has rough eyes, a deep red, set with a rim of the same pale pink that are the color of her lips. She also has a mark, or tattoo of sort of a pure black fox surrounded by what seems almost a fire like image surrounding it, running up her left arm. She is very fond of it, and she wears it almost a a symbol to herself.

Her clothing consists of an armor like maroon leather, with beautiful stitching patterns running the same throughout. It has small sleeves, and she wears a pair of capri like pants with the same material. A the bottom of her pants, a diagonal line of white stones that have to look of almost satin wrap around. A set of fingerless gloves that are made of the same leather but with a darker set on them trail up to the mid of her arms, with two buckles at the end of the gloves. She wears high boots made of the maroon leather, with a beige rope like stripe going around at the top. On her neck, she wears a necklace, more or less a collar necklace, of the same maroon color as the rest of her outfit. And on her head, a band of silver chain holding white stones.

Personality: Alasse has a very secretive personality. No one really knows what she thinks most the time and is quiet around those she doesn't know, or new people she is around. In all honesty, she is a rather kind herated girl, who lives to joke and mess around. She's always smiling, but then like everyone else there is a sad look in her eye from the past, and for what she fears of the future. She is anything but an open book, and she finds that her 'gift' doesn't really suite her, causing others discomfort and pain. But maybe her gift is just a reflection in what she feels inside and what she is has, and going to go through.
- Her white stones
- Demetrius
- Running
- Loud noises
- Heights
- Small enclosed spaces
- Fast
- Stealthy
- Smart
- Demetrius
- Small enclosed spaces
- Evil
Gift: Psionic blast
Ability to overload another's mind causing pain, memory loss or lack of consciousness after having created a psionic link into that individual's mind

Love Interest: Guardian 1 - Demetrius Vhir Lan'Thanos
Family: Mother - Renestreda Séregon Deceased
Father - Demka Séregon
Brother - Leyreit Séregon

History: When Alasse was a young child, some one had murdered her mother, rather brutally. From that point on, she had become a little secretive, only conversing with her father, and her older brother who she absolutely adored. As she grew older, she closed off from people more and more, and focused mainly on trying to find herself again. She loved her mother greatly, and part of her blamed herself for her death for no other reason that she couldn't find anyone else to blame. She always has a small part of her that will never let that go. As the elders themselves became corrupted, her father had gotten rather frustrated, and starting abusing her brother, along with herself. That what must have fueled the fire of her passion to stop the elders, a small hope her dad would go back to his normal self, and to possibly find peace from her mothers death.

Anything Else: Might add more later on in the roleplay...

So begins...

Alasse Fi Séregon's Story